Germans Must Prepare to Shiver in the Dark

The following report describes the considerable resources expended by the new German government to propagandize on behalf of the green climate agenda, and to prepare the populace for privations that lie ahead in pursuit of that goal.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Ampel [traffic-light coalition*] has so far spent €32 million on calls to save energy

[You can’t make this up, now, can you?]

The federal government wants to reduce gas consumption by up to 20 percent this winter. Citizens should help, too. TV spots and advertisements for saving energy have so far cost more than €32 million. The messages are reminiscent of the appeals during the Corona pandemic.

Every contribution counts: With statements like these in advertisements and videos, the Federal Government is trying to persuade Germans to save energy. On television, in cinemas or outdoor areas, the “Traffic Light” makes the appeal for austerity among the people. The cost of this advertising campaign has so far amounted to more than €32 million. This emerges from an answer to a written request from the CSU member of the Bundestag Stefan Müller to the Federal Government, which was made available to Die Welt.

According to this, the expenditure for the “80 million together for energy change” campaign amounted, up to the 29 November deadline, to around €32,878,000. In addition, the Federal Government spent around €709,000 to advertise the relief package measures. These packages include, among other things, an energy cost subsidy of €300 for employed persons and pensioners, the reduction in VAT on gas and central heating. The Federal Ministry of Economics, led by Robert Habeck (Greens), is responsible for the advertising campaign. It is financed from the current federal budget.

The core of the advertising campaign is a video in which actors explain in the roles of pensioners, mothers and fathers or craftsmen that winter is coming and energy is expensive. “We can all make our contribution,” it says, among other things. These are sentences that are reminiscent of the calls to keep your distance and vaccinate during the Corona pandemic. Advertised energy-saving tips include turning off the water when brushing your teeth, sealing doors and turning the heating down a bit.

The “traffic light” had promised at EU level to reduce gas consumption by 15% from the beginning of August compared to the average consumption of the last five years. Overall, savings of around 20% compared to the pre-crisis period in consumption are considered a condition for Germany to get through the winter without gas rationing. Due to the mild autumn, many consumers turned up the heating later than usual. It is expected that gas consumption will increase due to the cold spell.

Afterword from the translator:

One wonders: where do the priorities lie here? With these politicians it lies definitely in the bank account of the highest bidder to these “advertising contracts”. I’m pretty sure that the €32 million could have helped many of the roughly 700,000 homeless Germans. Although that would be showing empathy for one’s own, and that is something in extreme short supply, I’d even say non-existent in the German political landscape. How any German, living in Germany, can vote for such [epithets] over and over is beyond me.

*   “Traffic light” coalition government:
    Red:   Social Democratic Party
    Yellow:   Free Democratic Party
    Green:   Alliance90 / The Greens

13 thoughts on “Germans Must Prepare to Shiver in the Dark

  1. I too don’t understand how such people can keep voting for these monsters.

    They are like the dog that bites the hand that feeds them while licking the boot that kicks them.

    • Well… remember: The Dominion machines do the voting for us now, so we don’t have to worry about it.

      I don’t know if Germany uses them, but if not, I’m sure they must have some similar arrangement.

      • You are correct. Voting does not matter, except as an opiate for the sheeple awaiting a turn in the zek chipper.
        May 2019, Davos, Switzerland, the Money Shot:
        “The social contract has been re-negotiated. ‘We’ can no longer permit undesirable outcomes such as Donald Trump and BREXIT, ever again.”
        -The future Kang Chuck III.
        A succinct statement on the new same old communist tactic.
        It matter not who votes, as long as the uniparty counts the votes.
        It is long past time for fire and steel.
        You cannot vote your way out.
        It’s fight for your life time, or practice breathing Zyklon B.

    • Well, the ones on the right aren’t much better.

      One set wants you to starve to death shivering from the cold while the other wants your sons shipped off to war to be killed providing fat dividend checks to the munitions makers and you to be vaporized playing nuclear games of chicken with countries powerful enough not to be invaded conventionally.

      Politicians aren’t the problem as much as they are symptoms of the real problem – the uberwealthy multinational elites who own them and are using left and right idiots to move the world closer to neo feudalism and a drastically depopulated planet.

  2. PS:
    “And hey, THANKS, America, for blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines! Thank you for breaking our dependence on cheap Russian gas. We’re SO happy to buy LNG from the USA at 8X the cost.”

  3. I have come to the conclusion leaders in the western world are selected not elected selected by the elite. Shutting down productive farm land in Europe, North America ,going “green” with energy that causes rationing of heating during the winter in Germany is all going as planned. Now the questionable election results in a few South America countries no coverage by the MSM in North America or Europe of large scale rioting there?

  4. And now they want a get rid of AFD – “ right wing extremists “ , RIP. Deutschland, everything is going according to the plan – outrageous..

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