You And Whose Army?

Two little Hitlers will fight it out until
One little Hitler does the other one’s will.

— Elvis Costello

The taxes I pay are collected coercively. If I don’t pay them, I face the possibility of being summoned to court — at gunpoint, if necessary — whence, if I persist in my refusal, I can expect to be escorted to prison by armed marshals and remain there for a term specified by the state.

But what if the government were to finance itself the way churches do, that is, by soliciting voluntary contributions? (I’m referring to the USA, of course; I realize that in some European countries, for example, it is customary for major denominations to be bankrolled by the state.)

How much money could the government obtain by asking its citizens to donate to the treasury out of the goodness of their hearts? It would have to hold periodic fundraisers, the way NPR stations do, and offer premiums to donors for their contributions. A zoning variance, say, or perhaps a year’s supply of processed government cheese.

My guess is that government employees would have to tighten their belts and grow accustomed to making do with a lot less if they ever had to rely on the voluntary generosity of citizens to finance their programs.

When you look at it that way, it’s obvious that the whole idea is completely absurd. Any organized collective that subsists on donations is definitely not a government. Government is coercion. That’s what defines it. A government is a collection of people who use the threat of force to bend other people to their will. If it were any other way, it wouldn’t be a government.

The process described above is independent of ideology. The government may use coercion to enforce a particular ideology, but coercion itself is apolitical. It’s simply the process by which a government achieves its ideological ends.

At this historical moment, the Left is ascendant, so the coercive power of the state is employed largely to enforce leftist diktats. However, there’s no reason to assume this arrangement is permanent. In the past, state power has been used to achieve ends that are generally considered right-wing (and no, I do not mean Hitler and Mussolini; they were just as much leftists as our present bosses). Political fashions come and go, but state coercion remains.

I propose a new paradigm for liberty-minded people, one that focuses less on ideological distinctions, and more on the divide between those who would let others go about their business without interference, and those who want to harness the power of the state to bend people to their will.

Since the Left is king of the hill at the moment, it’s hard to find progressives who actively oppose the use of coercion to enforce ideological ends. Yet there are some — Bill Maher and Glenn Greenwald come to mind, for example. The latter has been all but cancelled for his principled opposition to the coercive totalitarian measures pushed by his leftist colleagues. In an earlier era, the late Nat Hentoff stood out as a left-wing advocate for liberty. At the time he was referred to as a libertarian, before the word developed its exclusive association with right-wingers.

We deplorables should make common cause with anyone who sincerely opposes coercion by the state. Progressive ideas are largely harmless when they are not enforced by state power. They would gain no traction whatsoever in my part of rural Virginia if they were not imposed by federal ukase. Leftist policies are simply unpopular; we have nothing to fear from them in the absence of coercion. They are not, generally speaking, persuasive.

A person who yearns to wield coercive power above all else is generally indifferent to ideology. He adopts an ideological stance for the sake of expedience, but discards it when the political winds shift, like changing a suit of clothes. Ideology in itself doesn’t matter. It is the bending of others to his will in which he finds pleasure and gratification.

In that sense, the will to power is an ideology in and of itself. Traditional ideologies are simply a screen behind which it can hide, and which can be used to divide and fragment any opposition to that power. A totalitarian dictator likes nothing better than to set the Left and the Right fighting each other. Partisan conflict is immensely useful to the Powers That Be.

Divide and conquer — ’twas ever thus.

It’s a mistake to think of an entity such as the World Economic Forum as left-wing. Yes, it has the appearance of being leftist, but that is because, as I said, the Left is currently ascendant. If the political winds shift, it may take on a right-wing aspect, or adopt a completely new political flavor when one emerges on the scene.

Its only ideology is to acquire, maintain, and exercise its own power.

A corollary: any group that engages in sustained violent coercion is a de facto agent of the coercive state. Antifa and Black Lives Matter come to mind in that regard. They would not be able to engage in their violent tactics with impunity if they were not acting as the enforcement arm of the existing power structure. The fate of the January 6th “insurrectionists” tells us what the state is capable of doing when someone thwarts its will. Antifa thugs would be languishing in solitary confinement if what they did ran contrary to state policy.

It should have become obvious by now that the U.S. Constitution is no longer the law of the land. Take, for example, last week’s (WARNING — disturbing video) Cherokee Indian SWAT raid in the mountains of western North Carolina. An unarmed man was summarily gunned down by local agents of the coercive state. Amazingly enough, he survived the encounter — and is facing criminal charges, naturally.

I don’t know what the man’s politics are, if any, but I can identify the ideology of the people who shot him: it’s the ideology of coercive state power.

If you appear “confrontational” or “threatening”, beware! You may be shot. Actually, you can be shot for no reason whatsoever. If the cops are nervous, or have perhaps kicked in the door of the wrong house, it’s BLAM! And then you’re singing with the angels.

When that happens, you (or your heirs) will have no recourse — there’s almost zero chance that the peace officers who ventilated you will ever be brought up on charges, much less convicted and imprisoned.

That’s how we know the Constitution is dead.

If I focus on the Left as an object of my antagonism, I am falling into a trap. The Left is like a frightening carved statue set up to guard the entrance to the Temple of Power. It’s placed there to draw the anger and antipathy of any who oppose that power, and to divert their attention away from the real enemy.

If I spend most of my time obsessing on Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, even to mock them, I am falling into the same trap. Joe Biden was put into place for exactly that purpose, to be a lightning rod that draws the current of righteous popular anger and disperses it harmlessly. When he is gone, there will be another one set up in his place.

Ron DeSantis will not save you. Even Donald Trump will not save you.

Make common cause with anyone who earnestly opposes the coercive power of the state, regardless of any disagreements you might have over the hot-button issues of the day. In the end, those are ephemera.

The Eye of Sauron is your real opponent.

In a few years’ time, anyone who lives in an urban or suburban area will be continuously surveilled by CCTV, street furniture, home appliances, and their own phones. If they want to be able to purchase the basic necessities of life, they will be forced into compliance with the dictates of the central power. The government will be privy to the smallest details of their lives, and guide their choices to conform with the requirements of the state.

This will happen whether Democrats or Republicans are in power. It is on the way regardless of any political machinations. Those are mere theater. The entire process is the natural unfolding of state power as enabled by the latest advances in technology.

Opposing it is quixotic in the extreme. Our chances of success are as close to zero as they could possibly be.

Frodo says, “I wish it need not have happened in my time.”

Gandalf responds, “So do I, and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

33 thoughts on “You And Whose Army?

  1. Baron,
    The Lord God saw all of this coming. When He was here amongst us 2,000 years ago He warned us about these days. So did Paul and so did John as he watched the curtain raised on earth’s final act before Jesus’ return. As a market and business analyst, I have seen this coming for about the past 15 years and have been fervently praying to the Lord for Him to supply the means to survive it. Nazi Germany was only a dress rehearsal. Pray the Lord takes you home before the Schutzstaffel or Gestapo come knocking on your door.

    • That is what is nice where I live, if the soviet commissars and their KGB death squads come to JackPine Savage country, everybody will know they are here and prepare accordingly, and if gunfire happens, everybody will declare open season and non of the soviets and their minions will escape the carnage.

  2. I have thought about this too for a long time now.

    Recently, the ATF ruling on pistol braces, designed to turn millions of owners into felons, has helped me to clarify my thoughts on what to do about the ever-encroaching state.

    Message boards are filled with all kinds of suggestions about how this group or that group will sue and overturn this edict, or how to turn your weapon into something suitable for the ATF. I believe that any of these suggestions are operating from the wrong premise – that the ATF or any other agency acting contrary to the Constitution has any authority whatsoever over what someone owns.

    For a long time I have considered myself a libertarian, or at least mostly sympathetic with libertarian beliefs. But their nonaggression against clear threats until they have initiated force results in nothing of consequence ever being done until it is too late to matter. The ATF by its very existence is a threat against every American and its existence violates the 2nd Amendment. Good luck getting a court to address that. Its power, and almost every other government agency, comes from the acceptance by most Americans of it’s authority and jurisdiction. They have thugs and they are able to use them because law enforcement in the jurisdictions where they strike accept their legitimacy. Same for the FBI. What would happen, for instance, if the ATF or FBI goons went out to conduct a raid and they were then intercepted by the sheriff and his men and imprisoned for violating the Constitution? What recourse would the feds have if the local law enforcement not only didn’t cooperate but imprisoned the agents of the government? They likely would complain and threaten the governor of whatever state or states this occurred in. But what realistically could they do if any agents sent were intercepted at the airport or stopped after crossing into state borders and apprehended?

    An interesting lesson can be learned from the decriminalization of marijuana. The feds initially made all kinds of threats when states started allowing votes to legalize marijuana for medical reasons and later for recreational. But there were no real concrete actions taken to punish states, and any act by the feds would have been an escalation on their part, which they chose to back down from. The huge number of 2nd amendment sanctuary counties is a good start in the right direction, but there needs to be more teeth to the declarations. The feds have made their move with the recent ATF rulings and now its up to the same sheriffs who declared sanctuary counties to extend that to any enforcement actions by agents of the ATF and call the bluff of DC. And for those who elected them to stand and support them when there is the inevitable blowback.

    • There was/ is a site called sipseystreetirregulars.
      The old owner of the site tried to write a book about unjustified police raids, e.g. tyranny rising, where one old man had enough and prepared.
      Needless to say, the state retaliated against the mans family but the state also didnt like loose ends, e.g. killing its one operatives when they embarrassed the state.

      There are other novels out there, like Unintented Consequences, the Rawles book, Matthew Bracken, just to name a few.

      But I think it was on ncrenegade were two strips.
      One saying if you start too early you are considered a terrorist and if you start too late you are on the one way boxcar trip to death.
      The other was about that nobody wants to fire the first shot because afterwards it gets complicated.

      We are atomized and think we are alone. And yes, we are alone, because who will rise up and join us?

      And you Americans have it easier than us Europeans because of the 2nd AD.
      In Europe the “Enrichers” are more likely to possess a gun then the average European.

      • I have read most of those books.

        My nom de guerre references one of my favorite Heinlein novels describing a libertarian revolt of lunar colonists and former penal colony residents against Lunar Authority and global government mandarins on Earth; a modern day retelling of the American War of Independence.

        You are right regarding resistance too early vs too late. My favorite quote from Claire Wolfe — ‘America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.’ is the best illustration of this conundrum. Although I would say we are well into the “shoot the bastards” phase.

        I think the atomization of society was a deliberate action of the elites and their useful tool Silicon Valley nabobs. I also think that the main reason for mass surveillance and monitoring of everything that happens online and offline is that the elites are deathly afraid of a precipitating incident that will crystallize actual physical resistance. In the novel “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” that takes the form of a particularly nasty rape and murder committed by several of the Lunar Authority thugs; the uprising that occurred following the incident was spontaneous across all of the population centers controlled by the authorities.

        I used to believe that governments have all kinds of power to do whatever they want to us and the trend would be towards more complete control and domination of the lives of everyone under their control. Now, while I still believe that government is becoming more powerful at monitoring everything that everyone does, their ability to actually control the population physically is becoming weaker. They simply do not have enough enforcers to physically control everyone everywhere all of the time. And this ability shrinks alarmingly if there was any serious physical resistance let alone killing of their enforcers.

        National governments simply don’t have enough thugs to make mass arrests and carry out mass imprisonments, and they depend on state and local police force tolerance to allow them to do most of their evil. Those forces have local addresses and families, and too much collaboration can put those at risk from the populations they police who outnumber them massively. And if I had to guess, those in the government with access to the data and the big picture are very uncomfortably aware that any use of violence that results in an incident leading to physical resistance will be releasing a monster that will be impossible to confine again once it realizes how weak its captors are.

        Regarding the 2A, while it is useful in allowing individuals to acquire the means of physical resistance to tyranny, those are only as good as the will to use them. Even in Europe I would imagine there are all kinds of small arms floating around from a century and a half of industrial level conflict or available for purchase from the criminal underground were the will to do so present. Simple blackpowder firearms can be made from items purchased at a hardware store; the powder itself made from common items purchased at a nursery or gardening center. And a simple, single shot blackpowder pistol to the back of a government thug’s head can be used to secure modern weapons and ammunition when the need arises.

        • I applaud this post. I came to this site and stayed on in large part due to the commenters. Thanks for your excellent insight and advice; the thoughts and conclusions are similar to those I have arrived at. Like Medusa, the ‘eye of sauron’ is supposed to turn us into frozen fearful statues. Sad to see the New Hampshire motto in disuse.

          • A perfect illustration of two maxims –

            Bullets change governments far surer than votes.

            There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.

        • “What would happen, for instance, if the ATF or FBI goons went out to conduct a raid and they were then intercepted by the sheriff and his men and imprisoned for violating the Constitution? ”

          => I love this idea and I think this is exactly what ought to happen

          …or else

          Luke 2:1 “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.”

      • @Alex Lund

        Re: “And you Americans have it easier than us Europeans because of the 2nd AD. In Europe the “Enrichers” are more likely to possess a gun then the average European.”

        Yes, that’s quite true, because the Muslims have been smuggling arms into Europe for decades now. Fully-cognizant that the authorities in places like Sweden and Germany don’t want the bad publicity which comes from raiding too many mosques, they cache small arms, grenades, and other weapons in their places of worship.

        Remember, to a Muslim, a mosque is not just a place of worship, it is also a fortress and a citadel against the infidels. A piece of sovereign Islamic territory in the lands of the unbelievers.

        All of those grenades being throw at Swedish police stations had to come from somewhere. Most were smuggled up from the Balkans after the 1990s civil wars there. More weapons are now flooding in from those acquired in Afghanistan when the U.S. departed, and from the war in Iraq.

        These are added to the arms the Sunni Arabs have been selling or giving to jihadist groups for decades. The way that works is that the official position of the Saudi royal family is that they do not support such activities, but since the royal family numbers in the thousands, and many of those relatives are both wealthy and supporters of jihad, you can easily see how the weapons and aid continue to flow to them. And if the Arabs don’t give them weapons, the Pakistanis or Sudanese will.

  3. Is this synergy? This is exactly what I meant in a comment just the other day, that there is really only one cardinal sin, all others are its manifestations. That sin is the desire to rule over others. Thank you so much Baron for this elaboration.

  4. Excellent essay, one of the best that’s been published here. I will be sharing with all my friends on other like minded sites.

    One other thing to add- the police are not our friends. I don’t care what President Trump or anyone else on the conservative/ right side says, the cops are never on the side of the People.

    Recall if you will, what happened during the Scamdemic if you lived in a Blue Commie state like Nueva York. The local cops and sheriffs enforced the Lock Down and Mask edicts with great vigor.

    As recently as last year, the local Commie librarian called the sheriff on me because I refused to wear a muzzle mask in the library! And the deputy showed up with lights flashing in less than five minutes. I managed to escape but it was an unpleasant incident.

    Yes, Antifa and BLM are small time enforcers for the Demo-Bolshevik regime, but it is the local cops and sheriffs that are the heavy hitters.

    Another example from NY: Several years ago I watched as a rather crazy old man I knew was carried out of his home by a team of sheriff’s deputies while all his belongings were thrown out on the street. Literally.

    This man’s crime was that he had lost a bogus lawsuit to a local thug attorney who was then able to collect a “judgement” against him.

    Sorry, but I will never trust the police or anyone with a badge and a gun and the power to kill me.

    • One other thing to add- the police are not our friends.

      Yes, that’s exactly why I included the story of the Cherokee Indian SWAT raid.

      Generally speaking, cops are low-level minions for the coercive neo-totalitarian state. There are some exceptions to the rule out here in the the rural counties, where sheriff’s departments do not have huge budgets and the deputies are known to most of the people they encounter. Even so, the feds keep dumping military-grade cop equipment on police and sheriffs all over the country, making it easier for them to grind a boot heel into the face of the citizen, if such is their inclination.

      • That military-grade equipment makes for a very tempting target by any group with the cojones to go after them. Although, as corrupt as many officers are, the items could probably be secured by the offer of female companionship and subsequent blackmail.

        The ratio of cops to those they police means that it is necessary for the population to be afraid of them for the police to have the upper hand. When they lose that power of intimidation they simply will not have the numbers for anything other than heavily armed sorties in large convoys. If things become spicy I would not bet on the cops being the ones who come out on top in many jurisdictions, and not just the rural ones.

        • And I also expect a lot of cops, at least the ones in rural sheriffs’ departments, to go over to the “insurrection” shortly after things go sideways. They are, after all, not all that different from the people they police.

          • The police and deputies in any given city and county know, that if reindeer games begin, their families are vulnerable to retribution, and the ones that I have talked to already have a bug out plan, especially in the big cities.

  5. “I wish it need not have happened in my time.”

    Yes, I often wish I could travel in time to a healthier era and live there in a time loop, since the corona psyop broke out.

    That said, our overlords seem to have wargamed that secret wish of the masses. They know that the oppressive reality they have prepared for us is almost unbearable for the healthy soul — that’s why they are herding us into all sorts of alternative realities like Meta and all sorts of destructions where everyone can create their own time loops.

    That trend will turn the majority into Peter Pans, mostly voluntarily, where people never grow up and hence the state will parent them forever, which the good folks will accept under the guise of ‘minding their own business’ and ‘happy to be left alone’. State-parenting is the future from birth to assited murder, the way it looks.

    And in that psychological realm of Peter Pan, there is no past and no future.

    Which is the perfect totalitarian setting because if there is no past, then there are no collective or individual roots and identity. And if there is no future there is no hope, drive and horizon and therefore all those can be substituted with artificial hope, drive and horizon and that is the Meta (the out-of-space-and-time realm, generally speaking). No wonder totalitarian powers are eager to take past and future away from their subjects, with any method they have in store.

    No past and no future may also result in a “borderline” situation, psychologically speaking. A person living with a borderline personality disorder is very easy to be pushed around because they literally have no firm core of personality. They are almost like ghosts. All sorts of influences kick them around like balls. Another pathology that fits totalitarian tyranny is the narcissistic disorder. The above two attract each other and often even interact in very unhealthy waysand both are ruled by pure psychopaths and sociopaths.

    Few are able to completely avoid getting at least slightly mad under totalitarian rule, because the primitive and automatic individual survival strategies of outer madness most often include going mad yourself. The soul gets damaged by outer evil impacts, so to speak.

    Exactly that is the reason why tyrants also deliberately try and drive the society mad: there is no chance for liberty in madness, because madness is reactive and hence excludes independence. At the end of the day, the only thing that can effectively fight tyranny is liberty — and “they” do not want liberty to be available for you, not even in your dreams, literally.

    Therefore one must prepare for an outer world that increasingly resembles a madhouse, as totalitarian tyranny is gaining momentum. Even Davos addressed that under the title of “psychological problems” (or something similar I do not remember exactly), mind you. The have driven many people mad and now they are “addressing ” their own evil making. How cute.

    In this light, what does it mean to me that “Opposing it is quixotic in the extreme”?

    Lots of things. It certainly bothers me that “The entire process is the natural unfolding of state power as enabled by the latest advances in technology” because the gradual buildup of the weaponized totalitarian tech infrastructure is indeed extemely difficult to oppose individually.

    Also, opposing it — in the literal sense of the word — is not only quixotic but also counter-productive in many ways. That’s how and why fake opposition is always built-in in the enemy strategy. (For example the Hegelian thesis of “eat ze bugs” will probably be countered by the anti-thesis of “no bugs, healthy food to all”. And the good folks of the “conservative” mindset will fall for it — just the way they fell for St. Elon the Savior whom they will allow to wire up their brains right after he sold Twitter.)

    However, NOT opposing this onslaught of evil is not an option for me — and here I am using “oppose” in the meaning of “fight”. But then again, even with that attitude, caution is needed because fighting the Powers with a raw oppositional attitude leads only to a Peter-Pan-upgrade position to repressive power.

    What do I mean by that? What I call Peter Pan 1.0 here is a childish Peter Pan that’s doing its Nowhere things in Neverland, and does not interfere with the tyrants, and therefore he is the more ideal one for the Powers. While Peter Pan 2.0 would be something more like a teenager in his period of revolting. The Peter Pan 2.0 is thus the ideal counter-revolutionary automaton in the hands of any repressive (state / deep state) revolutionary power that wants to create a parent-child / master-servant relationship with its subjects. Peter Pan 2.0 has its red and green buttons that the PTB can push at will to start and stop it, and make it oppose the “missiles” shot by the revolutionary Powers at him –an activity that renders it (!) to remain in the land of Neverwin for ever. Because he is never the one who is calling the shots and always the one who is reacting.

    That’s why the “just leave me alone attitude” will not work in the short run — because it is just the, third, idle state of the Peter Pan pathology. However, in the long run the innate human wish to be left alone and strive for happiness eventually makes humanity revolt and crush its oppressors. This is an essential part of being human. The tyrants know that: that’s why they want to undo humanity as such and humanness with “transhumanism”.

    Now that I have mapped the problem from my perspective, I must admit that I have no real solution whatsoever. It would be childish to pretend that I do — even though I am tempted to do just that.

    • The fact that America, Canada and most of Western Europe is now Balkanized to the point of no return, tribalism, religion and politics will run the next Balkans on steroids wars coming.

  6. I merely note that, if you paid your Mafia “taxes”, they actually PROTECTED you.
    Seen any sign of that by your government lately?

    • Mafia is Organized Crime, allowing no unorganized crime to coexist in the same place. 10% of profits from your business seems reasonable in a climate where the various .govs take HALF, after telling you how what and where for the rest of the year. Mafia is economically fairly efficient, like a benevolent monarchy of a monolithic people. You know someone who has a cousin who is a Made Man who might help if properly petetioned. No forms are required, but the issue should be beyond self-help and unendurable, because it is a case of ” you bet your life” to ask for a delivered favor from the Family.

  7. The Baron said:

    “Make common cause with anyone who earnestly opposes the coercive power of the state, regardless of any disagreements you might have over the hot-button issues of the day. In the end, those are ephemera.

    The Eye of Sauron is your real opponent.”

    Exactly, and those that individually constitute ‘The Eye of Sauron’ will NEVER face any justice, let alone unpleasant consequences for their actions from anyone here.

    Buckle up folks, the ride IS about to get VERY bumpy, especially for those that still believe in the ideological fantasy of ‘egalitarianism’.

    The main and unseen weakness of the conservatives, whether they are republicans or not (it’s ALL Uniparty, but that’s a discussion for another time) or those in the libertarian or objectivist community is that they still function and believe that they’re still the “majority” in America.

    The truth is, no, they are no longer a majority whether it’s due to demographic replacement or a white birth rate that has [defecated] the bed worse than Amber Herd.

    The only hope for conservatives and traditionalists and those in the libertarian community in this country whether they’re white or not, is to adopt the idea of forming their OWN communities for their own benefit and protection, just like the Irish, Italians and others have done in history.

    This has been proved successful with such groups as the Amish, Muslims and Orthodox Jews among others.

    When you have a community that numbers at least 10,000 people, all based on the same CULTURE,who are ALL armed and utterly committed to the defense of their community and culture, no one is going to tell you what you’re community is going to do — for proof of this, just think about how many ‘pride parades’, ‘drag queen story hours’ or feminist ‘slut walks’ have been held in either Lewiston Maine, Dearborn Michigan or other Muslim communities, let alone Orthodox Jewish communities?…NONE!!

    There is NO political solution to the problem.but there is a completely peaceful and successful option as I just listed above.

    All it takes is for people who hold a like culture to create enmasse a community based on that culture with the goal of at least 10,000 or more (the more, the better!) with creating their OWN support and means of providing for themselves and they can in effect detach from the sinking ship that America has become.

    And the most important thing that individuals of such a culture MUST remember is that women are NOT to be given the privilege of voting in their new community; otherwise those women WILL destroy that community just as they have historically done to America since 1920 onwards.

    How do you know that you’re dealing with a feminist who supports wholeheartedly the gynocracy and all it stands for and has achieved over the last century?

    Simple: Ask that person if they support a women’s ‘right’ to vote. Thank you uber cuck Woodrow Wilson.thank you steaming piles!!

    No ‘voting’, no ‘empowerment of women’ and ‘no education past high school’ and no holding of ANY office or having ANY job outside of the home’!

    women’s ONLY job IS to be the Mother and homemaker under her husband’s rightful and wise authority. She can hold her own opinions; her husband IS the one who WILL decide what happens in his household and other important decisions as the HEAD of said household .

    It’s called Patriarchy, and civilizations have survived and flourished because of it throughout history.

    When those civilizations gave women ‘freedom’; especially the freedom of sexual license, those civilizations ALWAYS collapsed due to the internal weakening of their culture by those now ‘freed and empowered’ women.

    Don’t believe me?…just read history and see for yourself.

    So, peacefully create communities of like minded individuals based on a common culture (10,000+).

    And don’t let women vote, hold any office or be empowered.

    As a side note, when you re-enact Patriarchy, your birth rates WILL successfully increase as well, as can be seen in communities such as the Amish, Muslims and Orthodox Jews.

    A ‘Win-Win’ for your surviving and now thriving community!

    So, what are you waiting for,…the likes of either Jared Taylor, Jordan Peterson or similar folks to finally figure the above out and ‘proclaim it from on high’?…

    Or are folks still hedging their ‘bets’ on a utterly stupid race war and/or Jesus brandishing a Disney(tm) Light Saber while astride a Pegacorn with sunshine and tasty skittles beaming out of it’s [fundament] to bless the NPC’s/normies?…

    Create your OWN “Lifeboat” based on the above and survive and thrive while you still can!

    NorthGunner — The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • When the fun and reindeer games begin, it will be tribal, religious and political, just as it always has been. As for your thoughts on females? Right on the bloody money.

  8. To add to all the wonderful thoughts, and considerations, so far, there is this style of reality. Pure ultimate holocaust style nightmare. Not a holocaust example, but a don’t give a damn for the subject-victim holocaust style of nightmare. This is real and note the CYA of the NC sheriff bureau…. 3m

    WARNING: GRAPHIC Police in North Carolina shot a disabled man who was unarmed and complying with their orders. A SWAT team woke Jason Harley Kloepfer up and told him to get outside, then they shot him as soon as he opened the door.
    Shooting of Jason Harley Kloepfer – December 13, 2022 10m

    Remember the murder of Ashley B., of Levoy Finnicum, and never be too sure….

    • Baron: WARNING: GRAPHIC Should have added this to both URLs, by the way.
      Indeed, Baron, an outstanding post, and outstanding comments.

      Note that many who serve are considerate, thoughtful, and professional, but many have twisted, or very twisted thoughts, and I don’t know the percentages, although I know this to be so….

  9. For those who have not yet seen this video, it represents a remarkably complete overview of the current reality of the Covid farce we are globally degenerated into. It covers much of the nefarious details just of the aristocratic elite’s megalomaniac, sociopathic evil Malthusian delusions which these “special” God like individuals, approximately expressed by Kerry, of the colluding WEF and associated groups, have convinced themselves globally to reduce population, and set up a tyrannical unelected super government of the globe for the remaining population, surviving the Covid depopulation efforts.

    In this video, under an hour, these 3 people remarkably, convincingly, astonishingly well, cover the whole damn plot, important implications, and possible ways out of it, not withstanding an unknown loss of life, globally. Also, what is likely to happen in the near future.

    As a note, I’ve been aware of Malthus’s overpopulation trope, since the days of Paul Erlich, and on campus of engineering college. I dismissed it, on faith of my own supposition of feedback mechanisms. Which in recent times are proving to be very correct, but of no value to these now evil dedicated schemers, of the aristocracy, including the ivory towers.

    Streamed on: Jan 8, 12:30 pm EST
    LIVESTREAM REPLAY: NO DOUBT IT’S A BIOWEAPON, NOT A VACCINE – The Globalists In Plain Sight! With Sasha Latypova, Katherine Watt

    IN PLAIN SIGHT Host Christine Dolan interviews Sasha Latypova, a global PHARMA regulation expert, and Katherine Watt, a US paralegal, on the laws that allowed US PHARMA covid shots, or covid countermeasure bioweapons, to be distributed to the global market.

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