The Power and the Glory of Islamic Women

Part Two: Silence in America

In an earlier post, Gates of Vienna addressed the problems facing the women of Baghdad as they attempt to earn their college degrees. We waited to hear the outpouring of concern when reports of their abuse — acid-in-the-face, kidnapping and rape, etc. — surfaced in the MSM. Where there should have been a massive outpouring of support, there was only silence.

Where were the demonstrations to publicize the plight of women under Islam? How can thousands of women, in sisterly collegiality, converge on Washington D.C. to oppose the mythical repression of their abortion rights and fail to mention the all-too-real murderous captivity of their Muslim sisters?

American feminism is becoming a joke, especially to the younger generation, who see it as irrelevant to their lives:

“For women today, feminism is often perceived as dreary. As elitist, academic, Victorian, whiny, and passé…calling themselves girlie feminists, lipstick feminists, or sometimes just Third Wavers, they [the younger generation] have taken to flaunting the very femininity that Feminists had scolded would lead men to objectify them.”

Such an attitude angers The Old Feminists who see themselves as pioneers. Because of their hard slog, they say, women today have a depth and breadth of equality they wouldn’t have otherwise.

The Old Ones cannot see much past the mirror of their own reflection. Nor can they move beyond the walls of their Feminist Studies, a cloister which does not allow its postulants to deviate far from the received wisdom, the collective orthodoxy of patriarchal obstacles to freedom, an orthodoxy which increasingly is believed only by the inmates and their immediate superiors.

In other words, with their silence re Islam’s treatment of women (among other acts of omission) modern feminism has brought about its own irrelevance. Having missed the boat — actually, having failed even to appear on the wharf when the boat sailed — American mainstream feminism is doomed gradually to disappear as the 1970’s ‘pioneers’ age and shuffle off this mortal coil. None too soon, say those who follow.

Who among the young and idealistic cares to continue to batter the dead horse of abortion choice? Roe v. Wade is thirty years old; it’s not going anywhere. However, the insistence that the extremism of partial birth abortion is a legitimate “choice” turns away young women who might otherwise join the fray.

Who among today’s college students has not noticed that women now outnumber men in academia? Except for the cloistered postulants of Feminist Studies, who reads Carol Gilligan’s discredited work?

Who among these young women are willing to sacrifice their children on the altar of women’s autonomy? Today’s young women remember their own painful latch-key childhoods. They are in no hurry to inflict that history on their own progeny.

Today’s regnant feminism will eventually be replaced by the new generation of women with a form that more clearly meets the needs of these young women. Meanwhile, the banner protesting the abuse of women in Islam is going to be carried by others. The Old Guard has let its chance go by.

4 thoughts on “The Power and the Glory of Islamic Women

  1. Here is an unkind joke I came up with in college, freely ripping off George Carlin:

    The great Oxymorons of our time:
    Jumbo Shrimp
    Military Intelligence
    Feminist Scholarship

    If you think it would get howls of indignation now, you should have seen it in 1985.

  2. Feminist scholarship is a ghetto and badly in need of any humor you can toss its way. It’s refreshing that the New Fems, cum-lipstick and Victoria’s-well-publicized-Secret, are beginning their ascendancy. None too soon.

    The Baron talks about the Roe effect: that those who espouse abortion as a method of birth control eventually wipe themselves out of the gene pool. Too true; there won’t be any Gloria Steinem II to carry her banner onward.

  3. I must agree in full, the “women’s movement” is now dead for all intent and purpose. The fact that so many females now rage against the war on Islamofasicsm instead of raging against the horrors of Islam in treatment of women is, well, it is pathetic and the death knell of ‘feminism’. In general, I am not sorry to see feminism pass away; it served its purpose, it is indeed a dinosaur — but to fail to reach back and give a helping hand to others who suffer greater than western feminists ever did is simply shameful, shameful.

  4. Hudna. Could this be the feminist version of a hudna? Hudna is an Islamic faux peace in the face of a superior force, until the opportunity arises to jihad again.

    Men have become mobilized now, could the woMEN now be beating a hasty retreat? The grim reality is that woMEN are “empowered “by MEN, and men are getting really pissed.

    Men, do not give up now! Continue to fight for men’s rights with legislation and laws to counter the unfair power that women have.

    As Ross Perot used to say; “Time to get a shovel and clean out the barn”. It is time to clean out the schools and cultural elite that have ruined America. DO NOT LET THEM OFF THE HOOK!!! BEWARE THE HUDNA!!! Continue to push to fairness in law and to remove the stench of marxist feminism from our great nation!

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