Demography in America


The previous post, Demographic Jihad in Europe, dealt with the population crash in Europe and the incipient emergence of “Eurabia”. The obvious question is: Can the same thing happen in America?

The foreign-born Muslim population in the USA is certainly growing. But a glance at the statistics (PDF file) reveals that the major influx of immigrants (legal or otherwise) into this country comes from Latin America.

So if the native-born population of the USA eventually goes the way of Old Europe, the newcomers taking up the slack will not be mainly Muslims. They will be from traditional Christian backgrounds, with a large component of born-again evangelicals as well as Roman Catholics. This is a culture which is compatible with American values, even if it brings with it a different language. Look for an emphasis on family values and a strong work ethic from the new arrivals.

Dhimmitude, if it comes, will surely be delayed by this trend. We may well experience cultural conflict, but it seems unlikely to reach the dangerous level that the Great Jihad would bring. For the United States, dhimmi status is not inevitable.

One thought on “Demography in America

  1. The fastest growing religion is not Islam, but Christianity, especially evangelical christianity in places like Africa. Even in the Middle East, the birth rates have dropped close to replacement. In places such as Indonesia, the largest Islamic country, Islam is not a militant religion and blends with the local, even animalistic religions.
    Even in the places where Islam is growing, these countries are so hopeless that for them to be considered a threat is truly comical. They can’t win a conventional war against us. Their only leverage is oil and if you take that away from them, they will be as threatening as Africa.
    Terrorism is their only card. If nuclear terrorism ever gets its first trial balloon, the US will probably answer with our counterforce doctrine from the Cold War (sorry North Korea, Iran, and anyone else we suspect might be hding a weapons program). Of course world opinion would prevent that from ever happening. Just ask Japan.

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