The Political Expropriation of the Europeans

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Last night the German Constitutional Court removed the last hurdle to the Eurozone bailout fund, the gargantuan euro reservoir known as the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). It requires member states, including Germany, to deliver any and all requested funds, on demand and on time, to prop up the banking system of the Eurozone.

The ESM has supreme authority, will act in secret, cannot be questioned, and is unaccountable to any democratic body or the voters themselves. The German court has effectively approved the final piece of superstructure in the totalitarian trans-national European state.

Perhaps in anticipation of this latest development, the essay below was published in Der Hauptstadtbrief on September 6. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a German writer. His book, Brussels, The Gentle Monster, which was published in 2011, caused sensation. Since then, the disenfranchisement of Europe has deepened. Der Hauptstadtbrief asked him to analyze the consequences of the rescue policies for Europe. Here are his findings.

The political expropriation of the Europeans

The saviors will not succeed with their favorite mantras: “There’s no alternative for us”, “If our plan fails, Europe fails”

by Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Crisis? What crisis? The cafés, bistros and open-air beer bars are frequently visited, holiday-makers jostle in the German airports, one hears about record revenues coming from the export market and also about decreasing unemployment. Just as if the state of the EU were being shown on television. People take notice with a yawn of the weekly summit “climbed” by the politicians, and of the confused quarrels of the experts. All this seems to be staged in a rhetorical no-man’s land and with plenty of unintelligible linguistic rules, and has nothing to do with the so-called social environment of everyday life

Apparently only a few notice that the European countries have already for a long time been governed not by democratically legitimized institutions, but by a row of abbreviations which overtook their role. Those making decisions are the EFSF, ESM, EZB, EBA and IWF. Only experts are capable of deciphering those acronyms. Only the initiated ones are informed on who decides, what is decided, and how the issues are decided in the EU Commission and the Euro Group. What is all these institutions have in common is that they appear in not one single constitution in the world, and that no voter has the right to participate in their decision-making.

It seems uncanny, the degree of serenity with which the inhabitants of this small continent have accepted their political expropriation. This lies perhaps in the fact that this is a historic novelty. Contrary to the revolutions, coups d’état and military uprisings, with which the European history is so rich, now all this goes on in silence and peace. This is what makes this takeover of power so original. No torchlight processions, no marches, no barricades, not one tank! Everything goes on peacefully behind the scene.

Nobody is surprised that treaties cannot be examined. Existing rules such the principle of subsidiarity of the Roman treaties or the prohibition clause of the Maastricht Treaty regarding bailouts are completely and freely cancelled. Pacta sunt servanda — this principle is no more than a meaningless phrase, conceived by some juristic theorists of olden times.

The abolition of the democratic constitutional state is openly proclaimed in the ESM treaty. The resolutions made by the leading members of this rescue group are directly applicable under international law and not tied to the decisions of (national) parliaments. They call themselves governors, just as in the old colonial regimes, and just like the directors, are not accountable to the public. Just the contrary: they are explicitly sworn to secrecy about these issues. This reminds one of the Omerta, which belongs to the code of honor of the Mafia. Our Godfathers are free of any judicial or legal control. They enjoy privileges to which not even the leaders of the Camorra are entitled: total immunity from criminal law (as stated in the articles 32 to 35 of the ESM treaty).

It is with this that the political expropriation of the citizens has reached its actual peak. But it was set in place much earlier, at the latest with the introduction of the euro. This currency is the result of a political cattle market in which all economic preconditions for such a project were treated with contempt.

Many things were ignored: the inequalities of the economies participating in this project, their strongly divergent competitiveness, and their escalating debts. Even the historical differences of the cultures and mentalities in the continent were completely ignored in the plan for homogenizing Europe.

The criteria established for joining the Eurozone had soon to be remodeled like plasticine, depending on the requirements, with the complication that countries like Greece or Portugal, which lacked the most elemental chances to declare themselves a part of this currency group, were also admitted.

(But) far from admitting and correcting the congenital defects of this plan, the regime of the saviors insists on continuing the pursued course at all costs. The unchanging declaration that “there is no alternative” denies the explosive force of the growing differences between the nations taking part. The consequences have been appearing for several years now: division instead of integration, resentments, animosity and mutual accusations instead of common understanding. “If the euro fails, Europe fails”. In this way it is intended to commit a region with half a million inhabitants to the adventure of an isolated political class, just as the 2000 years were only peanuts compared to the newly created currency.

The euro crisis is showing that this cannot remain just at the level of the political expropriation of the citizens. Following its logic, it leads to the economic expropriation, and it is where the economic costs become unambiguously apparent that it is clearly seen what this means. The people in Madrid and Athens go to the streets only when they have literally no other chance, and this will not fail to be seen also in other regions.

No matter what metaphors the political class uses: “changeling” rescue package, Bazooka, Big Bertha, Eurobonds, fiscal, banking or debt union… in the end, when it comes to numbers, the citizens will wake up from their political siesta. They will guess that sooner or later they will have to assume responsibility for everything the saviors brought about.

The number of options to be taken into account is limited in this situation. The easiest way to liquidate debts, as well as savings, is inflation. But even the raising of taxes, the trimming of pensions and compulsory spending are taken into account, measures which had already been considered and find approval depending on the respective preferences of the parties. A final method comes into consideration of being applied: currency reform. It is a proven method to punish the small savers, to make it easy for the banks and to write off the obligations of the state budget.

An easy way out of this trap is not in sight. All carefully considered possibilities have been successfully blocked so far. The talks about a multi-tracked Europe have gone unheard. Timidly proposed exit clauses were never included in a treaty. But first and foremost, the European policy derided the subsidiarity principle, an idea which is far too evident to be ever taken seriously. This foreign word means nothing less than from the municipality to the province, from the nation-state to the European institutions, the authority which is closest to the citizens must regulate always everything it is capable to, and that each higher level can be given only regulatory powers that cannot otherwise be exercised. That was, as the history of the Union shows, only an empty word. Otherwise Brussels could have not said goodbye to democracy so easily, and the political and economic expropriation of Europeans would have never reached the level it actually has.

A bleak outlook? Good times for the enthusiasts of disasters, who foretell not only the collapse of the banking system, the bankruptcy of indebted countries, but preferably the very end of the world! But as the majority of prophets of doom, these soothsayers are probably getting their hopes up too early. Because five hundred million Europeans will not be inclined to simply give up without fight by following the favorite mantras of their saviors: “There is no alternative for us”, “If our plan fails, Europe fails”. This continent has already instigated, experienced and survived completely different and much bloodier conflicts than the actual crisis. There will be no coming out of this blind alley in which the ideologists of disenfranchisement have led us without costs, conflicts and painful restrictions. Panic is the worst counselor in this situation, and those who claim that they are hearing Europe’s swansong are those ignore its strengths.

From Antonio Gramsci comes the following: “Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will”

Death in Benghazi

When I wrote about the embassy jihad in Cairo last night, I mentioned that there were reports that the American consulate in Benghazi had also been attacked. By the time I posted the news feed at midnight, the latest dispatches said that one American “official” had been killed when the consulate was torched.

The reports from early this morning revealed that the American ambassador to Libya and three other members of the embassy staff had been killed. Different versions of exactly what happened have appeared throughout the day, and I’ll cover some of those later in this post.

The trigger for the murders in Libya was the same as for the flag-burning in Cairo: the appearance of a film insulting Mohammed. It was made by a California real estate developer named Sam Bacile, and later promoted by pastor Terry Jones during his 9-11 “International Judge Muhammad Day” yesterday.

When I first watched Mr. Bacile’s “trailer” yesterday, it had been viewed about 7,000 times. As of this writing, the number of views stands at nearly three quarters of a million, and is presumably still rising fast. And that doesn’t count the mirrors and versions subtitled in Arabic — this thing has gone massively viral.

So the protesters in Cairo and the murderers in Benghazi have been quite successful in spreading the meme that they claim to want to suppress. If they had left the movie alone, it would have languished in obscurity, never to offend — or even be seen by — more than a handful of people.

But that’s not the way the Religion of Peace works. If someone insults the Prophet, he must be punished. And not only the offender himself, but the entire collective of people who are associated with him in any way. In this case, the guilty parties include Israel and all Jews (since California Jews funded and produced the movie), all Christians (since a Christian group publicized it), and all Americans (since the secular freedoms enjoyed by Americans are what allowed the blasphemous material to be created in the first place).

The Great Satan and the Little Satan must pay dearly for their offenses. Those ten years of patient work of Presidents Bush and Obama have been for naught — they still hate us, now more than ever! How can we ever make it up to them?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Political pressure seems to have pushed President Obama away from his usual stance of obsequious apology towards Islam. Now he’s ready to hunt ’em down and bring ’em to justice.

According to Reuters:

Obama Vows to Track Down Ambassador’s Killers

WASHINGTON/BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – President Barack Obama branded the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans an “outrageous attack” on Wednesday and vowed to track down the perpetrators, while ordering a tightening of diplomatic security worldwide.

The ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and the other Americans were killed after Islamist gunmen attacked the U.S. consulate and a safe house refuge in Benghazi on Tuesday night. The attackers were part of a mob blaming America for a film they said insulted the Prophet Mohammad.

The latest indications are that the assault on the consulate wasn’t a spontaneous response to an insult to the prophet, but in fact a carefully planned offensive against the American infidels:

U.S. government officials said the Benghazi attack may have been planned in advance and there were indications that members of a militant faction calling itself Ansar al Sharia – which translates as Supporters of Islamic Law – may have been involved.

They also said some reporting from the region suggested that members of Al-Qaeda’s north Africa-based affiliate, known as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, may have been involved.

“It bears the hallmarks of an organized attack,” one U.S. official said. However, some U.S. officials cautioned against assuming that the attacks were deliberately organized to coincide with the September 11 anniversary.

Will it stop with Libya? Tunisia and Morocco seem to be next in line:

The violence in Benghazi and Cairo threatened to spread to other Muslim countries on Wednesday. A U.S. official said Washington had ordered the evacuation of all U.S. personnel from Benghazi to Tripoli and was reducing staffing in the capital to emergency levels.

Police fired teargas at angry demonstrators outside the U.S. embassy in Tunisia and several hundred people gathered in front of the U.S. embassy in Sudan. In Morocco, a few dozen protesters burned American flags and chanted slogans near the U.S. consulate in Casablanca.

Mitt Romney, to use the spin offered by major American media, “played politics” with the incident:

Mitt Romney, Obama’s rival in the November vote, criticized the president’s response to the crisis. He said the timing of a statement from the U.S. embassy in Cairo denouncing “efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims” made Obama look weak as protesters were attacking U.S. missions.

He said it was “disgraceful” to be seen to be apologizing for American values of free speech. Obama’s campaign accused Romney of scoring political points at a time of national tragedy.

Detailed reports about what happened say that the ambassador was killed not at the consulate, but at a supposed safe house to which he had been rushed after the violence began:

Libya’s Deputy Interior Minister Wanis Al-Sharif said U.S. staff were rushed to a Benghazi safe house after the initial attack on the consulate and an evacuation plane with U.S. commando units then arrived from Tripoli to evacuate them from the safe house.

“It was supposed to be a secret place and we were surprised the armed groups knew about it. There was shooting,” Sharif said. Two U.S. personnel were killed there, he said. Two other people were killed at the main consular building and between 12 and 17 wounded.


Witnesses said the mob included tribesmen, militia and other gunmen. Hamam, a 17-year-old who took part in the attack, said Ansar al-Sharia cars arrived at the start of the protest but left once fighting started.

“The protesters were running around the compound just looking for Americans, they just wanted to find an American so they could catch one,” he said.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the new Libyan government is doing everything it can to distance itself from the Salafist murderers and condemn the attackers:

Killing of U.S. Ambassador, 3 Staffers Condemned by Libyan Officials

CAIRO — Senior officials in Libya on Wednesday condemned the killing of the U.S. ambassador to the country and three other Americans by armed protesters in a furor over an anti-Muslim video.


“This is a criminal act that will not go unpunished. This is part of a series of cowardice acts by supporters of the former regime who want to undermine Libya’s revolution,” Prime Minister Abdurrahim Keib told reporters.

Keib said the details of the attack were under investigation.

Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf apologized for the deaths and vowed that justice would be served.

“We refuse that our nation’s lands be used for cowardice and revengeful acts. It is not a victory for God’s Sharia or his prophet for such disgusting acts to take place,” Magariaf said. “We apologize to the United States, the people of America, and the entire world. We and the American government are standing on the same side, we stand on the same side against outlaws.”

The Guardian published a lengthy background piece on the man behind the prophet-insulting movie, Sam Bacile:

The Hollywood Connection: How a Real Estate Man’s Film Led to Rage in Libya

The Innocence of Muslims drew almost no one to the cinema in California. In Benghazi it provoked deadly fury

The long fuse that led to the explosion of violence that killed the US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was lit last summer in the pleasant hills of southern California, where a man who claims to be an Israeli-American real estate developer, Sam Bacile, set about making a film.


By his own account, Bacile raised a budget of $5m (£3m) from 100 unnamed Jewish donors for The Innocence of Muslims, which he wrote and directed himself, with the aim of demonstrating his belief, as he described it to the Wall Street Journal, that “Islam is a cancer”.

To that end, Bacile got his amateur cast to depict the prophet Muhammad as a feckless philanderer who approved of child abuse. It took three months, 59 actors and about 45 crew. The result was two hours of stumbling dialogue and wooden acting among flimsy sets, and a stream of gratuitous insults aimed at Muslims. It was screened in an almost empty cinema in Hollywood earlier this year.

In another age, that would probably have been the end of the story. But in the YouTube era, in which the voices of fanatics are amplified, it was a bomb primed for detonation, months later and thousands of miles away.

Bacile posted a 13-minute English-language trailer on YouTube in early July but it was only in the past week that it appears to have caught the attention of combatants in the online culture wars.

A Florida pastor, Terry Jones, who had triggered protests in the Islamic world by burning the Qur’an and with his campaign to stop the construction of a mosque at the site of the 9/11 attacks, promoted the film on his website and announced his intention to broadcast the trailer at his Gainesville church this week.

“It is an American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show the destructive ideology of Islam,” he said in a statement. “The movie further reveals in a satirical fashion the life of Muhammad.”

The film clip was also spotted and promoted last week by Morris Sadik, an Egyptian Coptic Christian based in California who runs a small virulently Islamophobic group called the National American Coptic Assembly. It was later denounced by mainstream Copts in Egypt, but it was too late to stop it going viral.

At some point over the summer a version of the YouTube trailer surfaced with the dialogue dubbed in Egyptian Arabic – Bacile says he has no idea who did the translation but has claimed it sounded accurate – and the translated clip was picked up by a firebrand Cairo television host, Sheikh Khaled Abdallah, who has a record of focusing on perceived threats to Islam and amplifying them. He aired clips from the video on his television show on Saturday, and the same video clips were posted to YouTube on Monday.

As the Arab audience for the film grew exponentially, militant Islamists called for a mass protest at the US embassy in Cairo. The organisers told Associated Press that planning began last week when Sadik began promoting the trailers but the support for the demonstration snowballed after the Sheikh Abdallah programme on Saturday.

A crowd of some 2,000 is reported to have gathered outside the embassy walls in Cairo on Tuesday night, catching the local security services flat-flooted. Most of the diplomats and local staff had left early and a few dozen of the demonstrators were able to scale the wall, take down the stars and stripes and replace it with a black flag. The Egyptian police only managed to evict them from the compound by late evening.

By that time, however, the spark had jumped westwards to the Libyan city of Benghazi. According to al-Jazeera, an extremist militia called Ansar al-Sharia, one of many such armed groups staking out little fiefdoms in the aftermath of Muammar Gaddafi’s fall, heard about the storming of the Cairo embassy and the American film.

According to al-Jazeera’s correspondent in Benghazi, Suleiman Idrissi, “At about 11.30 pm a group of people calling themselves Islamic law [Sharia] supporters heard there would be an American movie insulting the prophet Muhammad. Once they heard this news they came out of their military garrison, and went into the streets calling on people to go ahead and attack the American consulate in Benghazi.”

Rocket-propelled grenades were reported to have been fired from a farm next door to the consulate, and film clips on al-Jazeera show men roaming through the ornate gardens amid vehicles, vegetation and buildings in flames. Ambassador Stevens, who was on a short visit to Benghazi, is reported to have died from smoke inhalation, along with an American computer expert at the consulate, Sean Smith, and two security guards.

Smith was an internet gaming enthusiast and was chatting online to another player at the time of the attack. According to the other player, who goes by the online handle of The_Mittani, Smith “said ‘F***’ and ‘GUNFIRE’ and then disconnected and never returned”.

By Wednesday, Sam Bacile was in hiding. He spoke to Associated Press from an undisclosed location, saying he had not expected such a furious reaction. He said: “I feel sorry for the embassy. I am mad.” But Bacile still insisted that the movie would help Israel by exposing what he described as Islam’s flaws to the world.

“My plan is to make a series of 200 hours,” he said.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

On a final note, take a look at the statement issued by pastor Terry Jones (whose website seems to be down):

Statement in Response to Protests in Egypt and Libya, And Our Involvement in the Film, Innocence of Muslims

We have been contacted by the producer of the film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’, to help distribute it.

The film is not intended to insult the Muslim community, but it is intended to reveal truths about Muhammad that are possibly not widely known. The examination of his life, as we have done through International Judge Muhammad Day, through this type of close examination, it is very clear that God did not influence him in the writings of the Koran. The fruits of the religion speak for themselves. For example the recent outbreak of violence and deaths is not because of the film, it is not because of the activities that we have done and that we will continue to do. These types of violent activities must be totally rejected. These people must be held accountable. It again shows the true nature of Islam. Islam does not tolerate criticism of Muhammad, the Koran or Sharia. Because of their fear of criticism, knowing that if Islam and the Koran were closely examined, Muhammad and the Koran will be revealed for what it is, a lie and a deception.

Terry Jones
Stand Up America Now

Regardless of your opinion about Koran-burning or cheesy low-budget movies that mock Mohammed: Rev. Jones is exactly correct.

I watched the whole trailer. Tacky as it was, everything depicted in it was based on authoritative Islamic scripture from the Koran and the Sunna. Mr. Bacile simply presented the world Islamic community with a ham-handed mirror of itself. The movie is a compendium of clumsily-depicted but uncomfortable truths about Islam.

No wonder that the world’s 1.7 octillion Muslims are frothing mad, ready to torch embassies and kill infidels!

Rev. Jones is to be commended for not apologizing. He lays the blame for what happened squarely where it belongs: the people who proclaim their vile political ideology as revealed truth.

Terry Jones is right. Yesterday’s events showed the true nature of Islam.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2012Armed Libyan extremists stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi today, killing an American official and setting fire to the building. The protesters, like their counterparts in Cairo, were angry about an American-produced movie that they say insulted a respected leader of a non-denominational faith group.

Meanwhile, President Obama has snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The White House says Mr. Obama’s schedule is too busy for him to meet with Mr. Netanyahu when the latter visits Washington later this month.

In financial news, Moody’s rating agency warned that it may downgrade American bonds if the U.S. fails to find a credible solution to its debt crisis.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

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Book Review: “Saving Democracy From Suicide”


Saving Democracy From Suicide
by Robert H. Lee

Reviewed by Fjordman

‘Saving Democracy from Suicide’ by Robert H. LeeSaving Democracy From Suicide is a brave book about what has become a very controversial topic in the modern West. We live in an age when merely asking some modestly critical questions about democracy or universal suffrage, which even the ancient Greeks never had, is seen as a sign of “Fascism.” But serious thinkers throughout European history, from Aristotle to the American Founding Fathers, have always been able to spot flaws in pure democracy. It is not rational to place this system above debate now.

It is important to stress that this book does not claim that democracy is exclusively “bad.” Rather, it argues that democracy, like all human systems, is flawed since it was made of flawed human beings. In order to safeguard the best features that a democratic system may have and sometimes does have, we must also rationally deal with its potential weaknesses.

Perhaps having some democratic element of genuine influence and power is both good and necessary in a healthy political system, in order to counterbalance an always present potential for cruelty and despotism among unaccountable rulers. In the case of the European Union, one could for instance argue successfully that it is precisely the near-total lack of democratic accountability in the system, apart from the weak European Parliament, is one of its critical flaws, that makes the EU less free than Switzerland, which has a substantial element of direct democracy through the frequent use of referendums. The author might have benefited from analyzing this line of thinking a little bit more.

The strongest section of the book links potential flaws inherent in the democratic system to the observable problems experienced by many democratic states today. At the time of writing, most Western democratic countries are witnessing an escalating debt crisis that is threatening to spiral out of control and cause serious social unrest.

Admittedly, several possible causes for this may be highlighted. One of them is arguably a system of financial speculation by a few powerful players who are unfairly bailed out by the taxpayers and central banks when they get themselves into trouble, instead of facing the consequences of their own actions, as they should do in a capitalist system.

However, is it possible that some of the present debt problems are caused by flaws in the democratic system itself? Lee argues that it is, and he can be quite persuasive when doing so.

Ever since the time of the ancient Greeks, critics of pure democracy have pointed out that the productive and dynamic will always be outnumbered by unproductive and lazy people. If all adult males and females have the vote, this means that a majority can vote itself into the possession of the money of a dynamic minority. Does this mean that a democratic society will have a built-in tendency to move in the direction of Socialism? Perhaps.

Another inherent flaw in the democratic system that has always been commented upon by critical thinkers is its short-term focus. Too few people in positions of power will think more than one or two election cycles ahead, that is, maybe five to ten years. By contrast, it ironically appears to be easier for some non-democratic societies to plan ahead for generations, and to think about what will be good for their country 50 or 150 years from now.

How to solve these problems? This book does not provide all the answers to this question although it does provide a few practical suggestions. Yet Robert H. Lee courageously asks some difficult but necessary questions about whether the Western political system is functioning as intended today.

We would be wise to seriously consider some of the issues he raises in this text. Those of us who want to preserve the best components of a democratic system have to face up to some of its flaws as well; otherwise we risk seeing a collapse of the entire system at some point. There are already a few warning signs that we are moving in just such a direction.

For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.

Dr. Bill Warner, Subtitled in English

In anticipation of a possible “Rosetta Stone” initiative, Vlad Tepes has created a template of Bill Warner’s 45-minute talk on the history of Islam, subtitled in English:

Update: As requested by Michael Laudahn, here is the complete list of subtitled versions as of October 16, 2012:

Arabic * Hungarian Spanish
English Polish Swedish
French Portuguese
German Russian *

(* = assigned but not yet received; † = received but not yet posted)If you’re interested in translating it into your own language for subtitling, you can pick up the English transcript here. Or drop me an email (unspiek [at] chromatism [dot] net) and I’ll send it to you in a Word document.

Al-Raya Flies Over the U.S. Embassy in Cairo

[Just before this post went to press, word came in that the U.S. consulate in Libya has also been targeted by violent Muslim protesters. The linked article specifically mentions pastor Terry Jones’ “Judge Mohammed Day” as a motive for their actions.]

Egyptian Salafists broke into the compound of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo today. They tore down the American flag, ripped it up, and burned the pieces. Then they raised al-rāyathe Black Flag of Jihad — in its place.

Can anyone say “Tehran, 1979”?

The Muslim Brotherhood is another Salafist group, and is closely allied with other similar outfits, presumably including the group that conducted the operation at the embassy. This could not have occurred without at least the tacit approval of Mohammed Mursi’s government.

The Salafist protesters are described as “ultraconservative” by the news media. Does this mean that President Obama is promoting — horror of horrors! — Egyptian conservatives?

How could such a thing be?

Below is a video report from CNN with footage from late this afternoon, Egyptian time:

This amateur footage of protesters scaling the wall outside the embassy in Cairo was shot more recently, after dark. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Some reports indicate that the righteous anger of the believers was aroused by this trailer for a movie about Mohammed.

The following story from Fox News explains what happens. The description of the black flag bearing the shahada shows that this is definitely a declaration of jihad by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies in Egypt:

Egyptian Protesters Scale US Embassy Wall in Cairo

Main ultraconservative Islamist protesters climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt’s capital Tuesday and brought down the flag, replacing it with a black flag with an Islamic inscription to protest a video attacking Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

Hundreds of protesters marched to the embassy in downtown Cairo, gathering outside its walls and chanting against the movie, which was reportedly produced in the United States.

“Say it, don’t fear: Their ambassador must leave,” the crowd chanted.

Dozens of protesters then scaled the embassy walls, went into the courtyard and took down the flag from a pole. They brought it back to the crowd outside, which tried to burn it, but failing that, tore it apart. The protesters on the wall then raised on the flagpole a black flag with the Muslim declaration of faith on it, “There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet.”

The flag, similar to the banner used by al-Qaida, is commonly used by ultraconservatives around the region. Almost all the embassy staff had left the compound before the protest, and the ambassador was out of town.

The protest was sparked by outrage over a video being promoted by an extreme anti-Muslim Egyptian Christian campaigner in the U.S., clips of which are available on the social website YouTube and dubbed in Egyptian Arabic. The video depicts Muhammad as a fraud, showing him having sex and calling for massacres. Muslims find it offensive to depict Muhammad in any fashion, much less in an insulting way.

By evening, the protest grew with thousands standing outside the embassy, chanting “Islamic, Islamic. The right of our prophet will not die.” A group of women in black veils and robes that left only their eyes exposed chanted, “Worshippers of the Cross, leave the Prophet Muhammad alone.”

Dozens of riot police lined up along the embassy walls. They did not stop protesters who continued to climb up the wall and stand on it, chanting. But it appeared they were no longer going into the embassy compound.

One young member of the ultraconservative Salafi movement, Abdel-Hamid Ibrahim said, “This is a very simple reaction to harming our prophet.”

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the U.S. was working with Egyptian authorities to try to restore order.

Only a few staff members were still inside, as embassy security had sent most staff home early after learning of the upcoming protest, a U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

It was not exactly clear who made the video that angered the protesters.

Morris Sadek, an Egyptian-born Christian in the U.S. known for his anti-Islam views, told The Associated Press from Washington that he was promoting the video on his website and on certain TV stations, which he did not identify.

He said the video “explains the problems of the Copts who suffer from Muslims,” which he blamed on the Quran itself.

For several days, Egyptian media have been reporting on the video, playing some excerpts from it and blaming Sadek for it, with ultraconservative clerics going on air to denounce it.

Notice that the spokesman for the Copts in Switzerland, in true dhimmi fashion, disavows any “extreme” behavior and opinions such as those expressed by Morris Sadek:

Medhat Klada, a representative of Coptic Christian organizations in Europe, said Sadek’s views are not representative of expatriate Copts.

“He is an extremist … We don’t go down this road. He has incited the people (in Egypt) against Copts,” he said, speaking from Switzerland. “We refuse any attacks on religions because of a moral position.”

But he said he was concerned about the backlash from angry Islamists. “They don’t know dialogue and they think that Islam will be offended from a movie.”

The embassy is located in a diplomatic area in Garden city, where the British and Italian embassies are located, only a few blocks away from Tahrir Square, the center of last year’s uprising that led to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. The U.S. Embassy is built like a fortress, with a wall several yards high. But security has been scaled back in recent months, with several roadblocks leading to the facility removed after legal court cases by residents complaining their access to nearby streets was blocked.

In a similar dhimmi fashion, the United States embassy condemned not the protesters’ actions, but rather the speech that had offended them. According to this report from CNBC, the embassy says criticism of Islam is an “abuse” of the right to speak freely:

A U.S. embassy official had no immediate comment on the protesters’ actions but the embassy had put out a statement earlier on Tuesday condemning those who hurt the religious feelings of Muslims or followers of any other religions.

“We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others,” the U.S. embassy said in its statement.


“Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy,” the U.S. embassy statement said, adding that it condemned the efforts by “misguided individuals” to hurt the feelings of Muslims.

Back in 1979, the Carter administration approved of the Ayatollah Khomeini for months after the overthrow of the Shah, until the press of events forced a change of opinion upon our first dhimmi president.

How far do you think the Obama administration will go with its own sweetheart, the Muslim Brotherhood?

Maybe all the way?

The 19 Bridegrooms of 9/11

After a long harsh summer, old earth has swung ’round again, moving us to towards a gentler clime. The buttermilk skies of August have deepened to September’s unfathomable and endless blue; if I didn’t know better I would swear this was paradise.

As the Baron said, we can all remember what we were doing that day. In the end tragedy is translated to the personal: we hang our memories of large events onto the skeleton of personal associations in order to be able to bring them up again, almost as fresh as they were then. Thus the blue perfection of that September 11th sky suddenly became a horror as death dropped literally out of the blue onto New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. It is this discordant juxtaposition of beauty and horror that underlines and emphasizes our recall of 9/11.

So much has changed since then. By coincidence, two months later — ironically on December 7th — the Baron and I were at Ground Zero, attempting to take in the depth and breadth of what had literally “befallen” us. The Baron had been called to New York City on business and I went along for the ride. We’d decided ahead of time to make room for a visit to GZ, to walk the periphery of that disaster as a way of paying respect to all those who’d been made to die in so many degraded ways.

What I remember most about our walk are the dead flowers and the desperately sad messages — long, endless and withered bouquets stretched into the distance against the rough boarded fences. On those fences, on telephone poles, on any flat surface plastic-covered long out-of-date entreaties to the universe were affixed… please, please, someone, anyone, who’d seen a son or daughter or friend to contact…

[My own daughter’s death lay in the future, in May 2003, or I doubt I could’ve made that walk or read those futile messages at all.]

We passed the small church whose gravestones and wrought iron fences still wore, like patches of snow, piled drifts of annihilation. We stopped to stare at that macabre scene; it was as if Death had piled annihilation onto individual deaths, as though it weren’t enough for these graves to mark individual passages; now they carried the far more horrific burden of a sworn dedication to Death itself. I filled a small silver compact with some of that sifted Death Powder. Eventually my miniature sepulcher would become the base on which sits a Buddha on my bookshelf.

As we passed further on our tour the poisonous black wreaths still drifting up from that crater took their toll. My lungs began to react, thus ending our pilgrimage early. Even though it was unseasonably warm — as gentle and incongruously beautiful as that Other Day — and perfect for walking, we took a cab back to the hotel. It lay far enough away to allow me to catch my breath again.

That was a memorable trip. Perhaps the strangest part — aside from the pilgrimage to Ground Zero — was our return home: the vastly quiet airline terminal was as empty as a church. The plane wasn’t crowded, either.

Islam doesn’t mourn death; it celebrates… you may not see this grisly tribute as a celebration, but indeed it is:

Back in mid-August I found this hideous work at a site I visit several times a week. I knew immediately I would save this one for today, just to remind ourselves of the real face of our enemy…

Juniper Sec, the website where I found that video, is a master of understatement; he simply lets events speak for themselves while he adds a brief annotation. Many of the videos and images he puts up I’ve not seen elsewhere. A lot of them are strange beyond words.

Go there often enough and you begin to apprehend how very alien Islam is compared to the rest of the world. Very alien. It is any wonder, as Dr. Warner pointed out, that we prefer to forget? Otherwise, how could we get on with any semblance of a daily life, should we turn to face the supremely hostile and menacing force which continues to hound the West, circling like hungry wolves bent on their final meal? Like wolves, they will turn on one another if they manage to finish devouring us.

And why should we be any more courageous in that regard than the generations who went before us, kneeling in silence, faces averted, in their time?

Meanwhile, we continue to throw our young men into harm’s way, as though this ritual sacrifice might save us. It won’t.

Two thousand KIA sacrifices so far, but notice the silence of the Left as their socialist-in-charge continues to lead from behind. That silence will change to a cacophony of “disaster” and “quagmire” as soon as the Republicans take over the reins. If Obama continues in office for a second term, however, expect that silence to continue unabated, expect the letters of condolence to the families of dead soldiers to continue to be signed by auto-pen.

It is well to remember as we continue to count the dead and mourn them that during Islam’s centuries of ceaseless carnage the death toll of Muslims has always been higher than that of infidels. Now the death wish they inspire in others is seen in more occluded ways — for instance, the numbers of children in the West decline as fewer people see any reason to have children. It is this silent cohort of those who were never born who are the real collateral damage in this war of attrition via terrorism.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Overt change began immediately after September 11th. George Bush’s initial remedies — to declare Islam a Religion of Peace and to tell Americans to go shopping in order to keep the economy afloat — seemed incongruous at the time; now they appear like hopeless lullabies sung to children while the city walls are being breached by the enemy — eerily like the scene of his continuing to read a storybook to children even after he was informed of that first plane hitting the Tower. That’s an inborn impulse: don’t scare the children; don’t scare the American people.

President Bush almost went the other way. But the permanent People in Charge quickly reacted when he stated the truth, when he called our mission a “Crusade” — gasp! — against — double gasp! — an “Axis of Evil”. Those verboten words have long since been struck from the public lexicon by the ever-vigilant Muslim Brotherhood and their co-conspirators on our multi-culti suicidal Left.

The Left Machine has worked overtime to scrape enough cat litter to cover over this mess made by Muslims. Despite the LM, the enemies invaded our consciousness — all nineteen of them, all martyrs to their cause. The crater they made is now the deep hole in the American psyche: “Islam is death, and we are its servants.”

The dhimmis on the other side of the Hole began their work almost immediately: the disgusting, already-dhimmified proclamation of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, i.e., that 9/11 had made him ashamed to be an American, was a gut punch. My response to this scurrilous stupidity was to declare myself ashamed to be an Episcopalian.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

But as Green Infidel has pointed out, the Counterjihad slowly formed and has continued to grow in spite of being ostracized by all correct-thinking people, especially the Cultural Gatekeepers who see it as their duty to decide which news is “fit to print”.

Our ostracism as Islam-critics and therefore racists is a small price to pay compared to what history demands from others. For them, the cost is much higher. Is there dissent among the ranks of Counterjihadists? Sure. There always will be — if those involved in this work learn to put aside their distaste for others, then the totality of our work would be far more than the sum of its parts. But human nature will continue to be what it is. We can bemoan the differences or we can continue to face them and build work-arounds.

We’re no disciplined army (even George Washington’s army was always short on discipline); we won’t ever march to any motto akin to that of the bloody Muslim Brotherhood. Try to translate this into anything even closely resembling a Western value:

Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

But that’s the creature the Left lionizes even as it continues to demonize those of us who point to those marching orders as a warning. Thus beset on several sides, it’s likely that dissensions will continue to cause rifts within the Counterjihad movement. That’s okay, as long as the work continues.

Don’t forget, during Islam’s encroachment on the West at the Second Siege of Vienna the defenders were no blessedly cohesive cohort of estimable colleagues. To understand the forces at play in 1683, it is imperative to understand that history and to apply its lessons. We are only beginning to understand the extent to which those who lie to us about Islam’s ceaseless wars against the West have bent us to the wheel of the Great Lie.

The definitive exposition of that Lie is Emmet Scott’s magnum opus, Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited.

As Bill Keezer has pointed out there isn’t much we can do. But, as he further says, one of the most useful tasks we can perform in our allotted time is to make sure that Scott’s book reaches as many people as possible. The book changes our paradigm of history, and that’s why the Gatekeepers will bury it in silence for as long as they can.

Just as science has paradigmatic changes — from Newtonian physics to quantum theory, for example — so too are there changes in the paradigms of ideologies, history, art, and literature. Bill does his part, writing to all those he can reach to urge them to look at what Emmet Scott and Dr. Warner have to say about the real history of the West.

The first task is to drop the erroneous idea that the “Barbarian” hordes destroyed Rome when in fact, they arrived in order to become like the Romans. They assimilated, vying to become more Roman than the Romans. The Mediterranean basin prospered and Egypt — now-barren Egypt! — was its granary and its means of spreading literacy through robust trade and prosperity. Sounds much like the invading “hordes” that were processed through Ellis Island, doesn’t it? They wanted to assimilate, to become Americans and to raise their children as Americans.

Not until the genuine barbarians, Islam’s raiders and slayers, arrived in the Mediterranean basin, did cultivation of the land and the spread of literacy (driven by the needs of commerce) grind to a dead halt. The black shadow of Islam rapidly destroyed all that. Instead, the West withdrew into a shell of safety inside the fortified and very limited intellectual and commercial and artless Dark Ages. As Scott notes, it wasn’t until Islam encountered the less-peaceful people in northern Spain that they were effectively repulsed.

Meanwhile, in those conquered lands in North Africa and the Middle East, even ancient inventions like the wheel began to disappear. What point in any infidel crafting a cart if a neighboring Muslim could simply take it from him? That’s the real reason the misery around Jerusalem’s environs and much of the Middle East made the real estate appear worthless. Until the Jewish exiles arrived, that is, looking for a homeland and refusing to live any longer like dhimmis. Call it Hitler’s Gift: having nothing left to lose, they fought back, reclaiming their heritage even as they reclaimed the wasted land. Advanced technologies like irrigation systems and wheeled carts began to reappear. Not to mention the internal combustion engine, though that was a first appearance rather than a renaissance.

Don’t expect the Gatekeepers of this generation to do any more than they did with the work of Scott’s predecessor, Henri Pirenne. They will bury this one again in either silence or contempt. The only hope we have of resurrecting the truth is a robust change in our national culture. This will not be the “old” golden age — one which excluded too many people to be of much use now. But the new one must thoroughly defeat the insidious socialism which crawls even now through the veins of our body politic. Until that disease is treated and eradicated, we can expect the truth to continue to be shoveled over with the manure of socialism’s lies and failures. Until that happens, consider the fall of the Wall in Berlin to be a prime example of our current pyrrhic victories.

The “end of history”, was it? What a cruel joke.

At this point, a writer may invoke Hitler or Churchill. I already mentioned the former’s unintended gift, so let’s go with latter for the job ahead of us: we haven’t even begun to fight.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for capturing that video for me and uploading it to his channel until I could use it. He often does that, and then I become too incapacitated to go back for what I requested, so it simply stays up on his channel. I am grateful for his understanding. No doubt, by now he’s already forgotten it’s there.

Eleven Years On

The dust of 9-11

I’m writing these words in the wee hours of Tuesday, September 11th, 2012.

The same date eleven years ago was also a Tuesday, and the two days look to be similar in other respects. According to the weather forecast, today will be bright and sunny, with low humidity and a high in the mid-70s. New York City will be a couple of degrees cooler.

So the day appears to be a carbon copy of September 11, 2001. Except, of course, that the people who live west of the Hudson River won’t see the twin towers of the World Trade Center silhouetted against the sunrise when they wake up a few hours from now.

September 11th

After eleven years I still remember exactly what I was doing that morning, and how the day unfolded. I expect most Americans who were ten or older at the time can say the same — just as we geezers have held on to our memories of November 22 1963 with such clarity for almost five decades.

That makes two such grim days within my own lifetime. How many more will there be before I shuffle off to that great keyboard in the sky?

My uncle will turn ninety in a few weeks. Over the course of his adult life he’s seen Pearl Harbor, D-Day, V-E Day, V-J Day, the Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, and 9-11. That’s an awful lot of portent to pack into a single lifetime.

Almost half of those memorable days were happy occasions. Me, I’ve got the moon landing — and that may be the best I get, given current trends in public affairs.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A lot of things have changed in the past eleven years. My hair is nearly white now, and my joints complain a bit when I get out of bed in the morning. My presbyopia is so bad that I need this big old monitor to see what I’m doing. My “hippie ears” have gotten worse, so that I tend to say “Pardon me?” more than I did back in 2001.

My kid has gone to college, graduated from college, gone to grad school, finished grad school, and is now out on his own. All in just eleven years!

The World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001But what has really changed in the last decade-plus-one is my knowledge of Islam.

I didn’t know a whole lot about the PBUH prophet back then. My readings in history had taught me that Islam was spread by the sword, and my reading of V.S. Naipaul’s Among the Believers had taught me that Islamic scripture demanded the killing of infidels. But other than that I hadn’t paid much attention to it. When I was working in Northern Virginia, I saw the halal grocery stores in Annandale and Falls Church, but I didn’t attach any special significance to them.

WTC jumpersBut that was then, and this is now.

Now I know far more than I want to know about Islam. I know about taqiyya, and dhimmis, and the jizya, and Koran 4:34. I know about Aisha and Lepanto and the Sword Sura and the heaps of skulls in Macedonia and the Punjab.

I wish I didn’t know these things. I didn’t set out to acquire such knowledge. I just started reading blog posts and then writing them, and exchanging emails with people who knew more than I did. One thing led to another, and now here I am in 2012, burdened down with hideous, vile, loathsome facts about what has been happening for the last 1400 years.

Facts whose truth cannot be denied.

Facts I would rather forget.

These past eleven years comprise less than one percent of those fourteen centuries. We’ve come a long way since the days of the hijra, and I’m willing to bet we’ve got a long way to go before we can take a deep draught of nepenthe and happily consign all those painfully acquired facts to the oubliette of history.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

WTC jumperFor a while after 9-11 it really seemed that the West might wake up to the threat posed by the Islamic invasion. But then George W. Bush invented the Religion of Peace and told us that the enemy was a bunch of “extremists”. If we invaded the right countries and delivered enough JDAMs to the right targets, the war would be won.

Osama bin Laden is dead. So we’re finished, right? The threat from the “radicals” has passed, hasn’t it?

Hasn’t it…?

With every country we invade or assist, we create new legions of Muslim refugees. Being generous by nature, we feel compelled to import them into the USA. First Somalia, then Afghanistan and Iraq. And, since the Arab Spring has now taken hold, we can expect Tunisians, Egyptians, and Libyans. Coming soon: Syrians!

The result? The number of mosques in the United States has nearly doubled in the last eleven years. And New York City is #1 in mosque construction.

Will the next set of twin towers in New York City be gigantic minarets?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The average American seems not to realize that the office workers, the firemen, and the police officers weren’t the only figures that came staggering out of that choking dust cloud eleven years ago in Lower Manhattan. The mujahideen were walking right there beside them, and they’ve spread out across America and the rest of the Western world in the years since.

Not all of them wear masks and carry AK-47s. Many of them wear business suits and have engineering degrees. Some speak well and get elected to public office.

But it’s still jihad. And their goal — the world Caliphate — is well-attested in their own writings, if we would only take the trouble to have a look.

9-11 didn’t slow down the Great Jihad. If anything, it accelerated it, because so many well-meaning Americans were determined to prove how tolerant and inclusive they were. They felt compelled to allow more Muslims into the country, engage in more outreach, and share their worship spaces with their fellow “Abrahamic” believers.

How many veiled women did you see on the streets of your town in 2000? And how many do you see today?

So, as yet another bright and tenebral September 11th dawns, let’s consider how we might possibly turn the tide. This isn’t a matter of maintaining a strong military — although that is absolutely necessary — or blowing up terrorists in Waziristan.

This is about stopping stealth Islamization right here at home. It means educating our fellow citizens, somehow, against all the odds, about what has been happening to them while they weren’t paying attention. About the world they will bequeath to their children and grandchildren thirty or forty years from now.

Yes, it seems an impossible task. But so did Omaha Beach on D-Day.

I doubt I’ll make it through the surf, but some of you youngsters will. Don’t lose your climbing gear — you’ll need it when you get to that cliff.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/10/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/10/2012Prince Harry of Great Britain, who was recently returned to duty in Afghanistan, has been threatened with kidnapping and death by the Taliban. They say they will make an all-out effort to abduct the young prince. There’s no word on whether Harry will be clothed while on duty, but presumably he will at least be wearing body armor.

In other news, the Western powers in the International Steering Group granted full sovereignty today to the new nation of Kosovo.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to C. Cantoni, Fjordman, JD, JP, LN, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Fjordman: The Pro-Islamic Aspects of Breivik’s Manifesto


Fjordman’s latest essay was published today at FrontPage Mag. He asked me to post this preface along with the excerpts:

Note to readers: Many of you are probably tired of hearing about Breivik. Quite frankly, so am I. Nevertheless, I intend to publish a book in the near future called Witness to Madness, which will partly deal with the Breivik case. In it I will include among other things a more in-depth analysis of Breivik’s so-called manifesto than what you see here.

The active writing for this book will be wrapped up in September or October. After that, at a minimum it will take a few weeks to edit everything and make it ready for publishing. The book will be self-published and should be available within a few months via websites such as, most likely both as an ebook and a printed paper book.

As you all know, Breivik’s atrocities had a big impact on this blog and especially on my personal life. However, real-life events cannot be ignored, and I will gradually after this autumn write less and less about the Breivik case and more about the great power grab by the EU elites and the ECB plus the collapsing euro, the possible re-election of a pro-Islamic, anti-white Marxist as President of the Unites States, the massive damage caused by mass immigration to the Western world, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the threat posed by Iranian nuclear ambitions and other major issues.

Breivik’s massacre on July 22 2011, no matter how horrible it was, will do little to change the direction in which world affairs are moving. It did unfortunately provide some free ammunition for those who want to demonize, censor and silence critics of Islam and mass immigration in many Western countries, far beyond the borders of Norway or Scandinavia. Only a few days ago, I read articles in the Los Angeles Times using Breivik as a tool and excuse to suppress Islam-critics in the USA.

I therefore have to write a little bit about this case to dispel some of the major myths that have been promoted by the mainstream media. I happen to be in a better position than most people to do this, so I have to spend some time on these issues regardless of whether I like this or not. This blog will, however, waste less and less time on the demented Mr. Breivik after this year.

Excerpts from the FPM essay about Breivik:

Jan Oskar Engene, an Associate Professor in Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen specializing in terrorism, warned observers against trying to construct an elaborate ideology behind Anders Behring Breivik’s mass murder, since it’s not clear that the uneducated Breivik espouses a coherent ideology. He suggested that what ABB stated in court was rather incoherent and did not always appear genuine, and feared that others might try to create a more sophisticated ideology where Breivik himself appeared mainly to harbor confused ideas.

Unfortunately, Engene’s timely warning has not always been heeded. The mass murderer is just too useful as a stick for the ruling Multiculturalists to beat their opponents over the head. Any serious attempt to analyze his so-called manifesto will find it full of inconsistencies, however, including a few surprisingly pro-Islamic views.

Left-wing organizations love to highlight the fact that the absurdly long manifesto/compendium of 1,518 pages contains a few citations of or references to the Center for Security Policy’s President Frank Gaffney, the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s Director Steven Emerson, as well as the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Yes, but these are individuals and groups dedicated to tracking and monitoring terrorism, not promoting it. Breivik also quoted many Muslims and Marxists, even the Communist leader Fidel Castro.

As good and recommended literature, ABB highlighted the Bible, Machiavelli, George Orwell, Thomas Hobbes, John Stuart Mill, John Locke, Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, Ayn Rand and William James, which can hardly be called terrorist literature. One has to question very seriously just how much Breivik has personally read, let alone understood, in most of these works.

Steven Emerson ‘s Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has analyzed over 1,600 personal names mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto 2083 — A European Declaration of Independence. IPT’s research establishes that quite a few conservative writers are mentioned there, but also many liberals and leftists as well as various Christians and Muslims plus numerous historical figures and writers.

All together, the IPT counted 84 names mentioned ten or more times in 2083, encompassing a wide and somewhat unfocused range of different figures and ideologies.

Read the rest at FrontPage Mag.

For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.

Why We Are Afraid: A 1400-Year Secret

“The Crusades were one of the few times the Church put steel in its spine — and then we apologize for it.”

Dr. Bill Warner is the founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI). The video below records a talk he gave recently about the real history of Islam, and why there is such a powerful tendency towards collective amnesia about it in the West.

His account of the destruction of classical civilization by the Great Jihad is a superb follow-up to Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited by Emmet Scott, which was examined at length here last month.

This is possibly the best concise exposition of the history of Islamic violence that I have ever heard:

Many thanks to Heroyalwhyness for providing a transcript of Dr. Warner’s talk. If the video generates enough interest abroad to warrant a “Rosetta Stone” project, this timed transcript will come in handy.

Update: The transcript has been revised to make the lines of more uniform length, so that Vlad can create subtitles more easily. If you intend to use this for translation, please use this new version and discard the old one:

00:09 As I told you on 9/11, I suddenly realized it was my task to make difficult books readable,
00:14 which is what I have done on the back table.
00:17 I sometimes describe myself as a man who reads big, thick, old books
00:21 and writes modern small books that anyone can understand.
00:24 And actually, I rather enjoy it. I don’t surf the web.
00:27 People are disappointed when they run into me sometime, and some other counter jihadist asks,
00:30 ‘Have you seen my website?’ No.
00:33 I don’t even go to my own website.
00:37 I have very little interest in the web, except for ‘Craig’s List’, yahoo headlines and Drudge. That’s it.
00:43 So, I like reading big, thick, old books. I really do.
00:48 I thought when I got my books written in which the Qur’an was easy to understand,
00:53 here’s Mohammed easy to understand, all these books on shariah and everything were easy to understand.
00:59 I thought, ‘we win’.
01:01 No. We don’t even have game.
01:03 Cause, what I discovered was, other than a minority few – and trust me you are so minor.
01:09 Everyone else’s reaction to the knowledge, to the answer to the question,
01:14 ‘What is the true nature of Islam?’ – react in fear, hatred and anger.
01:22 When I try to explain to people something about Islam, they are terrified.
01:27 So, I thought people would run when I got my books published.
01:29 And, indeed, they did run – away from me.
01:34 So, I thought there was just one great question. . .’what is the true nature of Islam?’
01:38 But, I found there was a second question, more important.
01:42 Why are we afraid to know Islam?
01:46 Now, remember when I told you about stories?
01:50 Here’s the thing. My books are factual.
01:54 They work here. [Dr. Warner points to his forehead at the temple.]
01:56 But in dealing with human beings, you are going to make a sale.
01:59 Any salesman will tell you this.
02:00 Facts are secondary to feelings.
02:04 And where you get the feelings is from stories, amongst other places.
02:08 I begin to think about ‘why is everyone so afraid, even though they don’t know anything.
02:14 Well, it turns out, they do know little figments of stories about Islam, that involve violence.
02:20 And the knowledge that they were into the slave trade does not come as a shock, really.
02:25 So, remember that I told you about the house of Sufism was a palace with a smell coming up from the basement?
02:33 Everyone smelled that smell.
02:35 They just don’t want to talk about it.
02:38 But it’s somewhere deep in the back, almost primordial mind.
02:45 So, the problem is we don’t know the history of Islam.
02:49 We don’t know the answer to this question. . .[Dr. Warner points to screen]
02:56 This is the World of Islam. How did it happen?
03:00 You can ask very intelligent people, and they will not be able to give you the answer to this question.
03:05 How did North Africa go from being European and Christian to being Arab and Muslim?
03:11 How did that happen? And is that an important question?
03:18 How did the Middle East go from being Christian to Muslim? And is that an important question?
03:24 I think it’s an overwhelmingly important question.
03:29 All right. Now to understand how the Islamic World came about, we are going to
03:32 have to go about and see how Islam entered our world.
03:35 Now, to do that, Islam entered the world of the Byzantine Empire.
03:41 We know that in the Sira [Mohammed’s life] his last days were spent
03:45 killing Christians and subjugating them.
03:50 After he died, that process continued.
03:55 So, let’s describe the world that Islam invaded.
04:02 Now, we are told that the Roman Empire collapsed when the German Barbarians invaded Rome.
04:05 You all heard that story?
04:08 Well, that’s false. That is not true. It is wrong.
04:12 What happened was, after the German Barbarian tribes invaded Rome,
04:16 they set up their own version of the Roman Empire.
04:19 They retained classical culture. They spoke Roman.
04:23 They hired Roman philosophers and Roman attorneys to teach their children and run their schools.
04:31 They came into the Roman Empire, not to destroy the Empire but just to get the goods for themselves.
04:40 The eastern part of the Empire, called the Byzantine Empire is over here.
04:45 Now this is after the German invasion. The important point is this –
04:55 Then, after the fall of Rome, the Byzantines gradually exerted their political influence,
04:59 so now this was the new form of the Roman Empire.
05:03 This is the Byzantine Empire and it is about to be invaded. This is the classical world that Islam invaded.
05:11 Notice that the classical world is still up and running.
05:17 It’s critical to remember that. It had not – it was now weak but it was still up and running.
05:23 We are going to see what caused it’s collapse.
05:25 Here we see in twenty five years, three stages of development of the spread of Islam.
05:31 This is twenty five years work. How is it that the Arabs were able
05:35 to do to the Byzantine Empire what the Persians could not do in Iran?
05:45 Here is the answer to that question. It has to do with Iran, actually.
05:49 The Greeks and the Persians were having wars since forever.
05:53 The 300 at Thermopylae, that was about the Persians.
06:05 Alexander the Great defeated the Persians.
06:08 The Persians kept hammering on the Romans and Byzantines and 25 years before Islam invaded
06:12 there was one massive series of battles that left Persia weak and the Byzantine Empire very weak.
06:22 Then comes along the Black Plague. One person in three dies.
06:28 So the Byzantine Empire, when Islam invaded had been weakened
06:32 by a long war with Persia and the loss of a third of it’s population.
06:37 The economy had collapsed by two thirds. You think the Obama economy is bad? Try two thirds.
06:45 So, we had an empire that was weak invaded by a people with a mission.
06:53 Now what’s important here is, these three different shades of green represent the different Caliphs.
07:00 This Empire is beginning to build here, came from people who could be described as the apostles of Mohammed.
07:08 Why is it important to know that?
07:11 They knew Mohammed. They held his hand. One of them, Ali married his daughter.
07:16 Abu Bakr was his father-in-law. These people are not just brothers in the religious sense.
07:24 They are brothers in the family sense.
07:28 They knew Mohammed like I know my wife. And what did they do?
07:34 Did they go out preaching the qur’an? No they didn’t.
07:38 They picked up their swords, got on their camels and horses and went out attacking Christians and Persians.
07:49 That is, this is the true nature of Islam.
07:55 There you see it. This is the fruit on the tree. Massive destruction.
08:00 Now, notice something else that has happened here.
08:04 Egypt is the bread basket of the Mediterranean.
08:09 Syria, the heart of the intellectual world in the Classical Empire.
08:15 In twenty-five years, the Classical civilization lost it’s ability to feed itself and lost it’s biggest brain trust.
08:23 This destroys classical Christianity.
08:29 Christianity that we have today is a bloody stump of the original Christianity.
08:37 Why? This destroyed the heart of it. Transformed it.
08:42 The first stage of the annihilation of the Classical empire – gone. The heart of it is gone.
08:53 OK, a century later, notice over here in Spain, 750 AD, Spain is already Muslim.
09:03 This is rapid fire conquest. This is going to become very important – because this was not –
09:07 this happened, as it were, in the life of a nation – overnight.
09:12 This brutal assault is the key as to why we fear Islam.
09:20 Now then, you are next going to see history that have not heard before.
09:24 I’m not a historian, but I am a scientist and I can reason from data.
09:32 I knew once I read the story of Mohammed that I had been fed a pack of lies
09:36 about what caused the Dark Ages.
09:41 Roman Barbarians didn’t cause the Dark Ages.
09:44 You tell me they were too stupid to learn how to do Roman law and stuff? Of course not.
09:48 First off, why would – these Barbarians were Germans. These were the same people who made Germany.
09:56 They were very intelligent people. They didn’t cause the collapse.
10:00 But that is the classical theory. You go to Vanderbilt, that is what they will teach you.
10:07 Here we go with the data. There has recently been a lot of ancient classical works
10:10 translated into a database format, so it can be accessed.
10:19 There has been massive archaeological research under the ocean and at the edge of the Mediterranean.
10:23 From this archaeological research, we are able to track history and economies. That figure
10:27 that I gave you about how the economy collapsed, that came from the study of sunken vessels.
10:35 Because, if you’re not buying much – Let’s say one in ten ships is sunk –
10:39 that figure is not that high – but whatever.
10:44 If you see a lot of sunken ships, there was a lot of ships sailing around.
10:47 When they go down, the economy goes down.
10:50 So, from this data, we know a lot, and this in particular,
10:54 the database of ancient documents gives us 548 battles that Islam fought against the Classical world.
11:05 This is all new information. I have talked with people who consider themselves history buffs,
11:09 and they go, ‘let’s see, battles of Islam against Europe, let’s see we’ve got invasion at Tours,
11:13 we’ve got the invasion at Gibraltar, we’ve got Lepanto, Gates of Vienna – ok, that’s five.
11:25 You talk to a historian and those are the five battles they can scratch up.
11:33 And I remind you – you can have all of these slides if you send me an e-mail for it.
11:38 OK, what does this new data show us? It shows us this. See the white spots,
11:42 they are brand new battles and are going to change to red. The white, these are new.
11:47 Every time, I’m going to show you this all over again. Every tic is twenty years. The new battles
11:51 for that twenty year period come up in white, then they fade to red to show you the history.
12:02 So, whites are what’s happening right now, red has happened. Let’s see how these 548 battles act out.
12:14 We are going to watch in seventy seconds we’ll see twelve hundred years of conquest.
12:18 Look how fast this is happening.
12:23 Bam. You didn’t know France was hammered that hard, did you? You heard of Tours.
12:29 Watch what is happening in Spain, in the islands. Now, many of these raids and battles,
12:33 if they are at the coast line are slave raids.
12:37 The slaving that took place here was extensive and went on and on. All of this work was now. . .
12:41 we’re into the Golden Age of Baghdad. This is the punishment that
12:45 is being handed out to Christians everywhere.
12:54 In Spain, after one battle, there were, knights heads were cut off
12:58 and they made a pile so high that a man on horseback could not see over them.
13:08 All of the European civilization in North Africa is now gone.
13:16 Question from audience: ‘I have a question, have you read the thirteenth tribe?’ Reply: ‘No’.
13:22 Now pretty soon, and by the way, there will be a period of time – you can see the clock running up
13:26 here – there will be a brief blip of five battles that occur in North Africa – The Barbary Pirate Wars.
13:34 We’re on there. OK? Now then, Byzantium has fallen as Eastern Europe is being hammered.
13:38 Notice that it is relentless, it doesn’t stop:
13:54 This is the history that you are never told about.
13:58 This is the history that explains how all of this came about.
14:02 Now they are getting slower because Islam is becoming weaker.
14:19 Question from the audience: ‘Why was it becoming weaker?’ Reply:
14:24 ‘Corruption. All empires collapse from the inside, ultimately.’ OK.
14:31 I say that what caused the collapse of classical civilization was not a result of the invading
14:35 German Barbarian tribes. I say that classical civilization was destroyed by Islam.
14:45 Now comes a question. Why do we not want to know that? We are going to answer that question.
14:55 Now let me give you the headlines. With all those little dots, basically what I’ve showed you
14:58 is just ‘quantity’. OK? Relentless, but quantity.
15:02 We’ve given you twelve hundred years of battles in seventy seconds, now we’re going to go through,
15:06 in about four minutes, I’m going to give you the headlines from each century
15:10 so you’ll know the emotional tone of what is happening.
15:19 All right – seventh century. Mohammed sent Khalid out and the sword of Allah
15:23 to the Jazima tribe to offer Islam, they refused, he annihilated every one of them.
15:30 At the battle of Olayis in Iraq for two days he spent out rounding up the losers,
15:34 put them in a dry stream bed and cut off their heads until the stream ran with blood.
15:40 He then took the captain of the Zoroastrian Persian tribe, his wife was there.
15:44 He cut off the man’s head, let the blood drain into the soil and raped his wife in the bloody soil.
15:48 That was one of the companions of Mohammed.
15:55 This is the nature of jihad.
15:58 Where did Khalid learn how to do that? From Mohammed. From Mohammed at the Battle of Khaybar.
16:06 Umar conquered Jerusalem, and every Jew and Christian became a dhimmi
16:10 which is a third-class semi-slave.
16:15 For the next few centuries you are going to see ‘THE GOLDEN AGE’.
16:19 We’re taught this myth of ‘THE GOLDEN AGE’ – how wonderful Islam is.
16:23 So here is what is happening here in ‘THE GOLDEN AGE’.
16:27 They started attacking the Sind, which is the Hindus, 26,000 Hindus died.
16:33 Armenian nobles were herded into a church after a debate
16:38 and the building burned down on top of them. At Ephesus, 7000 Greeks are enslaved.
16:41 We’re still in ‘THE GOLDEN AGE’.
16:42 All new churches were ordered destroyed.
16:45 At Amorium, there was massive enslavement of all the Christians. The Egyptian Christians revolt
16:49 over the jizyah which is the dhimmi tax based on the shariah. Churches are burned, villages destroyed.
16:56 Tenth Century, we are still in ‘THE GOLDEN AGE’.
16:57 In Thessalonica, 22,000 Christians were enslaved. Christians massacred in Seville.
17:01 In Egypt and Syria, 30,000 churches destroyed. You have your religion, I have mine.
17:12 Still in THE GOLDEN AGE.
17:14 6,000 Jews of Morocco killed. Hundreds of Jews in Cordoba killed. 4000 Jews of Granada killed.
17:18 Georgia and Armenia invaded. In Hindustan 15,000 killed, a half million are enslaved.
17:22 A GOLDEN AGE is still upon us.
17:28 In Yemen, the Jews are given the choice of convert or die. Christians of Granada
17:32 are deported to Morocco. In India, many cities are destroyed under the order to convert or die.
17:36 In one town, 20,000 Hindus became slaves.
17:40 Still THE GOLDEN AGE.
17:43 50,000 Hindu slaves decided to get freedom by converting to Islam.
17:48 A new 20 year campaign created 400,000 new Muslims out of Hindus.
17:51 Buddhist monks butchered, nuns raped.
17:54 In Damascus and Safed, mass murder of Christians. Jews of Marrakesh massacred.
17:59 Tabriz – Forced conversions of Jews.
18:03 Still, we’re in THE GOLDEN AGE.
18:04 There are riots in Cairo. Churches are burned. Jews of Tabriz are forced to convert.
18:09 Tamerlane, one of the most evil men who ever lived massacred 90,000 Hindus in one day.
18:16 30,000 in another battle massacred in India in cold blood.
18:19 Another Muslim leader takes 180,000 Hindu slaves.
18:25 Oooops, we’re out of THE GOLDEN AGE. See if you can notice any change in tenor.
18:27 Tamerlane destroys another 700 villages in India. He then turned to Iraq
18:31 and destroyed the Nestorian and Jacobite Christians.
18:42 The Nestorian Christians – half of the silk trade from China was Nestorian Christian.
18:46 The Nestorian Christians had emissaries and missionaries in the Court of China.
18:50 Afghanistan was partly Christian. All right? Gone.
19:01 This is part of the destruction of the church that no one knows about.
19:07 Seven hundred years of attack, they finally destroy Constantinople.
19:10 Sixteenth Century
19:12 The son of Tamerlane destroys temples, forced conversions.
19:15 Two of his generals built two towers of human heads. Once again, you couldn’t see over them.
19:19 And then noble women, Hindu women started the practice of suttee
19:23 which was mass suicide in order not to become sex slaves inside of the sultans harem.
19:30 17th Century Jews of Yemen and Persia forced to convert. Forced conversion
19:34 of Greeks and Zoroastrian are persecuted in Persia and over half million Hindus killed.
19:44 18th Century, more Zoroastrian persecution, Jews of Jedda are expelled,
19:48 Jews of Morocco are massacred, Hindu persecution continues.
19:51 19th Century
19:53 More forced conversion of Jews in Iran, Jews of Baghdad massacred.
19:58 Oooops, quarter million Armenian Christians are slaughtered in Turkey.
20:02 Now then, in Persia, the Zoroastrians are completely annihilated.
20:03 Twentieth Century
20:07 Over one million Armenian Christians are killed. One million.
20:15 So, you now not only know the number of battles, you now see the tenor of what’s going on.
20:19 You now know quality and quantity.
20:26 Do you get the drift on how bad this was?
20:32 Now then, the establishment doctrine holds that classical collapse had nothing to do with Islam
20:36 and indeed, Islam was a source of good because the hillbilly Europeans lost their classical learning
20:40 and the shrewd, smart Arab Muslims preserved all the knowledge in THE GOLDEN AGE.
20:49 This is what is taught in our schools.
20:55 I maintain that it was annihilated by Islam.
21:00 OK, we now need – we’ve been talking about land here.
21:04 I now want to talk about water because classical civilization was based upon the Mediterranean Sea.
21:14 Egypt was part of the Mediterranean world. It was not part of the African world. OK?
21:23 Because to go from Alexandria, Egypt to Nigeria was a lifetime.
21:27 But you get on a ship and can be there in ten days.
21:32 Does this make sense? It was cheap transportation.
21:36 You could haul a ton of grain from Egypt to Rome for as much as it cost to send 75 miles by ox cart.
21:44 This is important. I’m going to be driving back on the interstate after I finish talking here.
21:48 I do not expect to be attacked or shot at, on the way. I presume that the interstate is safe travel.
21:57 It used to be that way under the Roman peace. That ended.
22:03 The importance of naval work, as many as 500 boats could be in the harbor at Constantinople.
22:07 The collapse of the freedom at sea.
22:13 Let me show you something. We know this from history. The data.
22:17 Rome used to communicate with France by boat. After Islam,
22:21 they went over land through the Alps. Why did they do that?
22:25 There was no longer freedom of the sea.
22:33 Here’s interesting – the black plague was a known problem in the Mediterranean. It used to take
22:37 four months to get from here to Constantinople because there was sea trade going back and forth.
22:45 Well, that was eliminated. So now when there was an outbreak of the black plague,
22:49 it went from harbor to harbor to harbor all around here and it took four years to get to here.
22:58 Do you see the point that I’m making? It was that little freedom of trade. As a merchant striking out to
23:02 do business, you could wind up with your ship gone, your goods gone, and you’re in chains/enslaved.
23:13 By the way, this cuts down a lot on commerce.
23:20 A brag . . . the Christians couldn’t float a plank on the inland sea.
23:25 What did this do? It isolated Europe. It impoverished Europe.
23:30 So, you know the business of the Barbary pirates? Same – Same.
23:42 It is the Sunna. ‘The Sunna’, ‘The Way of Mohammed’
23:46 There is a famous hadith which is repeated endlessly in which Mohammed awakes in a dream
23:50 and he sees his jihadists sailing the inland sea.
23:57 Islam always practices, where possible, economic warfare. Mohammed attacked caravans.
24:07 What was attacked in New York? Oooo, World Trade Center. This [Dr. Warner points to screen]
24:15 Economic warfare. I am an admirer of Islamic civilizational war methods.
24:22 They are superior to everyone else’s thinking in war. They use everything for war.
24:25 Everything, including the womb.
24:27 This was an economic jihad.
24:31 There were three. . .remember the Dark Ages? Well, there were three Dark Ages.
24:39 One in Europe – One in Turkey – One in North Africa.
24:45 You weren’t told that, were you? I wonder why?
24:49 Here we see some ruins
24:51 What is the importance of these ruins? Well, they are up and standing.
24:54 What happened to all the ruins in Rome?
24:57 Well, the people that were still living there were using them as quarries.
25:00 They harvested them. The Coliseum remained simply because it was so big.
25:05 What does this tell us here? If all this stone is still stacked up. There were no people.
25:11 The invasion of North Africa was so brutal and so fast that it actually left in the harbor a layer of silt.
25:19 Here’s how that happened.
25:22 North Africa used to be farmland, irrigated farmland.
25:26 The Romans, clever men that they were – put along the roads in North Africa,
25:30 olive trees for shade and for keeping the roads fixed for free.
25:35 Because all that happened is, you would bid on buying a lease for a stretch of Roman road
25:39 in North Africa. You maintain the olive trees and the road, and you got to keep the olives.
25:47 So, the Romans got money from selling the lease and then they got the road fixed for free,
25:51 and someone has a business making money.
25:55 Is this clever, or what?
25:59 That all ended. The invading Arabs were not farmers. They were herdsmen.
26:02 The people there were Christian, and so therefore, the goat –
26:06 the average Arab family would own fifty goats.
26:12 They put their goats out into the fields of the Christians. The Christians,
26:16 as dhimmis would have no right to protest.
26:19 Between death and the erosion of crops, there was produced a layer of silt in the harbors.
26:29 That’s how brutal, hard and fast came this collapse of the economy in North Africa.
26:35 What was left for the European economy? Furs, lumber, swords and slaves.
26:43 We’re now really getting to one of the points where we don’t want to know this history.
26:49 Anybody here, all real proud about how some of your ancestors were taken off a coast in Italy
26:53 and then put into a harem in North Africa?
26:56 And now you have children from that? Distant relations?
27:01 You see, you may have distant relations in the Arab world you don’t know about
27:05 because a million Christians were sold into slavery.
27:10 And, by the way, the Venetians helped to do that.
27:16 And another embarrassing piece of news is this, the Jews were very big
27:19 in the trans-Mediterranean slave trade.
27:22 Nobody comes out of this looking good. No one looks good.
27:26 You also begin to say, I don’t really want to know anything about this history at all.
27:32 OK? Are you catching on here?
27:37 The other thing we are told is so bad about Christianity and so pitiful
27:41 about those poor Muslims are The Crusades.
27:46 Who’s ever heard this? Well, the Christian Crusades, that’s so embarrassing. Gosh, we went out
27:50 of Europe and went over there and invaded the Arab lands and then we killed them and hurt them.
27:55 I’ve heard preachers wallow in pity about how drastically bad The Crusades were.
28:05 All right.
28:08 Islam destroyed 30,000 churches. The Jews and Christians were dhimmis.
28:11 There was infinite brutality against Christians. Christians were fleeing the Middle East.
28:15 The Byzantine emperor appealed to the Pope, ‘Help us, please.’
28:23 Now this was a big thing to do because the Byzantine emperor and the Pope
28:27 did not get along at all. But these were desperate people.
28:31 What did the Pope look out and see?
28:35 This is the world that he saw in 1100, the time of the first Crusade.
28:40 Well, let’s see, there’s much of Spain is Muslim and we’re getting our behind kicked
28:44 on a regular basis. Oh, well, this Christianity is gone. Whoops, this Christianity is gone.
28:55 And look at all the battles in the areas that are still Christian.
29:01 Do you see the geopolitical problem the Pope was facing here?
29:06 This was not just some, you know we’ll just saddle up our horses and go steal from them Arabs –
29:10 which is what you are told.
29:12 This is the political picture.
29:16 Now then, let’s look at a battle map for the Crusades. Let’s be fair,
29:20 I’ve showed you the jihad map. Now here comes the Crusade Battle map.
29:32 We’re almost done. . .that’s it.
29:39 Now we’re told that the Crusades are the moral equivalent of jihad
29:43 and therefore we need to be ashamed and whine and cry.
29:48 The Crusades were defensive. They lasted three hundred years.
29:51 The last one was over eight hundred years ago.
29:54 All the jihad was offensive, lasted fourteen hundred years and is still happening right now.
30:00 In all probability, there are Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria today.
30:07 Now, is this moral equivalence?
30:14 Why, why, why won’t they teach this in a church school?
30:20 So, the ministers will stump ‘Oh, the Crusades were just so terrible’.
30:24 No. The Crusades were one of the few times the church put steel in its spine.
30:29 Then we apologized for it.
30:32 Now then, let’s go to ‘the great benefits of Islam’.
30:36 We’re told about two different ‘Golden Ages’.
30:39 We’re told about al Andalus, the wonderful empire in Spain in which there was multicultural peace.
30:47 Jew and Christian and Muslim all lived together in a ‘Golden Age in Europe’.
30:51 You ever heard that?
30:56 This is the battle map of the ‘Golden Age in Andalus’.
31:03 Now while all this is going on, orders for slaves are being filled.
31:07 The first slave order out of Spain was the Caliph ordered up three thousand blonde virgins.
31:15 They were shipped out of Spain. Battles are going on in which Christian Knights die.
31:24 But notice something here, the Christians won’t quit fighting.
31:30 This is going to take seven hundred years and is going to be nearly two hundred –
31:34 over a hundred fifty battles fought.
31:37 A question from the audience: ‘Where was this Caliph located?’
31:40 Reply: ‘There was more than one Caliph at the time. This was a Caliph in North Africa.
31:50 Now then, looking at this, do you understand why when Isabelle and Ferdinand
31:54 were finally in full power, they told every Muslim in Spain to get out of here?
32:00 They drove everyone out.
32:05 OK. My question to you is this. Was Andalus a multicultural ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Reign of Terror’?
32:13 I claim it was a ‘Reign of Terror’ and it was not a ‘Golden Age’ at all.
32:17 And yes, there were a few people who had it good.
32:21 The elites had it good. There were some rich Jews and rich Christians that had it good.
32:27 Otherwise there was constant war and slavery.
32:29 Christians had to wear robes so that you could tell a Christian from a block away.
32:33 And a Christian couldn’t carry a sword and paid special taxes.
32:38 Then we come to the question, ‘why are we told this story?’
32:41 Now we have the Baghdad Golden Age.
32:47 Here we go. This is all the battles that were fought during the period of ‘The Golden Age in Baghdad.
32:56 Now, not only are they being as busy as they can in killing Christians, but they are
33:00 also busy establishing the shariah doctrine. They are also busy establishing the hadith doctrine.
33:04 And they are also busy doing things like slave trading. You know all those exotic photo pictures
33:08 you’ve seen of the harem. The sort of pre-Playboy sexy? Beautiful women wearing gauzy outfits.
33:20 All of those women were Christians. Less romantic sounding, isn’t it?
33:26 The other thing that is happening in Baghdad is this, a new philosophy is being generated
33:30 in which there is no cause and no effect.
33:35 This turns out to paralyze the mind.
33:41 OK. Those were all the battles that were fought during the mythical ‘Golden Age’
33:48 During the ’Golden Age’, Christians and Jews were dhimmis. Christians were sex slaves.
33:52 Here’s one that gets me. During this Baghdad ‘Golden Age’ there evolved a philosophy
33:56 in which there were no laws of nature and there was no cause and effect.
34:04 I’m a scientist. We work off of two laws. The law of contradiction – does the data contradict the data?
34:12 And the law of cause and effect.
34:15 I’ve just explained to you why in the ‘Golden Age’ you don’t find
34:18 Muslims getting Nobel prizes in science.
34:21 You cannot be a scientist and not believe in cause and effect! You just can’t. It won’t work.
34:32 Now then, the Christians did all the translation of the vaunted ‘Golden Age’ texts and, get this,
34:36 we’re told that this was such a great peak of learning? They destroyed 90% of the books.
34:40 And we’re told the remaining ten percent they preserved is like. . .
34:43 ‘Oh, this was the ‘Golden Age’. Oh, we live in eternal gratitude to the Muslims.’
34:47 If they hadn’t come along, we’d have had 100% of them!
34:55 Presented with the library in India, the largest library in the world was a Buddhist library in Nalanda.
35:04 They came to him and reported they exist after they conquered and they said,
35:07 ‘What should we do with the library?’
35:10 The order from the general was this. . .’if it contains any information that is in the Qur’an –
35:14 we already have it, burn it. If it contains any information that is not in the qur’an, it is false, burn it.’
35:24 The same was done with most all of the libraries.
35:28 Why are we told this was some wonderful ‘Golden Age’ that preserved knowledge for us?
35:33 Ottoman Empire 1683. The reason I have this up here is Islam in Europe.
35:43 That’s the world today. I’ve now explained to you how this world came about.
35:46 It came about through relentless, brutal persecution of everyone who was not a Muslim.
35:54 Now then, let’s change to modern times. All of that work stops in 1922.
35:58 This works off of a data base of 19,000 jihad attacks since 9/11.
36:03 Things like this, the date/the country/the city/how many killed/injured/and a description.
36:11 Now, when you present a guy like me with 19,000 pieces of data, I start asking questions.
36:14 How do we make this make sense? So let’s make it make sense.
36:19 By the way, you did hear about all these 19,000 attacks in the Tennessean and the local paper,
36:23 didn’t you? (audience chuckles loudly in the background)
36:25 You did hear about this, it was on the nightly news?
36:28 [A male audience member mentions he heard about Fort Hood
36:30 and a female audience member reminds him: ‘the workplace incident’.]
36:33 Oh, the workplace incident, yeah, I got that.
36:35 All right. OK. Moving along here.
36:37 This, by the way, is where all these took place, if you think that is interesting.
36:41 You’ll notice something.
36:45 This is the Islamic world and it all centers around it. But notice how much is happening in Europe?
36:50 I take the data and I parse it and I divide it. I use Islamic doctrine to analyze this data.
36:58 What does Islamic doctrine insist on?
36:59 Well, in my first lecture, I told you they are fixated on the kafir. Right?
37:03 So, I use the kafir to analyze this data from the Islamic standpoint.
37:07 See I’m the ultimate multi-culturalist. No, really. (audience chuckles)
37:13 I’m the only person you’ve ever met that analyzes Islam on the basis of Islam. Here we go.
37:18 Here we have, in the last ten years, the total number of attacks.
37:23 In the green we have Muslim-on-Muslim violence. You mean a Muslim will kill a Muslim?
37:27 (audible audience reaction) Really? They’re doing this is Syria as we speak, right?
37:34 Remember Iran and Iraq? OK.
37:37 Then we have the only one I care about. I mean, my motto here is
37:41 ‘sell weapons and intelligence to the loser.’ [audience chuckles]
37:47 I’m very serious. You think I’m joking. [audience collective response, ‘no’].
37:51 OK. Here’s our story, right here. . .it stays pretty level. That’s interesting.
37:58 By the way, there is hardly a day in which there is not a jihad attack.
38:01 Modern jihad is relentless and classical. Oh, by the way, one of the things
38:05 this curve proves right here, Islam is bad for kafirs, Islam is bad for Muslims.
38:13 Islam is bad to Muslim and non-Muslim. That’s what this data shows us. You want to argue with that?
38:20 OK. Modern jihad is relentless but what did we see in the other battle map? It was relentless.
38:26 There are two types of jihad – against kafir and against Muslim. You see, evidently to kill a Muslim –
38:30 the reason in Syria they are killing other Muslims – they are not ‘real’ Muslims. OK?
38:37 Now then, we’ve introduced however, a new phenomenon – the mom & pop,
38:41 non-state jihadi shop. OK?
38:46 All those battles up until 1922 were out of the Caliph. OK?
38:52 We now have non-state jihad. That is all that is different.
38:59 OK. Jihad attacks per year, I just chose the top four nations, but this doesn’t really give us
39:03 what we want because Israel is teeny weeny and India is great big. . .so let’s do this on per capita:
39:11 Now then, Israel? I bet you were surprised about Thailand.
39:15 You didn’t know that Thailand was getting whacked on a regular basis, did you?
39:20 And look, here’s a Christian nation, the Philippines ranks number three. In India it was Hindu.
39:24 Oooops, do you know what? I just told you jihad was against the Jew, the Buddhist,
39:28 the Christian and the Hindu.
39:32 This is the data. Now you go to these dialogues these multi-cultural snoozes
39:36 that they have with the preacher and the rabbi and the imam show up.
39:45 The preacher and the rabbi show up to tie, the Muslim shows up to win.
39:48 And then what does the Muslim tell them? ‘Oh, the Christians and the Jews,
39:52 they are the people of the book. Oh, we have – we’re brothers in the religion of Abraham
39:56 with the Christian and the Jew. You know, we’re practically the same. We’re brothers in Abraham.
40:00 How’s that stuff work out? Well, here’s one of your people of the book. Here’s another people of the
40:04 book. Turns out they’ll kill a Jew, a Buddhist, a Christian, or a Hindu just as fast as they will another.
40:14 So much for being ‘brothers in the religion of Abraham’.
40:18 The data does not support the theory, therefore the theory is wrong.
40:22 There is no brotherhood of Abraham except in the minds of the people who occupy pulpits.
40:31 The jihad is against the Jew, the Buddhist, the Christian and the Hindu and the Secularists,
40:35 by the way. The Secularists are the worst of all.
40:39 Well, maybe worse than the Hindu, well it’s hard to know. I mean really.
40:43 It’s against ALL kafirs. That’s what the jihad is against.
40:48 The Religion of Peace. Here we go:
40:50 548 battles, 19,000 jihad attacks, in twelve decades in 1400 years that are jihad free.
41:00 Therefore, Islam is 91% violence and 9% peace.
41:04 So, George Bush was 9% right when he declared Islam a religion of peace.
41:08 Constant violence is why. There is a doctrine.
41:11 The doctrine of jihad is found in the Sira, Koran and Hadith
41:14 We’ve already been over this. They don’t like kafirs.
41:19 We have a whole doctrine of jihad written in the text.
41:23 Islam was only successful through jihad, therefore, we have a doctrine
41:27 which produces jihad and it produces this effect in the collapse of civilizations.
41:34 Here we go. . .Tears of Jihad
41:37 270 million dead over fourteen hundred years. Read them and weep. The doctrine drives history.
41:44 History shows the true nature of political Islam. Political Islam is the enemy of all Kafir civilizations.
41:51 Here’s an intellectual history in fourteen hundred years. I’ve read a lot of old documents.
41:55 They never talk about the Muslim. They talk about the Arab, the Turk, the Moor,
41:59 al Qaeda, Asian. . .and it’s always been by specialists.
42:05 And today, all the establishment specialists are apologists for Islam.
42:10 Why was the qur’an code not cracked until recently? How come we don’t teach Mohammed
42:14 and why is the ‘Golden Age’ propaganda taught?
42:17 Why do we remain ignorant and keep suffering? I maintain there is a reason for this.
42:24 I maintain that this constant brutality over the centuries has produced in the Western mind
42:28 the equivalent of the abused dog, the beaten wife and the raped child.
42:33 We do not think correctly. Anybody seen the beaten dog cower when you approach it.
42:38 That is the Western mind.
42:42 We deny the attacks. How much jihad is ever reported?
42:46 The churches will not even admit that a Christian suffers anywhere.
42:50 Fear. Mohammed used fear. Any public critic of Islam, has a certain fear element there.
42:56 Guilt. ‘Oh, we haven’t treated Islam right. If we treated them better, everything would be good.’
43:02 We don’t teach the history.
43:05 We’re humiliated. Who here is going to go home to brag about how your ancestors were slaves,
43:09 how your history was annihilated and that all we teach is the lie of ‘The Golden Age’?
43:16 Have you not noticed since 9/11 how bitter and angry politics has gotten?
43:20 The reason is, we are not allowed to get angry at the enemy.
43:25 We get angry with each other.
43:27 We’re powerless. Anybody want to debate about this?
43:34 The Abuser. Muslims will not admit they sold a single slave or ever killed a person.
43:38 They are arrogant and self confident. Islam is perfect.
43:42 Islam means ‘submit’. They expect submission out of us and they get it.
43:48 Islam is the victim. After 9/11 I heard this. The real victims of 9/11 were the Muslims.
43:52 You heard that anywhere?
43:56 After fourteen hundred years of jihad brutality and slavery, theft, deception,
43:60 rape, annihilation and insults the kafir mind has become identical to that of the abused victim.
44:05 Our only solution is to face our history and welcome it and embrace it. This is exactly
44:09 the way we will heal our nation is the way we heal a person who has been brutalized.
44:20 You have to go back to the original event. And this is why we are afraid. Thank you.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/9/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/9/2012More than 50 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers are adrift in a small boat off an Indonesian island. They have run out of fuel, but refuse to leave their boat. They say they will go on a hunger strike unless they are provided with enough fuel to reach their destination, which is Australia.

In other news, the Russian government is planning to destroy plutonium from decommissioned nuclear warheads by using it to create electricity in a special new power plant.

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The Two Faces of Tahir Ul-Qadri

The Danish report below shows the two faces of Pakistani Imam Tahir Ul-Qadri, one for at home (in Urdu), and the other for when he goes out visiting among the kuffar (in English). Needless to say, the two faces say completely different things.

Watch the imam’s calm, benevolent English-language face utter all the soothing bromides that his Western listeners long to hear. Why, he’s just like Imam Rauf!

But the Urdu-speaking firebrand — that’s another matter entirely.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

P.S. I think that’s Urdu he’s speaking. If I’m wrong, please let me know.


00:00   This video makes it clear who Tahir Ul-Qadri really is. We watch what he says in Denmark. But first, the law around which all this centres.
00:08   The [Pakistani] blasphemy law, § 295C: Use of derogatory remarks, etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet:
00:12   Whoever by words, either spoken or written, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name
00:16   of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to a fine.
02:53   Now what he says to his followers. Is it true that he didn’t have a hand in Pakistan’s present blasphemy law? Is it true that the law is not applicable to non-Moslems?
02:58   I would like to lift the veil,
03:02   that this blasphemy law,
03:06   article 295C,
03:10   the law which came into existence in this country,
03:14   I would like to present to the public whose efforts have led to this law?
03:18   It was I who had this law made!
03:22   I would like to permit myself to
03:26   shed light on a number of things.
03:30   For some of our members, followers, who are members of Minhaj Ul Quran’s council,
03:34   some teachers and students who
03:38   don’t know what happened 25 to 26 years ago,
03:42   what took place in Pakistan
03:46   do not have a deep insight into this subject.
03:50   Especially the young ones. I am talking about a subject which took place 25 to 26 years ago.
03:58   The older ones will know this subject.
04:02   To blame us for blasphemy against the Prophet
04:10   is the greatest lie of this century!
04:18   My point of view was, and I managed to get this made into law,
04:23   that whoever commits blasphemy against the Prophet,
04:31   Moslem or non-Moslem, man or woman,
04:35   Jew, Christian, Hindu or whomsoever,
04:39   no matter who of them commits blasphemy, their punishment will be death!
04:43   My other point of view was that whoever apostasises from Islam
04:51   may well repent, but blasphemy against the Prophet
04:55   will not imply any possibility for repentance or forgiveness, rather, he must be executed immediately!
04:59   I am fighting a one-man fight to shut out all possibilities to commit blasphemy
05:11   And those who open their mouths,
05:15   Moslem, Jew, Christian, believer, infidel, man or woman,
05:19   will be executed like a dog!
05:23   This way, it [the law] came to be in 1985,
05:27   when I had finished my 18-hour long reasoning.
05:31   That time, it was general Zia ul-Haq who ruled, and there was a general assembly.
05:35   Time passed, 1986, 1987, and it continued like that.
05:39   Some people met with general Zia ul-Haq
05:43   who were members of the general assembly, in order to inform the general on the decision which now had been made,
05:47   after my detailed reasoning.
05:51   The [presumably sharia] court is not far from publishing the decision.
05:55   If the court manages to get this done, the general will not be acknowledged for it,
05:59   and as the general will have to accept the Hudood law,
06:03   so the general can pass the blasphemy law, together with the hudood law.
06:07   This way, it will become a parliamentary law.
06:11   Then the general will get the honour, and the people will see that he serves his religion.
06:15   So instead of the court publishing the decision,
06:19   the general can do it, on behalf of parliament.
06:24   Then, the general instructed the court to send him all the documents and the decision regarding the blasphemy law.
06:28   After having received it, he published it
06:32   as a parliamentary act.
06:36   This way, the law was passed by parliament.
06:40   What I wish to tell you is that the blasphemy law,
06:44   article 295C,
06:48   was only and entirely created by Allah through this servant and brother (me)!
06:56   Nobody else has contributed to it!