German Police Told to Go Easy on Culture-Enrichers

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Instruction to the police: “Control as few migrants as possible”

Another conspiracy theory come true

Wow, someone said that the police often don’t look too closely at migrants. Or worse — that there are corresponding instructions from above. Anyone who says or writes something like this must expect to be immediately defamed as a “conspiracy ideologue” — the New German word for “heretic”. Or even as “Right”, which, thanks to years of red-green brainwashing, is now considered by many to be a synonym for “Nazi”, which is doubly wrong: Because “Right” is just as legitimate a political direction as “Left”. And because the word “Nazi” is used instead of “National Socialist” primarily to disguise the socialist part of National Socialism.

But back to the police. What used to be political blasphemy can now be read in the country’s largest newspaper: the Bild. However, only behind a paywall, which in addition to the usual function — making money — also has the function of a political chastity belt. Because what can only be read by paying subscribers could actually worry the public. Especially those who continue to look at what is happening in our country through rose-coloured glasses. Or look away in apathy.

Dortmund may soon become German [football] champion. But the city in North Rhine-Westphalia is also record-breaking in other respects. “Violence, brutal attacks on residents — and no help from the police” — this is how the Bild summarizes the complaints of local businessmen from Dortmund’s northern district. The whole thing culminated in August 2022, when the 16-year-old Senegalese Mouhamed D. was shot dead during a police operation.

After a report by Bild about the unbelievable conditions between Borsigplatz and Nordmarkt in Dortmund, frustrated police officers from the responsible “Nord station” reported to the newspaper. What they report is alarming. And it should also be read outside of the paywall.

One of the officers says: “We have fewer and fewer colleagues; sometimes shifts have been reduced by ten police officers. In the morning and night shift, there are often only two patrol cars for the entire northern part of the city. We actually think Interior Minister Reul is good, he also promises more police officers. We always say he can’t know anything about it, otherwise he would do something and not allow it.” [Dream on.]

Deliberate criminalization

Another officer said: “No matter how we do the job, our leadership at police headquarters is dissatisfied. Everyone just wants to go somewhere else, write requests for reassignment. 41 of 61 colleagues now want to leave. Colleagues have resigned inside their heads. If there are allegations, whether from intensive offenders or left-wing extremists, you will be dropped immediately. We no longer have a presumption of innocence. Rather, there is a deliberate criminalization of colleagues.”

Since the deadly shots last year, the problems have increased considerably, according to an official, as per text: “We were clearly told by the presidium to check as few migrants as possible, the situation would be tense anyway because of the dead Senegalese. But who should we then check in Nordstadt, where almost only migrants live? In addition, the task forces were stamped out; we can no longer monitor hotspots at all; we only rush from one operation to the next.”

According to the report, the police officers from “Wache Nord” are making specific allegations against the police leadership in Dortmund: “During a demonstration after the deadly shots, an African had registered a demo against police violence. But he was wanted on an arrest warrant. And we were still forbidden by the presidium to arrest the man at the demo. That would result in optics that we do not need now.”

Like a banana republic

These are unbelievable allegations — here the suspicion of frustration of prosecution lies in the room. This is more reminiscent of a banana republic than a constitutional state. Actually, a courageous citizen should show up who lays charges against this and thus ensures an examination. Even if the chances of success are mixed in view of the conditions in our judiciary.

Such orders to look away from criminals make it even more explosive when you consider the severity and brutality with which the police acted against peaceful citizens whose “CRIME” consisted of exercising their basic right to freedom of assembly and taking to the streets peacefully. They were taken into police custody en masse. While violent criminals are not touched for fear of unsightly pictures. [I guess they pay larger bribes to those on “high”.]

But it is not only because of such madness that the officials have lost their trust, as one of them describes: “There is no longer any appreciation or respect for our difficult work. Once the chief of police came into the police station and everyone was supposed to say openly where the shoe pinched. A colleague took advantage of this and criticized the internal handling very objectively. He immediately had to report to the head office and it was suggested that he be transferred.”

Wheel of fortune in front of the police station

According to the statements, “Great pressure is exerted on the police officers almost every day”: “Even our staff rooms were searched; private photo albums were criticized; we allegedly had right-wing extremist tendencies. The chief of police just wants to look good; we don’t interest him. So-called encounter festivals are organized for this; we have to set up a wheel of fortune in front of the police station and drink coffee with “citizens” well-known to the police — really absurd.”

The result of this way of dealing with the police officials. “We are no longer taken seriously by the criminals in Nordstadt,” they say. One of the officials states: “There is utter uncertainty among colleagues. And this creates a vicious circle, because many only do the so-called work by the book. Because if you arrest someone and there is resistance, you have to take action, you’re still the fool afterwards. So it’s better to leave well enough alone.”

I think that if you read my site here, you are just as hard-boiled as I am when it comes to the situation in Germany. But these conditions are still a bit more violent than many others. They correspond exactly to what government critics have been warning about for years — and for which they are defamed.

The fact that apart from the Bild hardly any other major medium reports on these conditions is almost as scandalous as these conditions themselves.

As early as October 2021, a police officer, who blew his top, unpacked on my page and described conditions that are basically reminiscent of what can now be heard from Dortmund (see here). Highly explosive interior views of other police officers may also be read on my site (see here, here and here).

To put it bluntly, one could speak of an “Africanization” of Germany. With the majority of politicians and the media benevolently looking the other way.

Afterword from the translator:

There’s only one thing I have to say about the naïveté of these police officers.

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

5 thoughts on “German Police Told to Go Easy on Culture-Enrichers

  1. And just like that, the vigilante (brown shirts) groups were formed, and everybody is left scratching their heads wondering how that happened?

  2. Certainly there are good officers who truly want to do the right thing. But the problem is that there are far more for whom the paycheck or scheming for a promotion, or the promise of an eventual pension cause them to keep their heads down and go along to get along; this doesn’t even address those officers who genuinely believe this tripe about multiculti or are just vicious and evil and relish the thought of beating those who are officially enemies of the government.

    One can see in this the origins of support for a clone of Schicklgruber; they’ll support anyone who promises to fix the dysfunction that they see daily, and has the manly tackle and ruthlessness to match words with action.

    That even applies in the FUSA.

    If some group started making unsanctioned overpass decorations of congress-critters and particularly vile bureaucrats from the menagerie of three-letter agencies I would be absolutely shocked if at least a third of ‘muricans didn’t cheer it on. And probably another third would be cowed enough to keep their mouths shut about it while the remaining third would be too dumb and distracted to notice or care.

    • In South America the Police founded anonymous death squads when they were not allowed to do their job.
      Also I remember a certain “Dirty Harry” movie.

      Just sayin

      • I would be one of those cheering on such unsanctioned initiatives.

        The misfortune is that many innocents would be killed when there’s inevitable reprisals. However, I do not see any path out of this mess that the West has found itself in that doesn’t involve serious bloodshed and likely terrible suffering for most of the populace.

        • “The misfortune is that many innocents would be killed when there’s inevitable reprisals. However, I do not see any path out of this mess that the West has found itself in that doesn’t involve serious bloodshed and likely terrible suffering for most of the populace.”

          Ditto. I came to this conclusion with the election of PAA (President Affirmative Action) in ’08. Any free people who elect such a virulent, anti-American authoritarian—and having done so without a literal gun to their heads—is ignorantly signing their own death warrant.

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