Giorgia Meloni: No More COVID Shutdowns

You can tell Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is a fascist, because she insists that there will be no more green passes, mandatory lockdowns, and government-ordered business closures during future pandemics. What could be more fascist than that?

The following video shows excerpts from remarks made by Ms. Meloni (in front of the legislature, I think). Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Covid came into our lives nearly three years ago,
00:03   and resulted in over 177,000 deaths in Italy.
00:10   It’s thanks to our medical personnel that we are currently no longer in a state of emergency.
00:15   Thanks to their sacrifice and professionalism, they saved thousands of lives.
00:21   We extend them our gratitude, once again.
00:27   And I also want to thank the essential public service employees, who have never stopped working.
00:33   And also the extraordinary organization of the third sector,
00:37   made up of virtuous intermediary forces, that we consider vital for our society.
00:50   Unfortunately we cannot exclude the possibility of a new wave of Covid,
00:54   or the risk of another pandemic, in the future.
00:57   But we can learn from the past to make sure we’re ready.
01:01   Italy implemented the most restrictive anti-Covid measures in the entire Western world.
01:05   Choosing to severely limit the fundamental freedoms of people and businesses.
01:10   Despite those, it has been among the countries with the highest numbers of deaths and infections.
01:17   Something hasn’t definitely worked out.
01:20   So I will say immediately: We will not replicate that pattern in any way.

10 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni: No More COVID Shutdowns

  1. only fools and those who refuse to learn; repeat their mistakes. Italy’s new premier is thankfully not a Miss Takes of the EU tradition.

  2. Dig a little deeper. She’s a dyed in the wool globalist. Meloni has gone out of her way to express wholehearted support for the European Union, the Euro-Atlantic partnership and Nato, including voting for sending weapons to Ukraine.

  3. Parole, parole, parole!

    Too little too late. Which makes her the controlled opposition of the NWO.

    And in the video she is starting from a false premise that the “pandemic” was a real thing, and therefore it can return, coming to a false conclusion that we must “prepare” for the [imaginary or induced] next rounds.

    Which is exactly the publicly declared globalist attitude (that WE must “prepare for the “next pandemics”).

    And her statement that Italy “has been among the countries with the highest numbers of deaths and infections” is outrageous, as both the fake number of ‘Covid deaths’ and the ‘infections’ produced the fake PCR tests provided the basis for the biggest criminal fraud in history — and she goes along with that.

    Then she pretends to bravely deviate from the world government policy that has been backtracked in the West anyway on ‘restrictive measures’ she mentions’ — because that is the weapon of the past in its initial form. Therefore there is zero political cost to opposing it, and it cannot really be called real resistance to the globalist policies either.

    The weapon of the present is, among others, the ongoing artificial economic collapse — but she does not seem to address that.

    I can no longer accept partial solutions and pseudo conservativee double speak that conceals the truth.

    The WHOLE TRUTH should be told and actions must follow. Everything else is a wishy-washy solution at best, and betrayal at worst because the lack of decisive and powerful action gives the enemy the tactical time it needs for advancing the controlled destruction of the West.

    Our rights, that Meloni is talking about, will be taken away with NEW methods she is not talking about (as far as I know). Like CBDC.

    Enough is enough! — However sweet and good woman she seems to be otherwise.

    I am not willing to be fooled again by half solutions of the “left-right” globalist Kabuki theater that the majority is still being fooled with both in the USA and in Europe.

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