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Do you ever wonder why the suicide bombing continues in Iraq? How are people motivated to kill themselves — beyond the usual seventy-two virgins (or raisins, depending on whose Koran you’re reading)? Given the fact that it appears to be a losing cause, how does someone get into the car and drive into the middle of a crowd?

Here’s Hammorabi’s opinion

     The latest information indicates that some of the fucking suicidal thugs are not aware of the nature of the operation. The big filthy boars told them that they are going to give them a car to go to meet some one or similar thing. When they arrive into the point that the filthiest cockroaches decided they blow it up either by remote control or by a mobile telephone call to the driver. The driver usually had given some thing to eat or to drink to make him feel happy or depressed.
Sowara is one of the cities with Shiite majority of more than 95%.

Hammorabi is making two points here:

  • One, that the bombers don’t necessarily know they’re going to die. Their handlers are the ones who detonate them.
  • Two, that the terrorists are specifically targeting Shiites.

(He doesn’t provide any documentation. If anyone has information, it would be helpful)

Hammorabi goes on to relate another story, this one to underline his belief that Sunnis — both the imported ones and the domestic kind — are behind the mayhem in Iraq:

     The Iraqi Student Unions today issued a statement determined to follow the terrorists where ever they go to send them to exterminate them. The statement comes after one Student in the College of Pharmacology in Baghdad (Masar Sarhan) found dead few days ago. He organized a party of celebration to his colleagues about the newly elected government.
He was then found beheaded outside his accommodation next day. The students who where with him claimed to have been hearing the Dean threatened him directly because he mastermind the celebration party. The dean was among the members of the Bathist regime according to the students.

If prosperity truly comes to the average Iraqi, a prosperity he or she earns by personal initiative and creative productivity, the Shiites will stop being the underdog. In America, when people become prosperous they become owners and their sense of what is possible changes.

Our task in Iraq is not just liberty, it is also ensuring that prosperity under the rule of law is possible for the individual who strives. Iraq may have to wrest both from the Sunnis who remember when they controlled it all.

7 thoughts on “Hammorabi’s View

  1. Oh it may be true that some don’t, but from their own testimony many do know exactly what they are doing and most have an average 4th grade education and are doing it for money.


    But then some are simply mis-guided soles tempted by “Satan”.

    What a minute, I thought the US was the great “Satan”!

    This can get very confusing 😉

  2. But then you have your typical Islamic Jihadist.


    “Interviewer: 90% of those killed by car bombs are Iraqis, and only 10% involve foreigners. In one case, one American and 99 Iraqis were killed.

    Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: But in the news they tell you that these are American operations. The Americans are behind this. They say the Americans are behind this.

    Interviewer: And you are completely convinced it is the Americans?

    Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: That’s what they say on the news.

    Interviewer: Because of the media?

    Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: Yes.

    Interviewer: What media?

    Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya.”

  3. There’s a some very interesting stuff by Bill Roggio on the new military action in western Iraq near the Syrian border. Looks like the Sunnis are getting tired of the foreign jihadists taking over their towns and “drafting” their young men. This is great news.

  4. While I agree that the vast majority of backers for the insugency are Sunni, let’s be careful not to paint all Sunnis with the same broad brush. Remeber, the boys over at Iraq the Model are Sunni.

  5. The action on the Syrian border is also well-covered at Belmont. He uses Bill and Chester. Chester has the maps.

    Bigdaddybean: sounds like the MSM to me, not just Al-Jazeerah.

    tilo–I should have painted more carefully with my brush: what Iraq needs if for the Sunnis to get over it and get on with rebuilding their country. It needs the cooperation of everyone. I hear the Sunni imams are okaying this and men are signing up for the police and military. Must be hard, when they’ve been the elite minority, to work on a equal basis with Shi’ites.

  6. Dymphna:

    From what I hear, the majority of Sunni are now also planning to vote in the next elections. That will reduce the legitamacy of the insurgency even further.

    As I see it, there are a large number of Sunni Imams who actually see the truth. That is that Democracy, education and an open society will be the death of Islam. Those Imams will have to either resign themselves to that inevitibility or die themselves.

    It’s not going to be easy; and those Imams will keep the fight going as long as they can. But the outcome is certain, Islam and the Imams are going down. The actions of the insurgents in this war are now convincing many in the rest of the Muslim world that their religion is a source of violence and opression. I have a strong feeling that we will probably see Islam crumble like a house of cards, around the world, and in our lifetimes.

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