The Nuremberg Sermon

I couldn’t resist playing around some more with the photo of President Brandon giving his inspiring speech the other night in Philadelphia. Yesterday I chose the theme of International Socialism, but the iconography works just as well with National Socialism.


15 thoughts on “The Nuremberg Sermon

  1. Though I have great respect for the US Marine Corps, I cannot set aside the impression of the Leib Standarte Adolf Hitler in this context. The only thing missing was the toothbrush mustache.

    I’ve said it before and will say it again: what’s the difference between national and international socialism? The prefix ‘inter’.

    • @ H. Numan

      What does the 1st Panzer Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler” (literally, “Life Guard Adolf Hitler” in German) have to do with the U.S.M.C.? You lost me there….

      Re: “I’ve said it before and will say it again: what’s the difference between national and international socialism? The prefix ‘inter’.”

      Yes, quite so. One of the greatest and most-pernicious historical lies of the 20th century is that communism and Nazism were polar opposites. This is utterly false.

      Many of the earliest fascists – including Italian strongman Benito Mussolini, the acknowledged founder of modern fascism – regarded their ideology and system of belief as the final and perfect manifestation of socialism. Il Duce had previously been a socialist and follower of Lenin and Marx prior to creating his movement.

      Hitler’s National Socialism – the German variety of fascism – and the communism of Josef Stalin were initially the best of ideological matches, fellow outcasts and pariahs of the international community, which is where they found themselves in the 1930s. Stalin and Hitler were close friends and collaborators who only eventually came into conflict because the proverbial neighborhood the two shared was not big-enough for both of them.

      Like two scorpions in a bottle, they fought not because they were so dissimilar, but because they were so alike.

      The myth of polar opposites came about after WWII when the new East Germanic Democratic Republic, a member of the Communist Bloc and Warsaw Pact, sought to distance itself from West Germany, formerly its other half but now a member of the western NATO alliance.

      The East German intelligence apparatus flooded the West with propaganda to that effect, which eventually made its way into the European Left and U.S. counter-culture movement by the 1960s, and the rest is history. Often-repeated, the lie assumed the status of “truth” over time, and here we are.

      In reality, fascism (national socialism) and communism are near-neighbors on the far-left of the political spectrum, ideologies which have a great deal more in common with one another than not.

      The left are fond of labeling this-or-that opponent as fascist and “far-right,” but they are too-dense to understand that if one goes far-enough right on the spectrum, the result isn’t fascism, but anarchy – i.e., the absence of government. Whereas if one travels far-enough to the leftist extreme, the result is the total presence of government, i.e., tyranny or totalitarianism.

      • Tell that to Franco or Pinochet, they operated with capitalist ideals with nationalistic vibrancy and they turned out just fine, because they kept their fascism(nationalism) inside their borders and didn’t invade anyone, thus they survived and thrived while Hitler and Mussolini died , and don’t fool yourself, communism killed a couple hundred million making Hitler and henchmen rank amateurs. If it wasn’t for WW1(The Germans should have won) we wouldn’t be in this position where we are today.

  2. Leni Riefenstahl at least had some talent and an eye for the dramatic. It’s what attracted Herr Schicklgruber to her work in the first place.

    The clowns that thought up the backdrop are so bad at their work and the bosses that approved the display apparently so incompetent that the only logical explanation is that the awful display was deliberate. Which begs the question why? Perhaps to make Emperor Poopypants look even more crazy and senile? But to what end?

    • On the site of Henry Makow it is said that satanists must show their allegiance for all to see.

      Maybe this is their way of telling us that their will be lots of blood in the future.
      They literally shove it into our faces.

    • Indeed she did. I was disappointed to see a few weeks ago, that Amazon (I think?) were withdrawing her films under pressure from a Jewish lobby group.

      Maybe none of us, who are not Jewish, can share their pain and grief over the Holocaust, but this is the equivalent of the Nazis’ book-burning, or Winston Smith in “1984” consigning the previous version of history to the “memory hole” (ie incinerator).

      • She apparently tried to seduce him but was politely rejected. Perhaps she was unaware of Eva Braun.

        I had read somewhere that if Hitler had stopped with the annexation of Czechaslovakia he would have gone down in German history as the greatest leader since Bismarck. There was a serious admiration and indeed flirtation with fascism by the West, many of its citizens seeing it as a way out of the serious economic problems due to the Depression.

        The point being, we are looking at Hitler with the benefit of historical perspective and only after the whole drama has played out. Certainly prior to the start of WWII Hitler was a polorizing figure but one who was also greatly admired amongst his contemporaries for restoring the German sense of pride, pulling Germany out of the Depression, and since antisemitism was rampant amongst Europeans and indeed unremarkable, for putting the Jews in their place and taking them down several notches within German society.

        • According to an evil book, “1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers” by Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof (I read a summary) the british and french were willing to look the other way as long as Hitler was getting only german soil back. But when he took the Czech territories (after getting the Sudetenland back) he crossed the invisible border and the british and french said NO MORE.

          So, if this book is right, then Hitler was free to take the Sudetenland and afterwards he should have left the Czechs alone. Then he could have tried to get Danzig etc back (and it is implied by the statement before that the british and french would have allowed him some leeway while getting german territory back) but the book doesnt mention where the line was, that he wouldnt be allowed to cross by the british and french.

          But please remember, this book is evil and not written by a historian, but by a former General of the Bundeswehr.

  3. @ The Moon

    Re: “The clowns that thought up the backdrop are so bad at their work and the bosses that approved the display apparently so incompetent that the only logical explanation is that the awful display was deliberate.”

    Really? I have a somewhat different interpretation. I am perfectly willing to believe that the display was intentional, but I don’t buy the idea that it was intentionally trying to drag down the Emperor Who Has No Clothes. Rather, I think they’re all rather proud of it. The presentation and backdrop were the product of the “best minds” within Biden’s regime. The kicker is that is that is the “best” they can do. They literally can’t see beyond adolescent games of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and throwing eggs or toilet paper at the neighbor’s house like it is Halloween or something.

    Yeah, they’re that stupid and that arrogant at the same time.

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