Clouding Men’s Minds

I Could Scream: Examining the plight of women under Islam
Muslim women are simply enthralling. Why else would there have arisen such complicated and minute strictures regarding their behavior, dress and comportment? Despite their outwardly demure behavior and their shrouded presence, these women obviously have the power to cloud men’s minds.

Such is the power of these creatures that a Muslim man can be driven to rape or even to murder by the glimpse of a leg… or… even worse, actually gazing on the face of a female not related to him.

For the rest of us it is hard to fathom such spell-binding power.

Meanwhile Western women’s dress, appearance and appeal continue to decline (as does the Western birthrate; there may be a correlation here). Women’s clothing is often ripped and tattered. Their shirts, usually shrunken and ill-fitting, are way too short to allow their wearer to tuck them in. Thus women are forced to exhibit bulging sections of avoir dupois otherwise best left to the imagination. But it’s moot since these poor creatures couldn’t tuck in a shirt anyway. Driven by the dictates of the fashion police to drill holes into their navels and string them with protruding pieces of wire, the pain of having clothing abrade such a wound would be inhumane.

What lies behind the veil? Lacking the protection of the burqa, Western women are unable to hide their facial disfigurement. Not so much riveting as riveted in cheek and chin, our women are forced to pierce their lips, nose, tongues and eyebrows. Some of them must be held down while collagen is injected into their lips, grotesquely enlarging them. Others are anesthesized, their breasts cut open and collagen forced into the area of their anatomy normally reserved solely for mammary ducts and glands.

These poor creatures bring to mind the old custom of marking slaves. Thus distinguished by their masters, any dash for freedom would futile. Today, the various hooks, loops and posts dangling from their faces is a dead give-away of their status, as are their puffy lips. Their deformed, heavy breasts would deter any attempt to run far. No, these women will never escape.

Captive rather than captivating, what are Western women to do? Perhaps their Muslim sisters could give lessons on how to drive men wild. It can be said with certainty that Muslim women have figured out how to be spell-binding. Even now, we witness Muslim men creating new and better ways to curb the power of these vixens. Mesmerizing creatures, they drive men to such frenzy that even the most upright of fellows cannot risk losing all control by being in the same room with any female who has reached puberty. And some who haven’t.

Now that is some kind of female allure.

Nota Bene: This is humor. ~D

12 thoughts on “Clouding Men’s Minds

  1. Great post. Of course, you could argue that Muslim men have more vivid and developed imaginations than western men, and are insisting that Muslim women leave everything to the imagination–hence the complete coverup!

    Personally, I think one of the things they should do at Gitmo is to require the male prisoners to wear burkhas 24/7–or is that against the Geneva Convention?

  2. It does seem to be true that imagination is the best aphrodisiac (before the invention of Viagra, that is).

    I seem to recall reading that in the Victorian age, when women all wore floor-length dresses, the sight of an ankle was enough to drive a man wild (not that there were too many sightings). People used to cover piano legs and refer to them as “limbs,” and the words “white meat” and “dark meat” to refer to poultry originated as ephemisms for the unmentionable “breast” and “thigh” meat. I kid you not.

  3. Dr. Sanity–

    I seriously argue that the ancient warrior culture that Muslim men are still stuck in projects its carnal desire onto women…the Koran is full of admonitions to evil, powerful women not to lead men astray…as amazing as it is anachronistic.


    Hey, I remember that kind of circumlocution. And girls shouldn’t wear patent leather shoes or the boys could see up their dresses. I kid you not…

  4. Dymphna–I totally agree with you. I was actually being facetious about the imagination. Most of the sexual aggressiveness is projected onto the women so that the men don’t have to take responsibility for their own feelings, which they regard as sinful. Its much easier to think that the temptress pulls these involuntary feelings and behaviors out of them.

  5. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head there Dr. Sanity.

    There are other reasons as complex as they might be that also contribute to this attitude that are directly tied to Islam itself.

  6. All of which would be of only clinical interest except that it’s so deadly for women…

    BTW, I remember hearing such things about the power of women from celibate priests back in my childhood. The correlation doesn’t bear thinking about…ugghh…

  7. Here’s a related article: . The quote below is from IslamWay (Sisters section):

    “Describing women who are morally decayed. The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said that they are “women dressed but naked, corrupt and corrupters, their hairs are like the inclined hump of female camel, they do not enter the Heaven nor smell its fragrance” [Refer to Abu Daud]
    the prophet also said “the prayer of a mistreating woman is not acceptable until she purifies her self” [Refer to Imam Ahmed, Abu Daud & Ibn Maja].
    The modern scientific researches confirmed that the nakedness of women, their body displaying & their moving in an obscene shape id a disaster on them. The current statistics showed that there is a clear spread of the malignant cancer which affects the naked and displayed part of the women bodies particularly those women who dress short clothes.”

    So, Ladies, if we cover up, we won’t incite the lusts of men nor will we get cancer. Of course, we might suffocate in the heat.

  8. Lady D, it wasn’t always like that. Mohammed, the meme kleptarch, boosted the kernel of the Qu’ran from the desert poetry of the bedouin tribes–women are creatures of great power in that poetry–and they did not cover–Bid Hurayrah Farewell describes her hair as long and loose, falling down her back–there were female tribal combat poets, also!
    Mohammed carefully stripped all mention of wine and women from the short suras, to form a warrior culture.

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