Piglets on the Wing

Roger Waters is at it again: dressing up in pseudo-Nazi regalia, in Berlin.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Berliner Morgenpost:

Roger Waters: Police investigate because Nazi uniform

Will there be consequences? The Berlin police have opened an investigation into the musician Roger Waters. The accusation: Incitement to hatred [against a group of people].

Berlin. This appearance might have consequences. The musician Roger Waters (79) played two concerts last week in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin (17-18 May). There the co-founder of the band Pink Floyd reportedly appeared in an SS-style uniform with a red armband. He also held a machine gun in his hand and fired fake shots from it. There were also two men beside Waters who wore helmets similar to those of Wehrmacht soldiers. This is shown in a video on Twitter. The Berliner Zeitung first reported it.

Because of this appearance, the Berlin police are now investigating Waters. The accusation: Incitement to hatred [against a group of people]. A police spokeswoman told this editorial staff: “The Police State Security in the Berlin State Police has opened a criminal investigation into the relevant facts based on suspicion of incitement to hatred (Section 140, paragraph 4 State Penal Code). The context in which the clothing worn on stage is consistent with violating the dignity of victims in approving of, glorifying, or justifying the National Socialist violent and arbitrary rule, and therefore, disturbing the public peace.” There have been tips from the public.

The Waters appearance also caused outrage in Israel. The Israeli foreign ministry accused Waters on Wednesday of “defiling the memory of Anne Frank and the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, in Berlin of all places,” in the past week.

Waters also criticized in Israel

The reason for the excitement was that during the concert, the names of people killed were shown in huge red letters: Next to the name of the Nazi era-murdered Anne Frank (1929-1945) was the name of the Palestinian Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. The reporter was killed in 2022 during an Israeli military operation in the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

Waters (79) is criticized for his closeness to the BDS campaign (Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions) among other things. This calls for a boycott of the Israeli state and its properties because of actions against the Palestinians.

At his concerts Waters released a balloon in the form of a pig with the Star of David. In his past appearances in Germany, there was always a pig — but without the Star of David.

8 thoughts on “Piglets on the Wing

  1. I guess it must show my relative lack of age or my lack of indoctrination in pop-culture that I don’t have any idea who this clown is.

    When it comes to Israelis and Palestinians I can’t say I really care much for either. I don’t like the shooting of rockets randomly into Israel or the election of terrorists whenever they hold them, but I despise the Israeli engineering of western elections and political financing to keep the gravy train flowing to them. It’s almost as bad as Elensky with his begging cup.

    The Germans seem to have this obsession with stamping out every vestige of the Third Reich, as if a new act of mass stupidity can atone for previous generations of Germans mass stupidity. One of my hobbies is building paper models, of which the Poles are the undisputed masters of designing. WW2 era paper models with Nazi aircraft invariably have the swastikas removed, erased, or digitally edited out because its apparently illegal in Germany where many if these models are shipped to. My response is to print new swastikas which are then glued to the correct location on the Nazi aircraft.

    That this clown of a musician is in hot water for wearing an SS style “uniform” with a red armband begs the question of just how little resemblance is enough to trigger the neo-fascists which constitute the Fourth Reich? Would goose stepping trigger it? A certain style of mustache? Perhaps naming your kid Adolf? Naming your German shepherd Blondie? What about wearing a backwards swastika?

    Once these goons start going down this path it opens up multiple ways for the common person to trigger them in a kind of benign and plausibly deniable means of protest.

    • “I guess it must show my relative lack of age or my lack of indoctrination in pop-culture that I don’t have any idea who this clown is.”

      “I’m in the high-fidelity first-class traveling set
      And I think I need a Lear jet” —”Money”, Pink Floyd

      Waters was the co-founder and bassist for the rock group, Pink Floyd.

    • To Israel and Palestine:
      Take the extremists of both sides, e.g. those that want to blow up / kill people and let them duke it out, Thunderdome -style.

      And to Germany.
      Let me tell you a story:
      Long ago a german shop for models made a contest. Best painted 1:87 model of a plane.
      A british boy (father soldier in the British Arrmy on the Rhine) took part, entered with a superb painted Ju-87 Stuka. (I believe it even was painted to the paintjob of the highest medaled Ju-87 pilot, a hardcore Nazi).
      The shop went ballistic and put some paper over the swastikas.

      Enter the lady that cleaned the shop.
      She touched the model and the swastikas were seen.

      So, the police raided the shop and demanded to be given the dastardly nazi.
      The owner told them (he had a few MP-5 aimed at him) that the dastardly Nazi was coming to collect his plane a few hours from now.
      So, about 20 police in full battle gear prepared to arrest said nazi – a 9 year old boy.
      So, boy comes with mommy and takes possession of his plane.
      Then the police sprung into action.

      Wrong move!

      Because daddy in a lorry with his 20 buddies fresh from gunnery range was behind them.


      So, who wins: police vs british army with MGs, bazookas etc?

      The police pulled back but followed the family back to the JHQ and dad`s buddies had to ride shotgun, because the police made it clear that they were going to arrest the nazi.

      And the police were searching every car that left the JHQ to find the little boy.

      Until the highest ranking officer of the JHQ was angry and called one of his buddies, an officer of a BAOR tank unit in Germany.
      They parked some tanks right in the entrances of various german police stations. When the german police complained the british replied: We won the war.

      In the end everything was swept under the rug and the family left soon for daddys new posting – North Ireland.
      And the family liked North Ireland, because according to them even the most not-nice fanatic of Nothern Ireland was more sane than the german police.

    • I come down on the side of the Israeli’s over the inbred muslim orcs anyday of the week and twice on Sunday, frankly speaking, they are far too bloody nice to those vermin, they should have pushed them into the sea years ago.

  2. This is great stuff! Waters is a pro Islamist Leftist and is parodying Nazis in his work yet the Leftist German police are investigating him! Although no charges will ever be laid it is a wonderful example of woke [epithets] eating themselves.

  3. Waters is very careful to be pro-Palestinian rather than anti-Israel and certainly not anti-Jewish. But at heart he is an anti-Semitic wannabe SS thug (as long as his victims cannot fight back).

    The UK that we both grew up in was hostile to Jews even though most of us had never met any, but the antisemitic tropes were ever present. Waters is used to playing to a crowd. Pink Floyd emerged from the highly left of center Cambridge University crowd (see Ummagumma and Granchester Meadows).

    I met Jews for the first time as lecturers at uni, a mixed bunch as expected, one was particularly obnoxious, but our Math lecturer was amazing and very approachable.

    It is easy to believe the stereotypes, and even to assume that elections were rigged by Jewish money, but I would point out that it was mainly non-Jews who accepted the bribes and did the dirty work. Having a Jewish name and a Jewish heritage does not make one a practicing Jew. A practicing Jew believes that “In the beginning God Created”.

    Waters is prone to making outrageous statements, and doing stupid things like comparing a murdered 16 year old with a war correspondent who chose to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anne Frank was rounded up by men exactly like Waters, men on a political religious crusade that saw a young Jewish girl as a threat to their religion of violence and male superiority.

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