Tomio Okamura: No Support for the War in Ukraine

Tomio Okamura is the leader of the SPD party in Czechia. He is multicultural in a unique Central European way: his father was Japanese and his mother was from Moravia.

In the following video Mr. Okamura lays out his party’s position on Ukraine and NATO’s proxy war on Russia. He opposes any financial and military aid for the regime in Kiev.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Czech citizens think that the support of Ukraine by the Fiala government
00:05   is too costly. On behalf of SPD [the opposition party I lead] I state clearly: we want peace,
00:10   not war. The Centre for Research of Public Opinion (CVVM)
00:15   has published the results of research from which flows
00:18   that more than half of Czech citizens do not agree
00:21   with the level of the governmental support of Ukraine
00:24   and think that [this level of] support is too high and broad.
00:29   On the question of providing military equipment to Ukraine
00:33   the Czech Republic is split exactly down the middle.
00:37   And a mere 12% of Czech citizens might,
00:41   perhaps, support the deployment of Czech troops to Ukraine
00:46   and their direct involvement in combat. The SPD movement
00:50   has long supported rendering humanitarian aid
00:53   and helping true war refugees
00:58   and persons affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine.
01:01   At the same time, we clearly state that any financial aid
01:06   from the budget of the Czech State to foreign states or foreign state members [actors]
01:11   must not occur at the expense of Czech citizens
01:15   specifically the most vulnerable [Czech] groups,
01:19   as is happening now. The government of Petr Fiala
01:22   with [the help of coalition party] OSD is raising taxes
01:25   and fees (?) on Czech citizens and companies while
01:28   simultaneously reducing the [?legal rates?] of pension payments,
01:31   but does nothing to limit the financial aid going abroad.
01:34   At the same time, we reject any and all military aid to Ukraine,
01:40   for example by supplying arms, or by training their troops in our military facilities.
01:45   Here, I would like to stress that the elected members of SPD
01:48   were the only ones in the Chamber of Representatives
01:51   who voted against the training of Ukrainian troops
01:55   on the territory of The Czech Republic and against supplying arms to Ukraine.
01:59   The priority of SPD is to strive for a peaceful solution to the military conflict in Ukraine
02:05   and no support for this conflict.

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