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Gender madness at the Free University of Berlin has reached an extreme that seems totally insane to anyone outside the hallowed halls of the academy. However, it is really just the natural and logical culmination of decades of postmodern ideological indoctrination.

I asked the translator whether the word “change” used in reference to gendered language in the following report meant a requirement to change masculine and feminine noun case endings to neuter. He said:

That’s how I understand this nonsense. Not that I actually understand it at all. I really don’t know, what with all these new made-up words popping up in our languages. No wonder that there’s so much misunderstanding and discontent now, because nobody speaks German or English any longer.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from

Student Parliament of the FU Berlin: Anyone who has not changed may not apply for anything

Just last week, the Free University of Berlin made the headlines. Now the Berliner Zeitung is reporting on unbelievable events in the student parliament of the FU: Those who do not change may not apply for anything. Even the “Binnen-I” (gender-equitable language use) is not woke enough.

Gender asterisk, colon or underscore: Advocates for the use of gender language often claim that no one is forced to do so. A process at the Freie Universität Berlin now shows that this is not true. The university in the western part of the capital was in the press just a week ago because the local student committee (AstA) torpedoed the police pursuit of a sex offender — now another scandal is making the headlines. A new regulation applies in the student parliament of the FU: Applications must be gendered.

The impetus for this was provided by an application from the Juso (Young Socialists) university group. It says: “Accordingly, the application calls for gender language to be defined as a criterion for formal justice. Proposals using the generic masculine or the Binnen-I would not be dealt with by the Stupa (Student Parliament) in the future and could not be passed.” Applications that do not comply with the regulations will no longer be processed. This emerges from an email from the chair of the “Student Parliament”, which was made available to the Berliner Zeitung. The applicant, a student at the Free University of Berlin, was consequently forced to adjust his application. It is not possible to object, since the obligation to gender is already anchored in the “legal order” of the “Student Parliament”. The use of the term “students” is also not accepted by the Stupa. “It is suggested to choose a wording with an underscore or colon if one does not use neutral language — “students” (generic masculine) —.”

The madness in the student committees and parliaments, which have little legitimacy anyway, does not even represent a fraction of the entire student body: in the current elections to the student parliament in January 2022, just 2.34% took part.

Afterword from the translator:

If I were a student there I would take legal action against this madness. The official language is German without gender nonsense. But since this university is in Berlin, I doubt there’d be a “judge” who would have the [manly attributes] to rule against these ideological retards. All this crap reminds me somehow of the followers of the Dominican Friar Savonarola. They also wanted to destroy everything that didn’t fit into their version of “Christianity”. Savonarola ended his reign of “terror” at the stake on the 23rd of May, 1498. A pity that these monsters can’t be sent off in the same way.

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  1. In the long run this idiocy is self-correcting.

    Those fools won’t breed and will simply get honorable mention status in the Darwin Awards. And if we ever manage to get off the planet and became a spacefaring species such willful stupidity will get woke NPCs a one way trip out the nearest airlock and all the vacuum they could breathe.

  2. I don’t know what this article is saying unless it is no more than applications won’t be processed if you don’t fill in the circle that says Mr., Miss, Ms., Mrs. or maybe there is an other and you fill it in. If it is more than that I don’t understand. I think that is a mental protection mechanism. I just won’t comprehend. Is it the box that says sex (M/F)?

  3. @Hellequin: even that bastion of the Woking Class called Wikipedia concedes in respect of Savonarola:

    “He denounced clerical corruption, despotic rule, and the exploitation of the poor……Savonarola’s devotees, the Piagnoni, kept his cause of republican freedom and religious reform alive well into the following century, although the Medici—restored to power in 1512 with the help of the papacy—eventually broke the movement. Some Protestants, including Martin Luther himself, consider Savonarola to be a vital precursor to the Reformation.[9]. ”

    So your hatred of him is analogous to the contempt for us held by Harari and Schwab, except that your hatred will not save you to dine at their table, because as George Carlin said, “its a big club and you ain’t in it”.

    • I’m not sure why people keep obsessing about this Harari guy and keep naming him with Schwab. He is a writer of books, successful and popular enough but he seems to be more an observer than evangelist, activist or whatever you want to call it. There is an interview with him on a Youtube channel “Impact Theory” which is quite interesting, i.m.o. He describes what he sees as future developments, not that he wishes it to be so. He actually makes it quite clear that it’s rather scary, as any new technology can be used for both good and evil. Similar to Ray Kurzweil, maybe.

    • And how much Peace, Feedom and Prosperity have the followers of Savaranola, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and other “Reformers” brought?
      They managed to steep Europe in BLOOD for over 150 years.
      In my eyes they were not better – or worse – than the Catholic Church.
      They all wanted power, no matter in what saintly mantle you try to cloak them, and the destruction of the old for their own dystopian dream.
      Just like Schwab and his cronies and their followers.

      I don’t hate such people, I despise them.

      • Thank you, you expressed exactly how I feel about Luther, Calvin, and those other corrupt bastiges who wanted what the Catholic Church had, power and money.

  4. Luckily, a “students’ parliament” is about as influential to the outside world as a kindergarten parliament, but what these students learn there is how to worm, scam and bully your way into positions of power. If we had learned anything about pandemics by now…

    • Yes, today they have no power, but just wait 20 years and they will be in parliament und rule us.

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