Islam, Schmislam

The new German government is dithering about the problem of Islam (or “Islamism”). They can’t discriminate against Muslims, because that would be racism, yet a Muslim migrant killed a trans person. What to do?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Expert group on political Islam before dissolution

Islamism not an issue for traffic light coalition*


The expert group on political Islam in the Federal Ministry of the Interior is apparently to be dissolved. Members of the panel told the German Press Agency that representatives of the ministry’s public security department had informed them that there was no interest in the continuation of the joint work of the group of experts. The council was set up in June 2021. The SPD-led ministry under Nancy Faeser initially gave no information on the reasons why the work of the committee was to be stopped. [If you want to know the why, listen to Bill Warner’s interview with Vlad Tepes .]

The work of the Expert Council was only intended to last for one year anyway, said Würzburg constitutional lawyer Kyrill-Alexander Schwarz of the Bild newspaper. Schwarz is a member of the council. Nevertheless, he had the impression that the desired dissolution was a “political decision”. He does not think that Federal Interior Minister Faeser’s focus on right-wing extremism is wrong, but other relevant phenomena should not therefore be neglected. Schwarz does not see the desire to cut costs as a reason for the cessation of work. The members would not have received any money for participating in the mostly virtual meetings.

Criticism from opposition and experts

Criticism of the termination of the project came from the opposition CDU. The dissolution of the group of experts is “the temporary culmination of a policy of looking the other way and ignoring Islamism as a phenomenon that endangers democracy,” said Christoph de Vries, member of the Bundestag and also a member of the interior committee. And CDU Federal Deputy Carsten Linnemann said that one can only hope “that this naïveté will not fall on our feet one day”. [Wait a moment, which political party was in power when Merkel (CDU) opened the borders and flooded Europe with millions upon millions of bashi bazouk irregulars?]

Islamism expert Rebecca Schönenbach was also critical of the end of the project. It is a good thing that the traffic light coalition has committed itself to fighting any form of discrimination, said Schönenbach, who chairs the Berlin association Women for Freedom, to the Bild newspaper. “Unfortunately, the Ministry of the Interior under Ms. Faeser seems to have overlooked the fact that Muslim women in particular are being discriminated against by Islamists.”

Leaving women and young people to the Islamists

Now the Islamism Expert Group, which is supposed to analyze the strategies of Islamists and provide suggestions for countermeasures, is apparently to be set up. “In doing so, the Federal Government is denying protection to those who urgently need it,” Schönenbach continued. In addition to women, vulnerable groups such as young people would be “left to Islamists who will try to radicalize as many as possible”.

In the discussion paper by the family and interior ministries on the announced “democracy promotion law”, with which the coalition wants to lay down the guidelines for combating extremism and which is to be decided before the end of this year, Islamism does not appear as a threat. So far, only “Islamophobia and Muslimophobia” have been mentioned in this context. However, the government paper warns of “challenges posed by the Corona pandemic”: “The spread of conspiracy ideologies, an increasingly radicalized scene against public Corona measures”, “new alliances between radicalized milieus” and “hate and hate speech on the Internet” keep increasing.

Afterword from the translator:

The moment the citizen becomes uncomfortable with government policies, he is suddenly a dangerous right-wing extremist. The more citizens are worried about the government, the bigger the problem with the extreme right becomes for the government and their mouthpieces in the MSM. How else can this government give themselves arbitrary powers against those who are peaceful, and use the real terrorists to terrorize and cow the populace for more infringements on their constitutional and natural rights?

To accompany the above story, Hellequin GB also translated this article from eXXpress. Once again, the translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Trans man beaten to death: perpetrator is an asylum seeker who should have been deported long ago

The case not only shocked the LGBTQ+ community: on the sidelines of a gay parade in Germany, a trans man (25) was so brutally beaten that he later died in the hospital — eXXpress reported. Now it has become known that the perpetrator is a criminal asylum seeker (20) from Chechnya.

Malte C. is celebrated as a hero. [Shouldn’t it be “heroine”?] The trans man watched as Nuradi A., described as “slender,” berated participants in the parade as “lesbian whores.” The German intervened, wanted to mediate. Then the Chechen knocked him to the ground. The trans man hit his head on the pavement so badly that he didn’t survive his injuries.

Trans man Malte wanted to help, but paid for his courage with his life

According to Bild, Nuradi A. was German youth champion in boxing in 2017. [What?? Did I read this right? German Youth Champion?] After the fact, a large manhunt for him was initiated. After a few hours, a policewoman recognized him at the main station in Münster and was able to arrest him. A witness had previously taken a photo that proved helpful in the manhunt. He then reported that the Chechen wanted to force him to delete it again. “I don’t want my father to find out that I’m gay,” the convicted asylum seeker is said to have said. Nuradi A. has been in custody since Saturday for bodily harm resulting in death. His defense attorney is quoted in the German media: “Normally, an arrest warrant is not the rule for such crimes because the perpetrator did not in the slightest intend death. Here, however, the situation is certainly different because of the media interest. In addition, the court was guided by a criminal record.”

Deportation prohibited

Explosive: Nuradi A. is no stranger. The warehouse worker, who graduated from secondary school, has been living in Germany with his mother for eight years. During this time, he came to the attention of police several times for narcotics offenses; the charges were always dropped. Most recently, the Münster District Court sentenced him to a youth sentence for bodily harm. Despite his criminal record, his residence permit was extended. Because of Russia’s war in Ukraine, there is a ban on deportations to Russia.

Afterword from the translator:

I’m waiting for the report from the system-compliant media that the perpetrator is traumatized and mentally ill — especially since he is only 20 years old; he also falls under juvenile criminal law. There will soon be a therapy place for him and a several-million-euro payout in compensation for wrongful arrest.

*   “Traffic light” coalition government:
    Red:   Social Democratic Party
    Yellow:   Free Democratic Party
    Green:   Alliance90 / The Greens

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  1. This story is like the cat that discovers its dormant instinct to kill mice.

    At last, Germany’s muslims are finally beginning to earn their keep.

  2. All gone way to far. Lash out before it becomes a bloody war in the streets. We are having out free nation status destroyed in the barren toilet of lefty feminism and its very bizarre bedfella – Islam. “Meanwhile in Ireland: ‘I love my school but I am here today because I would not call a boy a girl’: Teacher who refused to use student’s gender-neutral pronouns condemns ‘insanity’ as he is JAILED in Ireland”

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