By Your Actions So Shall You Survive

As we approach the dénouement (whatever it might turn out to be) of the Brexit fiasco, Seneca III offers his thoughts on predators, prey, and scavengers in Modern Multicultural Europe.

By Your Actions So Shall You Survive

By Seneca III

The predation by one group, species, or culture upon the territory and resources of another is as old as life itself. Human history is littered with examples, as is the animal kingdom.

Here and now the primary threat is, and has been for fourteen centuries, Islam. Yet it is axiomatic that it cannot succeed in taking over the UK, the USA and the Eurosphere as a whole and ethnically cleansing or enslaving us if we man-up, discard all this dissembling ‘multiculturalism’, ‘integration’, ‘altruism’, ‘human rights’ and ‘globalism’ garbage and learn hard lessons from our own and Europe’s past.

Essentially, there is only one way to deal with the Demented Slaves of Allah, and if we can’t be bothered to learn from our own histories then perhaps we could do so from Canis lupus. But be warned: the short video embedded below is not a safe space for snowflakes and their ilk — it is the real world, a world red in tooth and claw, not a tepid, pastel-coloured one that they yearn for in an elusive Elysium, an effete dream world in which, if it came about, they would be the first to die, no doubt screaming “But that’s not fair!”

It (the video) demonstrates a real-world solution that we could emulate to solve the Muslim problem, replacing the four-legged participants with two legged ones. Note what the world should hold for the likes of Shamima Begum and her fellow lovers of butchery in the name of Allah, and hopefully also for that of the to be unmissed and unlamented future little jihadis as is suggested at the end:

N.B. The Coyote, Canis latrans, is a predatory, scavenging species able to adapt to and expand into environments beneficially modified by humans. It is enlarging its range all the time, moving into urban areas and establishing territories in increasing numbers. So similar, that, to Islam’s modus operandi.

— Seneca III, on this 13th day of March 2019 as we close in on the Ides.

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Thank You, Schengen Rules — The Third Rapist Escapes Abroad

As a follow-up to last month’s post about a girl who was gang-raped by culture-enrichers in Barcelona, the article below discusses one of the suspected perps, who was released from custody and has now fled the country.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this piece from El Nacional:

The alleged third rapist of Sabadell, Khalid Oukhlifa, escapes abroad

March 5, 2019

Regional police agents [‘Mossos d’Esquadra’] continue actively searching for Khalid Oukhlifa, one of the men arrested at the beginning of February for his connection to the rape of a girl in an industrial warehouse in Sabadell.

He, as well as the rest of the men arrested by town and regional police agents were brought before a judge and then released under precautionary measures. Only two of those arrested were jailed; they were the ones for whom the judge was able to find more evidence of their direct involvement as perpetrators of the gang rape of the 18 year-old girl. But the third rapist remains to be identified.

Khalid Oukhlifa, the alleged third rapist of Sabadell

Among the men he set free under precautionary measures, nevertheless, the judge is convinced that the third perpetrator of the sexual assault of Sabadell is included, although he could not gather enough evidence and had to order their release pending more evidence. And this missing third man is Khalid Oukhlifa, as explained to by police sources.

He was required to show up periodically in court in Sabadell on the judge’s orders, and a week ago, when required to report, he didn’t show up. The judge issued a warrant for his arrest, and now regional police are looking for him ‘actively’.

The police, when they received the order from the judge, tried to locate him where they believed he might be, but were not able to find him anymore; the other arrested men were there, but not Khalid Oukhlifa, who has now become one of the men most sought-after by the police.

His photo has been shared at the start-of-shift meetings in most of the police stations of the Barcelona metropolitan area. Anyway, and according to what has been able to discover, detectives believe that Oukhlifa has escaped from Catalonia and that he is no longer in Spain. As of today, there is no international order for his arrest, and it would be up to the judge in charge, Marcos Melendi López — who is up to date on the latest findings of the regional police — to activate it.

The man, of Moroccan nationality, was squatting in a warehouse in Sabadell, with no known income or occupation, a fact that leads the police to think that an escape abroad is possible.

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Robert Ménard on the Yellow Vest Protests

Robert Ménard is the mayor of Béziers in the south of France. He was elected with the support of Front National (now Rassemblement National, National Rally). In the following interview with Sputnik, Mr. Ménard discusses the Yellow Vest movement and the issue of mass immigration into France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Allahu Akhbar at the Liebfrauenkirche

Cynthia loved Ahmed. She was devoted to him. She wore hijab for his sake.

Unfortunately for Ahmed, his application for asylum in Germany was turned down. When he was finally arrested and about to be deported, he asked Cynthia to come with him to Tunisia. When she refused, things turned ugly. Cynthia was later found stabbed to death.

The following video reports on what happened at the church where Cynthia’s memorial service was to be held. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about Cynthia from Bild (subscription required), also translated by Nash:

Cynthia wore hijab for her killer

[Photo #1 (at the top of this post): Without makeup, but with hijab: Cynthia looks into the camera with a slightly uncomfortable look. Ahmed apparently wanted to take his girlfriend back to Tunisia.]

Worms — Her death leaves you speechless! More than 500 people participated at the funeral march on the weekend with flowers and candles for the 21-year-old Cynthia R. She had been murdered by her boyfriend Ahmed T. (22) last week.


[Photo #2 (not shown): In front of her house, pastor George Ambadan lights a candle]

[Photo #3 (not shown): A selfie from happier times: Cynthia and Ahmed only got together at the end of last year]

Friends of the family talk about the relationship between Ahmed and Cynthia. “She wore hijab for Ahmed,” says a friend of Cynthia’s father to BILD, “and she learned to speak Arabic out of love for him.”

When the two began their relationship four months ago, Ahmed T. already knew that he was going to be deported. His asylum seeker application had been denied long ago.

So he tried to convince his new girlfriend to go with him to Tunisia. But friends of the family say that went too far for Cynthia R.

[Photo #4 (not shown): Ahmed under arrest: After his arrest, the killer was brought to the prison with shackles on hands and feet. He’s been behind bars for five days now.]

Could this be the reason he murdered her? Because she didn’t want to move to Tunisia with him? Last Monday an arrest warrant was issued for her boyfriend in order that he might finally be deported. Less than 48 hours later the situation between the two escalated.

Ahmed had registered himself under three different identities and had therefore cashed in three times the spending money in Germany. He stabbed the young woman by ramming a kitchen knife through her neck, her lungs, her hands and her back more than ten times.

[Photo #5 (not shown): Cynthia with pit bull: Cynthia loved animals; she had two dogs. Here she poses with one of the puppies.]

[Photo #6 (not shown): Her cousin: Patrick Schopp (34) is devastated by the loss of his cousin.]

“She meant so much to me and I miss her a lot,” says her cousin Patrick Schopp (34, scaffold builder) to BILD. “I will keep her in my memory as this fun-loving person who never had anything bad to say about anyone and who was very helpful with everyone.”

Video transcript:

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Culture-Enriching Junkies Steal to Feed Their Habit

Culture-enrichers in the West are often drug-dealers, but the one featured in this story from Barcelona is an addict who steals to feed his habit.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from the Catalan news site El Nacional:

Stealing to take drugs in downtown Barcelona: Six t-shirts for five euros worth of heroin

by Guillem RS
March 9, 2019

Stealing to take drugs. There’s nothing else. The purpose for the booty of some of the thieves that operate in downtown Barcelona, which has turned into the ground zero of insecurity in the capital of Catalonia, is to exchange it for drugs in the ‘narco-flats’ of the Raval neighborhood*. It depends solely on the money.

A man known to the town’s police force [‘Guardia Urbana’] suddenly appears on the Rambla promenade. Two agents in civilian attire of the Urban Criminality Group [GDU: ‘Grupo de Delincuencia Urbana’] start following him. He’s a thief who usually operates in shops but right now it is nighttime, no shops remain open, and the thief still walks around. He’s changed targets: today he is onto handbags.

The two police agents follow him. He goes up and down the promenade, up and down, crossing from one sidewalk to the other, almost not looking to see whether cars come or go. He enters the NBA Cafe Barcelona —the former, now restored, ‘Ático’ restaurant — and comes out again. Walks a bit and goes back in again. Strolls, comes across a friend of his, they enter the restaurant and come out of it quickly. Under his arm the man known to the police carries six red t-shirts he has stolen.

The two policemen, who had been following him all along, stop him and retrieve the t-shirts and file a report on the two of them for theft. After being identified, and with no t-shirts, they go back via the route they came. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last time, they will get caught. They need to steal to go to the narco-flat to buy drugs.

That’s the way he explains it himself to He’s 37 years old, came from Morocco many years ago, and spent eleven of those jailed in Brians 2 prison. He stole and also resold drugs to tourists and he got caught. It’s less than six months since he’s been out on the streets, and he’s already been arrested more than a half-dozen times.

Six t-shirts, five euros worth of heroin

Out of the six t-shirts he’s stolen, he explains that he expects to obtain some five euros worth of heroin at the narco-flat. Most of them take stuff, stolen or not, in exchange for drugs. But if one of the places you take the goods to is not interested in them, there’s no problem, there are more narco-flats that work as barter-markets.

He’ll have to steal something again; he doesn’t dissemble. He starts to notice signs of withdrawal kicking in, and he’ll need drugs soon. To pay for it he’ll have to steal and have better luck than this time, when the town police caught him.

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Nafri Gone Wild at the Milan Train Station

The following news story concerns an incident of enricher-on-enricher violence that occurred on Friday at the central train station in Milan. The Italian authorities immediately dismissed any possibility of terrorism, perhaps because both of the victims were Africans. However, the two men that were stabbed may be non-Muslim culture-enrichers — Ivory Coast has a Muslim population of about 39%. Gambia, on the other hand, is about 90% Muslim, so the Gambian victim could well be a Mohammedan.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a brief article about the attack from ANSA:

Two People Stabbed at Milan Train Station

Libyan national arrested, Ivorian and Gambian injured

(ANSA) — Milan, March 8 — A 33-year-old Libyan national was arrested by Carabinieri police on Friday after allegedly stabbing and injuring two passers-by at Milan’s central station, sources said.

The injured people are a 31-year-old Ivorian and a 20-year-old Gambian. The attack is not thought to be terrorism-related, the sources said.

Video transcript:

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A Culture-Enriching Houdini — One More Thin Gypsy Thief

This is an unusual story of culturally enriched thievery from Barcelona.

By the way — I consider gypsies and other non-Muslim immigrants from the Third World to be culture-enrichers. Islam is not the only form of cultural enrichment in the West.

Pampasnasturtium, who translated the article, includes these prefatory notes:

Two things:

One, as pointed out by you, if I recall correctly, ‘Romanian’ here is likely a cover to avoid saying “Roma”.

In present-day Spain, mentioning the slightest bad thing about ‘gitanos’ (gypsies), past or present, and no matter how outrageous and true, is as strictly verboten as criticizing homosexuals, mohammedans, etc.

Two, while listing the nationalities, the author of the report has respected the victims’ pyramid: native Spaniards first, then male migrant, then female migrant — from ‘oppressor’ to the most ‘oppressed’… even though responsibilities were not in that order — eventually it is revealed afterwards that the male migrant was the leader, so wouldn’t it have been more accurate to put him at the head of the list?

The translated article from the Catalonian daily La Vanguardia:

Police arrest a gang that checked their horoscope before their burglaries

The leader of the group lived in a cabin in the woods and thieves used their skills as contortionists

News agency report, Barcelona
February 11, 2019

[Photo caption: One of the arrested gang members. (Credit: Mossos d’Esquadra)]

Regional police agents [‘Mossos d’Esquadra’] have broken up a criminal organization that specialized in robberies with violence on retail premises using the ‘butrón’ method [‘butrón’: hole made through a wall to break in], and they have arrested four persons who gained access to shops through small holes, thanks to their contortion skills. Before setting up the heist, the head of the gang checked his horoscope to pick the best day to act and, once the date was selected, would go to the premises chosen with the rest of the band in two 4×4 vehicles.

The arrested men are two Spaniards aged 26 and 46, a Romanian man aged 55, and a Venezuelan woman aged 24. It is believed they carried some twenty robberies, fifteen of them in Barcelona, as stated by the Catalan police this Monday in a press release.

The investigation started last October 14 when a robbery was discovered in a bar in the district of Nou Barris in Barcelona, which the thieves had accessed making a hole from an adjoining building lobby.

Police agents identified the vehicle the perpetrators of the burglary had used, which turned out to be a red 4×4 of considerable size, and the driver of the vehicle, a man with a criminal record of several robberies by force committed in Valencia, together with another citizen.

Furthermore, police agents established that since March several police reports of robberies by force had been filed in Barcelona, all of them carried out using the same modus operandi.

The investigation concluded that the robberies had been carried by an organized group, led by a citizen of Romanian origin.

The group selected the bars and gained access to them by making a hole from a stairwell, without being discovered by the neighbors, and kept watch on the area to know the timetable and itinerary of the owner and the employees.

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A Radio Caller Tells Mutti To…

…Well, you can listen to the clip and find out.

There’s so much about this video I don’t understand. First of all, I don’t understand how it escaped from the control of the German government. Did a disaffected media employee leak it?

And surely there was a standard 7-second delay, so that the radio audience never heard it…?

The word “Frosch” means “frog” in German, so the caller was undoubtedly using a fake name. But I expect the German intelligence service will have no trouble identifying him. Does he have a death wish, or what?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

The following video by a disgruntled female culture-enricher is a lament about how awful Germany is, and how she plans to return home — once she has sucked all the jizya out of the infidels, of course, and sent it on to her relatives back in Africa.

Ah, if only this represented a growing trend in Europe! Unfortunately, most of the “refugees” in Germany are young men who have no intention of abandoning the smorgasbord of nubile white females that has been placed before them for their delectation. In addition to being given lodging and free money, they can indulge their penchant for gropin’ and rapin’ to their hearts’ content — why would they ever want to leave?

Nash Montana, who translated the clip for subtitles. sends her take on the lovely young Muslimette:

She doesn’t feel comfortable here, because the history of Germany is repeating itself, and she calls on “refugees” to send the money home that’s given to them by the German taxpayer. We wish you a great trip home!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Video transcript:

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The Unremitting Persecution of Tommy Robinson

The despicable soviet hellhole once renowned for its creation of the Common Law is setting up the martyrdom of Tommy Robinson.

Tommy describes his latest beatdown:

Tommy’s plight is limned in the outlines where once stood a now-vanquished Justice. She has taken her scales and fled the blighted land that he chose to stand and defend, not knowing ahead of time that she would be forced to flee.

Their persecution is truly diabolical. First he is assured that his broadcast is legal, then after several hours they say he’s broken the law after all; a kangaroo court sentences him to prison. Once behind bars and thinking he can survive this one, they suddenly move him to a far more dangerous place and then put him in solitary confinement for his own “safety”. Not so solitary that he can’t be spit on or have feces shoved into his cell. But solitary enough that visits even from his lawyer become problematic.

They’re hoping to break Tommy to the point where he’ll kill himself. You can tell from his agitation in this video that he hasn’t recovered from his previous persecution. This new blindsiding is designed to weaken him further.

You can contribute to his fund here.

In this penitential season of Lent (which began on Wednesday), I would ask also that any of our readers who are so inclined to pray for Tommy and his family. And please remember in your prayers the thousands of English children and their families whose lives have been smashed and maimed by Pakistani barbarians. Those pedophiles were permitted to flourish by the very same ruling class that wants Tommy dead.

I had problems getting Tommy’s donation page to work, so I left this comment on YouTube:

I accessed your page twice in the course of putting up a post to link to your donations. When I tried a third time, I was blocked. I tried clearing cookies, but still no luck. Is this a security measure? I’ll have to find another way to get the money to your fund.

Town Councillor Mugged by Underage Migrants in Maresme

On Monday we posted a report on the youthful hijinks of unaccompanied migrant minors housed in a summer camp in the Catalonian town of Canet de Mar. Some of the neighbors of the summer camp cited the nearby town of Arenys de Mar as an example of more effective administration of migrant centers. Based on the article below, however, Arenys doesn’t seem to be doing all that great a job.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from La Vanguardia:

Three unaccompanied foreign minors attack a (female) councillor in Arenys de Mar

The minors, hosted in a reception center in Cabrera de Mar, tried to steal her bag by force

[Caption: Two minors under the guardianship of the regional Youth Affairs department in the waiting hall of the police station in Mataró. (Picture: Fede Cedó)]

A female member of Arenys de Mar’s town council was attacked by three underage migrants, also called ‘mena’ (unaccompanied foreign minors), last Friday night at the door of her house in this city in the Maresme area. The attackers were arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan regional police], who confirmed the young men were repeat-offenders hosted in the Cabrera de Mar reception center.

Susanna Mir, a councillor for PDECat party in the Arenys municipal administration, was attacked at around 8:15pm last Friday by three minors when she was about to enter her house, on Andreu Guri Street. One of the attackers grabbed her bag and caused the victim to react by defending herself with blows and kicks as she shouted to attract the attention of the neighbors. Another one of the young men was standing guard and a third one watched the assault from nearby.

During the struggle Mir fell to the ground, while her attacker would not cease pulling her bag. Finally, faced with her screams, the three of them ran away in the direction of the train station. The victim alerted the police and gave a complete description of her attackers, whom the police located at the station when they were just about to escape by train.

After undergoing a medical check to verify the wounds sustained, Mir filed a report with the regional police. The three minors have accumulated multiple criminal records for similar actions, even if they have to move to surrounding towns to commit their crimes, which mandates that the Minors’ Public Prosecution intervene in this case.

In Arenys de Mar the police have reinforced their presence during recent months as a consequence of the activities of groups of minors who attack helpless victims, in general women of advanced age and young girls. In Canet de Mar the neighbors have also mobilized to demand a stop to the attacks carried by a group of youngsters under public guardianship, hosted in a summer camp villa.

The Soldiers of Odin Plan to Sting Culture-Enriching Rapists in Finland

The following video — which has now been deleted from the platforms where it was originally posted — is an announcement by the Finnish chapter of the Soldiers of Odin that they have arranged to lure would-be child-rapists from the migrant community by setting up social media profiles for people who pretend to be little girls.

The Soldiers of Odin is a Nordic nationalist movement that was founded after the Great Migration Crisis began back in 2015. Among its Swedish and Finnish leadership are actual neo-Nazis — not what the media characterize as “neo-Nazis”, not ordinary people like me who happen to be nationalists opposing mass immigration, but members or associates of movements that long to return to the good ol’ days of Aryan Supremacy during the Third Reich.

Our posting of this video constitutes neither support nor condemnation for what the Soldiers of Odin are doing. It is a simple fact, a data point about what is happening now in Europe: an inevitable reaction to the treasonous behavior of European political leaders. As Vlad points out in his intro, by failing do deal with the crisis of Islamic encroachment in any meaningful way, the EU authorities have cleared the stage for those who actually intend to take action. Not nice action. Not just talking, but nasty, ruthless, violent action.

This is a taste of Europe’s coming civil war.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a report from InfoWars about this new initiative by the Soldiers of Odin:

Finnish Vigilante Group Targeting Foreign “Sex Tourists”

Group allegedly creating fake social media accounts to lure pedophiles, rapists

The vigilantes’ recent video, in which they claimed Finland to be overrun by “sex tourists” has arrived amidst a grooming gang scandal which has implicated immigrants and asylum-seekers from the Middle East.

The Finnish police and the National Prosecutor General’s Office are investigating whether the new Soldiers of Odin video, in which they declare a hunt for rapists and pedophiles, constitutes hate speech and instigation to violence, the Finnish daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet reported.

In the video, which is provided with English and Arabic subtitles, the group claims that it has made false profiles in social media, posing as young girls. With the help of the profiles, the group seeks to reveal men in search of sexual contact with young girls on the web.

The video, which has since been deleted from both Facebook and Vimeo, shows a group of masked men armed with bats and chains march onwards to the camera amid winter darkness, accompanied by heavy metal music.

The speaker of the group then claims Finland has been invaded by “sex tourists”. As the authorities “do nothing”, he claims, the people themselves have to protect their children. The Soldiers of Odin also claimed that half of the sexual propositions to underage girls came from Arabs. However, the group stressed that the hunt is open for “domestic pedophiles and rapists of all colors.”

“We guarantee you that a date with us will be memorable. And hey, don’t worry, we won’t call the police”, the masked man said in the video, which at the time of writing is still available on Soldiers of Odin founder Mika Ranta’s page on the Russian social network Vkontakte.

According to criminal commissioner Pekka Hätönen, the new video by the Soldiers of Odin can be classified as an instigation to hatred toward ethnic groups. However, for further action, he must first contact the National Prosecutor’s Office, which is responsible for targeting hate speech on the internet.

Video transcript:

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Summer Camp Blues in Canet de Mar

We’ve reported in the past on Blanca Arbell, the mayoress of Canet de Mar in Catalonia. Ms. Arbell is also the owner of the Can Brugarola summer camp, which just happens to have received the local government’s concession for housing underage migrants.

Now it seems those rambunctious “youths” have been up to their mischievous antics again. Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating the PressReader version of an article from La Vanguardia:

Stabbings, fights and attacks in a summer-camp villa with migrant minors

La Vanguardia in Catalan, 22 February 2019

Last Friday night the neighbors of Can Brugarola summer-camp villa in Canet de Mar (Maresme) again lived through the umpteenth violent incident starring the migrant minors living there, under the public guardianship of the DGAIA [Department for Infancy and Youth Affairs of the regional government].

Can Brugarola is a villa in a summer camp belonging to Canet de Mar’s mayoress, Blanca Arbell [party: ERC, Republican Left], which causes criticism to be not well-received. The area’s inhabitants, who reject being called racists because they believe their safety is at risk, explain that last Friday’s incident was a serious one, where one of the young men stabbed another one ‘for trivial reasons’.

After the relevant report was filed, several patrols of the regional police, town police, and two agents in civilian clothes went to the site of the incident to arrest the perpetrator. As the police approached the house calling for the minor, the other 49 migrant minors came outside in a mutiny with a very violent attitude and confronted the agents, demanding that they leave. More than one of them charged the policemen and attacked them, which caused the latter to have to retreat and get away from the environs of the house.

The neighbors in the area complain about the insecurity these minors cause: ‘They come and go as they please without following a precise timetable,’ and they believe all security limits have been surpassed. They’ve gotten used to the police sirens approaching until the cars park in front of their houses. They maintain there have been more than fifteen occasions now when police assistance has been needed. Sometimes, according to the same witnesses, ‘the ambulance came and even fire trucks’ because one of the minors had locked himself up and was threatening to cut his veins.

The neighbors who complain about the presence of the unaccompanied foreign minors (‘mena’), faced with the attacks they receive, say they’re not willing to be insulted and be called racists when the truth is those who treat them that way are persons supporting a political position that wants to silence their complaints.

‘We’ve tried it,’ they claim. ‘From the first day that the house was filled with migrant minors, we’ve tried to behave like good neighbors,’ despite having to face antisocial behavior.

‘They block our front doors,’ the area inhabitants explain. That’s why they don’t want to hear about solidarity when the word comes from the public administration, ‘when they have not taken into account the security problems these minors cause.’

The neighbors of Canet de Mar demand a solution, and they do so in front of the mayoress, Blanca Arbell, who is also the owner of the villa. ‘We want a set-up here like the one they have in Arenys,’ where young men initiate a process of integration that keeps them away from these ‘two or three criminals they have located.’ In Arenys de Mar, the tripartite municipal government of ERC, PSC and ICV [Catalan Republican Left, Catalan Socialists and Catalan Green Party] puts all the resources available at the teenagers’ disposal. ‘We don’t want to be put in a bad light because of three or four bad ones,’ said one of them, Karim, during a local event in which the local Maghrebi community taught them to make bread and cook pastries.

Helping Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands is a Dangerous Business

The following video shows that the unfortunate people who associate most closely with migrants in the Netherlands are well aware of the essential realities of cultural enrichment. Unlike the misty-eyed “Welcome Refugees” crowd, asylum center workers get a first-hand look at the consequences of mass migration.

The asylum workers are unionized, and the FNV (Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging, Federation of Dutch Trade Unions) has intervened on their behalf concerning the unsafe working conditions the asylum center staff now have to endure.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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