Judeo-Christian Values

In my previous post, Naming Ourselves, I posed the question: Who are we? In today’s Jewish World Review, Dennis Prager has supplied part of the answer: we are the collective embodiment of our common values. Speaking of Christianity and Judaism, he says:

Both religions are based on the Hebrew Bible, which Judaism and Christianity hold to be divine or divinely inspired. Clearly, then, they will share values…

One way to understand Judeo-Christian values, therefore, is as values that emanate from a Judeo-based Christianity. Christians have always had the choice to reject the Jewish roots of Christianity (which, when done, enabled Christian anti-Semitism), to ignore those roots, or to celebrate and embrace them. American Christians have, more than any other Christian group, opted for the latter.

(…) Judeo-Christian values combine the two religions’ strengths – the Jewish emphasis on moral works in this world with the Christian emphasis on keeping G-d at the center of one’s values and works.

(…) In sum, despite whatever differences they have, Jews and Christians need each other and Judaism and Christianity need each other. The Judeo-Christian values system has become a uniquely powerful moral force. Among its many achievements is that it is the primary contributor to America’s greatness.

Read the whole thing: The case for Judeo-Christian values: Beliefs vs Values.