Eye Update, and the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery

I went in to the retinal specialist’s office today to get a periodic injection in my left eye to help mitigate wet macular degeneration. I’m doing pretty well, all things considered, and I thought I’d get more posted this evening. However, the aftereffects have slowed me down enough to keep me from doing much tonight.

I’ll just leave you with this news about the Confederate memorial at Arlington National Cemetery (which is located on what used to be Robert E. Lee’s plantation in antebellum days). It was designed by a Jewish sculptor who served in the Confederate army, and has stood at that location for more than a hundred years. However, the federal government is determined to erase all memory of the Confederacy from national institutions and public spaces, so the memorial has to go.

Below is a video about the issue that was produced by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. It is narrated by an annoying computer voice, but there’s nothing I can do about that:

After the Civil War was over, the country was allegedly reunited. Part of the process was to allow Southerners to recognize and commemorate their heritage within the same fora where Union veterans were remembered. But that was then, and this is now. We can forget being “united”. The South has been VANQUISHED, and it must know the humiliation of having its past erased.

The SCV is mounting a valiant effort to mail-blitz senators and congresscreatures, but I don’t think it will do any good. The Woke tide is at the flood. It means to sweep away everything it deems “racist”, and there’s no way of stopping it.

Except for secession, of course.

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  1. Reconstruction, according to government documents in the 1860s was to “reconstruct the south to be like the north”. Although this sort of thing was done for millennia, in 1948 it was given the name: “cultural genocide” to describe what the USSR was doing to Eastern Europe after WW2.
    America was not considered “reunited” by those who lived during the Victorian age until the Spanish/American war; but even then, hate and contempt for the south continued for more than a century. Even today, the GOP can’t resist bringing up the war and slavery in spite of the fact that southerners have abandoned the socialist Democrat party for its hatred of the US Constitution.
    We are perpetual “rebels and traitors” who never had our day in court.

  2. Union veterans of the Civil War opposed every monument glorifying the Confederacy and what it stood for. Like Maoists, the Confederacy falsified history and depicted themselves as heroes and true Americans. Those who did not wage war against a nation conceived in Liberty and Justice for all were not fooled, but late to the party when it came to narratives.

    As Colonel Elisha Hunt Rhodes of Rhode Island told a group of Boston veterans in 1910:

    “I remember standing one day looking at a monument in Athens, Ga., when a young collegian said to me, ‘I suppose you object to this monument being here.’ ‘Oh no,’ I said, ‘if you people want to perpetuate your shame, I care little about it. You are simply telling the story to your children of how you tried to pull down the old flag and how you failed.’ Another day I stood by the monument in Winchester, Va., and read upon it an inscription which told how men had died for liberty, had died for constitution in that country. An old gentleman asked me what I thought of it. ‘Oh,’ I said, ‘the day will come when you will put up a ladder against that monument, and you will hire a colored man who once wore the shackles to climb that ladder and efface every word of that inscription, for it is false. There is no truth in it.’ Those were brave men, and I am willing to pay tribute to their bravery; but they did not die for liberty, they did not die for their constitution, they did not die for their country.”

    Quote source: https://angrystaffofficer.com/2021/06/20/we-believe-in-making-treason-odious-u-s-veterans-of-the-civil-war-attack-the-lost-cause/

    • Unfortunately reality puts the shame on the other side. It would seem that the Noble Crusade of the North is more of a myth than the Lost Cause. The South wanted to be left alone. It duly, officially, and, by all legal standards that the American people understood, withdrew from the Union and asked to be left to their own devices. The South did not threaten that they would interfere with or attack the Northern Union, had never declared it would try, “…to pull down the old flag…,” nor declared a desire to abolish the U.S. Constitution; but the North was enraged at the idea of Southern independence and would have attacked even if the South had written manumission into its own Constitution. On April 15, 1861 Lincoln called for a 75,000 man army to save the Union, even though the Union was not under attack; but, the winner gets to promote their history as they will, however self-serving that may be.

      Rhodes exposes the Northern mindset by clear incapacity to accept that men may be allowed one jot more liberty than that which a Yankee condescends to allow and the protestation of that condition to be rebellion. In his view men have no right, and deserve no respect, for defending their homes and families from the depredations of an invading alien army, whose official stratagem was to first and foremost attack the civilian populace, if that army is a Yankee army. It’s understandable that Union veterans would be adamant in their vainglorious aggression. “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” even if your patriotism manifests itself by burning down another man’s home a thousand miles from your own that was never threatened.

      Yankees are gonna Yankee, they just can’t help it. You can’t live with them and they seemingly won’t allow you to live without them, but history is, as Mark Twain suggested, a rhyming beast and what goes around comes around. The very tool that Yankees have used against the South lo these many decades have passed into other hands, that is Righteousness. The North wielded Righteousness as a goad from about 1840 ’til ’60, then as a flail for the last 157 years. What is more Righteous to be not racist or to be anti-racist? To be an abolitionist or to demand reparation (read retribution)? What is BLM and Antifa but the direct descendants of John Brown and Charles Sumner, exhorting ever more bloody and vengeful rapine upon the South? On second thought it did not pass into other hands, these people are all kith and kin, in other words the Yankees are now being out Yankeed.

      We Southrons understand that we lost. So be it. We understand why the Yankee must disparage and outlaw the battle flag. The idea, which that flag represents, that a man has a right and a duty to defend his home and family must be utterly expunged in order to erect Utopia. Our monuments must be torn down and invader fortresses among us renamed for Progress cannot be made as long as courage and honor, and if there is no honor in defending one’s home then there truly is no honor in anything, are held up as virtues equal or superior to obedience and obsequious. However, we will hold our history privately and pass it down personally. The South has always provided the majority of recruits for the U.S. military. This year the DoD will miss overall recruiting goals by approximately 40%, the greatest shortfall manifesting itself in the South. Hopefully this is not a fluke. General Nathan Bedford Forrest spent the time from the end of the War of Northern Aggression until his death in 1877 exhorting whites and blacks in the South to come together and not contend against one another for that benefited no one but the avowed enemy of all Southerners, the Yankee.

  3. A side note that Jewish sculptor was a VMI student and warrior called upon to defend MY valley during the aggression.

    If you have not seen the movie THE VALLEY OF LOST SHOES find it and watch it

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