The Perfect Platform in Search of a Candidate

In the comments section on Belmont, NahnCee outlined the perfect plan for a winning domestic policy platform for the next Presidential election cycle:

     …as an American taxpayer, I am *REALLY* not interested in supporting the United Nations any further either financially or emotionally, PR disaster or not. To me, this will be an election issue in our next Presidential campaign, if it has not been resolved by then.
If the Democrats had had it together in the last campaign, they could have tilted the election by focusing on immigration, sealing our borders, and the United Nations — all issues that Mr. Bush was ignoring but that are becoming ever greater issues to many many people.
Just because America may be seen as imperial overseas or someone’s little Security Council toes may get stepped on, that is *no* reason for us to continue to house this growing cancer on our own shores. I want the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US … or Clinton and Bolton in charge and Chirac and Putin out, whichever comes first.
If the rest of the world thinks the United Nations is such a great deal and can’t be touched, fine. They can support it, they can fund it, and they can house it. And whatever our President needs to do to make changing it happen, he will have my FULL and *FERVENT* support!

…immigration, sealing our borders, and the United Nations. Whoever has the courage to bring those to the table wins the whole pot.

It will be interesting to see which party has the most testicular approach to these issues. One can rightly claim that Bush has enough on his plate (though Gates of Vienna would not agree with this assertion) and thus is leaving them for the next White House tenant. Given the present cowering of the Republicans in the Senate, it’s debatable whether any of them has the necessary anatomy for the task at hand.

Here’s a thought: maybe the next tenant will appoint her husband to square away the mess at the UN. She certainly has taken a new shine to the military, and she’s making the correct noises about the border. Could be that — unlike her spouse — she has the testosterone for the job. Since she lacks his character defect of needing to be loved by everyone, she won’t be easily deflected from the task at hand.

Here’s another thought: consider what meetings between her and Putin would be like.

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  1. Bullish on Reform.
    I am as bullish on UN reform as any one I know but I can’t see the issue being central to any Democratic, let alone Republican platform. I wonder if such anti-UN sentiment is really as popular as you imply, that it is a tipping point issue. Most polls show that people are interested in 1 – security, 2 – a strong economy, 3 – health care costs, and 4 – good education, more or less in that order. Controlling our borders plays directly into all four of these hot issues.

    1- Having weak borders completely negates our security objectives. Bin Laden has in hoax after hoax been sited in the US. The true absurdity is that such a claim is not in and of itself impossible.

    2- A strong economy means creating jobs for Americans. My neighbors pay taxes and spend money in my community. We mutually benefit one another. They may squander their money but they don’t send it off-shore.

    3- It is impossible to control health care costs when emergency rooms are flooded with a separate class of foreign criminals who can spend the whole day with their family on their teat and wait for federally mandated free care.

    4- Education has been impacted in many subtle ways. In California, foreign criminals are afforded priority status over US citizens in all other forty-nine states. What gives them the right to contravene the law of the land and give my taxes to someone of their choosing? Any college in California that sustains this immoral practice should be subject to a complete withdrawal of federal funding.

    As for the next president, I hope that, whoever they are, they will have the testicular fortitude to do the job, but Hillary, I am afraid, is nothing but a ball buster.

  2. ____. The Miracle on the Southwest Border____
    . The Miracle on the Southwest Border:
    Illegal Immigration Smashed
    Congressman Charlie Norwood

    An on-going miracle is occurring this month in America’s Southwest, a miracle with a direct impact on our district. After decades of being told that it is impossible to stop illegal immigration on the Arizona border, it has been all but halted since April 1 through the very means we were told wouldn’t work – dedicated manpower and willpower.

    This past Sunday, the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, of which I am a member, sent two senior staffers to investigate first-hand a chain of events beginning in late March which could force Congress and the Administration to dramatically rethink our approach to combating illegal immigration.

    I insisted that John Stone from our Washington staff be a part of that first two-man team, so that we would have the most direct information on the situation possible. Stone is currently a Captain and public affairs officer with the Virginia Defense Force, the reserve to the Virginia National Guard, and a homeland security policy advisor.
    . The Miracle on the Southwest Border

  3. Hillary, I am afraid, is nothing but a ball buster.
    Another right wing fanatic conspiritorialist, huh?
    …believes in the
    . Hillary Clinton Testicular Lockbox

  4. Hillary may be a ball buster, as you say. But the price for Monica may have been the surrender of a pair to Hill…

    …otherwise how to explain her sudden love of things military, her strong stand on immigration?

    Why, I’ll bet at the next showing of the Vagina Monologues, Hillary will play the part of Testaclese.

  5. Annoy Mouse–

    Whether or not we reach a tipping point re the UN depends on what happens between now and 2008.

    What makes me think Nahncee may be reflecting a wider opinion is the fact that 9/11 has made the American populace in general far more aware of foreign policy. I cannot remember a time when it was greater. That explains, in part, the MSM’s inability to map the Vietnam template onto the enterprise in Iraq.

    The weak borders effect both our domestic and our foreign policy. Bush’s unwillingness to tackle this issue feeds into American dissatisfaction re the influence of other nations on American issues. A thread of isolationism will always run thru American thinking…partly our Scots-Irish heritage.

    At any rate, I think anyone who talks about all three issues will be a strong candidate.

  6. A thread of isolationism will always run thru American thinking…partly our Scots-Irish heritage.

    True, not too many of us went over to support the Kibbutz experiment.

  7. In the end, not even the kibbutzim supported the kibbutz.

    Just those socialists fooling around again, looking for uptopia.

    Check out City Journal for a good essay on that.

  8. Alien Abduction .
    Investor’s Business Daily May 25, 2005
    Immigration Policy: An 8-year-old Florida girl is sexually assaulted and left for dead in a trash bin by an illegal alien who shouldn’t have been on the streets, much less in this country. He is not the only one.
    From the Lake Worth, Fla., home of the latest person to give him shelter, 17-year-old Milagro Cunningham, who entered this country illegally from the Bahamas two years ago, took an 8-year-old girl, the homeowner’s godchild, to a nearby landfill. There, he assaulted her, choked her and stuffed her in a rock-filled trash bin, the latest example of a mounting epidemic of preventable crime by illegal aliens.
    This wasn’t his first brush with the law.
    In a one-month period last year, Cunningham was arrested three times by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on burglary charges. Four months ago, his aunt, tired of his criminal activities, kicked him out, and he eventually found shelter in the girl’s home.
    At no point, it seems, was the immigration status of this itinerant, jobless illegal alien ever checked or dealt with.

    This crime comes on the heels of the Mother’s Day fatal shooting of Denver Detective Donald Young, 44. The suspect in the crime is a 19-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, Raul Garcia-Gomez.
    ___Health Care for Illegals Costing U.S. Millions___

  9. Bush is playing a pretty limp border strategy I’ll admit. But I believed that Bush was pushing for some sort of reform by first forcing illegals to register. You can’t deport them if you don’t know who they are and where they are. I am now getting the feeling that this may have been overly optimistic on my part. Nonetheless, it would be a perfectly suitable strategy.

    OK, you have lived and worked in the US for the past decade. Please register with ICE and we will consider your case for legal status. You have 90 days. Failure to register is a felony. If you don’t register, then you are a criminal (more so than before) and you will be deported immediately. No second chances.

    Another tact, would be to induct 10% or so of the illegal aliens (approx. 1 to 2 million) into a new border force. I think Mexico would love this and the La Raza racists can re-fight the Mexican-American war they are so intent on fighting. This would really get the ball rolling. Belligerent a-holes like Fox and company can get the corrupt acts together or face an Army of their own disaffected minions. Mexico would be better for it.

  10. Annoy Mouse–

    “limp” is right…

    your idea re induction of illegals into a border guard is interesting. A real judo move and it would make the Fox furious. But how would you guarantee they wouldn’t simply let their fellows across? Would it operate on the “I-got-mine-to-heck-with-you” system? That would be brutal.

  11. Doug–

    Are we keeping track of crimes by national identity? France refuses to do it because they don’t want to know that Muslims are hollowing out their country.

    I would’ve thought the peecee police here would raise a howl should we even try.

  12. Who knows? When do the pollos (chickens) ever get to watch the Fox house? An oath of loyalty would be nice. What’s to keep Customs enforcement from giving a pass to drug smugglers? Checks and balances have to be created. The Soviets did a great job of patrolling their border…to make sure nobody got out!

    As long as US is prostrate to macho Mexican immigration policies, stiff resistance is impossible.

  13. Mouse — whenever Wretchard gets his new server up and running, Dymphna will get her blog back.

    In the meantime, she occasionally does posts with the “I Could Scream” header on them, here at Gates.

  14. Expelling the UN might be a mistake. Remember, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”


  15. I don’t want our enemies any closer. In fact, we could use some distance…maybe 9/11 could have been prevented had we taken our enemies seriously and refused them visas?

    Besides, there is so much self-hatred (disguised as ‘cool and ironic relativism’ or maybe ‘diversity’) in this country, we have enough to cope with.

    Let ’em go despoil some other country. It may make the camp-following elitists leave with them…oh, the thought….

    At the very least we could resign from the club and stop hanging with the gang.


    Then we’ll see lots of that fair-weather-friend behavior.

  16. One question concerning Bush’s apparent policy on Mexican illegal immigration that I’ve yet to see explored is the following. I’ve read or heard that the money sent home to Mexico from the USA by the millions of illegals working in this country, comprises the third largest source of income into the Mexican economy. The question that no one seems to be addressing is this, what if the borders are successfully closed? This would effectively cut off a hugh source of income into the Mexican economy. In which case, the complete collapse of the Mexican economy would not be out of the realm of possibility, with the resultant political chaos most assuredly spilling over into this country.
    I really don’t have a good answer myself. Any one out there have any thoughts on this question?

  17. The US will be making a huge mistake by not taking advantage of its supremacy to foster an international law & order framework through the UN.

    Let me use a village metaphore to explain:

    – Village has no law&order
    – Strong person AAA is happy because he can use his strength to get anything he wants
    – Village votes to create a police force
    – AAA refuses and strongarms others to refuse, because he sees he does not need it
    – A few years later another stong person CCC is born and AAA gets old
    – Now strong person A regrets that he had not voted for police

    Another important factor is that L&O always are in favor of the rich and the productive, since they the most to lose from instability.

    The US should look at its interest in the long term and push for a much more powerful UN.

  18. Wild Iris,
    Give Mexico the gift of desperation. As long as we prop up the inviolably corrupt government of Mexico, the deeper into chaos they will sink. Propping up the Mexican government is a crime against the peoples of Mexico. Let them fail. Better yet, get off the machismo bull and let them become a US proxy. Worse things could happen to each country.

  19. In order to be effective, the UN would have to be radically reformed. At the moment it gives credence, seat and voice to thugocracies…Lybia running Human Rights? There is something Orwellian about that picture.

    We need a League of Democratic Nations, not the current mess. We need a Luther to come in and nail the theses on the door.

    Time for Reformation. Serious Reformation, not bandaids.

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