Miklós Maróth: The Islamic State is Already in Europe

A couple of weeks ago we posted a video of an interview with Professor Miklós Maróth, a Hungarian orientalist. The article below is a longer and more detailed interview with the professor on the same topic, originally published at 888.hu.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

Miklós Maróth: The Islamic State is already in Europe

Interview with 888.hu by Viktor Attila Vincze

The Islamic State can be defeated militarily in 2017, but it does not eliminate terrorism, declared Miklós Maróthi to 888.hu. According to the academic and orientalist professor, European leaders should be aware of the fact that the Islamic State is already is here in Europe, because a fully Islamic infrastructure has emerged around mosques. Although Europe has lost all religious and cultural backbone, the migrant masses are proudly Islamic.

888.hu: When will the war in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State end, which according to many has now partly widened out to a civilizational collision between Islam and the Christian world? Could 2017 be the end of the war and related terrorist attacks?

Miklós Maróth: We must not forget that in 2011, Western countries and some Sunni countries initiated the civil war inside Syria. Today, those countries who were responsible for the outbreak of civil war — are shedding crocodile tears — when they refer to the damage to humanitarian principles in Syria, in connection with the war. We are mainly talking about the United States, Britain and France, who ignored the results of the elections in Syria and wanted to achieve the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad. In addition to this, this was an intervention by Western countries, which the Middle East countries assessed as an attack by Christians, while Christianity in fact had nothing to do with this. As a consequence of the intervention, the Islamic State was established and a number of other extremist Muslim militant groups created, all of them then carrying out terrorist attacks. These groups in response then turned against the Christian world. These extremist groups will likely be defeated militarily by the allied forces in this year, but as a result the members of these groups will scatter. Because the motives driving these groups will not disappear at the end of the war, so these extremist Islamist groups in other forms or under other names can be expected to operate and will continue primarily to commit acts of terrorism if they have the opportunity. If they make it to Europe, they will carry out terrorist acts here.

888.hu: Will the occupation of Aleppo bring the possibility of settlement of the situation in Syria significantly closer? What settlement is expected, if Russia, Iran and Turkey are able to reach a peace agreement about the region?

Miklós Maróth: With the presence of the Russians, we must mention a rarely known fact, that historically they are the protectors of Christian communities in the Middle East. We must note the important circumstance that a Shi’ite government is in power in Syria. The Shi’ites were a minority, and without the Christians they could not stay in power. So when the Russians sided with the Syrian government, they actually just fulfilled their historical role and helped Bashar el-Assad. Based on the recent past, I can definitely say that the Russian military intervention in Syria was successful, with the result that they now managed to align with the Turks, who were previously fighting against Assad and the Iranians, but now support Assad, to combine their efforts to fight against the Islamic State. As a result of the success of the Russian military intervention, a change in the regional military and diplomatic power relations was shown, when at the end of December an international conference was held in Moscow to resolve the situation in Syria, and they did not invite the United States, and the Western States that had previously been in Geneva failed to bring together a similar conference. Only Russia and its allies Syria, Iran and Turkey have the necessary initiative and the ability to settle the conflict in Syria; the United States and its allies are no longer considered an indispensable force. Russian-Turkish-Iranian military and diplomatic cooperation now seems capable of clearing out the outskirts of Damascus and cleaning up Idlib province and ending the civil war. Every analysis shows that in the near future, when the Syrian army recaptures Aleppo, it will free up its forces to fight the Islamic state, Al-Nusra Front and their allies in the countryside. Compared to the fight in urban areas, in an open terrain the government forces have superior firepower over the rebels. This will result an even faster collapse of the radical Islamic rebel forces. To add to this, when the rebels were pushed out of Aleppo, their supply of weapons was cut off. In Aleppo there were some so-called moderate groups — as the Americans called them — but they actually only existed on paper. However, in Idlib province, to which the government forces are now turning, there have never been such forces, not even on paper, so the Western countries can no longer provide weapons on this front to the Islamic extremists. An interesting lesson from Syria is that those countries that believed they have the right to intervene in Syria’s internal affairs now have to confront the failure they achieved with a nearly seven-year war that they sparked off. Syria is in ruins, with four hundred thousand dead, seven million people displaced, three million people living abroad in exile — half the population of Syria is now homeless. For what happened, the makers of this conflict [Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Soros — translator] should assume responsibility, to face up to their conscience, if they were willing to do so.

888.hu: Turkey is a Sunni-majority country as well as a state that wants to recover its Ottoman superpower status, while at the same time being a NATO member. What role may it be seeking in the Syrian war, in Iraq and in the region?

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Fomenting Jihad in the Big House

The following article from Il Giornale concerns the hardened mujahideen in Italian prisons who function as imams and “radicalize” their fellow prisoners.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Killers, Thieves and Terrorists: Here are the imams inside the prisons

The secret intelligence dossier on the Muslim prisoners in Italian penitentiaries: The names and the stories of the 26 most dangerous preachers. And some of them will be free within one year.

They are drug dealers, rookie terrorists, rapists and robbers. They are the so-called imams on whom the 7,646 Muslim prisoners in Italian prisons rely for prayers and religious practices. The disquieting blockbuster emerges from a secret document from our government, of which Il Giornale obtained a copy.

A dossier in which not only particulars and the origins of the 148 self-styled imams, in large part Moroccans, Tunisians, and Algerians, who control the prayers in Italian prisons, but also the details about how they are observed and described by operators of the prison authority.

The document, dated 11 October 2016, is one of the 11 “secrets” included in that report on “Combatting the violent radicalization in prison within the religious matrix”, prepared by the Department of Prison Administration and presented by Premier Paolo Gentiloni at a January 6 press conference on the spread of fundamentalism in penal institutions. In publishing the document, Il Giornale has decided not to divulge the details of all 148 imams because many of them, notwithstanding their convictions, are not deemed dangerous at the final (stage) of radicalization, and sometimes facilitate cooperation between the prison administration and the prisoners. The same cannot be said of at least 26 “bad mentors” who have come to the attention of Nic (Central Investigative Unit), the central investigative arm of the Prison Administration, which works with magistrates, police forces and secret services to identify the radicalized prisoners who proselytize inside the prisons, propagating violent and extremist themes.

In analyzing their positions, Nic specifies three levels of risks. The first, defined as “high”, include “monitored subjects”. The prisoners jailed for crimes connected to international terrorism are those of particular interest for their stances on radicalization and recruitment. At the “medium” level are placed prisoners who deserve attention, are close to the jihadist ideology and are active at the level of proselytizing and recruitment. The third “low” level includes the so-called “singled out”, all those on whom further study is done to see whether they should be placed in the first or second level or exempted from additional scrutiny. Among the 26 out of 148 imams investigated by Nic, fourteen are “monitored subjects” — at the level of maximum risk, eight “deserve attention” and four are “singled out”.

An extremely worrisome fact, because it tells us that within a prison system, where the risk of radicalization is high enough already, more than twenty prayer leaders close to Islamic terrorism continue to operate. Twenty persons to whom, notwithstanding their designations, are still allowed to engage in the activities of proselytizing and preaching.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/18/2017

Record numbers of Hungarian secondary school students are signing up to join the new border patrol service as soon as they finish school. The government is recruiting in the schools for the “border hunter” units that patrol the country’s southern border with Serbia.

In other news, Manchester United has become the first British football club to hire a full-time counter-terrorism manager.

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Zineb el-Rhazoui: “Islamic Law is the Territory of War and of Jihad”

Last fall we featured an interview with Zineb el-Rhazoui, a young French writer who was born in Morocco. She left Islam at an early age, and is now a secular atheist. In January 2015 Ms. El-Rhazoui was working for the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo at the time of the jihad massacre. However, she was not present at the editorial meeting targeted by the attackers, and so escaped the slaughter.

In the following video, Ms. el-Rhazoui talks about her new book, the terrorist attacks in Paris, and the Islamization of France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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A Review of Guillaume Faye’s “Understanding Islam”

Long-time readers will remember Seneca III’s reviews of Guillaume Faye’s books (see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). The essay below by Thomas Bertonneau is a review for Gates of Vienna of Mr. Faye’s latest book.

Guillaume Faye’s Understanding Islam, A Review

by Thomas F. Bertonneau

Guillaume Faye’s Understanding Islam (Arktos 2016) will exercise a compelling power over many readers who, committing themselves to encompassing it, will plough through its nearly three hundred pages in a single sitting. Immensely insightful and quotable, Faye’s book will inform public debate about the place of Islam, if any, in the West, and it will influence the character of Western policy towards the Muslim world; other writers will cite it, and it bids fair to become a standard guide and reference for its topic. Understanding Islam ought to be made mandatory reading for State Department functionaries under the incoming Donald Trump administration — so effective is Faye’s prose in bulldozing through the utopian fantasies and politically correct clichés that encrust Western perception and comprehension of the Mohammedan cult. Best of all would be that Mr. Trump familiarized himself with Faye’s exposition, so as to clarify his good instincts and resolve him to swift action in defense of the North American chapter of Western civilization, as he assumes the presidential office. But that would undoubtedly be asking for too much.

In addition to explaining the desert cult in plain language to his readers, Faye relentlessly exposes Western liberal and multicultural collaboration with Islam, in both the ideological and practical-political domains. Finally, Understanding Islam realistically assesses the strengths and weaknesses of both the West and Dar al Islam in the present state of their fateful clash.

Faye takes as an important recurrent theme in his suite of chapters (six of them — plus a “conclusion”) what one might call the phenomenology of Islam; or, as best it can be reconstructed, Islam as understood from the inside out. From among the ways in which Islam so strongly differs from most if not all other religions, Faye singles out its relentless suppression of subjectivity, hence also of individuality and therefore any possibility of comprehending anything outside itself. Faye brings to bear on Islam the description of a “locked religion” rooted in the believer’s ceaseless incantatory repetition of scriptural formulas whose guiding rule prohibits their interpretation. Repeat, repeat — only repeat. Because Islam emerged in the cultural matrix of a largely oral society, that of the desert-wandering Bedouin of the Arabian Peninsula, its scriptural status requires a descriptive qualification. The Muslim has historically and typically encountered the Koran — the supposed revelation of Allah to Mohammed via the medium of the Archangel Gabriel — in the form of recitation, which he then laboriously memorizes. In certain cases, outside the domain of the Arabic language, the Muslim never even understands the verses that he commits to heart, phoneme by phoneme, but learns of their content through instruction in a local vulgate. Although the literacy of the Muslim world has increased through the centuries, the habit and mentality of oral transmission by rote and repetition still inform the mental cast of that world. This fact has important phenomenological consequences.

Faye writes in Chapter I of Understanding Islam that, in the first place, Islam’s sacred book the Koran corresponds in its disorganization and randomness to no logical or even chronological order. The Koran thus stands in stark contrast to the exposition of Platonic theology in Plato’s Timaeus, the story of the Hebrews in the Old Testament, or the story of Christ in the New Testament. The Koran’s illogicality and arbitrariness reveal, however, the book’s essential character and purpose: To impose on the captive mind a set of dogmatic and totalizing demands that obliterate any nascent sense of individuality or selfhood. While Muslims declare the Koran a perfect text, they nevertheless require a large number of supplementary rules for explaining away its irresolvable contradictoriness. Faye offers as a primary example “the notion of ‘abrogating’ and ‘abrogated’ Suras.” Chronologically later verses of the Koran abrogate or nullify chronologically earlier verses, but difficulties beset the judgment of which verse abrogates another and which stands abrogated, because the Suras obey no consistent temporal precedence. Moreover, the applicability of any Sura is situational. “Depending on the circumstances,” Faye writes, “some Suras apply whereas others do not,” a fact that in his observation “is completely incompatible with the supposed divine and absolute nature” of Islam’s holy book.

In Faye’s view, no active or independent mind could come to terms rationally with the Koran. Rather, acceptance of the Koran by a rational person would require his relinquishment of rationality; the Koran indeed functions as a bludgeon for the suppression of rationality in its nascent state before it can consolidate itself as one of the foundations of genuine subjectivity.

The Koran in Faye’s characterization “targets uneducated and semi-educated populations,” over whom, because it “provides solutions to everything,” it exercises “great appeal.” In a remarkable phrase, Faye describes Koranic instruction as “the ingurgitation of dogmas, rules, rigid prohibitions and mental associations that extirpate every principle of free inquiry… and permeate the mind with the idea that Islam is a revealed and indisputable truth that must be embraced by all of mankind and whose destiny is to dominate the whole planet.” In suppressing rationality and subjectivity, Koranic instruction simultaneously assimilates the pupil to the view of himself as the bearer of a doctrine whose success Allah himself has foreordained. As he submits to Islam, the Muslim nourishes himself on a heady sense of rising in moral stature above the benighted portion of humanity, the Dar al Harb.

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The Wrong Dead People

The following essay about the lack of a national commemoration of the jihad attack on the Christmas market in Berlin is from Cicero Online, a monthly German magazine on political and cultural issues. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

The wrong dead people

by Alexander Kissler

In the heart of the capital city twelve people were murdered. An official commemoration is lacking. But a society that does not honor its dead will lose its humanity.

If it is true that the state of civilization is measured by how said civilization handles its dead, then we are looking into a grim future. We have unlearned how to grieve. Sure, there is no lack of public tears; the separation from a partner is sobbed over as much as the closing of a favorite club or an unjust dismissal from a job. Communal grief over bereavement, however, is being made taboo. Because they were all our dead, they shall be nobody’s dead. We shall not think of them, because all of us were intended: This sad chorus suppresses commemoration for the victims at the Berlin Breitscheidplatz.

On December 19th — one has to remember — 12 people were murdered by a previously convicted Tunisian Islamist who was living in Germany illegally. In addition to the dead, there were also 56 injured, of whom twelve were seriously injured victims. Their lives will never again be the same. They will carry heavy scars on body and soul. Even the outwardly uninjured witnesses of the attack are victims. Those who saw and heard and smelled how next to them bones broke, skin burst, blood sprayed — they, too, will be marked for the rest of their lives. And to them all the State and the Government say: Personally unfortunate, tragic, terrible; sure, but you’ll have to cope with it alone, on your own.

Empty words

How else can it be explained that the Government after the attack in the capitol city was unwilling to hold a public commemorative service? That they held a silent participation at a remembrance service at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial Church on the 20th of December, and left it at that? There, in the first row, stood Norbert Lammert [president of the Bundestag], Angela Merkel [chancellor], and Joachim Gauck [president of the Bundesrepublik] holding hands, feigned dismay on their faces. And the same thing was done in the choir room a Catholic and an evangelical bishop, a rabbi and an imam. And that was all. To this day.

Rather not break wind

This enacted program of speechlessness was exceeded only by the silence after the Istanbul attack a year ago almost to the day. Eleven of the twelve victims of the attack were Germans; the injured and the witnesses don’t make much of a statistic, but they are victims of Islamism nonetheless. The fact that they were targeted because they were a Western group of tourists, that we have to speak of elimination of racism in concomitance with religious terrorism, that with those German tourists an almost immaculate representative sample of our society was killed, and that ultimately the larger We of the mobile, travel-loving, likable Germans were the target: nothing of that is spoken about. There’s an impression as if the official institutions were bashful about the violence incurred, as if the monstrosity of German victims embarrassed them: We’d rather not break wind.

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The DDR Moves North to Finland

When I was a kid back in the sixties, before détente took hold, we learned in school about social and political oppression behind the Iron Curtain. East Germany — the DDR — was often cited as an example of how vile the state could be in its enforcement of ideological conformity: children in the DDR were encouraged to snitch on their parents to the communist authorities. If a kid heard his mother or father express counterrevolutionary thoughts, and then turned the parent in to the police for remedial action, the child would receive an award in school and the accolade of his teachers and peers.

Horrible, eh? It’s a good thing the era of such abominations has passed!


Check out this state propaganda from Finland, in which a little girl reports her mother to the “police lion” for expressing politically unacceptable thoughts on Facebook.

KGS, who translated the video for subtitles, sends this summary:

The Finnish Police have taken an active role in monitoring Finnish social media over the past few years. In recent months a number of Finns Party politicians have been fined for so called ‘hate speech’ for posts published on Facebook criticizing Islam and mass migration of Muslims into their country.

This Orwellian media attempt by the Finnish police to highlight what they see as problematic language being disseminated on Finnish social media is more problematic than what they believe they’re addressing.

The child is ratting out her mother to the police for telling off a politician, something she admits she’d rather not do in public to his face. What transpires in the video is so Maoist and Stasi-like it turns the stomach, even without the subtitles.

The lion is the national symbol of Finland, like the bald eagle in the US and Maple Leaf in Canada.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/17/2017

Aashiq Hammad, a.k.a. Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, told the FBI that he carried out the deadly January 7 jihad attack at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale in the name of the Islamic State. Meanwhile, Abdulkadir Masharipov, the Uzbek national who committed the jihad massacre at an Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Eve, has reportedly confessed to Turkish police. Neither incident had anything to do with Islam.

In other news, President Obama has commuted the sentence of Bradley “Chelsea” Manning for his role in the leaking of classified secrets.

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What Really Happened at Breitscheidplatz?

The following video shows part of the cleanup the morning of December 20, the day after the truck jihad attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. It appears to have been shot from a high-rise building with a zoom lens.

I can’t vouch for anything that’s described in the text. I don’t know if the people you see on the ground were doing the things they screen titles say they were. I don’t know if they said the things the maker of the video claims they did.

I simply offer it here in case there are any forensic video analysts among our readers who want to examine it more closely. And it will certainly provide ample fodder for paranoia.

Nash Montana, who translated the on-screen text, sends the following summary:

Were the police being filmed by RT journalists while they planted false evidence?

What exactly really happened on the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin? The Russian channel RT published the scene the morning after the terror attack. On the video we can see several police officers who seem to plant false evidence. In the background we can hear the voices of the RT journalists, who we must assume were somehow able to listen to the conversations on the ground from their hotel room or office location, and then they repeated them back while they listened.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Jive Talkin’ With the Chechen Jihad

The video below appears to be an example of how Chechen mujahideen get down and groove on gangsta hip-hop culture, Islamic style. I watched it with the sound turned down, so I can’t tell you what the “music” is like. But the pencil-neck Islamo-geek doing the jive talkin’ looked pretty inane and pointless to me.

The original is from Austria (I think), and is in German and Russian. Many thanks to Ava Lon and Nash Montana for translating the German, and to D@rLin|{ for the Russian. Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Let’s All Boycott the PVV!

The election of Donald Trump last November is widely seen as part of a “populist” (i.e. nationalist) trend that will also include political earthquakes in Western Europe. Based on recent polls, it looks like Trump Round 2 will unfold in the Netherlands on March 15, when parliamentary elections are held, with Geert Wilders predicted to score a major victory.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this useful summary of the current electoral trends in the Netherlands.

Let’s all boycott the PVV!

by H. Numan

Folks, the elections are coming up soon in The Netherlands. On the 15th of March, to be precise. Just about every party is now boycotting the PVV, Geert Wilders’ party. The few that aren’t are under pressure to join the boycott. The media do everything possible to minimize the electoral damage. The polls are softly massaged in the desired direction. But I have good news for you: Wilders will win. Not only that, he will win by a landslide. I expect the PVV to trump Trump. Even the media grudgingly admits a victory by Wilders is almost a certainty. So… let’s all boycott the PVV, making that a hollow victory.

First, the most important question: how big of a victory will the PVV be able to achieve?

50 seats, maximum. According to the law, a party cannot occupy more seats in parliament than the number of candidates they submitted. The PVV list is 50 parliamentarians long; therefore they can occupy 50 seats in parliament, no more. I have no idea what happens if the electorate were to give them more. It has never happened.

Next, how does the Dutch political election process work?

Okay, it’s the 16th of March. The polls are closed, and the results are in. Tradition says that the winner of the elections can appoint an informateur (inquirer), or, if the polls are very tight or negotiations are expected to be difficult, a pre-informateur (pre-inquirer). Not that long ago this was a royal prerogative. The queen could appoint anyone she wanted, and didn’t have to explain why. A few years ago this royal prerogative was taken away and given to Parliament.

So, the chair will appoint someone to consult all parties, write down with whom they want to govern, with whom they don’t, and under what conditions. This takes a couple of days, and he reports back to the chair. Based on the results, further consultation will take place, until it’s reasonably certain a cabinet can be formed. Then the informateur becomes formateur: he will form a cabinet and become its leader as prime minister. It’s customary to appoint an elderly statesmen or politician to do this inquiring. When the negotiations are nearly finished, a new informateur will be appointed, who will be asked to become formateur. The whole circus can be over in a fortnight, but it can also take a full year. There is no time limit. In Belgium the record is 2.5 years.

Now the funny stuff. Calling for a PVV boycott is bull. A cabinet MUST be formed, and it must be formed based on the current results. Going to the ballot box over and over again until we got what we would like it to be is not going to happen.

So, let’s look a the polls. I’ll ignore the small fry, they have very limited effect anyway. This election a record number of parties are participating: 81 parties. It is expected the ballot form will be more than a meter in length. Most of them are small fry and most of them will not pass the grade.

These are the poll results from last Sunday: numbers on the left are what they currently poll in the lower house of Parliament; on the right the actual seats they hold in the Senate:

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Vladimir Putin Discusses the CIA’s Fake “Russian” Dossier on Donald Trump

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a press conference where he discussed the recent reports from American intelligence that the Russians had allegedly compiled a dossier on president-elect Donald Trump’s sleazy activities while the latter was visiting Moscow a few years ago. In the following excerpt from the presser, Mr. Putin emphatically denies that his intelligence service compiled any such dossier, and has a few other points to make about the Obama administration and its behavior vis-à-vis Mr. Trump.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/16/2017

The man who is suspected of carrying out the nightclub massacre in Istanbul, an Uzbek national named Abdulkadir Masharipov, has been arrested by Turkish authorities. Meanwhile, Noor Salman, the wife of the Orlando nightclub mass-murderer Omar Mateen, has been arrested in Florida. Neither of those incidents had anything to do with Islam.

In other news, the number of migrants granted asylum in the UK for being gay has risen by 450% in just five years. Critics say that it is impossible for the Home Office to determine with certainty that an asylum seeker is really gay.

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