What Will the Culture-Enrichers Do When the Money Runs Out?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this essay from Ansage:

What Do Migrants Actually Do When Germany’s Coffers Are Empty?

Immigrants are constantly pouring into the country — refugees, asylum seekers, “skilled workers”, “local workers”, family members who have been brought them with and internal migrants who are already registered in other EU countries. Germany is not only bursting at the seams, but the tax pot is also being properly emptied. As early as last year, around two thirds of all “Citizen Benefit Recipients” (formerly Hartz IV) had a migration background, and because a lot of other people have been registered in Germany since then, this rate may have increased by 1% or 2% since then — and the trend is of course rising strongly. To top it all off, not only do more and more people in this country “have to” be supported by the state in the form of citizen income, more and more retirees are also demanding their livelihood, for which the state has to pay in part or in full. In addition, there are all sorts of other transfer payments such as child benefit, BAFöG (student loan), heating cost subsidies or soon billions in costs for countless heat pumps. Since most baby boomers are not yet retired, these billions in benefits are just barely possible. But what happens when this source dries up one day and the coffers are simply empty? And because an unexpected number of immigrants are flooding the country at the moment, this could happen sooner than expected.

The state-supported Germans without a migration background, like it or not, will look down the drain or into an empty wallet. They have to see how they might somehow make ends meet, beg (usually from relatives), go to the Tafe (soup-kitchen) or simply cook on a “back burner”. Of course, one or the other will then inevitably — if possible — try to find work. Due to the current high state benefits, there are quite a lot of people, including Germans, who could work but don’t want to because they are better off or just as well off living in the social hammock. After all, work has to pay off. In Germany, not working is more worthwhile (and that doesn’t just apply to politicians).

Without an open money tap, Germany is unattractive for most

But what do the many migrants and Germans with a migration background do who are either unwilling or unable to work due to a lack of qualifications or because they have so many children? Apart from the many “anchors” and compatriots who are already here and form a welcoming social network in parallel societies, the high transfer payments are the only reason for most immigrants to gain a foothold here. Why else should they come — because of the (difficult for them) German language? Because of the bad weather? Because here their toddlers are already being drawn in by drag queens or kings, with a big clitoris, and having stories read to them? It is a truism that potential immigrants, above all from backward African and West Asian countries, will only be drawn to Germany as long as they can live splendidly here at state expense.

However, when the tide is low, many millions of migrants who live on social welfare and cannot and/or do not want to work will be here. How will they behave? What will they do? The following scenarios are conceivable: Either they will not shy away from committing crimes (unfortunately, a considerable number of them are already criminals anyway), integrate into clans and criminal organizations and start stealing or plundering. Or maybe they will strike their tents here and pitch them in another land; a large number of them would then very likely go back to their home countries, where there are usually still a few relatives left.

The end could come sooner than expected

The weather there is usually much better than in Germany; you speak the language and, on top of that, you are in a country with an Islamic majority society (a situation that will certainly soon also apply to the former paradise of Germany, but until full Islamization or a “Caliphate Germany/khilafat ‘almania/ خلافة ألمانيا” it will probably take some time). Otherwise, another EU country such as Italy, Spain or Greece would also be an option for one or the other, because the climate there is also much milder than in Germany (even if some “politicians” with a trampolinist or children’s book author background would like to tell us something different entirely).

In this respect, it is conceivable that the process of Islamization will actually slow down when the social (paying) bash is over here, and that the Muslims will flee when the flow of money dries up. Of course, the “remaining” locals will then have to reckon with an even higher level of crime, which is why one should — if financially possible — take precautions in the form of alarm systems, weapons and high fences in good time. When this might be, I cannot say; however, due to the ever-dwindling number of net taxpayers and an ever-increasing immigrant invasion, it could well be within the next ten years. The end sometimes comes quicker than expected — although the same applies here: Better an end with horror than horror without end.

Afterword from the translator:

I would assume that those who have been living here for a long time, i.e. NATIVES, will feel the knife against their necks more often than not. Drama-heavy, unlooked for visits by unwanted visitors to one’s home will also increase rapidly and might even make our farm attacks here in South Africa look like a kindergarten outing. A nasty Rottweiler and some pigs might help to protect house and garden somewhat, next to a surveillance system and a sawn-off shotgun to send them on a one-way trip for their evil ways. Although I seriously doubt that there are enough Rottweilers or pigs to cover the demand that will arise. Maybe the ever increasing population of wolves in Germany might come in handy as garbage disposals.

Who knows? If the Germans survive this and can rebuild their homes and country afterwards, they might then consider the wolf in their coat of arms instead of the lofty eagle.

19 thoughts on “What Will the Culture-Enrichers Do When the Money Runs Out?

  1. My gut tells me that it will be similar to what already happens in the FUSA.

    The orcs will de-camp and head to where the locals are more foolish and benefits are better. More foolish than Germans is difficult but probably a good deal of them will head to Sweden, France, Holland, or try to sneak into Britain.

    Britain is a particularly nasty problem, since once the money runs out there, there’s nowhere easily accessible to slither off to so turning to hard-core criminal activity to remain in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed to is the most likely response.

    But regarding the original question, I believe the least likely outcome is for the orcs to return empty handed to their various orcistans or find work to cover their expenses. The most dangerous outcome is the various tribes of orcs realizing that their fecundity has given them political power which they use to strip mine the various European countries for resources until nothing at all remains. Especially if they make alliances with parties such as the Greens or even the Social Democrats.

    • This is exactly why there will be military coups all over Europe. Because the military will never share power with the orcs and the politicians don’t have the power they think they do.

  2. Remember the words of the Sixties anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit:

    “We… must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.”

    Culturally enriched Europe can look forward to more street robberies, assaults, burglaries and car-burnings. The pattern is already established.

  3. The coffers of the FRG will never be empty for refugees, the Politburo simply runs up more and more debt and calls it a special fund. Shortly before bankruptcy there is a new burden equalization law like in 1952 and mainly the (of course “small”) property owners pay again for 30 or more years because you can’t pack up the house and take it with you.

    The EU foreigners who have made themselves comfortable with us outside of the EU and NATO and who are almost penniless because everything belongs to local foundations will not pay; also possibly real estate on EU and FRG territory.

  4. Out in the remnants of the old west folks say “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up.”

    The city folk modified it to “Shoot, Skedaddle, and Shut-up.”

    • DIE Wille zur Macht

      The will to power
      is an idea of Friedrich Nietzsche, which he presented for the first time in Also Sprach Zarathustra and is mentioned at least marginally in all subsequent books, e.g. B. in the fifth book of the Gay Science, published in 1887. Its beginnings lie in the psychological analyzes of the human will to power in the collection of aphorisms Morgenrote. From around 1885, Nietzsche explained it more comprehensively in his bequested notebooks. The first mention of the term in the Nachlass dates from 1876/77: “Fear (negative) and will to power (positive) explain our strong regard for people’s opinions.”

  5. The Germans will be branded as Islamophobe Kulaks so robbing them will be justified. Problem solved.

    • No, solved only for a short time. Germany can only feed 80 million people by industries that can export their products.
      You think when you take away all ethnic Germans; then the remaining “Menschen in diesem Lande” — as Angela Merkel used to say — will run those industries?

      Similar e.g. Sweden could only feed perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of it’s population on their own soil.

  6. When the money runs out and finally people have had enough of the lying politicians who brought this plague upon us, the military will take over because they will be forced to. They will side with their own over the bloody orcs and the people will cheer for them to do so. One way or another, this ends in massive bloodshed, because no matter how noble the intentions of diversity, it always, without exception ends in massive bloodshed.

    • I hope you are right.


      when I look at the advertisement of the german army (and going through Düsseldorf Main Train station I see german soldiers) there are a lot of foreigners (read muslims, non-biological germans) in german uniform.
      So, the question is: Will the german soldiers be willing to cut the non-germans loose or will they be killed by the non-germans or are they so much brainwashed that they will join their non-german “comrades” and target biological germans?

      I fear the last will happen.

      I once read that the french army is a battleground between native french and their muslim “brothers”.

      • The German Army is for the most part ethnic Germans, not turks or other orcs, they might advertise and send their useless reports that they are meeting diversity goals, but are doing the opposite.

        The wonderful thing about the French armed forces is the Legion where most of it is composed of eastern Europeans, Russians and Baltic states personal, and surprisingly, lots of Germans. The French army already has a plan to deal with the muzlim orcs in their midst. So the Frogs won’t be shooting fellow frogs.

      • As history has demonstrated time immortal, I’ll go with history and human nature anytime, thus massive bloodshed is inevitable because history says so. Man is war, it is in his nature to do so and nature in the end always wins.

  7. It’s happened before. Back then it was called the fall of the Roman empire and the advent of the dark ages. Get prepared for the sequel.

    • The difference is that this time, the empire seems to want to engineer its own fall.

      It’s a very strange time to live in.

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