The Diet of Worms

The following video shows Dutch schoolchildren and their teachers being plied with insects, especially mealworms, as a new part of their diet. The most distressing aspect of this clip is the way young, impressionable children — who have obviously been softened up in advance with indoctrination about eating bugs to save the planet — are so ready to accept this new source of food, and even show enthusiasm for it.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   …aside from these delicious plant-based dishes,
00:06   I also have a bag of mealworms here.
00:21   Three… two… one!
00:37   How does it taste? —Tasty.
00:41   What doers it taste like? —Nuts.
00:45   Do you think it’s a little crazy eating meal worms? —Yes.
00:50   A nutty flavor like a soft nut in your mouth. I felt a nice nutty taste.
00:55   [unintelligible] eat in the future?
00:58   I think this will definitely become part of our food in the future. I think in the future,
01:02   we will have a lot of variety, so we should eat a lot more products, including insects.
01:06   [unintelligible] Everyone eats differently. Why is that? —Because there are more and more
01:10   people on Earth, and later, we won’t have enough to eat.
01:13   Food comes from other countries, and maybe that will no longer be possible.
01:17   Do you think that mealworms and other insects can be a food in the future?
01:21   It is possible, but if it happens, I don’t mind.
01:26   Could you do without meat?
01:29   Yes. —Why?
01:33   I like meat, but yes, it is not something I live for.

15 thoughts on “The Diet of Worms

    • I once saw an analysis of bugs and their contents.
      How many have parasites that are harmful to humans.
      And a material of their skin (chitin, I think) is also harmful to humans.

      But I think this is all part of the plan of Schwab and Gates – too much humans.

      • It would be an acceptable explanation if we could forget the fact that the same people are behind the mass migration to the lands of ex-christianity. We have to look further and realize that the goal is the destruction of societies (and people) with established Judeo-Christian values, essentially a genocide.

  1. Likely they’ll be eating them or worse because they will be starving to death, courtesy of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and their machinations. Perhaps those girls will be able to trade access to their bodies with the local black marketeer for a kilogram of long pork.

    I never understood why the bugs can’t just be fed to chickens, which lay eggs after all, and then eat the chickens instead. Likely it’s more about the humiliation and social control aspects where only the uber-wealthy elites will be allowed to eat meat.

  2. Indoctrination. In 15 years’ time when these children grow up there will be hardly any resistance against the bug diet!

  3. It might not be a place to say it, but it seems like certain agents want to permanently defile and mark the whole of humanity.
    What is constantly being pushed upon us are the things what the God of the Bible declared unclean, an abomination, and in a lot of cases, a deadly sin.
    Hopefully the ignorant but worthy will be forgiven, but we are walking on very, very thin ice…

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