Milan Resists the Woke Imperative

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   No more civil registrations for the children of LGBT couples, states the Prefecture of Milan.
00:05   The mayor of Milan, B. Sala, won’t accept this. He met some rainbow families,
00:08   telling them he will be fighting against it.
00:11   From today on, in the capital of Lombardy, two mothers or two fathers
00:15   cannot register a newborn in the civil registry together any longer.
00:18   The only procedure available is adoption, which is more complex and expensive.
00:21   The municipality of Milan, after reporting the legal vacuum, had already been
00:25   legally recognizing the children of LGBT-parenting families for some years,
00:29   despite some delays in the process. The juridical matter is complex.
00:33   Last December the Court of Cassation, in Rome, ruled out the possibility
00:38   of directly registering both same-sex parents in the newborns’ birth certificate.
00:43   The ruling established that the approval of the court is required.
00:46   The Ministry of the Interior’s stance is consistent with it.
00:49   The Prefecture of Milan has added a further restrictive measure.
00:54   The ban also includes the case of two mothers raising children born in Italy.
00:58   The Prefecture’s directive allows the direct and immediate legal recognition of just one parent.
01:06   In the birth certificate only the biological parent can be mentioned, that is,
01:10   the one who provided either their sperm or their egg cells for procreation.
01:13   The other same-sex parent won’t be included.
01:16   LGBTQ Associations’ protests followed.
01:19   The only method left is adoption, which can often take years.
01:22   The protests are about the outcome in the long run, that is, limited parental rights.
01:27   “We are going backwards,” stated the mayor of Milan, B. Sala,
01:31   who has announced his renewed commitment to a solution for the issue.

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