The Unmentioned Surge in Excess Deaths

In the following video Paul Weston discusses this year’s wave of excess deaths in England, which make the “Great Plague Year” of 2020 pale by comparison. What he describes is similar to what has been occurring in Continental Europe, Canada, the United States, and all the other countries that pushed their citizens to get “vaccinated”. Yet, for some reason, the media refuse to talk about it.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

Hat tip: LN.

5 thoughts on “The Unmentioned Surge in Excess Deaths

  1. It goes to show that the global predatory overclass has OWNED the narrative and the institutions

    (1) since the time before the corona scam (because that enabled the scam),

    (2) during the corona scam (apparently),

    (3) and after it (as Mr. Weston’s analysis sheds light on it).

    And their “ownership” has only increased in the process.

    An unremitting coup d’état.

  2. There is no connection whatsoever to the vax (government and deluded sheeple)

    BUT we all know that the vax is responsible (those with a working brain)

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