The West’s Dilemma with North Korea

The Right Angle asks where our moral obligation begins:

Notice their comparison between what the Fat Boy is doing and how the Soviet Union got rid of supposed troublemakers. Instead of bothering with show trials for the big shots, though, North Korea’s dictator just kills ’em out of hand:

A number of high-profile North Korean officials are known to have been executed in recent years, including Hang Song-thaek, Mr Kim’s uncle.

Mr Jang, who was vice-chairman of the Workers’ Party’s Central Commission, was arrested in November 2013 and found guilty at a special military tribunal of “anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts in a bid to overthrow the leadership of the party and state and the socialist system”. He was killed by a firing squad in December that year.

Some of the executions are grisly indeed but you can hunt those up on your own. They are certainly being documented.

The speakers’ refusal to liken North Korea to the Nazi regims is historically correct. The same goes for all the other Communist/socialist tyrannies, including the one only ninety miles or so south of the U.S. mainland.

Now the question remains: what is a moral nation to do in the face of well-documented abuse by another country of all its citizens? Or is the West waiting for an attack on Japan or South Korea?