Diana West: The Silence of the Institutions

As most readers already know, Diana West is the author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. In the following video, Vlad interviews Diana about the COVID hysteria, and the subsequent experimental mRNA treatment that was marketed as a mitigation of the effects of infection with the virus.

Because real information concerning the “vaccines” is largely occluded, discussions about what is going on must of necessity be speculative. There are, however, a few undeniable facts. For example: the propaganda push behind the vax has been the greatest I’ve ever encountered in my lifetime, far greater than any wartime propaganda. Which is remarkable, given that COVID-19 is relatively mild, as contagious diseases go.

That alone tells you that there’s more to this “pandemic” than meets the eye.

Then there are the excess deaths. We’re in the early stages of data collection on this issue, but it’s already clear that something not directly related to Corona is killing a lot of people. No one can say for certain what the causes might be, but what’s happening now is exactly what was predicted by independent critics of the mRNA jabs back in late 2020, before mass “vaccination” began.

Those are just two of the relevant facts. There are many others, such as the bizarre and frightening blood clots that are being pulled out of the circulatory systems of cadavers during autopsies.

Something evil is definitely afoot.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

7 thoughts on “Diana West: The Silence of the Institutions

  1. I had the privilege of meeting Diana West a few years ago. She held a party which I attended, along with the Baron and the late, great Bjorn Larsen. I remember it vividly because I had become so used to being the wisest and most knowledgeable person in a public room, but on this occasion I was very clearly way out of my intellectual depth. Nearly every conversation I had revealed my limited knowedge – compared to theirs – on pretty much everything. There must have been around twenty or so people in the room, all of them experts on Islam and Communism. One imagines each and every one of them will share Diana’s views on the Great Covid Crime. Educated critical thinkers who perhaps eat even more fish than Jeeves could not possibly think any other way.

    One thing Diana said in this video gave me great pleasure – the opening of her eyes to the CIA, FBI and 9/11, which replicate my own awakening view exactly. I thought perhaps this was a step too far re 9/11 so am very gratified to hear Diana is also sceptical about that day.

    Her final point about 500k or your nipper gets taken out is all too plausible. The people we are up against are no better than those who committed the terrible atrocities in the 20th century. The modern liberal is essentially pure evil.

    What rather perturbs me about global events post March 2020 is that the crimes are so vast it seems very unlikely they can be stopped, for the simple reason that for this to happen every Western leader would have to accept they were going to prison for the rest of their lives, along with the billionaires and the MSM editors.

    I cannot see them relinquishing control in order for justice to prevail, so they will stay where they are and double down on their lies and totalitarianism. Given the W.H.O.s intention to take control of the world in 2024, I suggest that 2025 will be the year that sees our total capitulation on the one hand, or scores of the previously unassailable dangling from lamp posts, on the other.

    I’m afraid to say I cannot see a third option at all. It really is us or them. Solzhenitsyn regretted the lack of action taken by fighting age dissidents when lone men and women were publicly dragged from their apartments by the OGPU / NKVD / KGB at 5am in the morning. I suggest we start to think along the same line and plan accordingly.

  2. police dont have to take the vaccine… Well thats not true in most states. Here in Europe most police forces were not forced but coerced to take it. This should debunk the theory that police was spared the jab in order to better supress the population.

  3. Thank you Vlad and Diana West. This was a great interview, and I was happy to hear you bring up the South American scientists who are working on the graphene-oxide angle. (It’s also quite stunning that those massive clots that have been pulled out of cadavers are not composed of blood.)
    As for the conspiracy, I think back to the moment Trump was speculating about alternative medicines (the time he was deliberately misconstrued to have been advocating drinking chlorine) and I remember the stony faces of Fauci and Birx sitting there listening to him as if they had no idea what he was talking about. They all should have known about chelation therapy and similar treatments which involve cleansing the blood. Cancer patients undergo these in addition to routine chemo. I myself was at a clinic once when a woman was undergoing one of these treatments. Trump had a vague idea of what he was talking about, but the whole medical/pharma world were determined to shut it all out.

    Anyway, I think Zelenko was dropping a hint. It’s hard to imagine why so many people would be on board with such a colossal crime. Not even mass formation can adequately explain that.
    (By the way, I love the blue toile on the walls.)

  4. Cause and effect. First I have read American Betrayal. I love the book and this is not criticism of Diana West.

    Look, Diane says the vaccine is the weapon. I respectfully disagree. The vaccine is the totalitarian state’s response to the Wuhan CCP Flu, developed in coordination with Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric and our taxpayer money. That response includes the nonsense of masks, social distancing and lockdowns. The flu was useful to them just as 9/11 was and the 2008 financial crisis, caused by HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – NOT Capitalism. However, I don’t think it was preplanned but rather a mistake.

    “Don’t let a crisis go to waste says the Left.

    I will leave you with this. How many here know that scientists have recreated the 1918 Spanish Flu and Black Plague.

    Look it up folks and realize that the scientists doing this recreation claim that their labs are totally safe and nothing to worry about. How many people believe that? You think the Wuhan Flu was bad. Just wait.

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