OSCE Vienna 2013, Part 5: Do British Police Enforce Sharia? (2)

This is the fifth in a series of posts on this week’s OSCE “Supplementary Human Dimension” meeting in Vienna. More will be coming later this week. See the reference to a list of links at the bottom of this post for previous articles.

The following intervention was made at yesterday’s OSCE meeting in Vienna by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on behalf of Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE). It follows up on the earlier BPE paper about the two-tier policing system in the UK, and the use of the British police to enforce sharia law.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for processing and uploading it:

For links to previous articles about the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, see the OSCE Archives.

OSCE Vienna 2013, Part 4: A Double Standard in Germany

This is the fourth in a series of posts on this week’s OSCE “Supplementary Human Dimension” meeting in Vienna. More will be coming later this week. See the reference to a list of links at the bottom of this post for previous articles.

The following intervention (official pdf version) was filed at today’s OSCE meeting in Vienna by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on behalf of Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE). It concerns the unequal treatment of anti-sharia protesters in Germany, in comparison with the leniency accorded the threats and violence by Muslims and their leftist allies.

Pax Europa

Statement by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa

OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting

Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on the Rule of Law in the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Session 1

Vienna, July 11, 2013

Copenhagen (1990) clearly stated that “participating States must ensure effectively the rights of the individual to know and act upon human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to contribute actively, individually or in association with others, to their promotion and protection.”

The OSCE reaffirms this by calling human rights defenders “the lifeblood of a vibrant civil society and the essence of any democratic society. They are our collective conscience.”

BPE recalls these words and strongly urges OSCE participating States, in particular the government of Germany, to heed them. Unfortunately, there are currently many cases that point to a worrying trend: more and more human rights defenders in Germany are physically attacked, harassed, and intimidated by both left-wing groups and the judiciary.

Some cases in point:

Michael Stürzenberger, who leads the absolutely peaceful and legal protests against a planned Islamist center in Munich on behalf of the political party DIE FREIHEIT, has been repeatedly taken to court by left-wing groups. Without a doubt, Stürzenberger is a human rights defender: he opposes the introduction of sharia law in Germany, a law that is diametrically opposed to the provisions of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Stürzenberger has been holding weekly rallies to educate the public about the implications of a „mega-mosque” in the center of Munich, financed by a foreign entity (Qatar). Week after week, Stürzenberger and his colleagues are physically attacked, spat upon, pelted with raw eggs and called all kinds of names (“Arschloch” [asshole], “idiot”, Nazi, and more).

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/11/2013

According to the American railroad company that owned the train, the fiery disaster in Lac Megantic, Quebec was caused by the engineer’s failure to set all the handbrakes properly when he parked his train at the top of a slope. Dozens of people were killed in the resulting fireball, and it is feared that most or all of the missing were reduced to ashes in the rubble of the town.

In other news, the Russian Supreme Court has upheld a law banning the wearing of veils in the country’s high schools.

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OSCE Vienna 2013, Part 3: Do British Police Enforce Sharia?

This is the third in a series of posts on this week’s OSCE “Supplementary Human Dimension” meeting in Vienna. More will be coming later this week. See the reference to a list of links at the bottom of this post for previous articles.

The following paper (official pdf version) was filed at today’s OSCE meeting in Vienna by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE). It concerns the two-tier policing system in the UK, and the use of the British police to enforce sharia law on behalf of Britain’s Muslim newcomers.

Pax Europa

Is British police enforcing Sharia law?

OSCE participating States have affirmed and reaffirmed on several occasions that “the rule of law is a fundamental pillar on which the protection of human rights rests.” Additionally, perpetrators must be offered compensation and victims of human rights abuses must be viewed as such by the state.

In an alarming development, British police and other authorities are increasingly involved in what appears like enforcing parts of Islamic Sharia law in Britain. While for good reasons this is not an officially declared policy, practices on the ground show that critics of Islam and mass immigration seem comprehensively targeted by unfair and discriminatory practices. Some examples:

On June 29th this year, Kevin Carroll was assaulted on the street in London, and subsequently arrested along with Tommy Robinson on charges of “obstructing police work”, despite video evidence that they had done no such thing. The basis for their arrest was probably that they sought to walk into the London borough of Tower Hamlets , which is considered a Muslim area, which might have led to unrest.

The Annotated Agenda notes:

“the lack of the rule of law, by elevating the risk of arbitrary action and impunity for human rights violations, create creates a climate of distrust and instability…”

The arrest by two British subjects walking the streets of London into a Muslim-controlled borough must be seen for what it is: an arbitrary arrest, eroding public trust in what used to be the highest regarded police force anywhere.

The English Defence League, an English citizens’ movement, had invited two American experts on Islam, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, to speak about the dangers of Islamization (that is, imposing Sharia law) in our societies, but were prevented from entering Britain by an open abuse of anti-terrorism laws, on the grounds that their points of view are not “conducive to the public good”.

However, as Copenhagen 1990 remarks:

“Any restriction on rights and freedoms must, in a democratic society, relate to one of the objectives of the applicable law and be strictly proportionate to the aim of that law.”

The Agenda adds that

Recent years have seen laws passed in the OSCE participating States that aim to limit the exercise of fundamental freedoms on grounds that are per se permissible. However, the potentially disproportionate extent of restrictions thus imposed is a cause for concern.

The banning of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer clearly constitutes a prime example of this “disproportionate extent of restrictions”.

This example of how the British government hampers peaceful civic society activity contrasts with this passage from the Annotated Agenda encouraging governments to empower civic society:

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OSCE Vienna 2013, Part 2: The American Response Concerning the SPLC

This is the second in a series of posts on this week’s OSCE “Supplementary Human Dimension” meeting in Vienna. More will be coming later this week. See the list of links referenced at the bottom of this post for today’s earlier article.

Update: The video of the intervention by Henrik Ræder Clausen is now available, so the post below has been refitted to include it.

The following video shows the American representative Chad Wilton responding to a question posed today by Henrik Ræder Clausen (representing ICLA) about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as part of his intervention.

You’ll notice that Mr. Wilton defends the SPLC by asserting the organization’s constitutional right to free speech. In doing so he is creating a straw man, because no one is disputing the right of SPLC representatives to say whatever they like.

The relevant point is that the federal government is using lists of “hate groups” compiled by SPLC to decide which organizations are “extremist”, and therefore need to be monitored and surveilled (and possibly audited by the IRS).

The further point is that the Department of Homeland Security funds studies based on SPLC blacklists — of who is an extremist under their definitions of extremism — that are created without accountability using opaque methodology. This process not only violates the basic rights of the groups so targeted, it is actually contrary to federal law.

More can be said about the Southern Poverty Law Center. But first, let’s hear what Chad Wilton, representing the government of the United States at the OSCE meeting in Vienna, has to say.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for recording these videos, and to Vlad Tepes for processing and uploading it:

Intervention by Henrik Ræder Clausen:

Chad Wilton’s answer:

ICLA notes concerning the intervention:

Henrik Ræder Clausen points out that the situation may be worse in Britain than elsewhere, but it is not unique, as other Western countries suffer similar problematic law enforcement. He adds that Leftist groups, violent in the streets or wielding undue influence behind the scenes, are corrupting what used to be a sound Rule of Law in the West.

US representative Chad Wilton comes to the defence of Southern Poverty Law Center in response to the ICLA criticism, stating that as an NGO, it has the full First Amendment right to say whatever it pleases. Unfortunately he does not address the point of undue political influence that was the core issue raised by ICLA.

By using data supplied by the SPLC, the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security rely on a very wealthy private non-profit group — that functions entirely without government oversight — to determine what is a “hate” group or “extremist” group. The SPLC’s listing (without the power of law or any published definition) of “hate groups” and “extremists” is used for government-funded studies and statistics-gathering to determine threats of domestic terrorism. With a small exception for the indigenous “Nation of Islam,” SPLC includes no Islamic groups that either explicitly or tacitly endorse jihad in their roster of “hate groups” and “extremists”.

Under our First Amendment, the SPLC can call any group a hate group. They hand out these labels, however, with no definitions, no oversight, and no right of appeal. This is not a problem if they are just some wacky left-wing group sounding off in order to raise money by frightening rich liberals into thinking that the country is in imminent danger from “right wing hate groups”.

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Shooting the Messenger

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Shooting the Messenger
by Fjordman

On June 26, 2013, the newspaper VG in Norway published a full-length essay by Kjetil Jakobsen, a historian of ideas, who directly compared me to the senior Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler and the exceptionally brutal SS. He declared with certainty that I represent a “modernized Nazism,” nothing more and nothing less than that.

As it happens, on that very same day, the United Kingdom barred entry for two activists engaged in combating the real, Islamic Nazi movement of our age. The high-profile American authors and bloggers Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were told by British authorities that they could not gain entry to the UK because their anti-Islamic views are “not conducive to the public good.” These two entirely peaceful anti-sharia advocates had planned to join Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll of the EDL in laying flowers at the site of the soldier Lee Rigby’s public murder and beheading by a Jihadist thug in Woolwich, London, in honor of Armed Forces Day.

What these two seemingly unrelated events have in common is the phenomenon known as “shooting the messenger”; that is, blaming those who bring bad news for creating it in the first place. If you warn against rising tensions and violent threats due to Muslim immigration, fingers are quickly pointed at you for causing these sad developments, especially by those who have done the most to promote policies leading to this result.

On June 25, 2013, Norway’s Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik, whose family is of Pakistani Muslim descent, published an essay in the daily VG. In it, she claimed that she’s in favor of free speech and supports the grant given to me by Fritt Ord, the Freedom of Expression Foundation in Norway, for my upcoming book about the Breivik case, Witness to Madness. That’s nice, of course, although it’s unclear why senior government representatives should have an opinion about how a private organization such as Fritt Ord choose to spend their own money.

Coincidentally, in January 2013 the same Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik from the Labour Party strongly denounced political rivals such as the deputy leader Per Sandberg and others from the Progress Party. They had dared to question the direct support given by all of the country’s taxpayers to the Norwegian Centre against Racism, despite their lack of political balance. The left-wing Minister of Culture considered it “a serious attack on freedom of speech” if organizations with pronounced left-wing sympathies cannot receive public funding.

Apparently, you can only have real “freedom of speech” and be truly “independent” if you are funded directly by the taxpayers for your activities, although for some reason, this rule does not seem to apply to organizations that are critical of mass immigration. They are frequently classified and mapped as “haters” or “extremists” by state-funded organizations. Minister Tajik disingenuously emphasized that the Centre against Racism supposedly represent “innovation,” although they have merely parroted the same message again and again for decades, regardless of how many problems mass immigration has actually caused in real life.

In her VG essay from June 2013, Tajik stated that what she feared the most was not my allegedly horrible viewpoints but her own inability to counter my arguments, which is a remarkable admission. The Minister of Culture spent the rest of the essay harping on what a dangerous and loathsome “extremist” I am.

She used the expression “det gode selskap” about those who agree with her views. This might be translated to English as “polite society,” but it’s stronger than that, and in this case tends to mean simply “those who are good.” I looked for traces of irony in the text but couldn’t find any. Neither did others who read it. Apparently, the Minister of Culture in all seriousness defined those who agree with her views on Multiculturalism, Islam and mass immigration as the “good” people. Does that make those who disagree with her evil?

Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik from the Labour Party emphasized that it’s necessary for the democratic system to defend itself against “attacks” from evil people like me. The newspaper VG published an editorial saying essentially the same thing a few days earlier. That Tajik may disagree with some of my views and voice her opinion on this is just fine with me, but it should be taken into account that she stated this as a sitting Minister representing the largest political party in Parliament, not as a private citizen. Should senior government representatives go after individual citizens with no criminal record to publicly define them as beyond the pale?

In my case, it wasn’t the first time that this had happened, either. For instance, the State Secretary Torgeir Larsen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing Labour in the political leadership and arguably number two in the Ministry after the Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide, in November 2012 wrote an essay for the national daily Dagbladet. He there warned that Europe today is allegedly filled with hatred.

State Secretary Torgeir Larsen argued that anti-Islamic “hate” is increasing in Europe. Symptomatically, he said virtually nothing about limiting the mass immigration that is causing rising tensions, but focused instead on a collaboration to combat irrational hate spread by “Fjordmen.” This strategy entailed using public money to educate 50 bloggers to counter any anti-Islamic “hate” they might encounter on the Internet.

The State Secretary and many others like him seem to be unaware of the third law of motion, published by the young Englishman Isaac Newton in his Principia as far back as in 1687. It states that force equals counterforce and that action equals reaction. This is not politics; it is physics. When people are being displaced from their own lands by other ethnic groups then it is normal human behavior to react to this. If the ruling political elites are worried about rising tensions over mass immigration then they must do what they can to halt the mass immigration that is causing this. Deal with the fundamental problem; don’t just complain about the symptoms.

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OSCE Vienna 2013, Part 1: Introduction

Today was the opening day of the annual Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting in Vienna of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Henrik Ræder Clausen, and Harald Fiegl attended the event representing Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE), a German/Austrian civil liberties organization, and the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA).

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan has just begun, and as a possible consequence, there were fewer Muslims (if any) at today’s OSCE meeting. This gave the opponents of shariah more scope to make their views known. The BPE/ICLA team spoke several times today, and filed a paper and an intervention (which will be presented here later this afternoon). The proceedings were videotaped, and excerpts will be available in due course.

In the meantime, here are a few photos sent by Henrik:

Henrik Ræder Clausen, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and Harald Fiegl

The official opening

The UK representative and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Below are excerpts from the OSCE press release from before the conference:

Rule of law in promoting and protecting human rights focus of OSCE meeting in Vienna

VIENNA, 10 July 2013 — Representatives from the 57 OSCE participating States, civil society and international organizations will meet in Vienna tomorrow for a two-day conference on the rule of law as a cornerstone of human rights protection.

The participants at the meeting, which has been organized jointly by the Ukrainian 2013 OSCE Chairmanship and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), will identify challenges faced by the Organization’s participating States and discuss how they can be addressed effectively while ensuring the full protection of human rights in line with OSCE commitments.


The agenda and further information is available at: www.osce.org/event/shdm_2013

And a press release after the opening of the first day of the conference:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/10/2013

Indian Mujahideen, the terror group that claimed responsibility for last Sunday’s bomb attack on the sacred Buddhist site Bodh Gaya, says that its next target will be Mumbai. Four men have been detained for questioning in connection with the nine blasts, based on CCTV footage of the Mahabodhi Temple just before the explosions.

In other news, the Danish People’s Party is demanding that the dates of Ramadan in Denmark be changed so that the holy month always falls in the summer holiday, thereby avoiding the problems that inevitably arise when it falls during the school year.

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Intra-Ethnic Child Mugging in Oslo

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from VG.no about a subtle shift in the pattern of child muggings in the Oslo suburbs.

The translator provides some brief background information on the author of the article:

Aslak Nore is a member of the ‘clique’ of Norwegian liberals, and is influential in the media and social media. He is a former soldier and an author of spy novels, and somewhat of an intellectual darling of the cultural elite in Norway.

He is also the person who physically attacked Simen Sætre, the man who wrote the recently-published biography of Fjordman. Sætre was actually slapped in the face by Aslak Nore on stage at a literary event in Norway, because Nore felt that the author was rude to him. This incident received a lot of media attention in Norway at the time.

The translated article:

Similar children make better muggers

Once again Oslo is being haunted by a wave of child-muggings, but unlike in the past these muggings are a symptom of the ethnically segregated capital.

By Aslak Nore

Child-muggings. Back when I was growing up, the mere utterance of the word made parents shudder and teens sweat. Everybody had experienced being mugged; many even several times. It could happen on the subway, in the playground or in the city.

Muggings in Oslo West

It almost always occurred in the same manner: a bunch of guys would surround you. They would ask you what the time was. They would then insist on “frisking” you; for some reason they always chose to use the language of the police. Then you’d normally have no other option than to hand over your valuables. Did the muggers come from different cultural background? Yes, most of the time, but the victims also knew to be extra wary of the ethnic Norwegian members of the gangs because they always felt the need to prove themselves.

Lately I’ve been reading about a new wave of child muggings in Oslo. This spring an increasing number of child muggings have been reported to the police, and after a major crackdown, the police have finally managed to solve these cases. But the fear is still present amongst the youngsters in the affected neighborhoods. Young people talk about how to make themselves more inconspicuous and unattractive for the muggers, and claim that a stint in a police holding cell has become somewhat of a status symbol.

It seems to be a case of history repeating itself. From the mid 1990’s until today, we have heard of and in many cases even personally been affected by the waves of child muggings. Both the victims and the perpetrators have the same mentality as before.

Upon closer inspection, however, the recent waves of muggings differ from those in the past. The muggings of the past affected mostly children from the affluent areas of the western parts of Oslo. The usual hot spots were Bogstadsveien, Majorstuen and the subway stations in the west. At the turn of the millennium things got so bad that the police station at Majorstua launched “Operation Child Mugging”. That’s how they managed to solve the problem.

The recent wave of muggings has occurred on the other side of town. For all I know they probably still also occur on the west side, but the majority of the reported cases have occurred in the city center and in the eastern neighborhoods, in Bjerke and Stovner in Groruddalen. This is an sign of a new and disturbing trend.

Cleaned up

I was living in New York City when I first started looking into youth crime in Oslo. The city (NYC) had managed to drastically reduce crime following the peak year of around 1990, but it still had crime figures that were well above those of Oslo. A decline in murders from nearly 3000 per year to 500 was undoubtedly very impressive, but still it was well above Norwegian levels (Norway has half the population and approximately 40 murders per year).

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The Last Kafir of Buckinghamshire

Picture a tiny traditional village set in the idyllic English countryside, inhabited by native English people, with nary a culture-enricher in sight.

Now picture a small group of determined Muslims who set up a base there with the ready acquiescence of the naïve village authorities.

We all know what happens next: the arrival of more Muslims with their wives and children. Then comes the issuing of requests (later demands) for special concessions and accommodations by the locals. Next the neighbors of the mosque (for such it is, no matter that it is called an “Islamic center”) are intimidated into selling their properties at bargain-basement prices. The process is repeated as often as necessary until what was once an English village becomes a rural Muslim enclave.

We know that’s what will happen, but the chairman of the Parish Council hasn’t a clue.

Our English correspondent Beth Baron had compiled a report on the planned stealth takeover of Fulmer in Buckinghamshire by a Shia sheikh and his cronies.

The last Kafir of Buckinghamshire
by Beth Baron

Yasser al-Habib, the Shia ‘hate Sheik of the Home Counties’[1] has set up a power base in a quaint and pretty Buckinghamshire village named Fulmer, amid fears that he is stoking up Sunni versus Shia tensions on a global scale that could ultimately play out in this quintessentially English enclave.

In an empty, barn-like building previously owned by the Plymouth Brethren (a Christian Evangelist movement) and now the Al Muhassin Mosque, the Sheikh has also established Fadak TV, a satellite channel that broadcasts his hate-fuelled and divisive messages to his followers around the world.

Sheikh al-Habib has a chequered past. He was imprisoned in Kuwait in 2003 for verbally attacking Sunni leaders and advocating extreme views which strongly criticized the Sunni sect of Islam as well as calling Aisha (Mohammed’s child bride) ‘an enemy of God’.[1] He has been in Britain since 2004 after his Kuwaiti citizenship was revoked.

Sheikh Habib, who insists that musical instruments are un-Islamic, has also preached that infants are sorted at birth by a ‘devil’ who indecently assaults ‘Nawasib’ or heretic children’[2]

He has also caught the attention of Ofcom, the communications regulator, for a televised sermon he made in which he questioned the sexuality of a Sunni successor to the Prophet Mohammed. While his TV station was not found to be in breach of the broadcasting code, it received strong guidance in relation to future broadcasts and it is being closely monitored to ensure its compliance.

The Sheikh has no immediate plans to make any structural or cosmetic changes to the building, but he has stated that he may apply to ‘Islamify’ it at a future date.[1] His ambitions, however, do not stop there — he has plans to ‘take over’ the entire village.[1]

His Eminence also encouraged all believers to make the effort to inhabit the areas surrounding it to help transform it into a ‘true Islamic village’. Moreover, his Eminence informed the believers that efforts are being made to establish an Islamic Shia school and seminary of traditional Islamic learning in the future.[1]

Quite where all this will leave the present community of 500, their church, the Black Horse Pub, the tiny primary school and the life of the village — which has frequently won the award for ‘Best Kept Village’, and holds regular events such as the annual village fete with pub BBQ and a Christmas party, as well as boasting its own cricket team — seems unclear. However from what ‘his Eminence’ has said the indigenous inhabitants with their long history, culture and traditions (dating back to 1198) are clearly an impediment to his plans, and like a conqueror of old he is ready to sweep them away and impose an entirely new and alien identity on the village.

Al-Habib has made no secret of his plans; his public declarations of his intentions should have set alarm bells ringing. However, Pauline Vahey, Chairman of the Parish Council, has unreservedly welcomed the newcomers, their mosque, the hate Sheikh and his contentious and potentially dangerous satellite TV channel into her sleepy and vulnerable village

The inhabitants of Fulmer (including the Parish Council) would benefit greatly from knowing that one of the ways that Shia Muslims differentiate themselves from Sunnis is by practicing self-flagellation. Self-flagellation ceremonies using razors, swords and hooked chains are held during the annual Ashura Festival.

During these ceremonies children’s and babies’ heads may also be cut. Ashura is a day of commemoration for the death of Imam Hussein, the prophet’s grandson, who was killed in battle in 680 AD. It holds greater significance for Shia Muslims than Sunnis. The acts of self-flagellation are an expression of regret and guilt for not having saved him. The death of Hussein is widely seen as the cause of the split between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Whilst not all Shias engage in the practice of self-flagellation It is worth noting that Sheikh al-Habib was a student of Ayatollah Hussaini Shirazii. Shirazi is a strong proponent of self-flagellation during Ashura including tatbir (the hitting of heads with swords to cause bleeding) Taken from an interview on his official website he makes the following comments:

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Charlie Hebdo is at it Again

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to controversy. It has got itself in trouble in the past by printing cartoons of Mohammed (including some of a naked prophet), and last year published a comic book chronicling the life of Mohammed. Its publisher was prosecuted (and acquitted) for some of those Motoons, and the magazine’s editorial offices were firebombed.

Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover illustration takes a poke at the current mayhem in Egypt:

The main text reads:

“Killing in Egypt — The Koran is s**t — It doesn’t stop bullets”

There is a further pun on the word balles (bullets), which is roughly equivalent to the British slang term “bollocks”. Americans would probably use “bull***t” in the same circumstances.

And all this on the first day of Ramadan! What calumny!

Needless to say, massive steaming piles of opprobrium are being heaped on Charlie Hebdo by the usual suspects. According to ANSAmed:

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Waking up the English Middle Class

The Blog of The Re-Enlightenment has published an excellent article entitled “Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson” about the EDL and the necessity for the English middle class to wake up to the dangers of Islamic supremacism.

One of the difficulties in building a broad-based British political movement to resist Islamization is the reluctance (or should I say obstinacy?) of middle-class Britons to have anything to do with a phenomenon that is spearheaded by the working class.

We can only hope that this article is a bellwether of things to come. The author is a self-described “privately educated, second generation immigrant, middle class lawyer who lives in a big house with a small mortgage”.

Below are some excerpts from a much longer piece:

I wrote a post last week called “Time to be honest about the English Defence League”, in which I expressed some frank views about the EDL and its leader Tommy Robinson, and since then I’ve been regretting it. Not because I was too honest but because I wasn’t honest enough.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about everything more carefully and I’ve watched a number of clips of Robinson on YouTube. In short I’ve been completely blown away by his bravery, his commitment, his intelligence and his integrity. I really think it’s about time everyone started taking him seriously for what he is, which is a political activist of the highest calibre.

There are dozens of things on the internet but these are the ones I watched. I really hope you commit some of your time to watching them (the second one is audio only). If you don’t then I can’t see how you can dismiss Robinson so lightly.

Robinson is completely committed to defeating Islamism. We all know he has a dodgy past but that’s nothing unique amongst the general population and it’s certainly nothing unique amongst political activists. His past doesn’t disqualify him from speaking out against Islamism and it doesn’t make his opinions any less valid.

We forget that taking part in an institutional system of rules-based theft is no disqualification to sitting in either of our legislative chambers, or that being violent in a Houses of Parliament bar (twice) merely makes an elected public official an eccentric character, or that committing criminal damage as an undergraduate at Oxford University provided you’re wearing a nice suit and you’ve had the finest education money can buy, and smoking cannabis at Eton College, is no disqualification to becoming prime minister of the United Kingdom. Yet criminal convictions are an automatic bar to disapproving of ruthless, totalitarian ideologies.

Robinson’s real crimes are not actual crimes, though. I can’t stand class-based victim narratives but even I have to conclude Robinson has committed the ultimate crime of being a working class white lad and expecting to have an opinion on Islamism, which will be the defining issue of the century people reading this blog post will die in. I dismissed Robinson because of his background and because of the EDL’s image. I should have known better than to be such a snob.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/9/2013

Overnight last night more than 300 additional illegal immigrants arrived on the island of Lampedusa in three different boats. Pope Francis visited the island yesterday to express his solidarity with the oppressed migrants, but the timing of the new wave of arrivals may be just a coincidence.

In other news, the global market for German exports seems to be in the process of collapsing, which may become an issue in the upcoming elections.

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“This Is Who We Are”

Paul Weston, standing in front of Salisbury Cathedral, talks about the origins of British culture, Western Civilization, and the collaboration of the Left with Islamic fundamentalists with the aim of destroying Britain:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.