Will This World Cup Never End?

The higher the Moroccan team ascends in the World Cup semifinals, the more culture-enriching riots break out in various major cities across Western Europe. The Netherlands is particularly affected by the phenomenon, due to its large Moroccan minority.

Even if Morocco were to lose and drop out of the running, however, the riots would continue. When their team wins, Moroccans riot. When it loses, they riot. It’s a longstanding tradition that culture-enriching football fans riot, no matter what. Rioting is simply Moroccans’ preferred form of public cultural expression.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Dutch state broadcaster NOS:

Moroccan fans’ celebration again gets out of hand in various cities

The World Cup victory of Morocco over Portugal is being celebrated tonight in several Dutch cities. The street celebrations began in a festive fashion but ended up in disturbances in several locations. The police intervened, and emergency orders were announced.

In the Lombok neighborhood of Utrecht, the ME [special riot squad] was deployed. There the police were pelted with fireworks. “What began as a festive atmosphere in the city, unfortunately, became grimmer in certain places as the evening progressed. The ME was deployed because an unacceptable situation arose around the mosque square through destruction, the throwing of heavy fireworks, and aggression against the police,” the community announced.

Fans came out together as well in the Overvecht and Kanaleneiland neighborhoods. As far as we know, it remained peaceful there.

Rotterdam Police: Go home

In the center of Rotterdam, people drove through the streets blowing their horns. Hundreds of people came together, and due to the commotion, parts of the inner city were closed off. That happened at Kruispleien and Hofplein.

Because of the commotion, the police finally asked fans to head for home. “It is just too much, and we want to give everyone the chance to get in and out of Rotterdam,” a spokesperson announced.

On the Kruisplein [square], the riot police intervened around 8:30pm, since some of the fans ignored the call to go home. Fourteen people were arrested, the police announced on Twitter, among other reasons for incidents with fireworks.

Emergency order in Amsterdam

According to police, in Amsterdam there were disturbances in several places. At Tussen Meer, a main street in the Osdorp neighborhood, at around 8pm, an emergency order was given. Thus everyone had to leave the area. The police deployed a water cannon in the area as can be seen in the images.

The Mercatorplein [square] in the western part of the city, where disturbances took place during the previous match, soon filled up after the match. About 1,000 fans had gathered there and heavy fireworks were set off. Several routes to the square were blocked off as a precaution by the riot police. That had not happened before.

According to police in the capital city, several arrests have been made.

In the video, you can see how a police officer dances with fans in the Mercatorplein.

3 thoughts on “Will This World Cup Never End?

  1. They could go tend the 3000 farms that were shut down for the good of the collective.
    Mommygov will pass out the seeds that will grow the cargo cult fountains. (snark)
    All the pent up energy from watching communist kickball could be harnessed for something constructive besides burning it all down better?

    • OK, I see you’ve posted your comment under yet another nic and email address, while your IP address remains the same. Your distinctive commenting style confirms that it’s the same commenter each time.

      I request that you start posting under the same pseudonym every time you comment. If you fail to do that, I’ll delete your comments without approving them.

      You’ve been warned for the last time.

  2. Sooner or later someone has enough of the behaviour of the “Enrichers”.
    Then something will happen.
    On the one hand I hope it makes them angry enough to go [berserk].
    I believe that the politicians will then order the cops to stand down.
    Then the cops have to decide:
    Do they fight, because cops and their families dont live in a far away compound where only cops live, but amongst the normal people.
    Or do they not fight and risk that their families geht hurt.

    Paycheck or family – what is more important to them?

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