Welcoming the Soldiers of Allah to Austria

Of the 100,000 “refugees” who have applied for asylum in Austria, the vast majority are young men. The report below doesn’t mention it, but that means that the newcomers are mostly men of military age. In other words, the Austrian government has been assiduously importing the Soldiers of Allah.

Gee, I wonder how that will work out…

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert:

Asylum policy

It isn’t women and children seeking protection with us — It is 91% men!

December 29, 2022

Pictures of small children in the arms of their mothers in the mainstream media always want to make us believe it is they who are seeking protection in Austria. The truth, however, is that 91% of the asylum requests are lodged by men.

Only 8.7% of asylum applications are from women

The Interior Ministry’s asylum statistics give a completely different picture from the numbers from the benevolent NGOs and many representatives of the federal government. It is not women and children who are seeking protection and help from us, but rather almost exclusively men. Of the 101,755 asylum applications, 92,854 — that is, 91.3% — are submitted by men. The majority of those are between 18 and 25 years old. Only 8,903 of asylum applications are from women — that is, only 8.7%.

Almost 100% of unaccompanied minors are men

As for the unaccompanied minors, the male portion is even higher. According to statistics from the Interior Ministry, these were, believe it or not, 98.8%. The migration of unaccompanied minors to Austria might be a trick by the human smugglers to enable family reunification. Most of the migrants came from Afghanistan, Syria, India, Tunisia, and Pakistan.

Dramatic rise in murders in cities with the high number of migrants

With these numbers from the Interior Ministry, Austria not only has the highest number in 67 years, but with this human migration, is sliding into conditions that currently exist in Sweden. As has been reported, Sweden is now paying a bloody price for the open borders policy previously preferred by the Social Democrats. There is a dramatic rise in murders in cities where the migration numbers are high.

Already 60 shooting victims

According to a report on Servus-TV, five years ago there were 36 people killed in shootings in Sweden, but this year, there are already 60 victims— an increase of almost 70%.

14 thoughts on “Welcoming the Soldiers of Allah to Austria

  1. The intent has always been to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ and replace it with an organization that worships the self. Rome couldn’t kill the church despite ten attempts to do so, so Rome crawled inside the Church and corrupted it from within. The Pilgrims left Europe just in time before the lot of them were executed and came to America to accomplish what had been forbidden to them in Europe. The shining light on the hill eventually reached Europe with the Gospel. But now Europe’s response is to resume the intifada that nearly conquered Europe during the 15th Century which had Columbus and others searching for a land in which they would be free to worship the Lord God. The powers-that-be that have allowed this “immigration” should be charged with high treason against the state inasmuch as they have welcomed an avowed enemy to come and conquer and decimate the citizens for whom Europe is their home and their citizenship.

    • @ Graham

      Re: “There can be no rational explanation for importing Muslims which are overwhelmingly men. This is an enemy army.”

      You’re not mistaken… these young males do in fact constitute de facto an enemy army. There is an explanation; I’ll leave it to you to determine whether it is “rationale” or not.

      If one researches the origins of modern European globalism, it is found that a heretofore obscure nobleman named Count Richard Coudenhove von Kalgeri (1894-1972) played an outsized role in its creation. Kalergi was the multiracial product of the marriage of his Austro-Hungarian father and his Japanese mother.

      Kalergi – exposed to pan-European ideas as a young man – grew to believe that the “ideal European” of the future would be multiracial, a hybrid of different races and peoples as he had been. Specifically, this new European would be the result of the union of the dark-skinned natives of the Middle East and North Africa with native European stock.

      After a long career writing, speaking and otherwise helping found the confederation which became the European Common Market and ultimately the European Union, Kalergi – who had helped to choose the musical anthem of the new organization – Kalergi died of natural causes in 1972.

      In the wake of his death, the Charlemagne Prize – also termed the Kalgeri Prize – was created, and was/is awarded annually to the individual who did the most that year to make his vision of a “United Europe” a reality. To date, past winners include Tony Blair, Emanuel Macron, Pope Francis, and Angela Merkel, to name a few.

      Today, in modern-day Germany and in other nations of western-northern Europe, official posters exhort native German girls and young women to reject their fellow Germans as suitors, and instead date/marry a migrant foreigner and recent arrival instead. If this is not social engineering on a massive scale, then I’d like to know what is!

      It is germane to note that Kalergi maintained his whole adult life that he was no eugenicist. However, it is plain to see that such protects were hollow and that the wine his fellow globalists are now selling in shiny new bottles amounts to the same old thing as that peddled by the national socialists and the other eugenics crowd of the mid-20th century.

      This is the ideological underpinning of the 21st-century globalist movement in Europe, and it is one reason why so many Muslims are being imported. Kalergi’s ideas, far from being dead-and-buried like the man who invented them, are very much alive and part of the reality of life in Europe today. The fact that none of the native peoples of Europe asked for this or want it in any way – is of no moment to these powerful overlords.

      • Georgia, the national socialist were diametrically opposed to the useful idiot commie half breed Kalergi. That half breed was a communist and believed in making the white European man suffer, the communist ideal man. It is a damn shame the bloody naxi’s missed that one, it would have saved us a lot of problems that we are suffering these days.

        It is interesting to note, most German women cannot stand these 3rd world savages and date their own kind as nature intended. The ones that do date these orcs are spit upon and called unter mensch by both Native German men and women, they are just more subtle about it.

      • It’s a proof positive there is no democracy in the Western Europe: Immigration has been pushed against the will of the people, just as “The Green Deal” has been pushed against the will of the people…

        I believe that corruption is the name of the game. Corrupt politicians are easy prey for the rich Sultans of the East.

        What formerly “christian” nations don’t realise is that Islam is a system of power for corrupt people, that’s why it’s winning and taking over one corrupt christian nation after another.

        • Until the ruthless military men take over all western Europe and start purging anything muslim and 3rd world until none are left.

  2. .
    The happy suicide of the West


    By Lars Hedegaard

    Never before have entire populations celebrated their own suicide

    History knows countless examples of cultures, peoples and social systems that have perished and disappeared, but usually the defeated have resisted as best they could.

    Today we are faced with a unique phenomenon: a West that celebrates its demise as a victory, invites in its pioneers and persecutes anyone who warns against the consequences of this death drive.

    Figures from the European Border Agency, published in December, show that more than 308,000 non-Ukrainian migrants arrived illegally in the EU in the first 11 months of 2022, the highest number since 2016, when the influx caused considerable stir. But Europeans are now so used to the migration that it is barely mentioned.

    In addition to the illegal arrivals, of course, there are far greater numbers of legal migrants from third world countries, who in just a few years have completely changed the population composition and the social and political climate.

    We seem to have accepted the inevitability of the replacement of the population. We must even welcome the foreigners because we deserve no better.

    Europe’s indigenous peoples are themselves helping to bring about their own demise by failing to bring children into the world. You can hardly point to a place where the birth rate is high enough to maintain the population of the indigenous inhabitants.

    To maintain the population, each woman must give birth to an average of 2.1 children, but World Bank figures show that most Western countries fall far short: in 2020, German women had an average of 1.5 children, in Italy and Poland 1.3, in the UK 1.6, in Spain 1.2, in Russia 1.5, in Denmark and Iceland 1.7, in Norway 1.5 and in the US 1.6 – just to take a few examples. It does not take a great mathematician to work out that, with such birth rates, populations die out, leaving a vacuum that will inevitably be filled by more fertile peoples from Africa and the Muslim world. But this is not at all a topic of debate in the EU, which instead celebrates The Great Reset.

    Few have realised or considered that with a growing proportion of Mohammedans and Africans, Europe will increasingly resemble the Congo or Egypt, and that our children and grandchildren will live in a world that those alive today would hardly recognise. And if anyone points out that it will end up that way, they will be censored or ousted from the public conversation.

    Never before have entire populations celebrated their own suicide.

  3. @ LN

    Re: “Never before have entire populations celebrated their own suicide”

    With due respects to Mr. Hedegaard, Old Europe is not committing suicide; it is being murdered with malice aforethought. It is probably undeniable that many brainwashed Europeans “celebrate” the possible extinction of their own civilization and race, but it is also equally undeniable that many of these poor misguided souls would not believe as they do if not for the fact that they have been under attack for the last half century by a campaign of unrelenting and ceaseless psychological warfare designed to gaslight them into their present state.

    A campaign waged against them by the very ruling elites entrusted with safeguarding Europe and its peoples. The names are by now quite familiar to those following these developments… Macron of France, Merkel of Germany, Juncker of the European Union, Blair of Great Britain, and many others from the recent past and present. And I would be remiss if I did not mention Turkish President and neo-Ottoman Recep Erdogan, whose ideology is one of Islamic supremacism and imperialism. Nor should his good friends Barack Hussein Obama and George Soros be left out. They, too, have worked tirelessly to deconstruct what remains of old Europe.

  4. Georgia, the national socialist were diametrically opposed to the useful idiot commie half breed Kalergi. That half breed was a communist and believed in making the white European man suffer, the communist ideal man. It is a damn shame the bloody naxi’s missed that one, it would have saved us a lot of problems that we are suffering these days.

    It is interesting to note, most German women cannot stand these 3rd world savages and date their own kind as nature intended. The ones that do date these orcs are spit upon and called unter mensch by both Native German men and women, they are just more subtle about it.

  5. @ G

    Re: “Georgia, the national socialist were diametrically opposed to the useful idiot commie half breed Kalergi. That half breed was a communist and believed in making the white European man suffer, the communist ideal man.”

    Are you really defending the national socialists? Get real. The choice of a Soviet 9mm behind the ear and a German 9mm in the neck is no choice at all. Both regimes were genocidal, both were thoroughly evil. The fact that the Anglo-American allies made common cause with one of them – Stalin – in other to defeat the other one, does not change that fact.

    Kalgeri claimed to the end of his life that he wasn’t a Nazi and wasn’t a eugenicist, but a dispassionate reading of the evidence paints a different picture. If the Nazi regime was opposed to Kalergi, it certainly wasn’t because their ideas were any different.

    Sometimes, two sides will oppose – even fight – one another not out of difference, but out of similarity. The eugenics of the European globalists – including Count von Kalgeri – amount to the same old totalitarian wine in shiny new bottles, when compared to the variety the national socialist regime was peddling.

    Dress that particular pig up with all of the lipstick you like, but totalitarianism is totalitarianism – whether you call it by national socialism, communism, or globalism. There is no hiding the fact that the ideology of globalism is anti-human and genocidal at its core, once it is stripped of all of the high-sounding language in which the movement is disguised.

    It’s all there in black-and-white: The Georgia Guidestones – which “mysteriously” blew up one dark night not long ago – widely acknowledged as a statement of globalist goals and purpose, lists the permanent reduction of the world’s population from the current level of ~ 8 billion to around 500 million. Or roughly 15/16th of the current world population. Voluntary reductions of this kind might be well-and-good – but once you adopt coercion, you are no longer on the side of right and good. Murder is murder, even if you claim the “best” of motives, such as saving the planet.

    • Kalergi wasn’t a naxi, he was a turncoat communist and it is alleged in more than a few circles that he turned over secrets to the Soviets throughout the war and after.
      After careful consideration and much thought, and a student of history, and God forgive me for saying so, the wrong side won WW1 & 2. Churchill hated the Germans and the Boers with a passion thus siding with the devil himself against them, and make no mistake, the communist of Soviet Russia made those naxi’s look like amateur hour in both scope and scale, evil yes, but far less evil than the Godless communists. We would have the added benefit to this day where we didn’t have the bloody 3rd world invading us and kept America out of Europe. Had Britain made peace with the Germans under Lord Halifax, Britain would still have it’s Empire, influence and trade. Instead it squandered everything including 3 generations of young men because bloody Churchill hated Germans.

    • Georgia, one last thing. These globalist when they are finally dealt with, will usher in a new era of nationalism when the militaries and strongmen take over our democracies, for the people squandered their inheritance of our forefathers and purposely dumbed themselves down because they allowed it, because they couldn’t be bothered by what the elites were doing because of the latest greatest new electronic toy or sports or other distractions, I mean why not, food is on the table and the lights are on. Wars and famine will take care of the population problem because that is what nature always intended. People who have opened their eyes, see what is coming and prepare accordingly, will thrive and survive, the rest? Well, nature always has a plan.

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