Diversity’s Melting Pot Has Burned Through

Twenty-four minutes. They say any video this long, containing neither sex nor violence, won’t be watched all the way to the end.

Is that true?

Has our attention span crumbled? Are we falling soundlessly into the dark chasms of indifference that come with cultural decay?

Oh, wait. I think there is violence, it’s just that I can’t recognize it anymore.

I wish I still smoked Marlboros; or had even one of my mother’s crumbly Lucky Strikes stolen from the bottom of her purse, smelling of leather and her perfume. I could use one of something or other right now.

Or perhaps I’m merely rooting around in the cold comfort of old memories hoping to light upon a remembered certainty…

From Matt Bracken: Claude Juncker and the Brexit

If I had more time, I’d digitally alter this photo to include some strategically placed hammer-and-sickle emblems:

Mr. Bracken also sent this cartoon; I don’t know where it’s from:

And here are a few “Greatest Hits” selected from the anti-EU graphics in our image archives:



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Waffen EUGENDFOR: The EU’s “Crisis Reaction Mechanism”

One of the characteristics of the age we live in is that it produces a vast amount of real, verifiable information that would normally sound like the stuff of paranoid conspiracy theories. If you aren’t paranoid before you start reading some of this stuff, you will be after you look into it

Back in 2010 we posted an investigative report about EUROGENDFOR entitled “The Armed Enforcers of the Fascist European Superstate”. None of the material about this force is secret — it’s just not very prominent. Most of it is written in dense bureaucratese and buried under layers of official jargon, which makes it a potent soporific as far as most readers are concerned. The same is true of Eurabia, of course: all the documentation for what happened in the 1970s is on the public record, but it takes some dedicated sleuthing — and presumably a tanker truck full of caffeine — to dig out the whole story.

JLH has translated an article from Kopp Verlag about a EUGENDFOR training operation that was kept as secret as possible. The translator includes this introductory note:

Kopp is an interesting publishing house. They have a decidedly anti-progressive viewpoint and a predilection for conspiracy theories and exposés. The thing is, at least some of the conspiracy theories — like Mel Gibson’s in the film of the same name — have some substance. It was one of their more prolific authors — Udo Ulfkotte — who discussed the meaning of EUROGENDFOR[1] at least five years ago.

The translated article:

EU Police and Military Force Rehearses for Civil War in Germany

by Stefan Schubert
May 2, 2016

Screened from public view in North Rhine-Westphalia, units of European police and military have carried out a major exercise in putting down unrest and civil war-like actions. It is especially the financing of this exercise by the EU Commission that has prompted questions. The suspicion arises that EU functionaries are in the process of developing a Europe-wide anti-insurgency troop directly answerable to them.

Although a member of [the North Rhine-Westphalian] parliament repeatedly requested and finally pressed to be an observer, he was rudely repulsed. The major exercise took place two weeks ago in the Westphalian district of Weeze, with ca. 600 police and military.

The EU Commission, too, rigidly rejected the request for a parliamentary observation, and referred the local parliamentarian to the Netherlands gendarmerie in Marechausee[2]

This is also significant, because this nearly 7,000-strong troop is not a police unit, but is responsible to the Minister of Defense and is an independent force, alongside the army, navy and air force. It has broad authority. The responsible colonel could not seem to think of any prevarications that would speak against the presence of a local parliamentarian.

And so, in his telephone conversation with Representative Andrej Hunko, he brusquely re-defined the exercise funded by European taxes as a private activity of the Netherlands Defense Ministry. War games on German soil for suppressing unrest and civil war-like actions as a private activity of an alien army. The EU makes it all possible.

Furthermore, the closing out of the public is peculiar, since the EU officials have made enormous expenditures to promote their “European Police Services Training’ (EUPST). They even commissioned a propaganda film for one past exercise. it was reminiscent of a kitschy Hollywood flick glorifying the military.

The troop already has its own logo, which is more than a little revealing. Flaunted centrally is not the designation of any country, but “European Commission”.

Militarization of the Police by the EU Commission

Formation of this EU troop, which outwardly appears to be a pure police unit, is disconcerting. Paramilitary forces are in the lead, which are directly responsible to the defense ministries, as are the Carabinieri of Italy, the Gendarmerie of France ad the Guardia Civil of Spain.[3]

>These units are trained to be used in times of war as well. Furthermore, these troops are organized through EUROGENDFOR, a swift, paramilitary intervention force which can be activated worldwide in the name of NATO, OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] and the UN.

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Europe’s Elites, EU Citizens and Islam

The following article by Hans-Peter Raddatz analyzes the process of the Islamization of Europe. It was originally published in the Austrian daily Die Presse, and has been translated by Rembrandt Clancy, who also provides endnotes explaining some of the references in the essay.

About the Author

Dr. Hans Peter Raddatz was born in 1941. His specialities are Middle Eastern and Oriental studies and Economics. After being active for many years representing the interests of international banks in the Near East, he wrote numerous books on the fundamentals of globalisation, Islam and the Islamisation of the West. He has made contributions to the Encyclopaedia of Islam and has translated Bat Ye’or’s Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate, providing it with a commentary (cf. Gates of Vienna).

Note: Quotations in this article from the Koran are taken directly from the English language edition by N. J. Dawood (Penguin, 1974).

Europe’s Elites, EU Citizens and Islam

According to the credo of those in power, the importing of Islam can only enrich, fertilise and renovate European societies. Anyone who doubts that is immediately marginalised as “racist” and “fascist”.

by Hans-Peter Raddatz

German Language Source:
Die Presse.com
March 6, 2016

With the attacks in Paris and Brussels and with the influx of people from the Middle East, the political-social landscape of Europe is once more in lasting turmoil. In this connection and in view of the reflexive din in the media, it seems useful to stand back and take into account the “persons responsible” for the events, to look at the functional elites [politicians, media specialists, academics etc.] in the institutions and their behaviour patterns.

For it has long been apparent that there is a facile narrowness in the public parties to the discussion, who use a unidimensional, hackneyed speech and become aggressive as soon as criticism of their project for the Islamisation of Europe begins to stir. This is particularly so since the EU, in concert with the Mecca Manifesto of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of 2005, declared Islam the “partner of Europe” [Miteigner Europas] (Bat Ye’or, Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate).[1]

Deprivation of Rights and Expropriation

The document regulates the spread of Islam, which, together with mosque networks, assassinations in Europe, persecution of Christians in the Middle East, the use of European leaders and actions against Israel, strictly follows the Koran.

Thus for the functional elites, “cultural dialogue” serves as propaganda for an Islam-diktat, which imposes on EU citizens a general renunciation of “vested rights” dressed up as tolerance. By this is meant the removal of rights to civic co-determination, rights to participatory influence on the common good and the right to a share in the disposition of state assets, all of which had been worked out during the building of the postwar democracies; and which now, in Austria and Germany alike, are being dissolved consistently to the benefit of the Muslim “partners”.

Critics among the public are concerned with the question of how in a democracy such expropriation and deprivation of civil rights is justifiable, while at the same time “those responsible” identify the demand for a voice in an election programme as “incitement to hatred”. For its part, this radicalisation enforces the pithy typecasting of emotive clichés and thought prohibitions, which in the single-lens reflex of the people’s representatives and at the levels of institutional leadership naturally comes into view as “democratic” politics.

When the Pope kisses the feet of Muslims and recommends a “proper reading of the Koran” to his “faithful”, he equalises everything down to the same level as much as the sham-secular propaganda cadres in the institutions, whose credo smoothens Islam out on a plane between “religion of peace” and “cradle of science”. Since Islamic violence is deemed “abuse of faith”, Europe’s totalitarian tradition can be rehabilitated by protecting the Koranic licence to power under freedom of religion.

That framework was followed by the German Minister of the Interior, according to whom “the capture of Islamic assassins increases the danger of terrorism” (Phoenix, 24.3.), for it is known that these acts do not come from the terrorists but from Allah [for] “it was not you who slew them: Allah smote them…” (Koran. 8:17).

Everything becomes New and Different

That “not all” Muslims are terrorists, forms the invertible protective formula for the warding off of “general suspicion”, which for all Muslims, whether terrorists or not, secures their jihad as “perseverance in faith”, especially since they are “the noblest nation that has ever been raised up for mankind” [Koran. 3:110]. In this way the Islam-key opens up for the functional elites the fullness of modern transformation by virtue of everything becoming new and “above all different”.

Rejection of tradition brings with it the disappearance of the “old” thinking, the latter having made freedom of rejection possible in the first place, and replaces it with defamation, which is what weak-thinking personnel promote. According to their tunnel logic, with the importation of Islam, European society can enrich, fertilise and renew itself in every respect; hence it is not entitled to any kind of proof.

Enforced in such a way, this success persuades the protagonists of their membership in a favoured class or race and conditions them to attack, as “racists”, those citizens who complain about the increase in the criminal offences of Muslims.

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France: Jihad in the Ranks of the Gendarmerie and the Army

OK, folks: April Fools’ Day at Gates of Vienna is officially over. The following article is not a spoof.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this report from Junge Freiheit. The translator includes this note:

I can’t help wondering what the Foreign Legion must be like now.

The translated article:

France’s Police Have a Problem With Radical Muslims

March 23, 2016

[Photo: Security forces in front of synagogue]

PARIS: The French police have a problem with Islamists in their ranks. In a confidential document from the Ministry of Public Security (Prefecture of Police) obtained by the newspaper Le Parisien, there is discussion of 17 cases of radicalization between 2012 and 2015.

According to the document, officers on patrol heard widespread Muslim chanting. Also emphasized was the refusal to participate in a moment of silence for victims of terrorism. Furthermore, Muslim police officers are said to have refused to guard synagogues.

Islamic Policewoman Mocked Uniform

In one instance, police became aware of a policewoman who called on Facebook for terrorism and then characterized her police uniform as “filthy rags of the republic” as she wiped her hands on it. Next, she returned from the toilet with a headscarf and justified her actions by noting that exhibitionism is forbidden.

Even though the number of such instances is small, they are of great concern to security forces, according to Le Parisien. Therefore, the police administration has decided to collect instances of offenses against secularism in a weekly paper.

Young Officers Especially Affected

Cases documented in the paper concern above all practice of the Muslim faith in regard to daily prayers and clothing. Most instances involve young officers who are in the lower ranks.

The Military Also Has Problems With Radicals

According to reports in the media, the French military also has a problem with the radicalization of Muslim soldiers. As early as 2013, Colonel Pascal Rolez assistant to the vice director of counterespionage in the Direction de la Protection et de la Sécurité de la Défense (DPSD), warned: “We are seeing a growing radicalization among French soldiers, especially since the Merah Affair.” (In March 2012, Mohammed Merah murdered four Jews in a school in Toulouse and three French soldiers.)

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The Rape of Europa — The Myth That Became Reality

The following essay by our Swedish correspondent Herr Larsson was originally published in Swedish, and has been translated by the author.

The Rape of Europa — The Myth That Became Reality

by Herr Larsson

“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy,
and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.”

— Plato

In Brussels, outside the Council of the European Union headquarters, as well as outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg are statues with identical motif; a woman riding a bull. In this time of ignorance only few know what the iconic symbol really represents, and could care less. Thereby they are turning their back on the key that opens up to the insight regarding what the EU Elite has in store for Europe…

From traffickers on Africa’s north coast, to European teen girls and elderly ladies who no longer dare to leave their homes — all of them nowadays know the truth in one aspect or another; that the political establishment of western Europe deliberately opened up the gates for the Muslim invasion — evidently an army of testosterone-crazed Barbarians, who presently are free to violate the indigenous women and children.

Let us now, dear reader, therefore put this in perspective. The statues which have come to represent the European Union are not some modern abstract work of art, but in actuality a recurring motif throughout European art history, and known as “The Rape of Europa.”

According to Greek mythology, Zeus became so obsessed with the princess Europa that he shape-shifted into a tame white bull to lure her closer. To prove to her servants that the animal wasn’t dangerous she mounted the bull, which then instantly, with her still on his back, ran into the ocean and swam to Crete. Once there, Zeus regained his true form and proceeded to rape Europa…[1]

“And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul?
Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.”

— Plato

That symbolism matters greatly to the occult Elite is hardly debatable. The world witnessed this during the Olympic Games in 2012.[2] On the public who has been spoon fed lowest common denominator entertainment, “mainstream”, ever since childhood, the deeper meaning was lost however. More or less.

Symbolism in the occult is more concerned with affecting the subconscious, since it primarily communicates through that type of medium, which every psychologist knows, and is also the part considered by science to overwhelmingly control human behavior. Symbolism is furthermore used to communicate secret messages, which only those with special knowledge can decode. In short, symbolism is a power tool.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that the interests of the (real) Elite have always centered around a psychotic lust for power — so absolute that nothing else has been deemed more sacred. Least of all human life. And centralization is key for total power to work.

“Never discourage anyone…
who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”

— Plato

The European Union, created by the secret Bilderberg Group[3], which in turn answers to the financial Elite, plays only a part in the grand chess game. Because, despite how the countries nowadays are controlled from Brussels by common currency and laws, national identities still exist — i.e. traditions and blood ties to the land.

The Count and Freemason Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi[4] is not only considered the father of the modern pan-European ideology, but was also one of his era’s top advocates for the extermination of the white people, through racial mixture and out-breeding. Furthermore, he was the first to be awarded “The Charlemagne Prize,” intended to acknowledge substantial service to the “integration” of Europe. Examples of other documented criminals who have received this are Pope Francis[5], the unelected former EU president Herman Van Rompuy, war criminals such as Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair, as well as the traitor Angela Merkel.[6] The prize has especially in later years come to be considered by the establishment as one of Europe’s most prestigious.

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James Lewis on Jihad, Trump, and Churchill

The writer James Lewis first came to my attention back during the LGF-Charles Johnson wars when Chaz blind-sided us with his endless attacks. Those scurrilous character assassinations certainly had a European leftist flavor. Well, no wonder: he was being played by, as Mr. Lewis pointed out at the time, Belgium’s psy-ops people. They, along with Sweden’s EXPO, strummed Johnson like a violin. He was their out-of-tune instrument of attempted destruction. In the end, those he attacked prevailed against his lies. Poor Chazzer continued down the road to perdition, carrying his strange band of followers with him.

That analysis by Lewis lives on as the only accurate (and easily accessible) explanation for the strange metamorphosis of LGF. Because it was so singularly accurate, and because his analysis supplied a much-needed antidote to the daily doses of poison, I pay close attention to whatever I find of James Lewis’ work.

He writes frequently at American Thinker. Thus, this excerpt from one of his recent appearances in January at AT, where he demonstrates once more that he’s lost none of his edge. He begins with the dire situation in Europe in World War Two.(Any emphases or annotations are mine):


A crucial moment came in 1940, before general war broke out, when the British establishment finally saw through its own years of wishful denial. Hitler used those years to build overwhelming arms superiority, threatening and invading one country after another, spreading terror and fear through Europe while promising peace, peace, and more peace. After the “Norway debate” of 1940, Neville Chamberlain took public responsibility for his failures and resigned. Churchill was quickly asked to form the next government. He was ready, and the political establishment finally flipped on the very edge of disaster.

We are now living through an eerily similar moment. Jihadists use Nazi methods to terrify people long before they have the power to [actually] impose sharia tyranny. They work to win the psychological war long before they take over. Today, jihad is buying politicians in Europe and the U.S., with the constant promise of peace. We are seeing a sophisticated propaganda war against us, full of smiling agents of influence like CAIR, paving the way for jihad by the sword. These tactics were worked out long ago, when the early Mohammedan jihadists conquered the Persian and Byzantine Empires, the greatest powers of the time.

It is impossible to exaggerate how close Europe came to extinction in the Hitler war. Peaceful peoples have a hard time even imagining deadly danger, and most European countries just collapsed from the terror and intimidation that Hitler spread. French resistance to the Blitzkrieg lasted only a few weeks before the government surrendered and fled to Vichy.

Aggressors like the Nazis and jihadists try to win long before open battle breaks out. They win by terror. That is the goal of jihad today. Before Hitler grabbed Czechoslovakia and its arms factories, the Nazis actually had smaller military forces than Europe’s democratic countries combined. If France, Britain, Czechoslovakia, and Poland had found the courage to stand together, Hitler would have been too weak to attack.*

He psyched out his victims one by one, snatching the closest ones while telling the rest about his peaceful intentions. The suckers believed him. They fell for it every single time, until 1940 or so.

Winston Churchill watched it happen with open eyes, but helpless to act. Today millions of people can see it but feel helpless to act.

That is where we are in the jihad war today. Serious people like Admiral James Lyons are publicly warning about jihadist infiltration of our intelligence establishment. We can see it with our own eyes in the Obama crowd and with Hillary’s personal aide, Huma Abedin. The evidence is at your fingertips if you have the courage to see it.


The rest is here.

* History repeats itself. The scenario Lewis describes from 1940 is/was a variation on Europe’s old song of internecine warfare. The Baron has extensively described the deadly inability of European states to hang together. In “The Other September 11th”, from 2006, he wrote:

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Does Europe Need a Union for the Mediterranean?

If you like the European Union, just wait till you see the Mediterranean Union!

In his latest essay, Fjordman pulls the lid off “EuroMed” and takes a look at his continent’s Eurabian future.

Does Europe Need a Union for the Mediterranean?
by Fjordman

Gisèle Littman was born to a Jewish family in Cairo, Egypt, in 1933. She has for years written under the pen name Bat Ye’or (“daughter of the Nile”). In several books she has explained the culture and mentality of dhimmis, non-Muslims submissive to Islamic rule. Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis from 2005 is perhaps her most controversial work.[1] While it has been dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by hostile mass media, Bat Ye’or herself never claimed to invent the term Eurabia. This was the name of a French journal in the 1970s.[2]

The names and agreements referred to in her book are real. I have checked some of them personally. The only possible criticism that one might raised against Bat Ye’or is to say that she might have misinterpreted these agreements. They exist.

She describes the way in which Europe is gradually being transformed into a civilization of dhimmitude, an appendix to the Middle East that is subservient to Islamic demands. This process began in the 1970s with pressure from Palestinian terrorism and the blackmail of Arabs from Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) during the 1973 oil embargo. Certain European countries, particularly France, wanted to create a Euro-Arab bloc in an attempt to make up for declining international influence. The Euro-Arab Dialogue was born. In exchange for opening markets for European products in the Middle East, efforts were made to spread the Arabic language and culture in Europe and present a positive picture of Arab-Islamic civilization. This further included a positive attitude towards Muslim immigration to Europe, and supporting the Palestinians against Israel. The Euro-Arab cooperation has expanded to include mass media, academia, cultural centers, school textbooks, youth associations, tourism and interfaith dialogue. These developments have been supported by Western European leaders, whether through stupidity or otherwise.

Bat Ye’or also describes the Barcelona Process. It was created in 1995 with the intention of bringing Europe and the Arab world closer together. According to the EU’s website, “The Barcelona Process was launched in November 1995 by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the then 15 EU members and 12 Mediterranean partners, as the framework to manage both bilateral and regional relations. Guided by the agreements of the Barcelona Declaration, it formed the basis of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership which has expanded and evolved into the Union for the Mediterranean. It was an innovative alliance based on the principles of joint ownership, dialogue and co-operation, seeking to create a Mediterranean region of peace, security and shared prosperity.”[3]

In order to reinvigorate this Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Barcelona Process, a Union for the Mediterranean between the member states of the European Union and the Arab League was created in 2008. It says on their website that “The Union for the Mediterranean is a multilateral partnership aiming at increasing the potential for regional integration and cohesion among Euro-Mediterranean countries.”[4]

The Union for the Mediterranean has a joint secretariat. The members meet on a regular basis at the level of senior officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the 43 countries, EU institutions and the Arab League. The meetings are chaired by a co-presidency, one from the European Union side and the other from the southern Mediterranean side. The work of the UfM Secretariat is carried out in close collaboration with a network of partners and institutions, from government officials to the private sector and civil society. It encompasses interfaith and intercultural dialogue, as well as issues related to migration. Their own website states in English that the Union for the Mediterranean comprises the 28 EU member states, the European Commission and 15 Mediterranean countries. The League of Arab States, or Arab League, participates in all meetings at all levels of the Union. The Arab League represents countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen and Qatar. Mauritania in western Africa is a full member of the Union for the Mediterranean, enjoying the same formal status there as Algeria, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Denmark, France, Jordan, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Palestine, Poland and Turkey.[5]

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Erdogan, Turkey, and the Refugee Racket

It is widely assumed by “xenophobic” writers such as myself that the flooding of Europe with “refugees” and “asylum seekers” is a planned event. The evidence is overwhelming — all the policy announcements by Western European political leaders of different parties in different countries at different times take the same positions and use nearly identical wording. This is true for EU and non-EU countries alike, and applies to those within the Schengen Area as well as those outside it.

It’s an open question as to what the motivation is for this lockstep imposition of cultural and ethnic replacement on the indigenous population. It may well be that the leaders of Western Europe really believe that they must import Somalis and Afghans to replace the tax base of an aging native workforce. And ideology obviously plays a part — there are many, many progressive gutmenschen among the elites who genuinely believe that Europe is enriched by the migration of foreign people. The top level of decision-makers are probably all cynical opportunists, but the middle and lower tiers of the welfare state apparatus include numerous true believers.

And money also obviously comes into it. The planning for Eurabia was set in motion more than forty years ago and has proceeded steadily since, driven by Europe’s need for affordable petroleum. The infusion of Saudi petrodollars at strategic moments has undoubtedly also played a role, helping to focus politicians’ minds on the necessity for bringing in more and more poverty-stricken Muslims from the Middle East.

But the events of the spring and summer of 2015 far exceeded the previous tranches of “refugees” brought into Europe. Contrary to widespread assertions that this rapid acceleration was planned and implemented by Angela Merkel, François Hollande, et al., there are ample indications that the current crisis was neither intended nor desired by the political managers of the European Union. The Islamization of Europe was expected to proceed gradually, over the next five to fifteen years, so that the Eurofrog would be boiled at exactly the right rate. By the time the indigenous population was roused to indignation and anger, it would have been too late — the process of replacement would have been all but complete.

Angela Merkel is now facing severe political difficulties, which can only increase along with the addition of hundreds of thousands or millions of additional “refugees” to the overloaded German welfare system. More rapes, more muggings, more murders, more expropriation of natives’ properties, more demands for more of everything — even if the mainstream media never report these events, news of what is happening spreads rapidly via Internet samizdat, and bodes ill for the electoral future of German politicians, especially at the local level. Lower-level functionaries of the CDU and the CSU have already begun to make their unhappiness known to the Chancellor.

Mrs. Merkel’s cap-in-hand supplicatory visit to Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an additional indication that events have veered far from the course she would have preferred. No German chancellor would make the walk to the Ottoman Canossa lightly — such obeisance to the would-be Sultan cannot be expected to sit well with the average voter at home. Her desperate behavior is evidence that the immigration flood in Europe is now beyond her control.

So what happened? How did the best-laid plans of the Euro-mice go astray?

We’ve been reporting on the Mediterranean “migration” crisis for nearly five years. Up until this year, the bulk of the people-trafficking took the routes from Libya and Tunisia to Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Malta, and Sicily. 2011 — the year of the “Arab Spring” — was the peak of the crisis until 2015. Sixty thousand or so illegal immigrants made their way to Italy during that year. It seemed such a huge number at the time, but Europe is now facing a possible flood of twenty-five times as many before the end of this year.

The “refugees” are still arriving at Lampedusa on a regular basis, but their numbers are dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands who cross from Turkey to Greece and then follow the well-charted land routes through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia to get to the Promised Lands of Austria and Germany.

The Balkan route was only lightly used before this past summer. Until the middle of 2015, Turkey intercepted and returned most of the smugglers’ boats when they attempted the crossing from Asia Minor to Kos and Lesbos. A few got through here and there, but the prominent news stories about the ones that didn’t — sometimes with more than a hundred migrants in the boat — must have served as a deterrent to most of the low-budget smugglers who dominate the market today.

Nor did Turkey allow columns of immigrants form en masse to take the overland route to the Greek border crossings in Thrace. But all that has changed now; witness the raw video footage of thousands of “refugees” proceeding down major Turkish highways — accompanied by Turkish police — towards the border.

Nowadays Turkey is at best turning a blind eye towards the people-smugglers crossing the Aegean in what almost amounts to a daily ferry service. One must assume the Turkish security services are well aware of which outfits are doing the smuggling, and what routes they are using, but the government chooses not too intervene. Given the extremely lucrative nature of the trafficking business (see this news report about how many fill each boat, and how much they pay), one must also assume that Turkish government officials take a cut of the profits.

Yet the same thing could have been done long ago, in 2011 or 2012, when the Syrian “refugees” were first created. Why did Mr. Erdogan wait until now to open the floodgates?

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What!? Already? Who Killed the Unicorn?

Quick, bring in the choirs from the Netherlands to give the Germans a little Dutch courage. Germany is suddenly closing its borders!

Heavens to Betsy! Has Germany lost its mind or come to its senses?

From the New York Times:

Germany Announces Emergency Border Controls Amid Migrant Crisis

Germany announced on Sunday that it was invoking emergency powers to start protecting its borders, seemingly reaching a point of overload after greeting with open arms tens of thousands of migrants pouring into Europe, and urging other European nations to do the same.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière announced the decision to impose temporary controls on Germany’s southern border with Austria, after thousands of migrants have crossed over in recent weeks.

The announcement followed a meeting of top officials to discuss the migrant crisis, after the flood of people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other troubled areas into Munich and other Eastern cities continued unabated for the second weekend in a row.

The emergency measures, which are said to be temporary, would presumably allow Germany to turn away migrants from the Balkans and other areas whose citizens are not fleeing war or persecution…

See the rest at the URL, above.

The Joooz and EU BDS

Carl in Jerusalem is keeping an eye on the growing openness of European anti-Semitism. In this case, the EU’s move toward stopping its banks from lending to Jews in Judea and Samaria. It would appear to be a more toxic form of BDS this time.

Carl says:

Europe’s priorities continue to be anti-Semitic.

The European Gestapo is now trying to stop EU banks from lending money to Jews and Jewish businesses with operations in Judea and Samaria.

The most significant proposal is on banking, where large Israeli institutions have daily dealings with major European banks, while also providing loans and financing to Israeli businesses and individuals based in the settlements.

Under European Commission guidelines from 2013, EU- and member-state-funded lending cannot be provided to Israeli entities operating in the occupied territories.

With the British government holding a controlling stake in some banks following the financial crisis, that would in theory prevent those banks providing financing to Israeli counterparts that have dealings in the settlements.

To an outsider, this has always appeared to be yet another incremental step in the deeply insane anti-Jewish “philosophy” whose aim is the annihilation of Israel. When Israel was unilaterally and forcefully attacked by the Arab bloc in 1967, it was presumed the Jews would lose. The defeated aggressors, licking their wounds, changed the rules of war. Since time immemorial, the primary rule of war is that “to the victor goes the spoils”. In this case, the ‘spoils’ being territory Israel needed to defend itself against further such aggression. In Crazy World, it’s a given that anything Israel does to defend itself from the prospect of such aggression is wrong. Thus, the perverted UN & OAJH (Other Assorted Jew-Haters) Inc. are obsessed with those “occupied” lands. But in reality, those territories are not occupied, they are simply conquered.

So what better way to increase its choke-hold on Israel than to cut off the customary money flow? Carl says:

“Do day-to-day dealings between European and Israeli banks comply with the EU requirement not to provide material support to the occupation?” the report asks, saying it is an issue that EU member states have yet to resolve.

The issue extends into loans and mortgages. An Israeli with dual European citizenship should, in theory, not be able to use a settlement property as collateral for a European loan since Israeli-issued property deeds are not recognised.

Another area in which the EU may be in violation of its own rules relates to European charities that are tax-exempt while using funds to support activities in the settlements, which the EU regards as illegal under international law.

So: no bank money, and no tax-exempt charitable funds. That should cover their “Divestment”, right? Not quite. Carl goes on to list the myriad of ways in which Europe likes to display its solidarity with the losers victims of those wars (never forget the suicidal West’s obsession with putting up and then propping up victims, even self-impaled victims, onto pedestals):

And the report questions whether Europe should accept qualifications from academic, medical and other Israeli institutions based in the West Bank given that it does not recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the territory.

Likewise, there is a question mark over whether the EU should be dealing with Israeli institutions — such as the Ministry of Justice and the national police headquarters — which are based in East Jerusalem.

Is this what we can expect next?

Carl’s rhetorical question is answered by the link he cites at the beginning of his post, and from which he draws his concerns. There are many BDS demons in the details of that report from Reuters:

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Germany Submits to Islam

The well-known German Counterjihad activist Udo Ulfkotte has written a new book about the Islamization of his country. JLH has translated review of the book from Politically Incorrect , and includes this note on the author:

Udo Ulfkotte might have trouble being published anywhere but by Kopp. Establishment types see him as right extremist, when they are being kind. However, he believes in his own apocalyptic view of the future so completely that he has settled his family on a farm — his address unknown and his identity there known only to the mayor of the small town near his spread. He has his own sources of water and electricity, grows both plant and animal foodstuffs, has a meter-high fence, and visitors are apparently “greeted” by a flock of hostile and territorial geese.

The translated review:

New Ulfkotte Book: Mecca Germany

Can we still be saved? Or have we already capitulated to Islam? And what is coming down the road at each and every one of us? Did you know, for instance, that the state’s attorney has launched an investigation because German patients’ food rations are supposed to be cut in favor of Muslims? We are now doing things we would have considered crazy ten years ago. A silent majority believes that, in premature obedience to Muslims, we have given up not just freedom of expression, but consequently the core of our democracy. Our previous freedom has been replaced by a fear of injuring the religious feelings of immigrant Muslims.

When recently some few Muslims felt their religious feelings hurt by a new, oriental cream soap because the silhouette of a mosque appeared on the package, the shelves were instantly emptied. The supermarket chain capitulated. From fear of Muslims. That has become an everyday thing in the erstwhile Land of Poets and Thinkers. The primary virtue of Islam — submission — is now the chief virtue of the Germans.

The bestselling author Udo Ulfkotte (Bought-And-Paid-For Journalists) describes in his new book Mecca Germany what specific consequences that will have for each of us: for students, apprentices, workers and officials, the unemployed and the retired. So, for instance, right here in Germany, food rations for the sickest patients are to be cut so that the money saved from the funds for the legitimately insured can be used for special cuisine exclusively for Muslims. And everybody looks the other way. Even as politicians and the media deny that there is any Islamization, separate sets of cutlery for meals are given out to Muslims and non-Muslims in the army. Ulfkotte illuminates the increasingly serious development of Islamization against the background of the massive waves of refugees from North Africa and the Near East. He concludes that a child born now in German-speaking territory will in all likelihood die in a substantially Islamized country.

In Mecca Germany, Ulfkotte shows us an absurd world, in which we are introducing sharia-compliant car insurance, life insurance and a sharia MasterCard, but are stubbornly denying that there is Islamization in politics and the media. In the new world of subjugation to Islam, where we transform churches into mosques and call for action against “infidels” to the applause of our media, there will be sharia vacations and sharia tours. And in the Federal Ministry of Justice, there is already a budget allowance for sharia law. We are training Afghans, Syrians, Chechens and Turks as hiking guides for the Alps, so that they can bring tourists closer to the beauties of Islam. Politicians and the media are lying to the public, saying that all this has nothing to do with Islamization — it’s just a natural part of our “welcoming culture.”

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Eyewitness Account: Pegida in Copenhagen

From Vlad Tepes’ blog comes an important first-person account of a Pegida demonstration in Denmark.

These demonstrations have spread through Europe from their origin in Germany. They are intended to show that not all Europeans are happy with the massive islamic immigration that has been permitted, even encouraged, throughout European nations. (I would say “the West” but I think it’s a European phenomenon at the moment. Our islamization in the United States begins at the corrupt top; here the invasion has been much quieter but no less dangerous. There are pockets of invaders who set up islamic centers from which they push for Islamization. Sometimes our pushback takes legal forms.) Meanwhile, all over the world, the bloody borders islam creates grow ever bloodier – the Philippines is a good example.

The gist of the report is that the Danish witness was told that some antifas, a violent anti-right group which has long preceded Pegida in Europe, planned to disrupt the demonstration, and as you can see, they did:

The following is part of the first-person report sent to Vlad:

Waiting for the evening’s event I sat at a cafe across from xxx where our Monday evening “For Freedom” marches start.

Earlier in the evening I had received a notice from a friend who would be unable to attend that there was a planned counter-demonstration by an extreme-left group called “The Revolutionary Antifascists” [can you say “Communists? –D] against the evening’s demonstration. I arrived at a café across from Axels Torv at 5:00 p.m., intending to eat dinner before the demonstration at 6:00 when I noticed that at that [same] time police were already beginning to arrive and more were arriving all the time.

Some were carrying riot gear.

That told me that the evening’s protest would likely not be very peaceful. And I was correct. At 6:00 p.m., when the demonstration began there were about 200 counter-protesters and almost as many police officers in the area, plus 3-4 police vans. We [the witness was part of the Pegida group] stood in the middle of the square while the counter-protesters were on the periphery, shouting and trying to get by the police and get to us. The police did an admirable job holding them back.

The witness/participant, Liberty DK, continues:

There was contact here and there between the other group and us, though our actions were not violent, merely protective and defensive. We kept our cool as we usually do. There were, however, quite a few scuffles…and the protesters were violent and belligerent. At one point a group of them grabbed our banner and tried to rip it out of the hands of the two guys holding it. [In the] scuffle involving some of us, police, and the leftists…we got our banner back.

I was standing with a sign when suddenly I was violently thrown to the ground by a counter-protester who had seen an opening in the police ranks and had propelled himself forward at a run, wanting to grab my sign — which incidentally read “For Freedom, Against Racism and Violence”. Rather ironic.

It was an incredible mob with lots of violence in the air. It was hard to keep an eye on everything, as police were becoming increasingly heavy-handed in trying to control the situation. There were scuffles everywhere around me.


The rest of this account can be found at Vlad’s page. He also has links to other accounts; scroll down the post to find them.

[For those who don’t follow the movement of this push back against Islam, Pegida is the acronym for Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes. Translated, that means “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West”]

The open call to violence by these soi-disant anti-fascists is troubling. They have a long, sordid history of physical violence toward any public pushback against socialist agendas. People have been assaulted and beaten by these thugs.

I remember well when we first encountered them via cyberspace, in their Swedish form, EXPO. One of EXPO’s antifas posted his comments on the blog, Little Green Footballs. The site owner, Charles Johnson only revealed his true colors after I’d sent him an account of the Counterjihad Conference in Brussels. It was through the sudden volte face of Mr. Johnson that I became acquainted with the phenomenon of “9/11 Rightwingers”. These are former Leftists who’d been scared straight by the attack on the Twin Towers. As time went by and there were no further massive attacks in the U.S., these born-again “conservatives” slid back to their true socialist leanings; they began to attack those with whom they’d formed alliances. In Johnson’s case, the vitriol was both wide and deep. Thus, though the small Counterjihad group was his first target, eventually he turned on anyone and everyone on the Right. His melt-down was disturbing to witness. Until the Bigs personally experienced his vitriol, they accepted that “maybe” Johnson was correct in his assessments of our worth.

Being the ill wind he was, one of the ‘good’ things I gleaned from that betrayal was learning about the tactics of EXPO, a government-sponsored violent Leftist group in Sweden. We have other forms of similarly covert “approved” violence in the U.S. but it used to be difficult to penetrate the language and culture barriers that exist for us Americans with little first-hand experience of Europe.

The next Pegida demo will be an important one, for it coincides with an important date in Danish history: May 4th is the day in World War II that Denmark was liberated at long last from Germany. This reporter, Liberty DK says the antifas have announced publicly on their website their goal of shutting down completely Copenhagen’s Pegida demonstrations on or by that date. What patriots (/sarc).

These Antifas plainly believe violent attacks are a legitimate tactic in their overall strategy of silencing all dissent. It’s a form of “violence is justified for me but not for thee” thinking…if you want to label such notions as “thought”; it’s more visceral than that.

Thus few Danes doubt (even if the Antifas hadn’t announced their intentions ahead of time) these people will attempt to inflict physical harm on those who dare to have, hold, and display any opinion or belief contrary to theirs. Note that despite the ongoing propaganda of their enablers, this disinformation campaign to convince others that violence emanates only from #ExtremeRightWingnuts (propaganda that our Leftist media magnify at every opportunity) it is on the Left that you’ll mostly find such violence. The balled fists, the sticks and rocks and Molotov cocktails are used by Leftist “demonstrators” who are afraid of free speech. Despite the frenzied, determined attempts to make violent outbreaks the fault of the Right, that meme is beginning to lose its grip as the truth becomes ever more obvious.

Here is the Gates of Vienna collection of Pegida demonstrations to date.