Sweden Turns to the Right?

Yesterday’s general election in Sweden was widely seen as a referendum on the unprecedented level of immigrant-based violence that has swept the country in the last few years. The migration-critical Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) were expected to make their best showing yet in the voting.

The new Muslim party “Nyans” seems to have siphoned off a significant number of votes from the Social Democrats. If the Right Block forms a government, it will be largely due to Nyans. The socialists have always taken the Muslim vote for granted, not seeming to realize that such arrangements are always temporary. As soon as Muslims form a large enough proportion of the population, they switch their vote to Allah.

The chart at the top of this post shows the preliminary results of the voting from sometime yesterday. I tried to find a more recent version, but was unable to track one down.

The parties shown in the chart are, from left to right:

  • Left Party (Vänsterpartiet)
  • Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna)
  • Greens (Miljöpartiet)
  • Centre Party (Centerpartiet)
  • Liberals (Liberalerna)
  • Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna)
  • Moderates (Moderaterna)
  • Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna)

As of 5:30 this morning (Swedish time), the Right Block (Liberals, Christian Democrats, Moderates, Sweden Democrats) had 175 mandates, and the Left Block (Left Party, Social Democrats, Greens, Centre Party) had 174 mandates.

Fredrik Reinfeldt: ‘I hate the Sweden Democrats’

So not only is the Right’s margin razor-thin, but the coalition will be headed by Moderaterna, the Moderates. Long-time readers will remember the way Moderaterna’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt relentlessly demonized the Sweden Democrats until he resigned in 2014, and even after that.

Nevertheless, it appears that the Sweden Democrats will be in the government for the first time, which is not a negligible result.

Some projections showed the Moderates as having more votes than Sverigedemokraterna, while others showed SD in the lead.

The final result will not be available until Wednesday (September 14).

Many thanks to LN for translating the material below. The first three translations are articles from Fria Tider:

The Sweden Democrats will be the big winner of the election

September 11, 2022

There will be a red-green election victory this year, according to SVT’s polling station survey. However, the margin is only 0.6 percent and the only clear winner is SD.

The Sweden Democrats got 20.5 percent in SVT’s poll, which is a sharp increase from the 17.5 percent election result in 2018.

The Moderates got 18.8 percent in SVT’s poll but only 16 percent in TV4’s poll from earlier in the day. In the TV4 poll, the Sweden Democrats received 21.3 percent support.

“It’s just surveys so far, but we are hopeful,” says Henrik Vinge, SD’s group leader in the Riksdag, to TV4.

At the same time, there are reports that not everyone has been able to vote and that polling stations have been closed under the noses of people who have been queuing. Foreign media write with concern about how the elections in Sweden were handled this time.

Here are the reports of tampering at the polling stations

On social media on Sunday, many have testified that there is tampering with ballots in polling stations around the country.

As usual, it is mainly the Sweden Democrats and other anti-immigration parties that are described as targets of the suspected cheating.

In a high-profile thread on Twitter, Bulletin reporter Isabelle Eriksson describes how not only SD’s but also several other parties’ ballot papers were missing when she went to vote:

Ballot papers from the re-migration party Alternative for Sweden were also reportedly hidden or turned inside out in some polling stations.

In previous elections, the ballot papers have been left completely open in the polling stations, so that everyone in the room could see which ballot papers were taken. After strong criticism from the European Commission, Sweden finally changed this and in today’s elections the ballot papers are screened. But in many polling stations, you have to carry your ballot papers from the sealed-off area to get an envelope, so that others can still see which ballot papers you have chosen.

Nyans party may have cost Social Democrats election victory

September 11, 2022

The immigrant party Nyans seems to have taken a very large number of the Social Democrats’ votes among immigrants in so-called vulnerable areas.

The pile for “other parties” has increased very sharply in the ghettos, according to the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections.

The trend is clear in, for example, Herrgården in Rosengård in Malmö. There, in the 2018 parliamentary elections, the S received almost 80 percent of the vote and the other parties less than 1 percent. In today’s election, the preliminary result for S is “only” 45.7 percent, while that for “other parties” has increased to 24.7 percent.

In the electoral district of Rosengård centrum, 28.2 percent of the votes go to the other parties.

Similar trends can be seen in several other so-called vulnerable areas, such as Rinkeby in Stockholm, Vivalla in Örebro, and the like. And it is difficult to see any explanation other than that the S votes have gone to the Nyans party.

Given how extremely close the elections are today, these lost immigrant votes to Nyans could be enough for the S and their partner parties to lose government power.

All signs point to a change of power

September 12, 2022

At 12:30am on Tuesday, the votes from 6,000 of the 6,578 precincts had been counted and Ulf Kristersson’s [Moderates] government base then had 176 seats against 173 for Magdalena Andersson. The S-government thus seems to fall due to the absence of Ghetto votes that instead went to Nyans.

There was a difference of one percentage point, or 59,000 votes, between the blocs, and several analysts, including the researcher Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, said it would be difficult to pick up the nearly 30,000 votes needed for a Red-Green election victory.

In Umeå, Uppsala and Stockholm, however, large numbers of votes remained to be counted, all districts with a previous red-green majority or with a red-green upward trend.

The Muslim party Nyans seems to have captured up to half of the former S votes in the immigrant-dense ghettos, especially in Malmö, where the “Other parties” entry reaches 30% in several ghetto districts.

These are large, high-contribution precincts which — had Nyans not stood in the election — would by all accounts have secured victory for Magdalena Andersson’s government. Overall in Sweden, the “Other parties” tally had grown to 90,000 votes by 1am on Monday, or 1.5% of the valid votes counted at the time.

KD leader Ebba Busch did not want to declare a victory on election night, but noted that it may be Wednesday before Sweden knows the outcome of the election.

“So I leave that task with a warm hand to Ulf Kristersson,” she told SVT at 00.30 on Monday morning.

The following excerpts from yesterday’s essay by Karl-Olov Arnstberg from the blog Invandring och mörkläggning provide an overview of the electoral landscape in Sweden:

Sunday Chronicle: The Polarisation is Blinding

September 11, 2022

I may be grossly mistaken, because I am attracted by certain news material, but it seems to me that Sweden is changing its basic model, from [välfärd till ofärd] welfare to hardship. Then, whether it “just” becomes a very expensive and unpleasant country to live in, whether a middle class shrinking due to white flight entrenches itself in marginal communities, or whether the country actually goes under and becomes a failed state — it’s hard to tell. It could also end in outright civil war, as the author and entrepreneur Arne Weinz warns in a video on YouTube.

I leave the dystopian outrage of the dissidents and check the mood of the mainstream media. Inflation, energy prices and teenage crime with shootings are the most worrying things right now. All this at a time when prisons are packed and half the police force wants to quit. When interviewed, those in power and opinion makers say it will get worse before it gets better.

It is possible to know that something will get worse, but how do you know that it will get better? Likewise, how much worse will it get before it gets better? And what is better — better than when it is at its worst? Better, but still much worse than it is now? Such questions are not asked, but it is clear that even in the corridors of opinion things are not very cheerful.

The whole sea is storming at election time without voters being affected. In the polls, party sympathies are firmly fixed. The Social Democrats’ misrule is not preventing them from continuing to enjoy a level of voter support of around 30%. […]

Waiting times in the country’s emergency rooms averaged nine hours a week ago. Imagine sitting or lying in a doctor’s surgery in severe pain and waiting for NINE hours! And about Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, IVO (The Inspectorate for Health and Social Care) writes in a recent report:

Patients’ most basic human and medical needs cannot be met. The deficiencies at the emergency department are extensive and pervasive, affecting all care and treatment provided there. End-of-life patients are cared for in corridors without privacy and there are reports of patients dying in solitude.

In addition, the IVO states that the situation has worsened:

The situation in the emergency department has worsened in the last six months. The situation is unsustainable and affects the privacy of staff. There is no patient safety in the emergency department […] Patients can lie for hours in their own faeces and urine. Patients develop pressure sores, malnutrition, and the length of stay is prolonged. The staff is very worried about the summer.

Moving on to schools, it seems to be one big misery, which makes responsible parents choose the criticised private schools which, if we are to believe the left-wing politicians, are an even bigger misery. And about elder care, the other year you could read in SvD:

The government’s Corona Commission has concluded that elderly care was ill-equipped to handle a pandemic. Structural problems, such as a fragmented organisation, an inadequate regulatory framework and a lack of staffing, competence and reasonable working conditions, have been known for a long time.

The Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate has also reported year after year on the shortcomings in Swedish care for the elderly and that they persist without improvement.

Swedish voters do not seem to understand their role as responsible citizens of the nation of Sweden. It is deeply strange that the country’s citizens are neither concerned about the breakdown of the welfare state nor about getting so little for their tax money. Are they hypnotised by their smartphones, are they totally brainwashed by the media, or what is it all about?

What will it take for the Swedes to see the obvious disorder — until they say what the dissident Per Ström has as his signature on his video blog: Enough is f***ing enough!

The Social Democrats’ misrule should at least lead to the continued growth of the Sweden Democrats, the parliamentary party most in touch with reality, but even that doesn’t seem to be the case.

SD seems to have parked itself at around 20%. For a while, the only positive thing about the parliamentary parties was that things looked bad for the Green Party. At least that’s what the media and voters had managed to see — that the staunch environmentalists are a political disaster. But now they have climbed over the line. It also seems to be going the way of the Liberals, the party with the creep reflex if anyone says “SD”.

The media are doing their best to give the not very liberal Liberals a run for their money. Anyone who hates SD should join in! It is more important that things go badly for SD than that things go well for Sweden; not only the PK politicians and journalists think so, but also the voters. Why, why, why?

I think the answer should be sought in identity politics, or more precisely in the polarization into right and left that has taken place especially since the turn of the millennium.

The left-liberals, not least through their near-total control of public discourse, have managed the feat of classifying citizens who protest as right-wing extremists and racists.

In so doing, they have established a tyranny of goodness in which political opponents and doubters are disgraced and silenced. Their own moral narrative is the only acceptable one. Those who disagree are kicked out of the public sphere (cancel culture) or they keep their mouths shut, facing a risk of being pilloried and desecrated.

However, this should have partisan implications, as voting in general elections is secret, but it is clear that identity polarisation runs very deep.

Citizens attach themselves to the common narrative of the left or the right, and once they put their foot down, they become blind to alternative views.

This can be illustrated by the rapes, including mass rapes, where it is well documented that it is almost exclusively Swedish girls who are victims and where men from the Middle East and Africa are heavily over-represented [as perpetrators]. In the case of gang rape, the figure is over 90%.

That should result in war headlines in the media and a lynch mood among ethnic Swedes in particular. However, this does not happen, which I believe is due to the fact that rapes are classified in terms of identity politics.


In his book The Righteous Mind, which Fri Tanke has very honourably translated into Swedish, the American moral philosopher Jonathan Haidt writes:

Reason can lead us to almost any desired conclusion, for we ask ourselves “Can I believe it?” when we want to believe something, but “Must I believe it?” when we don’t want to believe. The answer is almost always yes to the first question and no to the second […] We use our reasoning abilities to support our group and demonstrate loyalty to the group (page 113).

— Karl-Olov Arnstberg

8 thoughts on “Sweden Turns to the Right?

  1. I have a difficult time understanding Nordic politics. I presume the “right wing” isn’t interested in deporting the Somalis. If not, then does this mean the right wing is building a wall around the ghettos? Or will they simply arrest the “bad” ones? Would love to hear your prediction on their plans.

    • I have a difficult time believing the Swedish right, or any right-leaning party leadership doesn’t at the highest levels know what must eventually be done. Just that likely many can’t bring themselves to say it let alone think it. The Overton Window needs to be enlarged and shifted further to the right before any solutions that are coercive or involve armed combat can become possible.

      Another problem is that just like abortion or guns, there are plenty of cynical and calculating politicians who would prefer to leave the issues unsolved but use them to agitate their electorate for votes or campaign contributions. Violent criminal Somali gangs likely fall into this category as something tolerated for its usefulness to securing the growth of the party.

    • This is all academic really, we ain’t voting our way out of this mess, that time came and is long gone. So what we will get since the dumbed down, weak, feckless, feminaxi population voted for the least common denominator is a future military take over and the return of Kings. The people deserve it good and bloody hard.

  2. A New World Order Koan

    There are too many wilde cats
    in the garden now
    the old matron in the village
    told me this morning.
    [of the cats]
    is too much trouble
    a poor widow can’t pay the vet
    the haggard grandma whines
    so it’s best to let the kittens drown
    in a bucket of water
    she explains.

    • Not drowning the kittens guarantees that the kittens and the adult wildcats just die from starvation instead.

      Its painful to watch, but if it’s not possible to prevent the litters from being conceived then it must be done.

  3. just because the media calls someone far extremist or right wing, doesn’t mean any of that is true. . . these are just as fake as they sound. by the same means of parliament democracy, they (the same oligarchs who usually like put female puppets in charge) will simply put synthetize a more “rightfull” version of government, whose first mission will be sending more arms to the east and prepare for possible draft and forced coscription of military aged people.

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