The New Kristallnacht Redux

An article in today’s “Inside Higher Ed” describes an alarming, but sickeningly familiar, phenomenon:

      Hate Group Casts a Wider Net

A few weeks ago, participants on an anti-Semitic Web site became angry when a law professor at the University of California at Los Angeles refused to participate in an exchange of e-mail messages.

The professor was Jewish, and the Web site responded by placing photographs of and biographic material about UCLA professors and anti-Semitic diatribes online. In recent days, the Web site – Vanguard News Network – has expanded its campaign, which it says is designed to draw attention to the high percentage of Jewish professors on law schools’ faculties.

The Web site is now publishing a variety of information – photographs, results of Google searches, phone numbers – of faculty members who are Jewish (or have Jewish-sounding names) at leading law schools all over the United States.

Among the institutions who have faculty members discussed by name on the Web site are Georgetown, Harvard, New York, Stanford and Yale Universities; and the Universities of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Most of the comments attack Jewish faculty members at law schools, with a theme being that they make up a larger share of law school faculties than do Jews in the U.S. population, and that this over-representation signifies Jewish control of American society.

The link to VNN is omitted, in order to avoid increasing their linkbase on the web.

The same characteristic of the Jews which has been celebrated here is used against them by the VNN. Those wily Jews! Staying a few extra years in grad school to increase their representation in the professions. Using their ill-gotten lucre to pay for a law-school degree so that they can control our judiciary. Working long hours for low pay to indoctrinate our vulnerable young women with their dangerous cant. How much more can white Christians take?

A quick look at their site — and a brief exposure is the most that a person can tolerate — reveals juicy tidbits such as this one, concerning a professor at UVA (professor’s name and offensive terms are redacted):

      …Before entering academia, [the professor] served as a legal counselor with the Washington Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.(I WONDER IF SHE CHARTERED AIRCRAFT TO FLY WHITE GIRL RAPING SOMALI N***ERS INTO THE DAKOTAS AND MINNESOTA?) She spent 1997-99 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she was director of the International Human Rights Law Group’s Bosnia program for 14 months. The program’s work included a report on women’s human rights and development of a training program on employment discrimination. Before joining the Law Group, [the professor] served as an Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) liaison officer to the Human Rights Coordination Centre of the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

…Between 1981 and 1993, she led regular delegations of U.S. citizens on study tours of the Middle East, and spent a sabbatical year (1989-1990) in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

With dismaying irony, the contributor cites activities which should endear the professor to his Jew-hating heart — she has been involved in the UN and travelled to Israel in order to provide aid and comfort to the enemies of Jews! Surely this would endear her to his Aryan heart…? But race trumps everything.

Another entry is straightforward and traditional, with its frisson of implied miscegenation:


So the lesser mongrel races are colluding against the purity of their white betters.

It is difficult to do anything other than gape slack-jawed at this hackneyed hate, in all its banality. Does nothing ever change?

An ominous novelty is a headline appended to many of the entries on the VNN site: White Racists Seek To Ally With Middle Eastern Wahabists Against The Jew. So, following in the footsteps of the führer, the neo-Nazis are assembling the Arab auxiliaries…

The Jews of the world would do well to realize that it does not serve their own best interests to lie down in front of tanks in the West Bank or chant “No blood for oil!” on the streets of Ann Arbor.

Repeat after me: Never again.