The Lebanon of Central Europe

Lebanese clans in Germany

Gunnar Beck is a German lawyer and a member of the European Parliament for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following video from the floor of the EP, Mr. Beck discusses the financial crisis, the Corona crisis, the “climate crisis”, and the migration crisis, which have combined to destroy the prosperity and culture of Germany.

Many thanks to Brunhilde for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The most recent economic forecast of the European Commission
00:04   should shake us all awake. Four member states are now officially in a recession.
00:10   Those four are the largest per capita net contributors
00:13   to the EU budget: Germany, Austria, Sweden and Denmark.
00:17   In contrast to the US, the EU has not recovered from the Corona crisis,
00:23   and that’s also because, as a result of our nonsensical climate policy,
00:27   it has been harder hit by rising energy and food prices
00:31   than anywhere else. Germany has been especially affected,
00:35   where growth is collapsing, and salaries and pensions can’t keep up with galloping inflation.
00:40   The European Central Bank ignores its mandate
00:43   and just accepts inflation. Meanwhile, Germany is paying net
00:47   more than 40 percent of the entire EU budget. What are the Germans getting for that?
00:52   The highest inflation in over 70 years, economic stagnation,
00:56   and the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine,
00:59   which did not create stagflation, but gives it wings.
01:03   Over 50 years ago, Lebanon was the pearl of the Middle East.
01:08   Then that country took in millions of unqualified refugees,
01:13   inflation rose, the per capita gross domestic product
01:17   today is lower than it was in 1970.
01:20   Germany is well on its way to becoming the Lebanon of Central Europe.
01:25   Von der Leyen likes to speak about the EU’s moon landing.
01:29   Maybe you will find your new tax colony there.

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