Tommy Robinson Busts the Fake News on Danish TV

Last week I posted Tommy Robinson’s speech in Copenhagen after he received the Free Press Society award, and also the hostile interview with him on Danish TV. A couple of days later that you saw a fisking by the vlogger Lars Andersen of dishonest presentations about Tommy by Danish state TV in the program called “Deadline”.

After Tommy was interviewed on Deadline, the organizer of the Free Press Society event, Aia Fog, was also interviewed on the same program. She was ambushed by the interviewer, who showed her one of Tommy’s videos from Britain without presenting the full context about what she was seeing — even though he was well aware of it.

Tommy confronted the presenter after the interview with Ms. Fog. He took along a hidden camera and microphone, and was thus able to expose some of the machinations that produce fake news for Danish TV.

Tania Groth translated the brief Danish portions, and Vlad Tepes did the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Anders Danielsson: Dissidents Are Terrorists

Anders Danielsson is the former Director-General of the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) as well as the former head of SÅPO, the Swedish security agency.

The following article is a useful follow-up to last week’s article about the Swedish government’s plans to use the military against its own populace when the Boogaloo (Swedish: bögalö) kicks off in Sweden. In light of last night’s post about Renaud Camus, it’s also a reminder that the systematic repression of dissent is widespread in Western Europe.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Anders Danielsson: Regime-critical views can be likened to terrorism

January 22, 2020

It was at the National Conference of People and Defense in Sälen — the annual gathering of the security establishment in Sweden — that the former Director General of Säpo and the Swedish Migration Agency stated that there are “similarities” between terrorism and a form of democratic opinion which he called “psychological warfare”.

Anders Danielsson was Director General of the Swedish Migration Agency during the time of the 2015 migrant crisis as well as the head of a number of agencies before that, including Säpo. He is now a state investigator for the Psychological Defense Authority, which will be set up on Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s order.

The official purpose of the new authority is to counter and combat so-called psychological warfare by foreign powers. However, Samhällsnytt has previously published internal e-mails from MSB [Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap, Civil Contingencies Agency] which reveal that staff at the authority sees opportunities to also fight internal actors with the help of a “psychological defense”. MSB Head of Unit Mikael Tofvesson wrote in an email that:

“My view is that regardless of an external threat, the development of a strong psychological defense also brings with it many internal gains for our democracy and freedom of speech. It feels like we’re heading in the right direction.”

During the last day of the conference in Sälen, Anders Danielsson gave a speech on the issue. He began by explaining the purpose of psychological warfare — and said it could be likened to terrorism, because its purpose is, among other things, to “cause decision-makers to make different decisions”:

“We have thought about it so clearly, and there are similarities to terrorism and terrorism legislation — where one targets a state… And the purpose is to cause a split in society, to cause the decision-makers make different decisions, to instill fear, to destabilize. There are similarities between a terrorist act and psychological warfare. And it can be the same methods — spreading rumors. We are used to it, what we read in the newspaper, fake news, etc.”

Further on in the speech, Danielsson believes that both the police, the security police along with other authorities and the media must work together to “do something” for in attempts to have an impact.

During question time, Danielsson receives a question from the moderator about what to do with “influencers located in the country”. To that question, Danielsson answers that the psychological defense authority should also operate in peacetime and that such “impact operations” are in a gray zone. He calls for vigilance against all actors who express opinions that are not approved by the establishment:

“We must not be so naïve as to think that it always comes from Russia Today, or Sputnik, or easily identifiable opponents, but it can also be that we, society, media are exploited as good idiots.

Danielsson also pushes for even more extensive censorship of the media in the future to block the opportunities for free formation of opinions:

“If I were a media manager, I would be pretty happy if someone were to knock on the door and tell me: You, you are now being exposed to something that is quite serious. Not just your newspaper, your company, but society, democracy or whatever it may be. These value words I use that are very important to us. So I would be grateful if there were anyone, but it is based on our trust in each other.”

Danielsson calls for more “openness” and “honesty” between the media apparatus and the state, which will “trust each other”. At the same time, he worried about how to maintain the democratic backdrop of an “open society” as repression increases.

Furthermore, the panel continued to discuss the future psychological defense. The panel included Olof Petersson, professor emeritus of political science, head of the operational department at MSB, the federal chair of MUF Benjamin Dousa, the former Landsort writer Patrik Oksanen and SVT’s [state TV] CEO Hanna Stjärne — who looked uncomfortable in this company.

Earlier, Samhällsnytt revealed that Patrik Oksanen himself carried out impact operations together with several left-wing extremists and people from the security establishment to link up the right and the threat from Russia.

During the panel discussion, the moderator again raised the question of what to do with people expressing their views in “media without responsible publishers, online podcasts, threads, social influencers and so on.”

“How do we get it? This is perhaps where the danger lies much more than in the Hudiksvall newspaper, or in Svenska Dagbladet, or in Sweden’s Television?” she asked the panel.

Then Olof Petersson explained that there are opportunities to legally act against these elements even within existing legislation:

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The Railroading of Tommy Robinson

The following video is a report on Tommy Robinson by Lars Andersen, a Danish vlogger and former police officer. Mr. Andersen discusses Tommy’s speech at the Free Press Society and his interview on Danish TV, both of which were published here earlier this week.

The subtitled video of the Deadline interview with Peter Münster referred to by Mr. Andersen was posted here last September.

This video is an excellent fisking of the Danish MSM. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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No Girls Allowed!

In the following video a culture-enricher in Sweden demands the right not to interact with female shop assistants during his commercial transactions.

I may be imagining it, but I swear I can detect an Apu-like Subcontinent accent in this irate customer’s Swedish.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Note: this video is audio-only, and simply has still photos of the commercial area where the exchange took place.

Video transcript:

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Yet Another Increase in Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Sweden

The rapid approach of the Swedish Bögalö is heralded by yet another increase in the number of rapes and sexual assaults against women.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag. I was surprised to see an MSM site like this one mention the culture-enriching aspect of these crimes:

Reported cases of sexual molestation against women and girls have increased sharply since 2015

On Thursday the Crime Prevention Council’s preliminary statistics for reported crime during 2019 were released. The statistics show that the number of sexual molestations against women and girls has increased sharply since 2015. The number of reported sexual molestations in the group of girls 15-17 has increased by 51%.

The number of reported rapes increased during 2019 by 6%, rising to 8,350 reported crimes compared to the previous year. Something that Nyheter Idag earlier reported on.

The total number of reported cases of sexual molestation remained at the same level as the previous year — 9,730. However, among women 18 or older, an increase of 5% was reported, to 5,294 reports.

Now Nyheter Idag has reviewed the number of reports of sexual molestation against women since 2015, five years back in time.

  • Women age 18 or older: From 4,173 to 5,294. An increase of 27%.
  • Girls 15-17. From 718 to 1,084. An increase of 51%.
  • Girls up to 15 years of age: From 2,072 to 2,304. An increase of 11%. However, 2014, the first year with complete statistics from BRÅ, is extremely high — 3,000.

In total, the number of reported cases of sexual molestation has more than doubled in 20 years. From 4,963 total reported cases of sexual molestation in 1999 to 10,310 cases in 2019— an increase of 108%.

There are different theories as to why the number of reports has increased. The criminologist Nina Rung has previously said that she believes that the tendency to file a report has increased.

After a large number of cases of sexual molestation against especially young girls were reported, the police compiled a report in 2016 in which, among other things, stated that cases were found in which groups of men surrounded girls who were alone and then abused them.

In at least ten cases, a lone girl was surrounded by several men (from 5-6 to a larger number) who are sometimes estimated to be 14-16 years of age. On these occasions, some held the girl down while others touched her breasts and body, and in one case, some photographed the abuse.

In some cases, the perpetrators have unbuttoned the girl’s pants and attempted — and in certain cases also succeeded — in pulling them down before rescue arrived. Similarly, it has occurred that several girls in a peer group have been exposed at the same time by a large gang. A few suspected offenders have been identified.

Those identified are citizens of Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia. All of the investigations in Stockholm and Kalmar from 2014-2015 have been closed due to the difficulty in identification or for lack of evidence.

The Boogaloo, Swedish Style

I’m not sure how “Boogaloo” would be spelled in Swedish — perhaps bögalö — but in any case the article below from Samhällsnytt discusses the Swedish government’s plans to use the military against the Swedish people when the Nordic Boogaloo finally kicks off.

Many thanks to LN for the translation:

The authorities plan to deploy the military against the Swedish people — the government is cheering

January 17, 2020

In the media shadow on February 1, 2018, the same day that it was announced that Dan Eliasson would leave his post as national police chief and take over as director general of the Swedish Social Protection and Emergency Preparedness Agency (MSB), a fifth so-called case of “gray zone” was presented: Extracts and escalating gray zone problems. Something that can be used arbitrarily by the holders of power to ensure continued power, and that citizens with the “wrong” views on social development are silenced.

According to the Swedish Defense Research Institute, FOI, it is believed that “the threat that exists today against Sweden is more complex and diffuse than before” and that “the boundary between peace and war is not as clear, and this unclear state is often called the ‘gray zone’.”

Among the tools that one fears might be used in the gray zone are, among other things, “dissemination of disinformation” and “impact operations”. The new Typfall 5 [Scenario 5] will give “authorities and other actors in crisis preparedness and civil defense better opportunities to plan and practice gray zone problems.”

Recently Police Chief Anders Thornberg wrote to the government requesting increased support from the Swedish Armed Forces in a gray zone situation, which means that police and military can be deployed against the population in a case where the country is deemed to be in a state of quasi-war. The pastor and writer Helena Edlund has been looking more closely at the government’s new opportunities to push hard against the population.

But when ministers start talking about the gray zone situation, the Swede should take his earplugs out and wonder why the same government that has done its utmost so far to procrastinate and delay effective measures against terrorists and organized crime is suddenly very quick on the ball when it comes to the possibility of deploying military units against the civilian population?

Edlund believes that the same ministers and directors-general who say they cannot understand what the increase in violence is due to certainly know that everything is going according to plan. Typfall 5 is based on a course of events that reflects an escalating gray zone problem with considerable societal impact but where neither heightened readiness prevails nor are visible military means of force used. In such a gray zone situation, the Swedish Armed Forces are supported by civil defense, which is represented by the MSB in crisis situations.

Alternative media a threat

FOI Memo 6338 describes the situation, among other things, as follows:

The dissemination of propaganda by internet activists and alternative media, which is then sometimes reflexively spread further in traditional Swedish media, conveys a distorted picture of Sweden. The Swedish public is exposed to ambiguous facts and sometimes pure disinformation on issues that concern, among other things, order and security, migration and integration, traditional values, crisis preparedness and defense, and foreign and security policy. These information operations, which primarily utilize our open society’s information infrastructure in terms of the Internet’s social media and blogs, as well as indirect TV, radio and newspapers, have a certain negative impact on public confidence in government and politicians.

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So Much for Witness Protection

The latest word from Sweden indicates that the massive bomb that exploded in Östermalm early yesterday morning wasn’t just the work of boisterous “youths” playing with IEDs: it may have been intended to silence a snitch.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Nyheter Idag, and to FouseSquawk for assistance with the nuances of the translation:

Details: Exploded property at Östermalm housed witness protection accommodation

by Chang Frick

The purpose of the blast at a property on Gyllenstiernsgatan in central Stockholm may have been to silence witnesses. An investigator with a background in the real estate industry in Östermalm tells Nyheter Idag that there may have been an apartment intended for witness protection at the location where the detonation took place. “We do not comment on anything concerning witness protection. It’s multiply sensitive,” Criminal Investigations Commissioner Gunnar Appelgren told Nyheter Idag.

People who are important witnesses for an impending trial can be offered so-called witness protection. It is a measure to prevent witnesses from being intimidated or threatened. On the police website, the protection is called “the special personal safety program” and is “the most comprehensive safeguard measure”.

One of the measures to protect witnesses is to offer special accommodations while there is a threat.

An investigator with a background in the real estate industry in Östermalm tells Nyheter Idag that there was such a residence at the place where the detonation took place.

“There is whispered talk about it among those familiar with the investigation. It does not feel good to place such accommodation next to a school,” says the source in Östermalm.

“It’s multiply-sensitive”

Nyheter Idag spoke to Criminal Investigations Commissioner Gunnar Appelgren. He works every day to fight serious crime within the framework of the police initiative “Mareld”. In the past he was also head of the special personal security, and thus has great knowledge about police procedures for judicial witness protection.

According to Appelgren, it is in practice impossible to have such a case confirmed by the Police Authority, whether the information is correct or not.

“We do not comment on anything concerning witness protection. It’s multiply-sensitive,” he says.

Nyheter Idag also asked the same question of the police press spokesman Anders Bryngelsson, and he also explains that he cannot answer whether there was an accommodation for witness protection where the detonation took place.

In general, the investigation is at an early stage and the police are stingy with the information they provide.

“We have a security operation with staff on-site. The detonation occurred outside the entrance,” he says.

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Östermalm Goes Boom

There’s been yet another explosion in Sweden, and this one was massive. It took place in the wee hours of this morning in Östermalm, a district of Stockholm. I’m told that the neighborhood is not culturally enriched, and is quite affluent.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this terse report from the Stockholm police:

January 13, 2020

Detonation, Stockholm

Police receive calls on a loud detonation on Gyllenstiersgatan [Street] Östermalm [Stockholm]

A detonation has taken place in an apartment building. There is property damage as well as to vehicles near the property.

Police, fire and medical services are on site. The fencing school has been opened for evacuation of the residence as well as for people in need of crisis support.

Police technicians and the national bomb unit are en route to the scene. A preliminary investigation of a general harmful destruction has been initiated.

Police Stockholm
Posted 13 January 02:16

And this update from the translator:

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Åsa Westerberg Convicted and Sentenced

I posted a couple of times last month about Åsa Westerberg, the Swedish anti-sharia activist who was brutalized by the police, arrested, and then prosecuted for “hate speech” against Islam. The last time I wrote about her she was awaiting the verdict after her trial.

Now the verdict is in: she has been convicted of insulting Islam, and sentenced. Many thanks to LN for translating this excerpt from Nya Tider:

Åsa Westerberg is sentenced in the case involving Näthatsgranskaren [The National Examiner]

On December 23, the citizen journalist Åsa Westerberg was convicted by the District Court of Södertörn for, among other things, incitement against an ethnic group [hets mot folkgrupp] and gross defamation. She was sentenced to a conditional sentence and SEK 10,400 [$1,150] in fines, as well as SEK 25,000 [$2,750] in damages to the state-funded Tomas Åberg, who runs the reporting organization Näthatsgranskaren. Westerberg claims to have been beaten bloody by police in her own home when she was arrested.

January 10, 2020

Åsa Westerberg was prosecuted for writing several posts on the US-based social platform MeWe, posts where she wrote critically about Islam and Muslims, in addition to writing disparagingly about Tomas Åberg and his work at Näthatsgranskaren. The indictments related to hets mot folkgrupp, gross libel and slander. Westerberg herself denies that she wrote the posts and believes that no evidence was presented during the trial.

“There’s really no evidence, it’s a MeWe profile that they haven’t been able to link to me. They have not presented any IP address; they have not presented any evidence that it is I who wrote the posts, she tells Nya Tider.

However, the court believes that private pictures of her published there strongly suggest that she is the person managing the profile.

Condemned for insulting Islam

Despite her denials, Westerberg was convicted on 16 counts of hets mot folkgrupp. It is a matter of disparaging commentary on videos published by terrorists of the Islamic State, in which various forms of execution take place. The comments were emotional, with quotes such as “Islam must be eradicated” and “we must unite to eradicate the invasion of pedophile-worshipers.”

The rest of the article is behind a paywall.

Free Steen’s Computers!

Steen of Snaphanen has been a good friend for almost thirteen years, since my first trip to Copenhagen in April of 2007, when he put me up in his flat.

Steen is an accomplished photographer and manages the most popular blog in Denmark. He is also a dissident — he speaks out about immigration and Islamization, publishing uncomfortable truths that give the Danish political establishment heartburn.

Steen was arrested and interrogated last May because he posted a link to a site that linked to the video of the murder of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco, who were killed by mujahideen. To assist them in their enquiries, the police confiscated Steen’s computers and other equipment.

That was eight months ago. Steen has not been charged, and the police still have his equipment. He has written a letter to them, demanding the return of his work tools, and posted about it yesterday at Snaphanen.

Steen’s ability to put pressure on the police is limited. All he can do is publicize what happened, and urge his colleagues among dissident bloggers to do likewise. I recommend mirroring this post (or writing your own) on websites and forums, in order to help bring pressure to bear from outside Denmark.

Michael Jalving is the most popular blogger at the Jyllands-Posten website. Mr. Jalving also wrote yesterday about Steen’s plight. Many thanks to Signe for the translation:

Free Steen Raaschou’s computers, photographs and SD-card

The blogger Steen Raaschou was arrested last year for doing his job. Copenhagen police still have not returned his seized work tools. Why?

One of my friends from the Danish writing community, the blogger Steen Raaschou of, who taught me quite a lot about Sweden, courage and photography, was woken up early in the morning back in May of 2019 by a squad of police officers. Apparently they were not in the wrong place, since they arrested and interrogated him because five months earlier he had shared the recording of the bestial assassination of the two Scandinavian girls in Morocco. The same way they arrested Jeppe Juhl, then a parliamentary candidate for the party Nye Borgerlige, and another blogger for Jyllands-Posten, Jaleh Tavakoli.

Both the authorities and the mainstream media treated the murders as unmotivated bad luck — not jihad. Steen Raaschou corrected the misunderstanding by linking to a site that linked to the jihadists’ video.

The arrest was bizarre. And it seemed not coincidental that it happened just before an election.

The 68-year-old blogger had his home ransacked during the arrest and a lot of electronic equipment was seized. It remains confiscated.

It must be added now, as Steen himself has done, that §264d of the law is quite fair. Depending on how it is interpreted.

[Jalving quotes the paragraph. Steen has not violated anyone’s privacy.]

The accused, as I understand it, has not been charged with anything. But the authorities still refuse to return two computers, an external hard drive with ten years of photographs, an SD card, etc.

What is going on with the police? What is the cause of this treatment? Is it simply bureaucracy? Or is there really someone in the Danish police that loves to harass people who do not like Islam?

In that case the words of Ulrik Høy (R.I.P.) after the arrest are yet relevant: “Arrest me too! Preferably along with Lars Hedegaard, so we can have a game of cards in the prison cell”.

Now, Steen Raaschou writes to the police, and I quote:

To whom it may concern:

In four days it will have been eight months ago that you arrested me as if I were a dangerous terrorist, and seized my work tools. Let me tell you what you already know: You do not have time for 68-year-old unpunished persons like me […] The interrogating officer said that day to Jeppe Juhl: “We greatly regret this, but it is political, you know.”

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The Rockets’ Red Glare in Skåne

There’s no mention of cultural enrichment in this article about arson and rocket attacks in southern Sweden. However, I have my doubts that there is anyone named Sven or Erik or Lars among the perpetrators.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag. The “rockets” referred to are fireworks:

Rocket attacks in Skåne continue

Police forced to seek protection in police cars

Skåne — A gang continued to attack ordinary people and police in Skåne with rockets on Saturday night-Sunday morning. Just before midnight police were shot at by a large gang of up to thirty persons in Helsingborg. Around 3am police were shot at again with rockets, this time in Kristianstad, something Expressen reported on earlier. “Police patrols were forced to seek protection in police cars in order not to be hit by the rockets,” police report on their home page.

In Helsingborg police went out on a call just before midnight to Skaragatan [Street] near the area of Frederiksdal.

When police arrived at the location, they discovered about thirty people who were shooting rockets at building materials from a nearby construction site, and cars were beginning to burn. One car was completely burned, and a car sustained damage before rescue services were able to put it out.

According to Expressen, rockets were also fired at police.

Police identified a 15-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man among the persons who are suspected of shooting rockets at the cars and building materials. A spokesman did not want to disclose whether they were previously known to police.

A report on the fire damage is being prepared.

A few hours later, it happened again. Around 3am on Sunday police were called to a kiosk in Kristianstad after a break-in alarm went off, police report on their home page. The kiosk is located by Långebrogatan, which goes through the Charlottesborg area.

When police arrived at the scene and got out of their cars, they were shot at with rockets by a dozen masked persons.

“Police patrols were forced to seek protection in the police cars so as not to be hit with rockets,” police report on their homepage.

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Jew-Hatred in Scandinavia

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Sweden Takes its Place on Heavy Anti-Semite List

December 23, 2019

Denmark and Sweden end up in 9th place on Simon Wiesenthal Center’s annual anti-Semites’ list

Heading the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of anti-Semites for 2019 is the Labour Party in Great Britain under party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has long been accused of anti-Semitism by British and Israeli Jews for his Palestinian obsession. At the same time, Al Jazeera has “revealed” the way Israel systematically infiltrates British politics in order to steer it and how accusations of anti-Semitism against British politicians have been fabricated [quotation marks added].

In 9th place on the list is “Scandinavia” and its so-called “Kristallnacht hate”, which specifically points to events in Sweden and Denmark.

In Denmark, anti-Semitic stickers were affixed at the same time Jewish gravestones were vandalized in connection with the “Kristallnacht”.

“The same stickers showed up in Sweden, where the Crime Prevention Council, in its last study, reported a record high of 280 anti-Semitic incidents, an increase of 53%. While Jews make up at most one-fifth of one percent of Sweden’s population, more than Jews are targeted by more than 4% of all hate crimes,” that being the motive. The report continues:

“Swedish authorities allowed neo-Nazis to assemble at Raoul Wallenberg Square opposite Stockholm’s largest synagogue. Sweden failed to protect its Jewish citizens and institutions and has failed to hold anti-Semites responsible for their public actions as well as in the private sector, including the famed Karolinska Hospital.”

In 2016, Sweden’s then-foreign minister, Margot Wallström (Social Democrats) ended up on the same list.

Pedagogy, Lunacy, and Murder in Sweden

An Afghan “youth” murdered his teacher, with whom he had had a love affair — and she was 69 years old.

Such is life in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Notice that the standard sentence for murder in Sweden is just fourteen years. The Afghan perp had his sentence reduced from that, due to his youth and his lunacy — and the lunacy of the Swedish “justice” system.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Killed teacher after sex affair — Now Ahmad Nazari has sentence reduced

Ahmad Nazari strangled his teacher to death after a love affair, and was sentenced to 11 years in prison by the district court after a reduction (due to his age). Now the high court has reduced Nazari’s sentence further, to 9½ years in prison given that he suffered from a serious mental disorder when the murder was committed, and that he had turned himself in.

The Afghan citizen Ahmad Nazari, who strangled his 69-year-old teacher after a love affair, has had his sentenced reduced by the High Court, reports Expressen.

The district court sentenced Nazari to 11 years in prison and deportation after his sentence is served. But Nazari appealed the sentence to the High Court.

“He maintains that he did not intentionally take the life of the woman; he requests that his sentence be lowered,” said Nazari’s lawyer, Anders Olssen, to SVT [Swedish Public Television] in connection with the appeal of the sentence.

Now his prison sentence has been lowered by 1½ years, which means it is sentenced to 9½ years in prison. The deportation after the sentence is served remains in effect.

The high court took into account that Nazari was judged to be suffering from a serious mental disorder when the murder was committed and that he voluntarily turned himself in.

The normal sentence for murder, according to the high court, is 14 years in prison for an adult, but since Nazari was 19-years-old when the murder was committed, he received a reduction for his age.

Åsa Westerberg: “All Are Equal Except for Ethnic Swedes”

I reported last week on a speech by Åsa Westerberg, the Swedish anti-sharia activist whose home was forcibly entered by police. She was brutally mistreated by a special anti-“hate” police squad, and then arrested. Since then she has been prosecuted, and the verdict was due to be announced today.

Below is an interview with Ms. Westerberg recorded immediately after her trial. The interviewer is from the Swedish dissident channel SWEBBTV.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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