Examining the Questions

Over at Shrinkwrapped the good doctor is contemplating this question:

Why is it that some people have so much trouble questioning themselves?

He goes on to consider New Sisyphus’ answer to this problem and then describes the distortions and dissonances the Left must create and maintain to shore up an increasingly Ptolemaic cosmology… Presumably he includes here the impotent fury which resides the descriptions of Bush as simian, slimy and sinister. Now there is a bundle of contradictions for you.

The closed universe of the American Left – and of European Socialism, which it resembles – is not only gated shut, it is shrinking in relevance and meaning. The choice of issues it chooses as “burning” are conflagrations fewer and fewer are showing up to watch. Smart politicians (read “those who might wish to be re-elected”) are moving right in order to keep up with their voters. The trivialized and trifling — academia and media — don’t need to leave the enclave. But thanks to the dynamic movement that life is, no one needs to bang on the gate anymore in order to request a hearing.

One wonders if they even notice that the neighborhood is emptying out. Except for some fellow traveling jihadists, they will die alone. Unmourned.

The sadness lies in the fact that it didn’t have to be this way.

3 thoughts on “Examining the Questions

  1. Here is a larger question to ask:

    How shall we define success in the conflict? The goals of the Jihad are clear; all shall bow to Allah. Merely negating that is not sufficient, there must be more concrete aims. Then steps along the road to that goal can be defined.

    The Americans have chosen to attempt to subvert the Jihad by establishing some kind of secular self-government in Irak. This may or may not succeed, but if it does, is it enough?

    What does victory look like?

  2. Thanks for the link to City Journal. One of the few magazines I actually subscribe to, though delivery is spotty.

    The author of this one, Heather MacDonald, is worth your further attention. She covers a wide variety of subjects and does a creditable job of reporting. In fact, she’s a reporter first, analyst second. Excellent work.

    Besides, V., she’s real nice looking. Go here: http://www.manhattan-institute.org/html/mac_donald.htm

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