Maculate Conception

Concerning the Norwegian woman who proposed using brain-dead females as surrogate mothers and baby factories: It occurred to me that our rulers in the New World Order may well devise a program to pith convicted female criminals and use them as surrogates.

A woman who is convicted of a serious thought crime and/or political dissent could be sentenced to become a “servant of the State”, with authorization being given to sever the higher brain functions of prisoners who are particularly unruly and recalcitrant, maintaining them in special facilities on life support for as long as they remain biologically useful. This would assure a steady supply of surrogates for oligarch women who don’t like the idea of a nasty figure-damaging pregnancy. It could be touted as a “humane” punishment, because the prisoner wouldn’t actually “die” and would remain societally useful, and the requisite surgery would be painless.

I have no idea whether such a provision might be implemented as part of the Great Reset. However, thinking about such matters is so horrific that my mind can’t remain on the topic for long. It keeps veering away.

We are living in a truly satanic time. Satan is loose in the world. I’m a believing Christian, so I can put on my gospel armor and resist the evil at a personal level, but watching others succumb to it is almost too much to bear.

6 thoughts on “Maculate Conception

  1. I would think that if it gets to that point they’ll just forcibly do this to whomever they want to. Consent will simply be manufactured if the lizard people decide to maintain the illusion of consent.

    I actually would be more shocked if the elites aren’t already doing this, or maintaining secret facilities where clones of themselves are grown in order to harvest young blood, organs, stem cells, etc that won’t be rejected. The undeniable gerontocracy of the Elites causes one to speculate on just how they are able to stay in such health in their dosage that they can still rule over their fiefdoms.

  2. Baron, so wide is your vocabulary, I sometimes have to look up a word I don’t know. Googled “pith” and I’m none the wiser?

    • I thought it was a common usage. Try googling “pith frogs”; that should make it clear.

      When I took freshman biology in college, students had to participate in lab sessions where they dissected live frogs. To do that, they “pithed” them, which meant they used a long sharp tool, possibly a scalpel, and severed the spinal cord just below the brain, which cut off motor control but left a lot of the autonomic systems intact.

      I love frogs. I couldn’t bear the thought of doing that to them, so I skipped that lab.

  3. All men are made equal at birth. Then come the chooses we make in life. Adam was created in the image of God, the only true creator. He disobeyed God by choose. The consequence of his decision, he lost spirit which belonged to him. The first child his wife Eve had was Cain, a man who killed his brother Abel. This is not the image of God who is Spirit. This is of the image of this fallen world, a consequence of Adam’s disobedience. All men born are of Adam’s blood. All will suffer the consequence of that sin nature being tempted by Satan. Only one man overcame that wicked one the devil. That man is Jesus Christ,the only begotten Son of God. Born of the flesh from a woman named Mary. Jesus Christ blood washes us clean of sin and death. To confess Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior is the beginning in being led by His Spirit which is in those who choose to believe God who is revealed in the words of the Bible.
    Having taken the time to observe the birth of Christ the coming Messiah, who will judge mankind, look closely at this articles revealing message. It shows those who disobey the true God and suffer in sin and its manifestations which rules over them. This is the fallen man’s and woman’s reward in this present evil world. But there time is running out. Even death cannot save the wicked.
    Christ will come again, touching down on this earth,to rule as King of kings. This is Jesus carrying out his Father will. Let us who believe in this blessed promised Hope not grow weary, but keep our minds eye on the prize of this higher calling.
    Come Lord Jesus, come.

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