Biden: “There Will Be No Longer a Nord Stream 2”

There will be a lot of material in tonight’s news feed (for example, this Reuters article) about the sabotage of Nord Stream 2 and a parallel pipeline under the Baltic Sea near Sweden, just off the Danish island of Bornholm. Billions of dollars worth of Russian natural gas is now bubbling up through the seawater and into the atmosphere. The sabotage of the pipelines means that Europe can no longer receive any Russian gas through the undersea route, even if it were to reconsider sanctions against Russia.

The big question is: Whodunit?

The United States would like to pin the blame on the Russians, who are said to have carried out a false flag attack on their own pipeline. However, various factors, not least the video below, point to the Western alliance as the more likely culprit.

The following brief clip shows President Joe Biden’s remarks about Nord Stream 2 from a news conference early this year, just before the war in Ukraine began. He promised the reporter that the USA would put an end to the pipeline if Russia were to invade Ukraine.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

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  1. Can you imagine, if Western Europe got full access to all the natural resources of Siberia, how many windmills we could build!

    PS: Gas from Russia, or so I heard, goes hand in hand with the windmills. The highest electricity sur-charge comes from the gas powered power plants, and they are needed because gas runs up quickly enough to equalize load in the windmill network. So – no gas means we might get a taste of what it is to be relying on wind and sun for real.

    The talk is that 90% of gas stored in the Czech Republic is owned by the Germans, and our prime minister has full faith in Germany that they will share the gas, which the average Czech doesn’t, for Czechs don’t trust anybody. But at the same time, Czech Republic is a pure electricity exporter – to Germany.

    Something tells me that we will see a “great test” of the “European Values” once whole countries begin to fight for their energy, a great “re-nationalisation” of the power industry combined with real populist uprisings taking control of powerplants that belong to some “multinational interests”. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    • Not sure US is behind gas leak

      Published 28 September 2022 at 09.19 in Fria Tider

      Attacking the gas pipelines that run through Sweden’s economic zone in the Baltic Sea is not difficult several groups and countries have that capability. NATO researchers say both pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian actors may be behind the attack, but it is probably seen as sabotage in the Kremlin.

      Germany and other countries were given advance notice by the US that an attack on the gas pipelines would take place a few weeks before it happened, and the country’s President Joe Biden has previously stated that the US simply will not accept Nordstream 2 being put into operation.

      Many also suspected that Sweden had received advance information, as the government immediately organised a quick and professionally conducted press conference where the Prime Minister took command of the crisis management and announced that Swedish combat forces had been sent to the area and more. This was in sharp contrast to the government’s passivity during the 2020 corona eruption and the 2004 tsunami disaster in Asia.

      Immediately after the attack, top Polish politician Radek Sikorski wrote a personal thank you to the US for sabotaging the gas pipelines. However, the superpower had not acknowledged this at the time and still does not claim to have done so.

      And it is far from obvious that the US is behind the attack.

      Several countries or groups may want to carry out sabotage against the gas pipelines, says Arnold Dupuy, head of a research group that deals with hybrid threats within NATO, to SVT.

      – Firstly, it could be groups opposed to the Kremlin, perhaps from Ukraine or elsewhere. It could also be pro-Russian activists or personnel who think this is a good way to continue to ensure that gas does not reach Europe, he says.

      – I suppose anyone with the ability to carry out underwater activity could have done it. There are several organisations and groups that have that capability. It could have been done remotely.

    • He is an oppositionist, former foreign minister before 2015. Though educated at Oxford, worked alongside Americans and Mujahiddeen in ’80s Afghanistan, and his wife is a renowned American author…

      Unless he has some amazing insider info, my guess it was a poor attempt at irony.

    • To nie jest “polski przywódca”! Radosław Sikorski to ex-minister, o którym normalny człowiek nie potrafi powiedzieć dobrego słowa, człowiek o bardzo dziwnych powiązaniach i lukach w życiorysie. Człowiek “bez zdolności honorowej”.
      Zastanawiam się za co konkretnie dziękuje USA? Za to, że wykonały umówiony ruch? Że dały pretekst do agresji na Polskę? Że odcięły Niemcy od gazu przed nadchodzącą zimą? Że zniszczyły konkurencję firm z których ma osobiste zyski? No właśnie za co?
      This is not a “Polish leader”! Radosław Sikorski is an ex-minister about whom a normal person cannot say a good word, a man with very strange connections and gaps in his biography. A man “without an honorable ability”.

      I wonder what exactly the USA is thanking for? For making the agreed move? That they gave an excuse for aggression against Poland? That Germany cut off gas before the upcoming winter? That they have destroyed the competition of companies from which it has personal profits? Exactly what for?

    • This man has cancelled his tweet today. He has some health issues. His wife is a very well known writer both in PL and the US and she is everyone but neocon.

  2. Chronicles of the death of the EU.
    Carthage must be destroyed.

    The real US goals in Ukraine are the destruction of Europe and its economic leader: Germany.

    (hereinafter the long text of economic indicators)

    To survive, the United States urgently needs to develop the real sector of the economy, that is, industry.

    However, since the world has become global, no new markets are expected, the system cannot capture Mars with the Martians, which means it must grow at an intensive rate, which means a negative work of capital, since the total venture capital investments at an intensive rate do not pay off, this has been obvious since 2009 .

    What to do?
    You need to kill a competitor.

    Option 1: China.
    However, firstly, China is subjective, secondly, the economies of China and the United States are too connected, and thirdly, the development of an industry similar to that of China means low margins, a long payback period and a drop in household incomes. And the fall in incomes of the population is a revolution in the United States. The option doesn’t work.

    Option 2: EU
    Fits perfectly, lack of subjectivity and marginal business.

    However, the business is marginal because it is very technological, that is, it has a high and long entry threshold. Decades of development, thousands of patents and the cultivation of a team of specialists are needed.

    But! Patents, specialists and companies do not belong to the EU.

    We need to force these companies in full force to move to the US, just as, for example, low-profit manufacturing moved to China in the 90s.

    To do this, you need to create unbearable conditions for business: war, hunger and cold.

    Now look at the EU!!!

    News 1:
    For 8 months of 2022, German industrial production decreased by 1.8% against the backdrop of sanctions against Russia, and a decline of 10.7% was recorded in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector of Germany (high dependence on gas).

    News 2:
    On September 21, the Wall Street Journal published material that large German business is massively relocating to the New World.

    News 3: Explosion on Nord Stream 1 and 2.

    I link the latest news into a single chain of events.
    Carthage (EU) must be destroyed. At any price.
    This is the main goal of the United States in Ukraine.

  3. Re: “The big question is: Whodunit?”

    “The United States would like to pin the blame on the Russians, who are said to have carried out a false flag attack on their own pipeline. However, various factors, not least the video below, point to the Western alliance as the more likely culprit.”

    Biden and his deep-state buddies would love to pin this thing on Russia, but that’s very weak tea indeed. Mentioning false-flag operations is classic leftist projection, i.e., they think nothing of carrying out such deception operations and assume everyone else does, too.

    Why precisely would Russia destroy her own pipelines, installed at such cost and trouble? The answer, of course, is that she has absolutely no motive for having done so. The idea that a false-flag was needed to implicate the West is risible; Moscow already has a lengthy laundry list of complaints and grievances with the West and doesn’t need to manufacture them.

    It is nearly certain that the destruction of the pipelines was (a) deliberate (b) carried out the U.S. or one of its NATO proxies, and (c) calculated to up the ante in the face-off against Russia.

    Of course, a sane and wise leadership class in the West – including the U.S. – would not be so foolish as “poke the (Russian) bear” in this manner, but those “leaders” are neither sane, nor wise, nor intelligent. Which is why the world is closer to the brink of nuclear holocaust than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

    A greater mystery is who is responsible for the destruction of several dozen food processing plants around the U.S. and the world over the last few months? There are a lot of plausible suspects, including Russia, the PRC, Iran and North Korea, not to mention the western deep-state itself and the usual assortment of U.S. & NATO three-letter agencies and various black-bag outfits.

    Interesting that so little is said about them in the MSM, and “no one” (gasp!) seems to have any idea who did it! That points to the Biden regime itself, right? Since if the Russians-Chinese-NKs-Iranians did it, we’d be hearing it broadcast from every media outlet in the West. It’s enough to make one’s head spin… the possibilities.

    If we survive those increasingly itchy fingers on launch buttons, winter will still be very tough indeed for the countries of Europe whose prospects seem poor – lots of cold, dark homes await all across the West. How long before the cracks in the NATO alliance become yawning fissures and finally lead to disintegration?

  4. “If Russia does that …. then we will do this.” It sounds like a script, in retrospect. Almost like “WHEN Russia does that”, instead of IF.

    Kabuki theater.

  5. You can watch Tucker Carlson take on this from last night I will not post link because I do not want to go against copy write laws on this website .

  6. If Biden claims responsibility, based on everything else he’s said, it means he didn’t. He couldn’t tell the truth if the Chicoms offered him 20 million dollars. But on top of that, he’s not smart enough, not aware of things, to be able to mean something when he says it.

    • It is not Bidum that I worry about, it is the people behind the scenes that keeps me up at night, for they operate in the shadows and there is zero accountability, they are mostly from the Obummer regime and act with Presidential authority.

  7. 1) The Nord Stream pipelines were supplying hardly any gas lately, anyway (because of “maintenance” etc)

    2) The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline linking Poland to Norway and Denmark opened this weekend… A key step in eliminating our dependence on Russian gas.

    Since Nord Stream was hardly being used, the suspicion here in Poland is that the explosions were a warning, that the same could happen to Baltic Pipe (which would change the gas supply situation, much more dramatically).

    • Furthermore, the explosions very carefully happened just outside Danish waters near the island Bornholm… Whoever did it was taking care not to trigger Nato’s Article 5?

  8. usually in criminal investigation you have 3 pillars to find the culprit

    motiv – the US has a big motiv, wants to sell expensive LNG gas to Europe, was always against Nordstream 2, maybe wants to prevent Germany and Russia to activate the pipeline again

    tools – the US has the tools, eg. Seals, Uboats and enough TNT to blow up both pipelines for a 1km big hole in 96m depth.

    opportunity – there was a US fleet nearby 4 days before the attack

    So …tell me who was it? 🙂

  9. 1) Large protests are occurring against Russian sanctions in numerous European satraps.

    2) DC wants to be in charge of of European energy, either directly or through NATO, of which Norway is a compliant part.

    3) Nord Stream 1 & 2 were Europe’s only functioning non-DC controlled energy delivery system.

    4) Russia controls the valves for Nord Stream system, and had indeed reduced delivery through them to a trickle. The ability to deliver or withhold energy would be of strategic importance to Russia not only now but in the future as well.

    5) Both Nord Stream lines are holed by massive explosions (Swedish seismologists estimate the explosions in the “tons of TNT” range) precisely placed against the pipelines at a depth of approximately 300′ in a maritime environment as closely and constantly observed as any on Earth. A technical accomplishment that is highly unlikely to be possible except by the active assistance, or at least approval, of a tier one state player.

    6) As the gas that was trapped in the pipeline leaks out sea water rushes in. Rust is deadly to a steel pipeline. Corrosion is the major reason for pipeline failures/closures. Considering the pipe is already full of sea water for hundreds of miles and repairs under the best of circumstances cannot begin for months if not years it can be assumed that, as a strategic asset, Nord Stream has been utterly destroyed.

    7) Russian gas deliveries to Europe now pass exclusively through the old network that is under the control of the Zelensky regime. Even if Europe eases sanctions, and Russia is willing, DC gets a veto. Europeans will own no energy and like it.

    The idea that Russia did this to herself for no better reason than to “own” the narrative for a news cycle is asinine on its face. An idea so dumb it could only be conceived in the CIA (or Harvard).

  10. Whoever did it, for the Greens in the German government it means a big sigh of relief. Pressure was mounting on them to no longer refuse what is the only reasonable thing to do, to let the stupid pipeline start already. But it would have meant a big loss of face for them. Now they can say it’s out of their hands and make all the theatrical gestures they love so much. What a bunch of hypocrites, and outright traitors.

    • And no, I wouldn’t put it past them to have a hand in bringing this about. For them as the hardcore leftists they are, the end justifies any means.

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