Christianity Must Be Erased From Münster

First it was Claudia Roth in Berlin, and now it’s Annalena Baerbock in Münster: the push by the Greens to extirpate Christianity from Germany is proceeding unabated.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Godless G7 in Münster

Baerbock has the cross removed!

G7 summit in Münster: The foreign ministers of the most important countries in the world are there — but the cross of God must remain outside!

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (41, Greens) had the centuries-old Council Cross removed from the Hall of Peace in the historic town hall in Münster for the duration of the G7 summit.

The G7 foreign ministers’ meeting takes place in Münster’s historic Peace Hall: in 1648 it was the scene of the invocation of the Spanish-Dutch Peace — part of the Peace of Westphalia.

But for the duration of the meeting, Baerbock blocks out an important part of the story: the 482-year-old council cross is missing!

It is actually part of the permanent inventory of the hall, but at Baerbock’s request it has now been taken down, as the Westfälische Nachrichten first reported. The city of Münster confirmed a corresponding request to the newspaper.

Such a request has never been addressed to the city, administration circles said to the Westfälische Nachrichten.

“The cross was removed for reasons of protocol,” the Foreign Office said, when asked by Bild.

The cross dates back to 1540. To this day, all new council members in Münster are sworn in before it — unless they explicitly refrain from adding “So help me, God”.

Not the first excitement about a missing cross: Only two days ago, the green culture officer Claudia Roth (67) caused outrage when she wanted to make Bible quotes disappear from the dome of the Berlin City Palace and have them overwritten with other texts.

Afterword from the translator:

What else can one expect from a communist Baphomet admirer with a Satan chip in her “brain”? I wonder if she also has fits when the host is walked past her or holy water sprinkled on her, or shivers like Merkel when the German National Anthem is played? 482 years ago they’d have invited her for a very personal BBQ for this. A pity we’re not allowed to do that any longer; some really DO deserve it.

11 thoughts on “Christianity Must Be Erased From Münster

  1. Must be a blood sucking vampire and One of the “living dead”? Maybe that’s why they can’t have children, they are not alive.

    Need some silver bullets? Have to brush up on my dark ages superstitions.

    • Throw her into a river; if she drowns then she’s innocent. If she floats she’s a witch and can then be drowned.

      With as much air as she has between her ears she’d float for sure.

    • The Visigoths (who admired Roman culture) built a Christian basilica in Cordoba. It was demolished by the Moors to make way for a mosque, but some artefacts remain on display in what was converted to a cathedral in (I think) the early 1500s. The Spanish king of the time said, “You have destroyed something which was unique in the world”; having seen it, I think he had a point. Still a stunning building though,

  2. I wonder what these commie German women think about Martin Luther?
    It’s just over 500 years since he was a key force in freeing Germany and much of Europe from the papal yoke. And I think it’s reasonable to say that he did so with God’s help.

    If God is more powerful than the Vatican and most of the princes of Europe, I think chastising a few commies will pose no difficulty for Him. And that’s not a question of if, only when He does that.

    • Martin Luther was the worst anti-Jew pogram character that was far worse than Hitler. Luther didn’t free jack, he tore Europe apart with endless wars that took our eyes off the muslims and we have paid dearly for since.

      • Luther said some mighty nasty things about Jews, but what pogroms did he participate in?

        Speaking of taking their eyes off of Muslims: Ignatius Loyola first intended to use his proposed Society of Jesus in the fight against Islam. But once he visited the Middle East and saw how powerful they were, he decided it would be less risky to spill the blood of Protestants instead.

  3. Don’t be alarmed if they put up a hammer and sickle, there is no need to hide it anymore.
    Revolutionary statist utopians should fly their banners high and it’s gonna work this time because the ones we have been waiting for haven’t really tried it yet.

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