Another Great Prisoner Swap

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“A black day for the rule of law”: Iranian opposition denounces Assadi-Vandecasteele exchange

Rik Vanreusel, the lawyer for the Iranian opposition, denounced the exchange of the Iranian diplomat Assadolah Assadi and Olivier Vandecasteele. “ This is a victory for the cynical politics of power. The party can now begin in Iran,” he charged on the airwaves of Radio 1 (VRT).

Even if the Belgian lawyer says he is happy that the humanitarian is on his way home to rejoin his family, he can only denounce the liberation of Assadolah Assadi, sentenced to 20 years in prison by Belgian justice for attempted murder and terrorism. “His dozens of victims also have rights,” he said. Rik Vanreusel also claims that the government did not inform his clients of the exchange of prisoners.

“In Iran, the crowns of flowers are already prepared, the party can begin. It is a victory for the cynical politics of power, but for me, it is a somber day for the rule of law,” he lamented.

As a reminder, Assadolah Assadi was arrested in Belgium for his role in the preparation of a terrorist attack against a meeting of the National Council of the Iranian Resistance (CNRI) in 2018 near Paris.

3 thoughts on “Another Great Prisoner Swap

  1. Perhaps the Belgians forced the death shot on Mr Assadi while in prison, in which case he might shortly die of “suddenly”.

    • Yes, that is a great question I have.

      In the 1970-ties the german police had the terrorists of the RAF Red Army Fraction in prison and then there was a kidnapping and they were released.
      Why werent they infected with something nasty?

      On the other hand:
      If you kick a autocratic / dictatureship country then dont expect them to roll over and cry.
      They want revenge in capital letters.
      And when some of your citizens are in this country then expect them to be roughed up, hurt, imprisoned or killed in return.

      Everybody with common sense can make this connection – except our “idiots” called government.

      • Quite a few of those raf commie terrorists died because they hung themselves, and more than a few suspect they had help, especially that sadistic wench whose name escapes me at the moment, got what they deserved. A relative of mine whose was special forces (GSG_9) had the privilege of putting many holes in more than a few of those terrorists.

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