NATO on the Ropes in Ukraine

In the following video recorded earlier today, U.S. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor (ret.) talks to Judge Napolitano about the situation in Ukraine, keeping in mind President Biden’s visit to Kyiv yesterday and President Putin’s speech today.

The stakes in the current conflict are extremely high, but political and military leaders on our side seem quite calm, almost blasé, about what’s happening. I can only hope that the boffins in the Pentagon and the CIA know what they’re doing, and have all the contingencies covered.

And I presume their bunkers are buried deep enough, and fully stocked. It may get a little tricky for the rest of us, however.

See also: Tucker Carlson on the same topic.

Hat tip: WRSA.

8 thoughts on “NATO on the Ropes in Ukraine

  1. NATO on the Ropes in Ukraine – yet the Czech Mainstream Media keep on pushing headlines like: “Putin has greatly underestimated NATO Strength”, or “Russia unable to supply their frontline soldiers…” or “Russia is just about to collapse!”…

    Ukraine used to have 50 million people. Now the low estimate is that there is just 20 million people in the Ukraine. I believe that this war is a depopulation war, and the place they want depopulated is Ukraine – an otherwise very good piece of real estate. It’s like this is the only thing that makes sense, because there are still people who eat the mainstream propaganda hook line and sinker, and they want to go fight Russia into that hell hole, because “we are winning!” They heard it on the radio, they’ve seen it on the TV!”

    I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what “we know” – the lying mainstream propaganda is aimed at those lost souls who want to fight and die.

    Wehrmacht just reached the suburbs of Moscow, it’s time to pop some Champagne and eat some cheese!

  2. I believe that the apparent calmness on the Western side has more to do with stupidity than cunning.

    For me, what gives the game away is basic military logistics 101. If x number of shells are fired every day by NATO neo-nazi proxies, and the number capable of being produced by their western backers is less than x, then eventually the quantity available will dwindle down to a mere trickle at which point the war will be over.

    And since there has been no serious effort on the part of the entire NATO military industrial complex to increase production to a level commensurate with usage on the battlefield then that leaves only a few possibilities as to why. Either they don’t really care about winning or the political leadership is truly that stupid as to not make this the highest priority.

    Shell production on a truly massive scale was something that our WW1 era ancestors already had figured out, when the most complex computing device was a slide rule. The supposedly backwards Russians with an economy allegedly smaller than a weak European country has managed to master the war of production. They don’t have shortages of artillery pieces or shells for them, bullets, drones, cruise missiles, tanks, aircraft, fighter pilots, and every other piece of kit necessary for fighting and winning a war of attrition. And their supposed shortage of soldiers is illusory, since most of those recalled to duty have not been committed to battle, but are camped out in Belarus or around the periphery of the Ukraine for the moment when the Ukrainians run out of NATO supplied weapons and in case NATO or Poland egged on by NATO decides to be monumentally stupid and enter the war overtly.

    • Au contraire Moon, but there has been full scale production of bullets, arty and rockets in the US, Germany, France, Brazil and Switzerland. The fact my family is involved in the arms business tells me so. As for these grifters in the US and NATO, they are dribbling in arms at a pace just enough so that Ukraine isn’t over run. They want to bleed the Russians white and so far they are doing a great job, if the spring offensive starts from Belarus, the Ukies have their attack corridors covered and the rail lines will cease to function in a matter of hours thus messing up their time tables which they won’t be able to keep, a monkey wrench in their whole offense. Their supply lines are a lot more vulnerable than the Ukies and that has been demonstrated time and time again, and the Ukies are now taking the war inside and deep in Russian territory hitting anything that hurts the Ruskies. This war isn’t going to anyone’s plans and has a damn good chance of going beyond this war zone into other countries such as the Baltics, Finland and Poland.

  3. Russia fights for the survival of humanity and human values that the Empire of Lies and Evil has first bullied, then tortured and finally completely suffocated over the past three decades.

    • Pfft… Do you live in Russia?
      You simply cannot even imagine what a disaster it represents for our country.
      Now he is destroying the country and the people, as well as Ukraine in one fell swoop.
      This is a satanic offspring. Rosemary’s baby.

  4. Kabuki theater (psyop) for the world government takeover. Agenda 2030.


    We are now in the “problem” phase that’s being built up. Then we will be expected to “react” and demand peace. Then the World Government will provide the “solution” and promise to grant us peace and security — in exchange for liberty and independence.

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