Something Wicked This Way Comes

The cultural enrichment of Western Europe continues apace, regardless of the Corona “emergency”, the Ukraine war, the energy crisis, and massive inflation. The newcomers just keep arriving. They’ve heard that Germany is the land where all the goodies are free and all the girls are willing, so they continue to pay the people traffickers (with Soros’ money, but that’s a separate topic) to carry them to the Land of Plenty.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

New Wave Via the Balkan Route

In Dresden alone, 100 refugees arrive every day


Are we facing a new refugee crisis? More and more often Syrians and Afghans are caught illegally entering Germany! Around a hundred refugees arrive at Dresden’s main railway station every day — and the federal police expect the numbers to increase! At the moment, however, it is still unclear “why migration has suddenly increased so much,” said Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. [Is she really THAT STUPID, or just callous?]

One thing is certain: for weeks now, mainly young men have been fleeing via the Balkan route, wanting to go to Germany. To do this, they get on the Eurocity train in Prague or Budapest to Dresden (from 28 euros
— often without being checked in the neighboring countries.

As Bild learned from security circles, the respective border police are often deliberately looking the other way so that they do not have to register the refugees and keep them with them. “Whoever registers loses” should be the motto.

It was only in Bad Schandau (Saxony), just across the German border, that the federal police got on the trains and made spot checks. Many refugees have no ID with them, and are registered with fingerprints at Dresden Central Station.

In addition, it is checked whether they have already submitted an EU asylum application or whether they have committed criminal offences. They are then distributed to initial reception centers throughout Saxony. [And given German passports, perhaps, so that the migrant crime rate doesn’t go through the roof?]

How long the camp beds last there — unclear! That is why it is now to be checked, among other things, whether the exhibition halls in Dresden can also be used. In Bavaria, too, there is concern about the already overcrowded accommodations. Compared to 2021, the number of refugees has increased fivefold.

“It’s going to be really tight,” said a spokeswoman for the Munich Ministry of the Interior.

Afterword from the translator:

Are the “hundred” those who were caught illegally entering the country? Somehow it looks organized. in Austria, hundreds flow across the Hungarian-Burgenland border every day, and the number of unauthorized entries across the Czech-German border is at a record high.

And the Syrians and Afghans didn’t have the opportunity to seek asylum in the first safe country? Certainly, but in Germany security (social benefits) and protection (hardly any deportations) are much more strongly guaranteed.

Politicians, and especially Interior Minister Faeser, are once again indulging in their favorite pastime of acting and interpreting ignorance. The little bit of intelligence they have is not enough to determine the causes of the increase in the number of so-called refugees. Anyone who constantly trumpets to the world that everyone is welcome and that anyone who has crossed the German border and can vomit out the word “asylum” will receive it and be integrated into the social system. Word has gotten around around the Third World that people are generally accepted in Germany and Austria and receive significant social benefits without having to do anything in return — except cultural enrichment.

The migration pact that Germany signed is being consistently implemented by the UN, the EU and other European countries. These people know that this will lead to the collapse of ALL the social systems, yet they go ahead with their plan regardless, because it is wanted by their puppet-masters. The individual European states are to be destabilized. In particular their own identities need to be destroyed, the degrading of their own culture as racist encouraged, along with each and every social structure, etc. etc. etc. After all, without identity, without cultural similarities, a broad mass can be better controlled, because these newcomers have no roots in the country of asylum, which would also not be considered by them to be their new home and in an emergency, support or defence if necessary, they will feel no need to lift a finger. Not that these people were or are prepared to fight for their own countries in the first place either. This is exactly what is encouraged with unbridled migration, because this is what is wanted, because it is part of the plan of this ALL OUT WAR against humanity.

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  1. The more they import, the more destabilized these countries become, but what these WEF types did not figure in their nation destroying plans is this, the militaries of Europe are only going to take so much of this by these politicians of all stripes before the new Operation Night of the Long Knives comes into play, where all of a sudden, the tv stations, blogs,vlogs , Utube channels and print newspapers with different faces announces a national emergency occurred and that as of now, the country will be run by the military until the emergency is over and martial law is declared where no demonstrations will be permitted otherwise they will be shot on the streets. This is what is coming and the people deserve it good and bloody hard, the people(spit) squandered, allowed themselves to be indoctrinated and were dumbed down to the point of no return all the while cheering for their own demise out some sense of self hatred and guilt, well, bloody eefem, I look forward to the tears and chest beating of how sad our democracy ended like this. I have nothing but utter contempt for people that allowed what has happened to us to get this far. Welcome to the return of the Kings and the Generals ! And you will like it!

    • this assumption is understandable but very doubtful and IMO mostly wishful thinking. The politicians (supported by their hired intelligence muscle – aka think tanks) act quite clever and exchange constantly high ranked miliary personnel.

      You can see this in the police too.

      Alone in Germany there is alot of effort, since 2015, to remove “right-wing” officers from the Bundeswehr and replace them with loyal ones.

      • Au contraire ! Having relatives inside the military establishment of Germany and Austria, those very same military Officers who were replaced with the quiet ones who smile and nod their heads are the most dangerous ones. When the time comes, those very same political officers of the intelligence community and think tanks will be dealt with complete military precision and done in a most expedient manner. The German military is still very wedded to it’s Prussian past and the politicians will never get rid of the patriotic German Officer. The same goes for the entire European military establishments. So there is no assumption involved.

        • Oh God I hope so. Hordes of enemy wandering about in all their superiority. Carrying spears and checking out the slaves,l on sale. It’s fn insane.

    • @G

      Re: “The more they import, the more destabilized these countries become, but what these WEF types did not figure in their nation destroying plans is this, the militaries of Europe are only going to take so much of this by these politicians of all stripes …. ”

      With respects, what hard evidence do you have that such a scenario as you describe is likely to occur?

      The globalists own NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and also the European Union, the supra-national legislature which now steers so much of daily life in Europe. Many, but not all, heads of state are on-board with their agenda.

      There are two strands of evidence of which I am aware that support your thesis, neither particularly recent. Both are somewhat circumstantial.

      A few years ago, then-Chancellor Angela Merkel and her French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, met in a private tet-a-tet and luncheon, and one of their topics was the proposed formation of an EU “rapid reaction force,” i.e., a military or paramilitary force directly under EU control and not subordinate to NATO or individual heads of state, but answerable to Brussels alone.

      If anything about this plan was committed to paper or some sort of digital form of storage, it has not – to my knowledge – been made public.

      The second thread is that a few years back, there were rumblings among retired general officers of the French military that there ought to be a coup to remove politicians and others from power who were endangering France via their immigration policies. Élysée Palace quickly acted to rein in the miscreants and silenced them, probably by threatening their pensions… and no more was heard of it, at least not on this side of the Atlantic here in the ‘States.

      A few years ago, the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral burned partly to the ground, in what was almost certainly an act of arson by a Muslim perpetrator. The “official investigation” of the Macron government – which was probably undertaken not to disclosure the truth but to hide it – termed the event an accidental fire, but closed-circuit TV and webcam footage (later redacted by the French authorities) tells a different story, in that a man wearing Islamic grab is clearly seen setting the blaze.

      If this event did not cause a revolt in La Belle France, pray tell me, what will??

      • Georgia, Excellent questions you ask, so I will try to address your points without giving too much info.

        Hard evidence you ask? Well my family is deep in the military industrial complex of Austria and Germany, being that both sides of the family go back over a thousand years Mothers side is Hapsburgs and Fathers side is Prussian aristocracy and in deep with Rheinmetall and other weapons manufactures. Fathers Prussian side produced some of the finest Generals and combat senior Officers of the Imperia Navy/Army and Wehrmacht/Waffen SS, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine . My Mothers side of the Hapsburgs is their fingers are in every militaries and industry of Europe including FN, my Grandfather was Otto Skorzeny’s rabbi and chief planner, if the Hapsburg Arch Duke told the Austrian army to take control of the government, they would without any hesitation and the government knows this. So with this being said, my family is in deep in the militaries of both Germany and Austria.

        The globalists own the bureaucracy of NATO, made up of civilians, not military and the globalist think that they can just order the military to do what they want, including pacifying their own native populations, they could not be more wrong, for the militaries of Europe have plans and the WEF types will be dealt with in one night, thus sweeping them and their cronies off the board.

        It is true that Merkel and Macron had a plan to make a French/Germany army who were only beholden to them, well those same military officers threw sand into the gears of that plan and it never went anywhere and never will.

        The Frenchies because of De Gaulle and the whole Algerian debacle never let the Foreign Legion onto French soil except Corsica because the Legion tried to eliminate De Gaulle, because of his treachery, a few times and missed unfortunately. The French senior Staff of their armies along with the rest of the European General staff,retired senior Officers and a few captains of industry thrown in, have twice a year conferences in Spain and Bavaria, without American Canadian, Brits, or Turks present. Since the villa in Spain where these conferences take place belonged to my Grandfather, God bless General Franco, I occasional get to sit in on these conferences and hear what they have to say, it is eye opening to say the least, so I will leave that there. So that is how I know how it will generally work out if the situation continues to deteriorate and there isn’t anything the various governments can do about it thus it incur the wrath of the military.

        You will know a military coup is taking place in France when you hear that the Legion has come into France for an “exercise”. Make no mistake, there will be blood when this occurs and lots of it, especially as the various phases of the coup are implemented.

        Governments, of whatever type last only as long as the military says so. History always proves this to be correct.

  2. Re: “Are we facing a new refugee crisis? More and more often Syrians and Afghans are caught illegally entering Germany! Around a hundred refugees arrive at Dresden’s main railway station every day — and the federal police expect the numbers to increase! At the moment, however, it is still unclear “why migration has suddenly increased so much,” said Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. [Is she really THAT STUPID, or just callous?]”

    Interior Minister Faeser is probably bought-and-paid-for by the European globalists – perhaps also using Soros money – or she is a genuine ‘true believer,’ a German who has been brainwashed into despising her own people, nation and heritage and thereby to participate in their eventual extinction.

    These ‘refugees’ may appear harmless, but in reality, they are soldiers of Allah, invaders, conquerors, and colonists engaged in ‘migration as conquest,’ or what Muslims call hegira.

    The fact that they arrive apparently unarmed ought not to be any comfort to native Germans since in recent years it has been well-established by police investigations in multiple European countries that mosques are doubling as armories by stocking themselves with surplus weapons left over from the Balkans civil war of the 1990s and other conflicts, such as those in Chechnya. Pilfered weapons and gear from the U.S. pullout of Afghanistan may well be arriving soon, too.

    Thus, when it becomes time, these young Syrian and Turkish men will have the arms and equipment they need to function as the de facto fighters they are.

    Turncoats and traitors are every bit as dangerous as any known invader, and native Germans would do well to take note of those officials and others facilitating the downfall of their homeland and its handover to outsiders.

    • Push will come to shove when the snow starts flying in earnest. These culture enrichers aren’t going to stand for freezing in the cold without food! Will the *–* hit the fan this winter, then?

      • German gas storage is higher than predicted, gas prices are falling and new LNG terminals are being built. Well-insulated apartment blocks don’t use too much heating and anyway, winters are not what they used to be.

        In spite of all the panic-mongering, not sure this winter will so apocalyptic – in terms of heating, anyway.

      • @ MM

        Re: “These culture enrichers aren’t going to stand for freezing in the cold without food!”

        Harsh winter may drive a few of the new arrivals out, but most will stay – in particular because the German government will roll out the red carpet for them in the form of taxpayer-funded benefits for housing, food, heat, and all of the other necessities of life. If anyone suffers, it will native Germans…. which is entirely by design of the European globalists.

        As reported on this website some time ago, elderly native German pensioners are losing their government-subsidized housing. Why? The government is throwing them out to make room for the Turks, Syrians, etc. who have recently arrived. Isn’t diversity wonderful?? (sarc/off)

        Germany no longer belongs to the Germans… it is simply that many Germans have not yet figured it out.

    • The weapons trade is also working for the regular citizen who sees the writing on the wall and is arming themselves accordingly, the black market for weapons of every flavor continues to climb by the month and the regular volk are buying everything they can get their hands on, so they are not so law abiding as they seem. As for the 3rd worlders, you would be amazed at how fast the military can close off a 3rd world infested area, making them cut off from the rest of the world and dealt with.

  3. They are calling themselves the “Convoy of Light”
    As far as I know it was the Devil that called himself the “Bringer of Light”.
    Connect the dots…

    Tens of thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East approached the Turkish city of Edirne on last Saturday.
    They want to cross the border with Greece in order to continue north via the Balkans. The ultimate destination is Western European countries, primarily Germany.

    Now we will see whether the five meter high fence with barbed wire and concrete that the Greek government has built
    (see picture;×563/img/2022/05/zum-teil-besteht-schon-ein-grenzzaun-zwischen-griechenland-und-der-tuerkei.jpg) on the Evros can stop the Invaders.
    Bulgaria has also sealed off large parts of its border with Turkey with a fence.
    But hey, I’m pretty sure these Bashi Bazouks have military grade wire-cutters handy.

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