You Will Be Assimilated

Although the Great Replacement is considered a “conspiracy theory” by the bien-pensants who run the media, it is widely recognized and understood to be true by the general populace of the European Union, especially among the culture-enrichers who are being imported to do the replacing.

During the process of replacement, all dissent about what is happening is to be silenced.

And now 5G technology is being rolled out to ensure that the remnant population of native white Europeans is fully assimilated into the Hive Mind in the European franchise of the New World Order.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Swiss outlet Uncut News:

The European Commission is working on a very disturbing initiative that you’ve probably never heard of

The European Commission is working on a so-called Global Gateway Initiative. This initiative is about a number of things. First, it is about building a 5G network across the EU. The question is what this 5G network will be used for by the government.

The Global Gateway Initiative is also about monitoring European digital media. That means the government wants to start monitoring everyone on social media, with 100% coverage of the European population.

The reason why the government wants to do this: the fight against “disinformation”. That means the government wants to be in control of what citizens share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those other social media apps, MEP Marcel de Graaff (FVD) warns.

“In other words, we retain freedom of speech, but only if it’s the government’s opinion,” De Graaff said. “The government will fight any citizen who has a different opinion or dares to criticize the government.”

Renowned medical professionals, doctors and even Nobel Prize winners in medicine have been censored by Twitter for posting scientific articles that clearly show that coronavirus vaccines have serious side effects, argues the MP.

“The government has censored science because it has shown that its corona policy leads to serious health damage. And that teaches us what the government means by fighting disinformation: controlling information for citizens.”

The EU is providing up to €18 billion to fight “disinformation” to control its own citizens and limit freedom of expression.

“And that’s why I’m against this Global Gateway initiative in the European Parliament,” emphasizes De Graaff. “Not because I don’t want fast internet, because that’s fine, but because I don’t want a government that silences anyone who is critical and has a different opinion.”

Afterword from the translator:

And for those Citizens who are still critical of the EUSSR’s Politburo Members after the implementation of this “LAW”, the next step will be punishment battalions to be sent and to die in Ukraine for “Western values”. The rest, who aren’t of “military” or “fighting” age, will be sent to gulags for re-education and hard labour. I don’t think even George Orwell could have dreamed that this could actually be happening.

7 thoughts on “You Will Be Assimilated

  1. Is it going to be built by China? Everything is usually Chinese despite the rhetoric and a Chinese system would already have all those surveillance features built in. LOL

    • No it will not be built by China. Chinese “Huawei” technology is, since about 3 years ago – specificaly forbiden to be used in the EU.

      The EU will use Swedish Ericsson, Finnish Nokia, and American network elements from Cisco and other such companies.

      It has been decided that we will build our own digital gulag ourselves, without the interference of the Chinese.

  2. well, it would seem that the response is to return to the basics of human relations, face-to-face conversations. let the elite have their dystopian tech-controlled/managed world. We will return to the old-fashioned ways that worked the best, personal conversations with those whom we know, love, and trust.

    • It’s going that way, as great as Babylon – i.e. “The Global Civilisation” was, a time is coming where the best decision will be to leave it, together with all her delicacies.

      Revelation 18

      Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

  3. With “We didn’t see it coming” the treasonous, social democratic power elite excuses itself over the current state of affairs in the failed state of Sweden.


    read here:
    Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/24/2023 Replyes

  4. Re: “In other words, we retain freedom of speech, but only if it’s the government’s opinion,” De Graaff said. “The government will fight any citizen who has a different opinion or dares to criticize the government.”

    The globalist ruling class, having decided to eradicate distinct nations with borders, peoples, cultures and languages in favor of world government and homogenization on a world-wide scale, are prepared to break some eggs to make their omelet. If basic human rights, such as freedom of expression, are lost as casualties along the way, it is perfectly acceptable to the Davos crowd.

    The billionaire oligarchs at the World Economic Forum know that the great majority of people on earth do not want what they are planning, and will complain, protest and resist in all sorts of ways. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a key part of their plan that dissent must be nipped in the proverbial bud.

    Since many of the nations of Europe do not possess anything like the Bill of Rights, what better place to begin strangling freedom of expression than in Europe? Consider it the beta test for a similar operation in U.S.A. at some future date.

    Likewise, omni-surveillance must also be a feature of the new dystopia, since our would-be rulers very much do not want groups of their subjects getting together and planning anything to oppose their agenda. They, the globalist ruling class, can meet in secret and hatch all sorts of nefarious plans, but not the ‘proles and the serfs! They aren’t granted that privilege. It’s good to be king, isn’t it??

    No technology, however advanced, is immune from being spoofed, fooled, destroyed, disabled, by-passed, or otherwise defeated. In that great truth of warfare, lies hope for ordinary humans. I am a Luddite where computers and the digital age are concerned, being a 20th century man and so on, but our would-be lords and masters can rest assured that there is a veritable army of young hackers and the like absolutely salivating at the prospect of a “great game” of hide-and-seek with their opposite numbers. Chains, even digital ones, can be broken if one knows how….

    • Yes, I cant wait for some guys with Ransomware or something else hitting the our monetary system once we are totally cashless.

      Right now the police is not much interested in going after those criminals, but I think that when we are cashless then such guys will be Enemy No. 1 with everything (pleasant und VERY unpleasant) on the table.

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