The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part 14

Note: Our Swedish correspondent LN has left extensive additional material on Sameh Egyptson in the comments on news feeds here, here, and here.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Follow Sameh Egyptson’s dissertation: Islamists have infiltrated Sweden

On Friday, researcher Sameh Egyptson will present his thesis on how Islamists have infiltrated Sweden. Below is a live stream from Lund University.

At 2pm the presentation of Sameh Egyptson’s 740-page thesis will begin. For several years Egyptson has charted how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated both organizations and political parties in the country.

Egyptson identifies Muslim leaders, political parties, and authorities in his research. Over the years, municipalities and authorities have distributed hundreds of millions of kronor to student associations, schools, and organizations that the researcher claims are run by Islamists.

One of those accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden is the Islamic Association. An influential network that raises millions of kronor in support from taxpayers, and also runs the Stockholm Mosque in Södermalm.

Security arrangements

Lund University has been forced to take security measures before the presentation including closing down the building. This is after Islamists said that they intend to be present and protest against the thesis.

Below is a live stream video of the presentation.

4 thoughts on “The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part 14

  1. Don’t I have a feeling of
    very recently, that is yesterday,
    at Gov, having read just this text
    and much more in the same
    subject, namely about the
    controversial Swedish ISLAM
    resercher, Mr. Egyptson?

    • Yes, I believe a translated version of the same text was posted in the comments, which is why I included links to the three news feed posts that included such material.

  2. I was blocked because I mentioned muslims.
    What I should have said is:
    Muslims NEVER rape little Swedish girls.
    Twitter would forgive me.
    The muslims would forgive me.
    The little Swedish girls would not!

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