The Bud Light Moment

It used to be “Get Woke, Go Broke”, but in 2023 a company has its “Bud Light Moment”.

It’s a very recent catchphrase. The Bud Light phenomenon is what? A couple of months old?

But it’s everywhere now. Target, Adidas, North Face, and others I’m forgetting — they’re all having their Bud Light moments.

It’s hard to tell what motivates these self-immolating woke corporations to compete in the race to the bottom of the behavioral sink. But it’s not profit — anyone with half a brain and/or a semester of Basic Marketing classes could have told them that all this stuff is a good way to drive the company into bankruptcy. But they do it anyway.

No, it’s not about money. So what is the motive?

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    • From your link: “It’s ideological, it’s revenge, it’s the purposeful dismantling of a people and their values.” —Josef Bosch

      I think Bosch’s wrong. Rather, I reckon it’s the next shot over the bow of (what’s left of) America.

      “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they want to have a war, let it begin here.” —Captain John Parker (19 April 1775)

      ASSIMILATE, SEPARATE (peaceful “Two-State Solution”) or ASSASSINATE (go to war)—those’re the options. Hopefully, in the long-run, cooler heads’ll prevail and we’ll [peacefully] choose one of the first two before the third option’s foisted upon us by events. But once large numbers of Americans’re unable to work—either due to widespread protests/riots, financial calamity or political chaos—I fear that the ‘toddlers’ cheese’ll slide off the constitutional cracker.
      The clock’s ticking..

  1. That the reptilians are losing billions pushing this woke rot on stupid westerners (notice they aren’t trying this manure in islamic lands) illustrates that this whole attack on western civilization by the likes of Soros, Fink, Gates, etc., is not and never was concerned with losses of income or destruction of brands that have been around for generations. Thus, the premise of those who are aware of these attacks on western civilization are operating on is flawed.

    Boycotts and buycotts, while certainly affecting the bottom line of the “Target”ed companies, do not cause these reptilians any concern. Does anyone seriously believe that Soros, with more money than his heirs heirs can possibly spend in multiple lifetimes, or Fink (very aptly named) who’s evil conglomerate is worth more and controls more resources and sources of income than many countries, are concerned with paper losses of billions of dollars when they are worth hundreds of billions?

    As an aside, does anyone else think that there is something quite telling in the name “Blackrock”? After all, what do the muzzies pray towards multiple times a day?

    The motive is simply the destruction of western civilization generally, and the white race specifically, although it’s still quite taboo to say it. Towards what end is anyone’s guess, although I believe that it’s geared towards a return to feudalism; a high tech neo feudalism where the reptilians are lords and royalty with a substantially reduced population of servile devolved serfs to service them and satisfy their corporeal needs and desires.

    • “The motive is simply the destruction of western civilization generally, and the white race specifically, although it’s still quite taboo to say it. Towards what end is anyone’s guess, although I believe that it’s geared towards a return to feudalism; a high tech neo feudalism where the reptilians are lords and royalty with a substantially reduced population of servile devolved serfs to service them and satisfy their corporeal needs and desires.”

      As I see it, their motive—as much as a ‘toddler’s able to piece together anything resembling a rational motive—is to use Lennon’s (mostly, according to his own words, tongue-in-cheek) “Imagine” as the basis for an entirely new civilizational model. I don’t refer to them as “commie-toddlers” for nothin’..

      “Imagine there’s no countries
      It isn’t hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion, too

      Imagine all the people
      Livin’ life in peace

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will be as one

      Imagine no possessions
      I wonder if you can
      No need for greed or hunger
      A brotherhood of man

      Imagine all the people
      Sharing all the world” —John Lennon “Imagine”

  2. @ The Moon

    Re: “The motive is simply the destruction of western civilization generally, and the white race specifically, although it’s still quite taboo to say it. Towards what end is anyone’s guess, although I believe that it’s geared towards a return to feudalism…”

    The globalist oligarchs and billionaires claim that their movement is about protecting the planet and the environment, but that claim is weak and ultimately false, if one examines their actions and not just their rhetoric.

    Consider the phenomenon of population growth: Most of the first world and its nations have modest increases in population if any increase at all, are holding steady or suffering contracting and declining population numbers. Those few western nations with relatively robust reproduction are generally those with lots of Muslims and other highly-fecund immigrants.

    However, if one looks at the most-rapidly growing populations on earth and the areas in which this growth occurs, it is concentrated in Africa, Asia, parts of Latin and South America and in certain areas of the Pacific. Africa alone has exponentially-increasing population numbers. India recently passed the People’s Republic of China as the most populous nation on earth.

    Given these trends, why are the globalists attacking the West and her peoples so hard, when the best bang for their population deduction buck would occur elsewhere? Clearly, the answer is that they are being less-than-honest about their real agenda.
    Certainly the wealth and productive capacity of the West have something to do with it, but there must be more to it than that.

    It is not something widely discussed in mainstream academia these days, but it is well-understood in certain serious scholarly circles that military affairs have played an outsized role in the organization of human societies since human prehistory and the antiquity.

    According to many historians, the modern era of nation-states – which replaced the feudalism of old – began with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. During most of the Middle Ages, kings and the nobles could protect their lands and possessions using private armies consisting of mounted knights, who were then the dominant weapon on the battlefields of the time.

    However, the advent and spread of archers using powerful compound bows, as well as crossbows, and gun-powder weapons such as cannon and early firearms, spelled the eventual end of the armored knight on horseback as the dominant weapon of land warfare.

    The warrior caste of knights was slowly but surely replaced by massed armies of ordinary men trained in the use of these new weapons. A knight and war horse armored well-enough to be protected against the rain of arrows and other kinetic energy weapons on the battlefield was so immobile he was easy prey for less-cumbersome soldiers.

    Warfare became a thing of massed conscript armies, instead of engagements between relatively small forces of elite knights and their supporting forces. The transformation of warfare in this way took many tears to be complete, but the gist of it was that now those who ruled society needed to raise large armies and navies to protect themselves and their kingdoms. Not just nobility and the high-born, but commoners, too, and in large numbers.

    Since commoners were needed to fight in wars and to protect the lands and possessions of royalty, they demanded concessions in the way of human rights and economic wealth from the ruling classes. With the spreading of wealth and prosperity, it became possible for the something like the modern nation-state to exist, including the first merchant or – as we would term it today – “middle” class.

    This system whereby nation-states needed large conscript armies and navies for defense and to fight wars, was the dominant one for hundreds of years leading up to the 20th century and the Age of Industrial Warfare. However, towards the latter half of the century, the most-advanced nations – such as the United States – began to rely less on massive conscript forces, and to use professional, “all-volunteer” high-tech forces instead.

    By the time of Gulf War I in the early 1990s, it was already possible for an Air Force heavy bomber to fly a mission against an Iraqi target halfway around the world, and by virtue of multiple in-flight refuelings, not have to set down anywhere prior to carrying out its mission. Then, provided the aircraft was not damaged or otherwise incapable of completing the return journey it would reverse course and fly back to Missouri or wherever it originated.

    Not only could this be done, it could be done by remote control… the onboard computer flying the mission. The pilots and crew were there in case human back-up was needed, but the writing was on the wall: War was becoming more automated even thirty years ago.

    Today, warfare of the 21st century still takes “boots on the ground,” but a lot fewer of them than a century ago, and much of the fighting is done using high-tech assets such as drones and UAVs, satellites, computers, missiles, and all of the rest of it.

    The globalist oligarchs and billionaires see this, and have concluded that they no longer need millions of ordinary people to serve in their armies or to fight their wars. High tech has already replaced them. Whether they are correct in that assessment or not, it is what they believe to be true. Globalist and WEF member Yuval Harari called the great majority of human beings alive today “useless eaters”…. you can’t make it much plainer than that, can you?

    Since the billionaires and other globalists now believe that the nation-state system is obsolete, and that high-tech and other 21st century weapons can replace most of the people in the armed forces, why continue to honor the social compact dating back to the Peace of Westphalia? They plan to throw that on the scrapheap as well, and go back to feudalism.

    They don’t use that word, but that’s essentially what they are proposing, what someone termed “The New Feudalism”… a small but extremely wealthy and powerful class of global rulers looking down upon a wretched mass of humanity who will be little more than 21st-century slaves and serfs.

    • Regarding Africa as the biggest bang for the buck in reducing population, Africans also consume the least amount of resources per capita. If I had to try and see it from the perspective of a reptilian, Africa has a huge amount of natural resources and is blessed with a population with a strong capacity for menial tasks, high disagreeableness, and on the lower end of intelligence. The last two are useful to the neo-feudalists in that Africans are unlikely to be much of a threat if they are left to their own devices inside of Africa, and they are self-pruning because of their inherent tribalism and disincentive to cooperation.

      My thoughts on why Africa hasn’t been messed with by the elites has changed over time. Before, I used to think that perhaps they figured it would be pretty easy to just starve or kill the continent with some kind of plague and that still might be the case. But feudalists need someone to gather their resources and do the dirty work, and having a large captive pool of serfs who happen to live in a resource-rich continent would fit their needs quite nicely. And that they are all noticeably richer in melanin means that tamed domestics can be imported on a temporary basis after being sterilized or perhaps neutered to control aggressive behavior, and escape isn’t really possible due to how much they stand out.

      I think that it is the ultimate wet dream of most of these reptilian elites; a depopulated earth for their enjoyment with a small highly controlled population of artisans and skilled workers to maintain their playgrounds and their toys, and a continent of slaves to extract the raw materials they need to maintain their paradise and do the menial tasks as domestics that would be dangerous to entrust to those of western stock for whom it would be too far beneath their dignity to perform.

    • Georgia, the problem is, that these so called elites have forgotten human nature, and their best laid plans will at some point come against them. For the European man has conquer and kill all in his way in his DNA, and once unleashed will be sung around campfires for a thousand years. I believe that at some point this will come to bare and none of those elites will escape the wrath that is about to befall them and their wretched families. Because at the end of the day, man is destined to be ruled and only the strong and most ruthless are up to the task and none of these elites are the mettle of anything resembling the strongman. Those strongmen are there, it is just a matter of time and circumstance for them to come out to play.

  3. So what IS the motive?

    It is not marketing: it is neo-communist revolutionary propaganda.

    All the publicity this alleged product-marketing failure brought about may have been worth it — for the commie propaganda that must have been the goal in the first place.

    Someone may have refinanced the loss the “woke” campaign caused for the brand … someone like George Soros — just guessing.

    It is not the first product “they” perform such a stunt with: Coca Cola made a similar campaign with gay actors in Eastern Europe some years ago. And there were others.

    People think that producers run ad campaigns in order to market their products by using an ideology — but I think it is the other way around: The (oligarchs behind) the companies spend some of the market value of a brand in order to spread the tenets of neo-communism.

    And after a temporary drop in sales the brand itself usually recovers as well.

    So, here we are contributing to the success of both the product and the propaganda with our own resources and willing participation.

    In the long run the negative publicity is as good as the positive one — including the “grassroots boycott” that functions as a promotion campaign. The reason is that the subliminal mind cannot really distinguish the polarity of memories, only their intensity. Hate or love has the same impact on the mind regarding memory.

    (Experiment: please try to forget a red elephant that’s drinking beer, for ten seconds — I’ll buy you a beer if you can do that. Start now.).

    Therefore if a particular brand survives the “trans” scandal, it will thrive later on. And the propaganda campaign will leave a strong imprint in the mind of the receiver: ideological indoctrination has taken place, either you want it or not. Mission accomplished. Your only escape route would be if you did not care at all and remain neutral — then the imprint in your mind would be minimal.

    But “they” do not let you off the hook that easy: deliberate provocation will anger you and that ensures that the effect on your mind will be strong. It is about your reaction. Notice that the target group of (beer-drinker) men have been hit by a message that provokes the natural barrier of male sexuality that seals heterosexuality from homosexuality.

    That barrier is created in the psyche in a young age when boys start identifying with their father and feel affection towards their mother (“I will marry you mom when I grow up and I will be as smart and strong as daddy”). Till that, boys are naturally bisexual.

    When you as an adult consumer get bombarded with a message that tells you that at the end of the day you could be that gay guy or “trans” guy because he drinks YOUR beer, it is an attack on your early heterosexual maturity process, that starts scratching that “barrier” / “wall” in your brain. That will frustrate healthy straight people because the psy attack causes regression into the malleable state of mind of a boy, essentially mocking you by suggesting that you are a faggot….

    Now the fact that the beer brand in question is a manly thing for “mostly frat boys and blue-collar workers” only makes the clash harder. A more brutal slap on the face — a more successful campaign.

    All in all it’s not product marketing it’s revolution (of the NWO).

    Those globalists are trickier than most people would expect.

    • Wow. Excellent analysis. Your last sentence tempts me to think I may be quite wrong about my own thesis, which is that the elites haven’t thought things through. Yet, they may have in these sophisticated psy-ops, but they’re overlooking some fundamentals. We’ll see.

      • @ plum

        You’re right, it’s probably both. Even though they apparently do have extremely elaborate and all-encompassing teleological plans, with lots of synergies, for a totalitarian takeover (see the WEF’s website and Agenda 2030), some of their projects are experimental and thus prone to failure. Predators with a god complex…

    • Or until the blue collar man and his son have had enough of the alphabet people, hoist the black flag and start purging??

  4. The purpose of corporations losing money on purpose to push the woke agenda is to render citizens confused. A confused population is easier to manipulate and govern – which will be by unofficial officials with mediocre minds like Gates, Soros, and the lot, who aren’t as smart as they think they are.

  5. In my previous comment I ranted about communism.

    On the other hand, the “bud light” phenomenon seems to be an early sign of the full-blown NWO fascism as well, where — due to the state-corporate partnership — ideology and life (hence product marketing) get merged.

    That’s the expression of the tech totalitarianism on the level of collective consciousness: all you do (produce or consume) is permeated by the central dictats and ideology.

    And THAT is the common point of these “bud light moments”.

    It is the mind-aspect of the coming social credit system: the collection of ever changing rules that you must obey if you want to be allowed to participate in society and survive.

    It is important that the rules are (1) absurd and (2) constantly changing but you must keep obeying them, no matter what. That is actually conditioning for unconditional submission to the orders of the Big Brother.

    The fact that the rules are absurd means that they go against life: in that sense they are deadly in their purpose.

    These new “rules” are made to cause subversion on the deepest levels of the social order: on the level of genetic programming of sexes, for example. If something goes against sexes you conduct a psyop against life and the norms of society. In that sense it is an act of mass rape.

    That is the utter absurdity of these LoEs (lines of efforts) and the absurdity is deliberate: no sensible resistance or argumentation can exist against an absurdity or an absolute contradiction. Therefore when the subverted people try and argue against it, the make fool of themselves: you can only reject or accept an absurdity that is the end of reason. Black or white.

    And that’s what is taking place when people boycott these products.

    [At this point this analysis connects to my previous comment that details how this works.] –>

    Back to this thread of fascistic totalitarianism: “black or white means” that the offered / forced choice of the populace narrows down to two options: yes or no. I.e. rejection or acceptance of … orders.

    Which are essentially the two sides of the same coin in societal movements, because the society loses the option to ignore the psy attacks and thus do what they want and remain free.

    If you accept the ideology you have submitted to it — if you refuse it you become a counter-revolutionary and you get branded as anti-social i.e. someone who is the enemy of the society and therefore must be punished or excluded. That’s the dinamics we have experienced during the corona psyop.

    That’s also a bolshevik trick to divide the society among planned lines. These LoEs are being thrown at us like bombs of propaganda and intend to cause us to fight among each other, so that we do not unite and turn against our rulers.

    Here let’s pick up the thread of the coming social credit system. The “bud light moments” fit perfectly in the core mechanism of such a totalitarian system, which is the inseparability of all human activity from central orders.

    Buying or selling of anything of value is the point where human activity becomes social activity — and that is the point where the immaterial microborders that can be managed by customs clearence arise.

    And here is where CBDC comes into the picture. By the total control of buying and selling it will be the tool that is capable of controlling all other human activities that are non-reciprocal.

    But the main trick to achieve submission is to make the human mind follow orders. The forst step in the conditioning is make you react to the orders of those who call the shots. That is the crux of the “bud light moments”.

    Ps.: communism and fascism are not contradictory in the system of the NWO. Communism is for the peasants and fascism is for the overclass. The intermediary between the two is the state.

  6. Management have to continually redesign a product – even if it has reached perfection. Otherwise their role is redundant apart from keeping everything smooth running. Once they realise that AI could achieve that and make them redundant they will rapidly lose interest in AI and find a way to disregard it.

    • “Management have to continually redesign a product – even if it has reached perfection….Once they realise that AI could achieve that and make them redundant they will rapidly lose interest in AI and find a way to disregard it.”

      I wouldn’t bet on that.
      I believe that many (most?) who work in AI are infantile Bolsheviks (aka commie-toddlers—NOT a moniker; an accurate descriptor) and function more or less autonomically; operating almost solely on emotion (rather like a worm in a petri dish reacting to being prodded with an electric probe), rather than logic/reason.

      AI’s just a tool, like a .50 belt-fed, crew-served machine-gun. In the hands of a good guy, it can put down hoards of feral “animals”; in the hands of a ‘toddler, it can (and likely will be used to) slay oodles of “animal” keepers (aka good guys).

      p.s. I’ve been working in AI since the ’90s.

    • I lost interest in anything North Face years ago when rappers and hipsters started wearing them, shortly followed by suburban moms. Any brand that those groups start purchasing is something I don’t want to own.

      Its a shame about Stella though. That is fairly decent beer but there are plenty of others out there. When it comes to beer I am like the Dos Equis man; I don’t often drink beer but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. As far as I know they haven’t gone woke yet.

      • My preferred tipple is Bordeaux, or maybe Côtes du Rhône. The French vintners haven’t gone woke. Yet.

          • For a while everything will remain the same, because the wine trade is so lucrative. France will be like Lebanon, which makes and sells a significant amount of wine. I think Egypt also produces wine.

            But when the equivalent of the Taliban takes control, all that will change.

  7. Caucasians must be exterminated because ye dastardly Anglo-Saxon’s keep saying ‘NO’ to slavery. And then, you go out and do stuff, like stack Algiers, and do the King in Charing Cross over it. It’s intolerable! A king is a god astride the land! Like the State. All Heil The State.
    Really! Do ya think Chuck III wants to go out like Chuck I?
    What in the hell were you people thinking!
    So, you’re done. To be replaced with a compliant, docile…er, make that expendable…serf population that will pre-chew kobe beef for the 129 year old still voting corpse of Dianne Feinstein, with out complaint. Then the drone strike takes care of the whiners.
    Y’all know where this is at. The cattle cars are lined up on the sidings.
    The Time is Now.

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