Nice Truck Jihad Back in the News

On Bastille Day of 2016, a 31-year-old Tunisian named Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel deliberately drove his truck into a crowd of people celebrating France’s national day in Nice. A total of 86 people were killed. The attacker was killed by police. Eight people are currently on trial in Paris, charged with aiding the terrorist.

Today, police in the French town of Auxerre in the Yonne Department arrested a 20-year-old man for disseminating hateful messages on social media against the victims of that attack, and supporting the attack itself.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the regional daily L’Yonne républicaine:

A resident of Auxerre, age 20, arrested after a hateful message regarding the victims of the attack in Nice

On the morning of Tuesday, September 13, The Auxerre police arrested a resident of Yonne[1] (Department in France) age 20, suspected of being the writer of a hateful message on social media regarding the victims of the attack in Nice. He will be tried Wednesday, September 14 in an immediate appearance, by the criminal court of Auxerre. The defendant had already been convicted of expressing support for terrorism in 2020.

A young resident of Auxerre was arrested Tuesday morning, September 13, 2022 for writing a hateful message on social media on August 28, 2022, regarding the victims of the attack at Nice. He is suspected of disseminating images on social media of the truck that killed 86 people on the Promenade des Anglais, accompanied by the phrase, “Nissa[2] Sh** , 80 fascists disappeared”.

As indicated by our colleagues with Nice Matin, the national prosecutor in Nice had ordered the “opening of an investigation for support of terrorism”. In light of the “place of residence” of the alleged writer of the message, the prosecutor’s office of Nice “withdrew from the case in favor of that of Auxerre,” the national prosecutor of Auxerre, Hugues de Phily confirmed. The case was assigned to the Judiciary Police of Auxerre, who carried out the arrest of the defendant Tuesday morning in the city center of Auxerre.

(Tweet by Christian Estrosi-Mayor of Nice)

“A few days from the start of the trial, some ignoble messages making reference to the attack on Nice are spread on social media. We are turning it over to the prosecutor. I call on the responsibility of those who disseminate information.

I am thinking of the victims and their loved ones”

Insert: “Nissa Sh** , 80 fascists disappeared”.

The defendant, already known to police, is facing 10 years imprisonment since he is legally a recidivist. In 2020, a tribunal condemned him for the same offense.

Immediate appearance Wednesday[3]

The resident of Auxerre, age 20, was brought before the magistrates during the day and placed in pre-trial custody, in accordance with the motion of the representative of the public prosecutor. He is charged, precisely, “with publicly expressing support for an act of terrorism”. He will answer to these charges Wednesday afternoon within the framework of an immediate appearance.

A hearing before the criminal tribunal of Auxerre, which comes as the July 14 attack trial, expected to last three months, enters its second week in Paris.


1.   The word “Icaunais” refers to a resident of Yonne Department. The old Latin word for Yonne is Icau.
2.   Nissa refers to the local Nice football team.
3.   Immediate appearance refers to a legal provision in France whereby the case goes immediately to trial if the prosecutor’s case is prepared. There are, of course, other conditions.

9 thoughts on “Nice Truck Jihad Back in the News

  1. My worry here is freedom of speech: who gets to define ‘terrorism’?

    Given that ‘Domestic Terrorists’ can be mothers trying to ensure their children get a decent education, we have to be very careful.

    Although calling the victims ‘fascists’ is distasteful, prosecuting this is probably even more distasteful; it appears that once more seditious libel is back on the books as a major crime.

    I wish the police would concentrate on actual physical and sexual violence by immigrants rather than trivial infringements of politically correct fashion memes.

    • MC,

      As an American, I would share your concern if the same standards were applied here. Yet, many Americans are not aware that in Europe, they do not enjoy the same rights of free speech as we do under the First Amendment. Hate speech-or what they define as hate speech- is not protected speech. That means that critics of Islam and the government’s immigration and asylum policies can actually be prosecuted. Might as well enforce it evenly.


    Germany: Happens all the time.

    You hear “Bus driver crashed” or “Transporter crashed”. They never say why this has increased so much. Until you get a report 3 weeks after the event.,50efd9ca?w=992

    Note how the press has tried not only to hide his face, but also Jihad-Beard.

  3. Until very mosque is closed and every Muslim deported, this drip -drip of terrorism will grow into a wave of terrorism. Numbers matter.

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