A Synchronicity of Council Votes

Watcher's CouncilThe winner for this week’s Watcher of Weasels submissions is Carpe Bonum, and deservedly so. He speaks to the painful problem of hostages and even more important has some creative ideas about the situation:

     In a nutshell: Eliminate both the propaganda and financial value of taking hostages. Make it extremely expensive and dangerous to play any role in hostage-taking, in either the financial or propaganda realms.

Go there and see his strategy. Then buttonhole everyone you know and make them read it.

The non-council winner won outstandingly, with three votes. This is an important vote because it was so large and because it sounds the warning for coming World War:

     Make no mistake about it: a new world war is brewing. And, as before, we in the liberal west are sleepwalking towards it, not really daring to state the terrible and unbearable truth.
There is no co-existence possible with the Islamic Fascists. It’s them or us.

Perhaps they are right, that WWIV is coming. However, at Gates we think it’s already here.

New Sisyphus uses the incident of the downed helicopter and the subsequent shooting of the wounded to begin the post,

     The nature of our enemy could not be made any clearer. From Beslan, to Manhattan, to the field in which the helicopter’s passengers met their doom, one theme is constant: the absolute cowardly and craven nature of the Islamic Fascists themselves.

Now, see the point at which these two winners intersect. They are telling us that the old ways are not only useless, they are lethal in the face of Islamofascism. However, it might be best to take one step back here at home and slay, once and for all, the dragon of political correctness.

Let’s start by ripping its claws away from the State Department so that our foreign service officers can function in an environment of truth and in the interests of our country. Then we continue on down the road to academe, where we cut off its food supply by refusing to fund any more ghettoized study devoted to victims and resentful multi-culti frauds. Ward Churchill goes first, followed by any supposedly adult and professional academics who faint or vomit when they hear something they don’t like. Having banished those folks back to a world of real work, we can make life uncomfortable for the anti-Americans within our borders, the seditious ones who make jokes about assassinating the President.

Only then will be sufficiently prepared to deal with the foreign fascists — i.e., when we’ve dealt with our own.

Go read them all. Thoughtful, provocative ideas.