Diversity is Our Strength!

The German government wants corporations to register “diversity” information for their employees.

Now, why in the world would that make you nervous? It sounds completely innocent to me…

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de:

Diversity register in companies: Ataman wants to record the origins of employees

1.   On the occasion of the German “Diversity Day”, the anti-discrimination officer Ferda Ataman gave an interview to the Handelsblatt.
2.   In it, she recommends that companies take stock of the diversity of their employees.
3.   In particular, the sexual identity, religion and origin of the employees should be recorded.

Imagine you work in a large company with over 500 employees. Like every morning, you sit at your desk in an open-plan office, go about your tasks with more or less motivation and look into the faces of your numerous colleagues, who are staring intently at a screen. Suddenly, at the end of the room, you see your manager’s personal assistant walking clumsily from table to table. She has an iPad in her hand, into which she repeatedly types a few words.

You continue to watch the young woman and see that she appears to be asking your colleagues a few questions one by one and then jotting down the answers. As the lady comes closer, you can see that the employees being questioned react to the questions with some irritation; some even look angry. Finally the assistant stands in front of you, looks around the room in embarrassment and asks you: “Do you have a diversity background? Any special race, sexual identity or religious affiliation? We need to know that for the company report…”

An inventory of diversity

This absurd situation could soon become reality — at least if Ferda Ataman, the German government’s anti-discrimination officer, has his way. In an interview with the Handelsblatt on Tuesday, they advised German companies to take stock of the diversity of their workforce. According to Ataman, diversity is still far too often equated with the advancement of women — but it is necessary to also take “people with different sexual identity, religion or origin” into account. Ataman justifies their demand with a new EU regulation for companies that came into force in January of this year. The so-called “Corporate Sustainability Responsibility Directive” (CSRD) obliges large companies to publish reports on their corporate policies on environmental protection, social responsibility, human rights, anti-corruption and diversity on their boards. When you look at which categories the EU understands as part of this diversity analysis, it is interesting to note that only age, gender, educational and professional background are explicitly mentioned there.

Ataman’s proposal goes beyond the EU directive

Ataman simply added the checking of sexual identity, religion or origin to it. The EU’s opinion poll, which already seemed intrusive, quickly became an instruction to examine the private lives of employees. Because what else could you call it when an employer seriously asks for information about the sexual orientation of its employees? Even stranger is the idea of how the analysis of provenance should be done. Is a skin colour palette then quickly held next to the employee’s face and his skin tone compared? Does the employee have to give blood and hair so that one of those crazy genetic analyzes can be carried out in the laboratory, which then shows whether one had any ancestors from South Africa, the Caucasus or the North Pole?

And what do you do with dark-skinned employees? Asking them about their origins is otherwise always demonized as the worst form of racism. Do you only ask them about their sexual orientation? And is that also possible if the employee wears a headscarf — isn’t that “haram”, i.e. forbidden according to the Islamic faith?

A discriminatory anti-discrimination officer

Seriously: The suggestion of our “Anti-Discrimination Officer” is nothing other than discriminatory. Ataman would like to force companies to no longer make personnel decisions dependent on the individual performance of the employees, but only on their membership in certain state-protected groups. I also find Ataman’s enthusiasm for having employees’ private information logged and published strange.

Basically, it’s none of my employer’s business where I come from and what I do in my free time. If he asks me with interest, for example to be able to better assess me as a person, I can think about which information I want to voluntarily share with him. However, if my boss were to force me to write private details in an Excel list with reference to a government order, which would then also be transferred to a public report, I would ask him politely whether I shouldn’t start with the information on the Stasi’s personal index cards.

Afterword from the translator:

Will everyone who isn’t “diverse” be forced to carry a Dompass? I would say that they should create that kind of transparency for the German Bundestag and for all who plan to become public parasites, sucking the blood form the taxpayers. Also this information will have to be placed under the election posters for each and every candidate.

7 thoughts on “Diversity is Our Strength!

    • “Diversity” background is the new “aryan”

      When white people go to Coloured countries, it’s called IMPERIALISM.
      When Coloured countries come to white people, it’s called DIVERSITY.

  1. Perhaps the correct reaction to this new German idiocy is for workforces to collectively identify as a lesbian transgender two-spirit butch muslimas who identify as Sub-Saharan Africans on even-numbered days, and identify as Turks on odd-numbered days.

    All this while visibly presenting as white middle-aged males who are married to white German females and have photos of their kids and families who are obviously white on their cubicle desks.

  2. It works for most democratic men elected to Senate and Congress in America today why not? Give President Biden an ice cream cone he will spin a tail about growing up in the 1950s how woke his dad was. Make believe ,play acting seems to be the main way to get ahead in the political world and in many cases the private sector today .

  3. Yes, diversity is strength. (SNORT)

    Diversity brought us:
    1) Muslims (Moroccos) who live in the Netherlands and blow up ATMs in Germany
    2) Muslims running through german cities screaming what they will do to jews ()to give you a hint: Cutting off heads and other unsavory things)
    3) Muslims controlling entire parts of a city where no traffic warden dares to enter unless said traffic warden is suicidal
    4) Muslims groping and touching females without their permission (ending in rape and murder)
    5) Muslims making shock calls to elderly germans telling them their children committed a crime (totally fabricated, the muslims dont know if said german has a child) and either the german gives them his money or the child goes to jail (invented)

    So, yes, diversity is strength.

    Sorry, but you can take your diversity and shove it into a certain dark opening.
    I `d rather live in a boring pure german Germany then in this “enriched” hellhole.

  4. Import the third world of uneducated, socially backward, tribe center clan Moslems , who if they can get the upper hand will hand the current gay, trans, 700 different gender mafia their heads in a basket back at them., We do live in interesting times! Play time and make believe will end very quickly when they will be first on the chopping block if sharia law becomes the law of the land.

  5. Diversity = Balkanization = Massive Bloodshed, and I dare anyone here to show me where diversity never has devolved to bloodshed in the history of man?

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