Get Vaxed or Get Brain Damage!

German Health Minister Karl “Klaboosterbach” Lauterbach has a message of ominous import for German citizens: if they don’t get “vaccinated” as soon as possible, they risk doing irreparable harm to their brains.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress:

Health Minister Lauterbach: Corona makes the brain age faster

German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has once again brought bad news to Germans, and once again it is about Corona: Covid infections may accelerate the aging of the brain. That is why vaccination is all the more urgent.

Countless Corona studies have been doing the rounds since the beginning of the pandemic. Never before have so many investigations, often with only preliminary results, made it into the media. Possibly more than the average brain can and would process. After all, there are other important things in life that you have to use your brain for. German Health Minister Lauterbach is still waiting for another study. It is in its entirety unpleasant and this time it affects the brain.

“I know nobody likes to hear that.”

He knows that his message will probably not go down well, says Lauterbach. But he thinks it is important. It affects the countless numbers of people who have been infected with the virus several times since the pandemic began.

“I know nobody likes to hear that. But it is important to know,” emphasizes Lauterbach. “From what we currently know, repeated COVID infections could cause accelerated brain aging. That’s what makes COVID different from the flu.” Conclusion: “The Corona vaccination can protect our brain.”

Afterword from the translator:

The little Klaboosterbach just can’t help himself fear-mongering, now, can he? And to top it all, he’s the best example of the rapid aging of the brain. He doesn’t even notice that this is a contradiction in terms, because those who are constantly infected with Corona are the ones who have been vaxxed and boosted.

Or could this mean that you can no longer perceive the contradictions after having received the jab, and that way you don’t have to get upset about it?

Anyway, he looks suspiciously close to brain-dead to me. On the other hand, he might be there already and a very good example that life after brain-death is possible. Maybe someone should look into this and have a post-mortem performed on him to shed some light. Can’t do any harm, now, can it?

9 thoughts on “Get Vaxed or Get Brain Damage!

  1. So does this mean Germans will be voting for importing even more orcs and exporting the rest of their weapons to Ukraine?

    After all, if one follows his logic getting the coof makes one dumber and the vaxxed get the coof repeatedly… Of course, the vaxxed also die at much higher rates than purebloods, from “suddenly”. So maybe this could have the beneficial effect of shrinking the pool of idiots in the German electorate?

  2. I wonder what his orders are behind the scenes.

    Perhaps something like: “Hold on, keep pushing the propaganda, the next round is coming soon, bridge that” or “Let’s hide brain damage from the vax behind some ‘long covid’ and even generate more vax intake” or “Never backwards, always forward!” or “Do not ever publicly admit anything”.

  3. Covid does cause inflammation and body produces Interleukins 1,6,10 etc and Interleukin 6 is bad for the brain if the body does not turn off production.
    Take anti inflammatory like Black seed oil, Thymoquinone.
    Important for people to look after their immune system so it works well and turns on and off when it is supposed to – regulates.

  4. Someone should really tell him that the vax does not stop someone either catching the virus, or passing it on. Om other words, the vax is essentially useless.

  5. Speaking of brain damage, some say that the “vaccines” could, in fact, lobotomize the injected.

    “Proffessing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

    Given how “smart” the “vaccine fanatics” are about “the science (TM)”, such outcome wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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