France is Concerned About Islamists

French Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin has been in urgent consultation with U.S. officials about the danger of “Islamist” terrorism in Europe.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

In New York, Darmanin is alarmed over a “resumption” in Europe of an “Islamist terrorist” menace

May 20, 2023

The minister of the interior has asked the American government to strengthen its anti-terrorist cooperation before the Paris Olympics in 2024.

The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, on a visit to the US, expressed alarm Friday over a “resurgence” of the “Islamist terrorist” menace in Europe and asked the American government to reinforce its anti-terrorist cooperation.

“We have come to remind them that for the Europeans and for France, the primary risk is Sunni Islamist terrorism and that anti-terrorist collaboration between the intelligence services is absolutely indispensable,” Gerald Darmanin stressed during an interview with Agence France Presse in New York. And, “at a time when the Americans, perhaps, have a more national view of disputes — white supremacism, mass shootings, conspiracy — they must not forget that for us in Europe, the primary menace appears to be Sunni terrorism,” the French minister insisted.

Gerald Darmanin completed his two-day trip to Washington, New York, and the UN, after boosting police and legal cooperation between France and the US, provided for in a 2016 agreement for the fight against terrorism and major crimes. He met with Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, then visited the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. In New York he met with the NYPD Chief, Keechant Sewell, to discuss the maintenance of public order and security at major international events, citing the Olympic Games — 2024 in Paris (26 July-11 August 2024), the Rugby World Cup (8 September-28 October 2023) and the visit of Pope Francis to Marseille on 23 September.

“The threat resumes”

In this context, but without invoking precise dangers, Gerald Darmanin affirmed that “the risk is resuming concerning Islamist terrorism” which would again target France and its European neighbors. He pointed to “an internal danger of persons without networks who, becoming radicalized, go on to take action within a few hours, a few days… Someone who takes a knife, goes into a bakery, and kills people.” And “there is the external risk, people organized outside of France, who come to France to carry out an attack like the one at Bataclan,” in Paris on 13 September 2015.

Gerald Darmanin also deplored the “departure of the Americans from Afghanistan,” and that of France from the “Sahelo-Saharan Strip,” the “reconstruction of Daesh cells in the Levant, who make up these external dangers within the perspective of large events that France is organizing, represent moments of important risks of terrorist attacks.”

7 thoughts on “France is Concerned About Islamists

  1. M. Darmanin gives a needed warning. Two refinements to his assessment can be offered:

    Not “Islamist terrorism”, just Islamic terrorism.

    There are no muslim “persons without networks”. The mosque is the network.

  2. I really do hope the orcs go completely jihad and cause murder and mayhem everywhere, it is the only way to get people to wake from their stupor.

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