Knife Jihad on the Bus in Dresden

A Soldier of Allah in the German city of Dresden didn’t want to pay for a bus ticket, and reacted as might be expected when confronted by a ticket inspector.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Ticket inspector (34) stabbed at bus stop


Brutal attack on a ticket inspector (34) in Dresden!

A 23-year-old Syrian man is said to have stabbed a man with a knife on Sunday afternoon after he was removed from a bus for not having a ticket. According to information made available to Bild, the suspect initially left the “Alter Postweg” stop on Joseph-Keilberth-Strasse after being thrown out, but then returned on a bicycle and stabbed a tire on the bus.

When the inspector caught the man and confronted him, he reportedly went berserk and rammed a knife in the mans stomach! The Syrian fled on his bike after the bloody crime, but was arrested a little while later.

The police are still keeping a low profile due to the ongoing investigation. “Emergency personnel found a man seriously injured at the bus stop. He was immediately taken to a hospital,” a spokesman said.

The investigators cordoned off the area around the bus stop and secured the evidence of the crime scene, also of the flat tire of the bus and the bike of the alleged perpetrator. The police and public prosecutor are currently investigating the suspicion of an attempted homicide. [Suspicion? How much clearer can it get? This was definitely NO whittling accident.]

Afterword from the translator:

So, he gets thrown off the bus somewhere for not having a ticket, but of course he has his bicycle handy. Then the bus stops and waits for him to come back and puncture the tires? That’s how it was? I don’t know; something smells awfully wrong about this whole scenario.

Are they preparing the ground to make out of the culture enricher the victim again? “The Nazi ticket inspector persecuting a Syrian” or something…

2 thoughts on “Knife Jihad on the Bus in Dresden

  1. When you had to show not only your ticket but also either your Corona vaxx card or Corona test result to those ticket inspteurs they never hassled the muslims / foreigners about their COVID vaxx cards /test results. Only bio-germans were hassled.

  2. They stubbing everywhere, this country is finished, now this clowns importing Afghanistan!!, middle of the energy crisis.. Germans no matter anymore..

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