The Trevi Fountain Runs Black

A few days ago a group of screaming eco-protesters poured diluted charcoal into the Trevi Fountain in Rome and made it run black. They had to be removed by police, and several were arrested.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:19   “We won’t pay for fossil fuels”
00:45   Political corruption is to blame for all this!
00:59   We are dying! They are killing us!
01:02   We are dying! We are dying! They are killing us!
01:11   They don’t care any more, that’s the truth!
01:15   The government won’t do anything!
01:56   They’re killing us! They’re killing us!
02:05   They’re killing us! They are literally stealing our land from us, under our feet!
02:17   They belong in jail!
02:21   Will you show your contempt, when there is shortage of food and when we fight against each other?
02:26   Will you show contempt for the government, when there is nothing to watch any more?
02:32   We are on the brink of collapse! We are not fanatics! The UN says that!
02:36   The greatest scientists in the world say that.
02:40   They’re killing us!
02:47   Come on, move!
02:53   We are on the brink of the total collapse! We are sending a message to everyone!

For an English-language account of the protest, see this Fox News report (hat tip Reader from Chicago):

Italy: Rome’s Mayor Blasts ‘Absurd’ Climate Protest at Trevi Fountain

A climate change protest in which a group of activists poured diluted charcoal to turn the water of Rome’s Trevi Fountain black has drawn a sharp rebuke from the Italian city’s mayor, who is calling for an end to such actions.

Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri is speaking out after video showed uniformed police wading into the waters of the popular tourist attraction to remove activists belonging to a group called “Ultima Generazione” — the Last Generation — according to Reuters.

“Enough of these absurd attacks on our artistic heritage. Today smeared the #FontanadiTrevi,” Gualtieri wrote on Twitter Sunday. “Expensive and complex to restore, hoping that there is no permanent damage. I invite activists to compete on a confrontational terrain without putting the monuments at risk.”

9 thoughts on “The Trevi Fountain Runs Black

  1. We should find an place with no need for evil fossil fuel. Let’s call it Somalia. And leave them there to run the place.

    • Yes, perhaps to replace all the ones the cursed Lutherans (may they forever burn in hades) imported into the upper Midwest.

      And then throw in the Lutherans for good measure.

  2. The British police, when dealing with extremist environmentalist wackos, should emulate the Italian police.

  3. I am of the opinion that all this “extinction rebelion” stuff is made to “catch attention” and as such it is rooted in the upbringing of those unfortunate children who have not been taken care of properly by their daddy and mommy, where the only way to “get noticed” they know is to make mess and noise and stand in the way…

    My dog also, when he want’s something from me, will stand in my way on purpose, and when he gets upset about something I do, he goes on to bite the “forbidden stuff” in a playful manner, just to show me “hey, if you won’t take notice of me I will bite this!”

  4. Trevi Fountain :

    Well, she was a voluble little tart, wasn’t she ?

    Idiots ! Fine them all 1oo,ooo lire each for not wearing their PFDs and risking drowning, thereby endangering the lives of first responders who might have had to recue them.

  5. This freaking wimps should be in prison for long time, , Get a job !!, and move on with their life’s ,!. Useless. Idiots ..

  6. One day, one day, one normal person will be so fed up with those Eco-terrorists and … ahem, he will help them achieve the goal of producing no more CO2.

    And totally unrelated to this:
    If those Eco-terrorists are so frightened aboutz the future that they are sure will kill them: Why dont they show this future the finger by doing the deed (removing themselves so that they no longer produce CO2) now?
    Then they will not see this absolutely evil future where we will burn because global warming, drown in the rising oceans and starve to death.
    And when they do this, maybe they can invite Klaus Schwab, Soros, Claudia Fatima Roth, Fidelito Trudeau, Jacinda Ahern etc, to join them.

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